it just never fails to melt my heart

guys I just wanted to share with you something that happened today that made me really happy

so I volunteer at this senior nursing center every week and there are some Korean residents there. I really freaking suck at Korean but I can speak a litttlle bit and understand a decent amount. I finally mustered up the courage to talk with some of the Korean residents and I made two of the residents smile and laugh and omg maybe it was because my Korean was such a fail but when I made them laugh my heart literally melted because I’ve never seen them smile, let alone laugh for the past couple months I’ve volunteered there. and idk i just wanted to share my happiness with the world, and i don’t think a lot (or any) of the staff speaks Korean so they must’ve felt really lonely if family doesn’t visit often either. I’m really glad I was able to speak with them and I’m really looking forward to volunteering next week ☺️☺️☺️☺️ 

Lin's Words

Everytime I listen to what @linmanuel has written - be it In The Heights, Hamilton or Moana - I just get so struck by his words.

The way me makes you feel emotion, happiness and makes you love a character, versus when he can make your heart break.

The way he writes, the way he wrote, he inspires me.

And I get so happy because he’s being recognized and I’m so proud of that, and I listen to his words, I read his tweets and he makes me so happy.

He’s helped me through so much, but he’ll never know.

This man, who I look up to because I, too, enjoy writing, the man I strive to even be similar to, he’s getting the love he deserves.

But I wish I could meet him. I wish I could hug him and let him know what he means to me, what he means to the family I’ve gotten online because of him.

I want to thank him for putting hope into a young teenage girl like me - for making others feel accepted.

This is to you, @linmanuel , you’ve done so much for me, and others.

And it’s not just him, seeing Anthony and Jasmine together warms my heart.

Seeing Daveed be his dorky self, seeing him run around in his adorable onsie always makes me laugh and smile.

Oak’s big form yet he’s such a softy and cutie never fails to make me swoon.

Chris’ fatherly ways - and him on Seasame Street talking about his kid with autism made me melt, seeing the tenderness in his face.

Jasmine, Renee and Phillipa adding “And Sisterhood!” during the superbowl actually made me tear up, made me feel so giddy and happy, my grin was so big my ears hurt.

These people have made me learn who I am, made me feel more comfortable in being myself. I want to thank them, I really do. They’ve done so much for us - they deserve the love they get and so much more.

I take my hat off, and thank them.

And let it be known it’s not just the OBC that I love, Miguel is adorable and from the clips I’ve seen he’s so talented. I love Javier and I love seeing his tweets and seeing his adorable self. Michael is hands down just amazing.

I just absolutely adore Joshua without so much of a good reason but? Have you seen his smile? And I’m so hype for Giles.

Ari is so pretty and so talented, and she’s so adorable she makes me so happy. Solea is just so pretty and from the pics I’ve seen she’s so into her role and so talented. And Rachelle? Words can’t explain my excitement.

I just, love Karen more than words can explain. Emmy is just, my love, my life, my soul, my everything. Rachel got me just, so, so, so happy.

How can you not love Chris? I mean, seriously. And Jordan? His voice is like relaxing rain on a cool summer night. Now I don’t know much about Jason but that doesn’t make me any less happy seeing him.

Jonathan, seeing videos of him behind stage, seeing everyone’s interaction and rehearsal always inspires me, always fills me with happiness. And honestly, Isaiah looks so intimidating, but I love him so much. 

José is so adorable, I love his curls and him in general. 

I love, love, love Samantha, and on my gosh Amber is just, my heart cannot explain.

The cast, original or not, never fails to make me smile. Never fails to make me happy, to lift my spirits. Their snaps, their posts on instagram or twitter, they do so much to help me.

