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(To Sans specifically)I'm sorry that you guys go through so much in the game at the hands of the person at the controller. I've never played a genocide run on the off chance that you guys have a universe where you're real and I'm messing with it. -K

UT Sans sighs shakily. “It’s–it’s okay. I’m aware now that not all humans are like that. ‘Sides, it’s all just gonna reset eventually.” He pauses. “But I’m hoping that one of these days I can actually get through to those players and convince them to let us have our happy ending.”


* Hello everyone! Thank you for these kind asks. Frisk, Asriel, and I have been doing fantastic lately! All of us seem to be doing pretty well, especially with the holidays on their way! We’re quite excited to be spending the holidays with the entire family! 

* And that includes EVERYONE!

Sam & Cait | 5 Love Languages

Touch: People whose main love language is Touch want physical affection. This doesn’t just have to do with anything sexual. Anything from hugs, hand-holding, simple touching, pats on the back, or etc. makes the person feel cared for and appreciated. 

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Our Big Day (&Beyond) - Newt Scamander X Reader ✨

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**Requested by the lovely @carlsbaee

Hopefully by writing this in my drafts it’ll stay put and the spacing won’t mess up. Not that it’s a big deal, it just makes things easier to understand and I like the way it looks. Once again I don’t proofread my stuff tbh No warnings, just really fluffy once again. Wasn’t specified in the last one shot but the reader is a female in this one. Think more along the lines of that scene from the beginning of the movie up where it’s kind of a montage of carl and Ellie’s life together 🙊Anyway, Hope you like it! ___________________________________________________

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Someone tipped me off that Fire Alpaca has animation making capabilities, and it’s free so I JUMPED ON THIS PROGRAM RIGHT QUICK.

( This is much better than what i was working with before… I can work with this.)

  • Lucifer: We both know how this ends.
  • Sam: Yes.
  • Lucifer: So why don't you make things easier and just give me your consent.
  • Sam: I just did.
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer: ...what?
  • Sam: I just said yes.
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer: I wasn't ready
  • Lucifer: Do it again
  • Sam: Nope, you missed your chance.
  • Lucifer: Chuck Damn it

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because i didnt want to make a long post ^^;

this is actually sort of a ficlet i’ve had sitting for so long now, i decided to just bahhh put it out there.

i’m gonna put the script under the cut for those who use screen reader-things, and pretty much just to make it easier for some :3

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You all know what the Simon’s mother invite means to Raphael, right?
He couldn’t look for Simon on his house because vampires need to get invited for that – this isn’t explained on the series but we know that the books made it very clear, even on Raphael’s history where he’s afraid that his mother doesn’t invite him to get in. Vampires can’t enter in a house without a invite from the owner.

But, once the owner of the house invited him for dinner and said that he would be welcomed every time, Raphael now can enter on Simon’s house. Elaine maybe could have made a mistake, but I believe that Raphael’s intention wasn’t threat Elaine, just make things more easier for Simon look for Camille. Obvious it was a huge play for get Simon on his hands, but he managed something that he even was expecting. He can enter on Simon’s house now.
Oh, Simon, you shouldn’t let Raphael reach the Camille’s level.

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Today a coworker said to me “I think you make things harder than they need to be”.

This is because I have to spreadsheet, list, and set alarms for every. possible. thing.

Like how am I meant to make it easier? Just remember things? Just be aware of the time? Just do things without planning?

I have spent years of my life getting to a point where I can have the coping mechanisms you are complaining about. I wish I knew what it was like to think that that was simply “making things harder than they need to be”.

I was talking with @belldreams about what Anakin’s choices in life would have been, if Palpatine/Order 66 hadn’t happened and we really didn’t have a lot of solid answers because so much is “WELL IT DEPENDS ON [X]”, but it’s always tempting to go down the route of it hand-waving everything into being all better, because that’s what my heart wants!  It’s easy to look at the pressures on Anakin’s life (the prophetic dreams, the burden he places on himself to be the Jedi he thinks he’s supposed to be, etc.) and go, well, if those weren’t there, then he could be happy and well-adjusted!

But he wouldn’t.  Those factors are important and likely tipped the balance, but they were not the foundation of what was wrong with Anakin.  He’s emotionally unstable and that would not change away from the life he was living in canon. And certainly parenthood would not make things easier!  His fear and anxiety wouldn’t just disappear because he walked away and went to live somewhere else, because as wrong of a fit as the Jedi were for him, they did also provide some support for him and outlets to channel his energies.  Not as much as he needed, but they weren’t nothing, as he did have emotional support from Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.

Even if he left, Anakin would still be prone to rash actions and anger and over reactions, he would still put emotion above logic far too often, he still would risk everything for those he cares about and without someone to be at least as much of a grounding influence, he would be WAY OVERREACTING about every little thing that MIGHT harm the twins.  That would not be a healthy environment for the kids.

Of course he would love his children!  He has so much love in him!  But imagine being a baby with a dad like Anakin. He’s so loving one minute! Then he’s TERRIFYINGLY POWERFUL IN HIS ANGER the next!  Even if it’s not directed towards them (and I don’t think it would be), it’s scary! You don’t know what’s going to happen! You don’t know what’s going to break! You don’t know if someone’s going to get hurt! Even if Anakin never lifted a finger towards them (and I believe that he wouldn’t), even if he never shouted at them, it’s still horrifying and awful.

And here’s where I’m going to get a little personal.

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