~My little sunshine~ Jiyong stans get it

-This boy is literally the cutest thing-

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-No matter what he does he never fails to make me smile-

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-And I am seriously obsessed with Jiyong’s orange hair phase- (If you haven’t noticed)

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-He’s just so precious-

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-He makes my heart melt-

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-This little shit just breath’s and I’m swoon-

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For Your Love || Jeff Atkins x Asexual!Reader

I’m glad you asked, because I’ve seen a few imagines with asexual readers and I noticed a repeat of something that really bothered me. Always by the end, they were magically cured by ‘the one’. Like, no. If that’s someone’s sexual orientation, or lack thereof, they’re not going to change it for one person. If people truly desire our asexual cupcakes, they’re not going to constantly be trying to convert them.

Word Count: 1,174

Warnings: Mild Bullying, Sexual Dialogues


    You had thought your relationship was going well. Marcus Cole, straight-A student and President of the Honor Board, was what most would consider a perfect gentleman. He would hold open doors for you, carry around your bags; basically, treat you like you always thought guys should treat their girlfriends. But it was on the night of the back-to-school Winter Formal that you saw him for who he truly was.

    The two of you had just taken a break from dancing to go grab some punch. Upon hearing from Montgomery that it’d been spiked, you stuck to grabbing a soda, watching Marcus pick through the large platters of snacks with a frown.

    “Hey, do you want to get out of here?” he asked, nodding towards the door. “We could go back to my place and hang.”

    “Are you not having a good time?“ you responded.

    He shot you that that sly smirk, never failing to melt your heart. "I just thought maybe we could have a little bit more if we were alone.”

    The smile that had begun to itch across your face faded quickly, replaced by a concern that furrowed your brows and forced you to cast your eyes downward. “Can’t we stay longer? I wanted to ask Tony if he could get some slow songs playing.”

    You felt Marcus’s hands slide around your hips, drawing you against his chest—what might have been comforting under normal circumstances, but now it just served to make your stomach twist with nerves. “Come on, Y/N. You know you can trust me.” He leaned down, teeth nipping at your ear. “I’ll be gentle.”

    You shoved your hands against his chest, scrambling backwards a few feet. “Wait! I really need to tell you something.”

    “What?” he asked, sounding, and looking, pretty offended.

    “I’m asexual,” you said quickly. “It’s not like I don’t like you, I really do. It’s just… I don’t enjoy sex like that.”

    He seemed taken aback for a moment, before finally clearing his throat to speak. “So you don’t think we’d be having sex any time in the nearby future?”

    “I’d rather if we didn’t,” you replied, feeling as if your chest was rattling with broken glass. “We could still have a good relationship together.”

    “Look, Y/N,” he began. “You’re a gorgeous girl. I mean, every guy in this school wants you, and plenty hate me for being the one you chose. I just don’t think you’re ever going to find someone who’ll keep you if you keep holding out like this.”

    You stared at him in shock. “Wh-what?”

    He patted your shoulder, shaking his head sadly. “This just isn’t going to work out between us. When you get over this phase, or whatever this is, call me, okay?”

    “What the hell, Marcus?” you asked, voice raising. “Did you only start dating me to get in my pants?”

    Heads had turned from the crowd, people poking other people in the sides to draw their attention over. Marcus had turned a light red, glaring down at you for calling him out in front of everyone.

    “Like you didn’t start dating me just to get brownie points towards your school record,” he snapped.

    “I started dating you because I thought you were the one person who would understand that there are more important things than sex!” you cried.

    “You’re just a prude freak,” he replied, his voice breaking with anger.

    A few of his friends, who had grouped together near the front of the crowd, snickered quietly. One punched Marcus on the shoulder, telling him to let it go. Another claiming that he had something that could open up those legs.

    You felt tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, their words squeezing around your neck like a tightly knotted rope. You tore through them, racing out of the gym and down the hall. You didn’t stop until you had pushed open the door to the girls’ bathroom and collapsed against the wall, knees drawn to your chest and wetness streaming down your cheeks.

    To think you had once told yourself you loved him.

    Barely a few minutes had dragged by when you heard the door creak open. You looked up, surprised to see the tall, broad figure of Jeff Atkins slipping inside. His hair was moused into a swoopy, black wave, white tuxedo crisp and perfectly tailored.

    “Can I come in?” he asked.

    You shrugged. “I guess. If you want to hang out with a prude freak.”

    “Fuck Marcus,” he said. “You’re not prude, and you’re definitely not a freak. Last time I checked, you were just Y/N, and that’s fine with me.”

    He moved to sit down next to you. At closer glance, you could see he had replaced his normal white studs with a pair of snowflakes. You laughed, making him turn his head to smile at you.

    “What’s up with the earrings?” you asked.

    “I’m being festive,” he replied, motioning at the matching pattern on the hem of your dress. “And twinning with you, apparently.”

    “Looks like fate wanted us to meet each other in this bathroom,” you said with a soft sigh. “You don’t have to waste your night with me, you know.”

    “Assuming that any of my time spent with you is wasted.” He placed his hand over yours, bringing it into his lap. “My night is already ten times better.”

    You brushed away a stray tear, trying to pull away. “We won’t work out. It never does.”

    “Why?” he asked, tightening his grip. “You’re an asexual. So what? That’s not something that matters to me.”

    “You say that now, but imagine if we somehow managed to make it out of high school. Years from now. I’m not opposed to the idea of sex some time in a long term relationship, but I’m not going to be able to be sexually attracted to you. Are you willing to live your life like that?” you responded.

    You could tell by the expression on his face that he was seriously considering this. You were just bracing yourself for him to stand up and walk out when he gave a nod.


    “Jeff, are you sure?” You turned to face him, sitting back on your heels. “This isn’t a joke.”

    He nodded again. “Yes. I am one hundred percent positive. I’m not sure if this is a little too early or not, but I think I’m in love with you.”

    You laughed. “What?”

    “No, I’m serious,” he replied, lunging forwards to scoop you into his arms. He pulled you in for a hug, resting his head on your shoulder in a maternal kind of way. “I was pissed when you started dating Marcus. Ask Clay. He’s the one who watched me purposely tear book pages every time I had to turn them.”

    You felt yourself relaxing against him. “Wow, okay.  That’s certainly something.”

    He gave a low chuckle. “Do you want to go back to the dance?”

    “Yeah,” you whispered.

    For once, you had a feeling your relationship actually was going to work out.

Let’s Keep It A Secret

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A/n: I never thought I’d write for GD, but I did. Anyway here you go. :)

It’s not that you don’t want Jiyong to know.

The two of you have been going out for over a year, reaching two in a couple of months, and you didn’t have to feel embarrassed about liking him too much. But you are.

Because you really, really like him. Probably more than he thinks you do.

You know that it makes him happy whenever you tell him that you love him. The flicker of light in his eyes always burns each time he looks at you, and your heart throbs so fast it feels like it’s going to burst into a thousand pieces.

Still, you cannot bring yourself to tell him what’s inside that box you are keeping underneath a thick pile of sweaters in your drawer, afraid that once he finds out he will change his thoughts about you.

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Connor McDavid - Requested

Connor McDavid

“Are you serious?” Connor complains as I switch the channel to what I want to watch.

“What’s wrong with this? We watched what you wanted to for like, two hours.” I say, making him twist his lips.

“Yeah but-”

I cut him off. “but nothing. It’s my turn to choose.”

He sighs and tucks his face in the crook of my neck, knowing it drives me crazy. I attempt to ignore him and watch Greys Anatomy, but he makes it impossible when his fingers find my side and he starts to tickle me.

“Oh god-” I gasp, wriggling as he continues to tickle me. “Quit it Connor.”

“and ruin my fun?” He giggles. “Never.”

“I’m going to shove you off this couch,” I threaten, but it doesn’t sound threatening at all because I’m laughing so hard.

“I’ll take my chances.”

He continues tickling me despite all my threats fired at him, so I grin, suddenly getting an idea. When his face is close enough, I lean up and press my lips against his. Only long enough for him to stop tickling, and then with one swift shove, he’s on the floor.

“That is not nice.” He pouts from his current position – lying on the floor looking like a puppy.

“Think about it next time you decide to tickle me.”

He doesn’t move from his position on the floor, but stares at me with such awe and adoration in his eyes that it makes my heart melt. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love him. He’s always been there for me, and never fails to make me the happiest and luckiest girl on earth.

He eventually gets up, and lies back on the couch, pulling me to him. He kisses the tip of my nose and then picks up the remote controller putting Greys Anatomy back on.

I smirk at him, but say nothing. I just cuddle into him and avert my eyes to the tv. Again, I’m distracted while trying to watch it but for a whole other reason this time. Connor doesn’t say anything but I can feel his eyes on me. When I turn to look at him, raising a brow he just smiles, leans in, and presses his lips against mine.

When he pulls away, I grin. “Why were you staring at me?”

“cause I love you.” He replies.

“Yeah?” I ask and he nods.

“Yeah,” He says, “you’re my forever.”

and baby, I will love you endlessly.



lol this is wayyyyy too cheesy and mushy but I’m in a good mood today so cheesy and mushy it is

it was my dad’s bday today so I was super busy but I took the time to finish this off and I am in the midst of writing a t segs one and I wanna finish it tonight but I don’t know if I can

my imagines are genuinely long but I feel like if I make them a little shorter I can update more often! This one is super short like they won’t be this short but maybe a little less long as they usually are lol 

anywho hope you enjoy this and maybe a Seguin one tonight but we shall see cause I am so tired 

xoxo - lex 

Birthday ASGZC

“Cloud wants an orgy for his birthday,” Zack announced, plunging what had originally been a serene, lazy morning into minor chaos.

Cloud squawked like an offended chocobo and promptly attempted to smother Zack with his pillow. Sephiroth, who had been spooned behind Cloud originally, lazily stroking Cloud’s stomach, was forced to migrate away to avoid being hit.

Zack cackled like a moron, legs kicking as the two younger men scuffled. One leg caught Genesis right in the stomach. Unfortunate, as Genesis Rhapsodos was not a man who appreciated being woken by being kicked.

Genesis grunted in distaste. He took a moment to glower at Zack and assess the situation, then rolled over to hold Zack still while Cloud got on with the business of giving him the pillow lashing he thoroughly deserved.

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Hi, absolutely love your art and may or may have not cried over it multiple times*cough* uh- how would you feel abt a thing called bnhastuck?

Awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! And @syblatortue has been drawing some of the kids as trolls now and again and I still haven’t stopped crying over how great every and each design is so I guess you might say I’m not adverse to it lmao

Anon said: kiri and kami need a good snuggle

So does most part of the UA student body, tbh… most teachers too, actually. Most pro heroes as well. Yep. 

Anon said: Do you follow any Haikyuu!! or My Hero Acedemia Fandom blogs on tumblr, if so which ones (Luv ur work)

Most of what I follow are more or less fandom blogs honestly haha I don’t think I can list all of them but I do follow stuff like @dailyhaikyuu or @dailybnha or @fymyheroacademia ??? I follow @daily-bakugou and @mina-ashido-love and @haikyuus and @foreverhaikyuu and @heroacacaps and @heroaca-anime and @bakushima and @bokuukuro and…uh. Yeah. Anyway it’s a lot of them.

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hey al!! just wanted to thank you for everything that you do!! you are always so positive and never fail to uplift my mood when I'm feeling down :) also I was so happy reading your response to that anon q about clubbing,,, I cant go clubbing/drinking much as I suffer from quite bad panic attacks and it just made me feel good knowing that there are actually people out there who don't enjoy that stuff!! I feel a lot less alone now so thank you, lots of love to you xxx

Aw well this just made my heart melt, you are so welcome and thank you for this kind message <3

I felt the exact same way when I was 15 (not panic attacks, just deeply didn’t enjoy that whole scene) so I’m glad to hear I could provide some help xx

asriel20asi-shenanigans  asked:

Maybe the reason why Germany cooks so well is because when he was a chibi he made a cake for Prussia's birthday (not very well / looked sloppy) and his big brother praised him for it. (Gilbert's heart melted and Ludwig wanted to get better to make his brother even more happy).

This is the cutest thing I’ve read in ages, oh my god.

I can imagine Germany trying out all sorts of different dishes for his brother to try and eventually asking for some constructive criticism in order to get better. And as he continues to improve, Prussia is just internally leaping for joy and fawning over how great his little brother is. Even in modern days, Germany insists on doing the cooking and Prussia still never fails to compliment him on how delicious his food is.

Honestly these two are my favourite sibling characters ever.

KBTBB HC: One year anniversary - Eisuke


*Buzz buzz* your alarm came on a Friday morning, you woke up without Eisuke beside you, and you recalled the night before, Eisuke mentioned he will be going to the hotel for an important meeting and video conference today. You sulked a little as today is your one year anniversary together with Eisuke, thinking that you could spend the day with Eisuke today, but things doesn’t seem to be going the way you wanted. You can’t help but to drag yourself off from your bed and prepare to go to the hotel alone..

By the time you know it, it’s already lunch time at 12pm. Still, no sight of Eisuke even when you cleaned the penthouse. Suddenly, you felt someone tapped you on the shoulder from the back…“________! ”

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Niall feels! Do you ever just find yourself being very deeply seduced by Niall James Horan?

Okay Niall we know you can wink and do a kissy face (heavy breathing)

We all fantasize about how hot Niall would be as a sports player (sweating)

Fetus Niall will always be able to melt my heart (heart swells with cuteness)

Selfie Niall never fails to kill a few of us directioners (Gahahahah)

Like C'mon (and dance with me baby aha no :p) who wouldn’t love him?

Guitar Niall kills me. Add that with him looking extremely irresistable and you’ve basically just killed me! (MEHEHEHEHEH)

The jump he does always makes me squeallll (SHIZZZZZZ)

Looking all cute and cuddly. With that beanie on and the tiniest bit of hair peaking through (NEAR DEATH)



There are simply too many pics of Niall that give me feels to fit into one post so if this post does well I will consider doing a part 2 ;)


“Jlaw’s Big Heart”

One of the Million Reasons why I love Jennifer Lawrence is her Dedication and never failing Love for kids in different Hospitals she visits Every Year just to put smiles on their faces 😊

God Bless Her 🙏🏼

it melts my heart all the time ❤️ How can you not love her?

I love this man

God knows how much i love this man standing in front of me. Everyday i tell him how lucky and blessed i am to have someone like him. The first time i talk to him, i didn’t feel anything but the moment i started to take a glimpse in his soul, that’s the time i get to know the real him. He captured my heart. I can’t imagine how it happened but i just found myself smiling while talking to him and it makes my hear beats fast.

His name never fails to make me stop for a while and make my heart skipped a bit. His smile makes my heart melt and the way he stares at me it makes me fall for him over and over. Every time he’s not around, i just want to teleport to where he is and it makes me want to just kiss him and hug him tight so tight to make him feel how much i miss him. I never know i’ll fall like this and i’m glad i did, i’m happy i took the risk because he’s worth it. He’s worthy of my love, he deserves my love for him and to be treated special and someone who can make him feel that he’s alive. I have seen him at his best, and his worst. I have seen everything about him and i can say that i love everything about him. I love all of him. Every single side and bit. I love when he’s moody and hot tempered. I love the storm above his head when he’s serious. I love the words he spills over morning coffee, the whispers he mumbles in sleep. I love when he’s being clingy and acts crazy. I love when he’s being bossy and possessive. There is not a part of him I can’t accept, there is not a part of him I can’t love.
 And there’s nothing or anyone can take that love away. No one can make me love him less. I love him, i always do and i will make him feel that everyday.

Amuse Me Drabble

Character: Newt

His touch was soft and addicting, making me want to melt into his touch, but the ache in my heart was preventing it. It was one of those days when smiles never came easily and I spent most of the day wishing that it was over, leaving Newt aghast at what to do. He was always focused on trying to keep me happy because he knew how easy it was to lose yourself here. I loved how much he tried, but somedays I just need the day to run its course.

Newt sighed as his previous attempt failed; a joke that Chuck had told him. It was creative I’ll give him that and it did make me smile for a moment, but the happiness didn’t quite reach my eyes.

His hand ran over my thigh as my legs were crossed as I sat on the bed. My legs tingled under his touch, slightly because of his cold hands but also because of how ticklish I was.

His mouth turned up at one of the corners and I already started to scoot away as I had an idea of what he had in mind. “Newt!” I called out, but his hands were already all over my body, tickling me up and down my abdomen. “Stop!” I squaled, but he was taking me seriously as laughs escaped my lips.

“Then say it and I’ll stop.” Newt answered back.

“Say it?” I asked, confused.

“You know what I’m bloody talking about. Say it and I’ll stop!”

My brain was refusing to think about what Newt was refering to as it was occupied by concentrating on trying to escape his relentless hands. “Newt is the most handsome strong amazing guy at the Glade.” I muttered, hoping that was what he was thinking of.

“That’s not what I was talking about, bit thanks,” Newt chuckled.

“I hate you.” I muttered between laughs.

“That’s not it either.”

“Uh…I love you?” I guessed.

“Are you questioning your undying love for me?” Newt finally stopped as he smirked at me.

“Never, I love you, Newt.” I let out a deep breath as my abdomen was finally free.

“I love you too and that smile of yours.” He murmured before kissing me softly. My cheeks flushed as I realized he really did have the power to cheer me up even when I least expected it.

Jonathan fucking Toews melts my heart because he’s so happy to win and he’s so good but he’s so humble and never fails to acknowledge the wonderful team he plays with and he’s so grateful and says things like “I want to know what I did to deserve this” when clearly it’s the years of hard work and dedication he’s put towards hockey. He’s just. I’m so emotional. I love Jonathan Toews.

Home at last

Author’s note: I have no shame in saying I cried and had to take several breaks writing this. It hurt like a bitch. However, this does conclude the ending of Something Peculiar, but who knows…I could possibly do more to this in the future with a separate series, if this is something you guys would like. I want to thank you all for your endless love for the series, reblogs, likes, asks, messages and silent support. Thank you <3
Missed the last part? Here.

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It’s been a while’ Newt said, as he sat down.

*The day of Y/N’s funeral*
It had been arranged that she would be buried in a beautiful little cemetery in Oxford. She’d been born there and it only seemed fitting to bring her home to her birthplace.
In a small cottage, Newt was stood by the window, looking out at the weather. 
The sun was splitting the trees, shining down. 
Just like Y/N does. He thought. 
Did. He mentally corrected. 

 A week had passed since her death; Newt had buried himself into avoiding the idea that she wasn’t going to be there. But that became an impossibility.
Firstly, his creatures in the case could sense Newt’s sadness, Pickett would sit on his shoulder and ask for her. But he couldn’t bear to tell him that she wouldn’t be coming home. The Niffler which had been awfully fond of her, it had managed to rummage through his belongings, dragging a photo of him and her and plonking it on his lap. But all Newt could do was shake his head. 

Secondly, the sympathetic looks Queenie, Tina and Jacob would exchange with him. They were an ever constant reminder. 
Queenie had been the first one to rush to his aid at the MACUSA building upon seeing his fallen wife. She wrapped her arms around him and tried her best to soothe the pained noises he made. 

 Last of all was his last connection to her – their son. Queenie and Tina pitched in with him; but every time he looked at him, Newt saw her in his eyes and that only hurt the open wound he felt. 

‘We should get to the church’ Queenie’s voice said softly behind him, trying not to startle him. 
He turned and saw her with the baby in her arms and merely nodded. 

They disapparated.


One by one, Newt, Queenie, Tina, Jacob, fellow co-workers in The Ministry of Magic, wizards and witches from MACUSA, even Madame Picquery (much to Newt’s unhappiness) herself aligned themselves outside the church, waiting for her arrival.

The hearse arrived around the corner. Newt inhaled sharply – he wasn’t prepared for this. 
Through the window, he could see sunflowers laid upon the top of her coffin.
‘Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers! How can you not smile when you see them?’ She’d told him once upon a time.
The pallbearers pulled the coffin out slowly and gently, as if she wasn’t broken. 
They lead the way into the church, Newt followed and everyone else shadowed him. 

The Minister made it a charming service for her. He boasted about her like she was the rarest jewel in the world. Newt’s boss told a beautiful anecdote to emphasize just what a wonder she was. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room – but Newt’s. It was like he couldn’t comprehend she wasn’t coming back. It felt like a lie.

The Minister called on Newt to speak, he got up and stood by the podium, opening his mouth to speak.
‘Y/N…w-w-what can I-i-i say about her?’ He started nervously, eyes looking down onto the wooden podium, avoiding everyone’s pitiful eyes on him.

The words came hard and fast.

‘I met her just after I left New York, accidentally knocked her off her feet rushing into work’ He scoffed, eyebrows furrowing down, focusing intently on the podium. 
‘As soon as I looked at her, I was done for. I’ve never met a girl with prettier eyes than hers and her smile melts – melted my heart. I’d have done anything for her in that instant. I never wanted to let her go. I wanted to protect her’ 
His eyes welled with tears and he glanced at the coffin 
‘But I failed, I couldn’t keep her safe. I let her down’ His voice broke, as he remembered turning around and seeing her lifeless body crumpled in front of him. 
Queenie stood up and dashed to his side, clinging to her, he broke, the realisation his wife wasn’t returning hit him in full force.
‘I can’t do this without her. I can’t Queenie, I just can’t’ He pleaded, tears streaming down his face.
‘Ssssh, I know honey. I know’ She soothed, hugging him.

The ceremony was soon over, Queenie held Newt’s hand guiding him out behind Y/N’s coffin, leading him out to the cemetery where she was to be laid to rest. 
The burial was kept between Newt, Queenie, Tina, holding his son and Jacob. 
One after another, they left, until it was just him, Tina and his son.
‘I’m so sorry Newt’ Tina whispered, looking down at the hole in the ground.
Newt shook his head ‘It wasn’t your fault’ 
He looked up and their eyes met, he glanced at the bundle in her arms.
‘May I hold my son?’ He asked.
Tina nodded, gently placing him in Newt’s arms. She placed a hand on his shoulder, lightly squeezing it before departing, leaving Newt and his baby alone.

Newt, tearfully, started talking to the sleeping baby.
‘I’m sorry. I let your mummy down by not keeping her out of harms way and I’m letting you down by not being there for you. You’re the most wonderful thing to happen to me and I’m going to be there every step of the way for you. Your mummy was something special – she was my sparkle. You’re blessed with that sparkle and I’m going to keep it shining’ The baby stirred a little, before snuggling back into his blanket.
‘Now what can we name you; we can’t keep calling you baby forever, can we?’ He said, a small smile falling onto his lips.

Present Day.
The little boy came over and sat with his dad. 
‘Daddy, what are we doing here?’ He asked, innocently
Newt looked at him and replied ‘We’re here to see Mummy, we haven’t seen her in so long’
The little boy crawled into his lap ‘What was she like Daddy?’
His bright Y/E/C eyes gleaming in the sunlight.

‘Well, let me start from the beginning Rolf’ 

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