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I agree bromanceshmomance is creepy, but do you think there's a way to be a fan of a young actor/singer or whatever when you yourself are older, think they're really talented, and want to follow what they do, (Not travel half way across the world to see them in a play of course) just because you genuinely enjoy their work, and want to see what they'll do next? I just want to be respectful, and the last thing I want is to creep anyone out or make them feel uncomfortable.

I think in general you can be a fan of someone no matter their age. But tinhats don’t tend to be in fandoms for these people themselves, they’re in it for the story they have and for the fantasies about these people that they engage in. So already when that’s centered around 16/17 year old boys being “cocksluts” and “balls deep” etc it’s a bit…?

For me the thing that’s really strange here is going from one fandom of being obsessed with teenage boys in a capacity that is inherently sexual/romantic the way tinhatting is, to going right into another one.

There are literally dozens and dozens of attractive white men in their twenties and older who are either openly gay or have played gay characters in movies/TV shows. So it’s not even those aspects that they’re finding appealing.

Instead to focus to on just those who are 16/17 and they involves some secret revelation about their sexuality… it makes me really uncomfortable.

Acting - Dylan O’Brien (Smut)

Song: Alessia Cara - Wild Things

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,191

Warning: Exhibitionism(sort of), Oral (M>F), NSFW


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Give me a nice, Wholesome AU™ where Vlad ~somehow~ stops being a super-creep and agrees to mentor Danny– not because he wants to marry his mom and make him his son, but because he genuinely just wants to help another halfa out since HE didn’t have help way back when.

(Also for angst you could throw in a bit of “plus I feel responsible, because without the research we did in college, your parents would never have made their portal in the first place” or “I feel responsible because I kiiiinda pissed off a bunch of ghosts and all they know is ‘the halfa did it’ so that maaaybe why you’ve been seeing more ghost activity, idk lol.”)

Anyways give me an AU where we’ve got Vlad and Danny training in the basement at 1 am and Vlad’s trying to incorporate Danny’s school curriculum into the training because GOD KNOWS when he’d actually find time for THAT.

“Wait, can I try again? Just one more! One more run through…” Danny says, looking at Vlad with scorch marks on his face that have already begun to heal.

“Daniel, we’ve been at this for hours,” Vlad says, running a hand through his messy, singed hair. “I think that’s as good as it’s going to get tonight.”

“No!” says Danny, but quickly checks his volume, “No. Please, I… but I worked so hard on this power…if I could just–”

“And I know you did.” Vlad says, walking over to him, “I’m proud of how far you’ve come Daniel, but even halfas get exhausted.” He places his hands on Danny’s shoulders and the boy seems to consider this for a moment. But in the end…

“Just one more.”

Vlad sighs.

“You’re gonna be on all those business trips, we won’t meet up again for a month!”

“Fine.” Vlad relents, “Just one more drill. But after that you’ll need your rest.”

Vlad starts up the machines again as Danny gets into a ready position.

“Remember to breathe.” says Vlad as the starting lights blink down in sequence. He uses his own power to bring up a noise-reducing barrier around the training area.




The first target pops out of the wall, close to the ceiling, and Danny flies up to meet it with an ecto-energized punch. The next one appears from the floor, so Danny blasts it with a basic beam. Once Vlad feels he’s got a rhythm he starts the study session again.

“What is the smallest group of biological classification?” He asks, watching his form carefully. Danny rolls out of the way of a hostile drone but still is able to answer.


“And the largest?” Vlad observes Danny blasting the drone.



“How many chromosomes does an individual human have?” Vlad continues. Danny goes intangible to avoid some debris.

“46.” He’s not missing a beat.

“What are the three major parts of a cell?” Two more hostile drones join the fray, and the young halfa starts to falter.

“The membrane, the, uh, cytoplasm, and the nucleus.”

“Is the cell membrane nonpermeable?”

“No,” Danny takes a couple heavy breaths, “It’s semipermeable.”

Vlad pauses upon reading the next one.

“What are the physical or chemical factors in genetic mutations called?”

“M… Mutagens.” Danny swallows dryly, his gaze shifting to the portal at the end of the room.

“What is the phase most cells spend the majority of their time in?”

“Crud, uh…” A drone explodes too close to Danny and he throws up his arms, forgetting to go intangible. The smoke makes his throat burn.

“… Interphase?” He finally coughs out.

“Correct. Pay attention now…”

Seven smaller drones appear from all directions, intent on overwhelming the young halfa. Danny flies up and ecto-punches through the highest one, then grabs it, somersaults, and throws it into the one directly below.

“Good!” Vlad says, standing up in his excitement. They both notice the other 5 drones coming in fast.

“What is the functional unit of heredity?”

“What’s the what of what?!?” Danny blurts out between blasting with one hand and swinging a panicked punch with the other.

“Get higher, try splitting!” Vlad says, abandoning the study guide and moving closer to the battlefield should his assistance be required.

Danny flies almost as high as he can go without phasing through the ceiling. He manages to get some distance between himself and the three remaining drones, but they are close behind.

Quickly he closes his eyes and grits his teeth, trying with all his might to imagine himself splitting into two entities.

“Okay, one more try.” he says to himself, “Kinda like Mitosis…” Somewhere in the back of his mind he can hear Vlad saying something, but he forces that away to keep his focus on the task at hand. Slowly Danny begins to feel what he can only describe as a peeling sensation– as if his “cells” were dividing in such a way that reminded him of when he would peel glue off his skin in elementary school– starting from his wispy tail, creeping up to where his legs should be…

Suddenly, a drone’s blast hits him squarely in the chest. Danny’s eyes snap open, all concentration lost. Belatedly he realizes his tail had reformed after having been split into two. A familiar pink beam takes out the offending drones.

“Danny!” Vlad says, eyes still glowing red, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Danny says as he floats down sullenly, “I’ll heal.” Vlad reaches out to guide him towards the spare workbench they use as a first aid station.

“Better put the salve on it just to be safe.” Vlad says. Danny sits down and watches Vlad take out the special formula he made in his own lab back in Wisconsin, then tosses himself back to lay on the bench.

“ARGH! I was SO close! Right? Was I close? Because it felt like I was close…”

“You were.” says Vlad, “But I think you should stick to the exercises I showed you while I’m gone.” He transforms and makes a few duplications to demonstrate, starting slow but getting faster with each iteration.

“Who knows, by the time I get back you may be splitting in circles around me.” Danny looks up and realizes all the Vlads are literally standing around him in a circle and laughs.

“Ha! So you’re making the jokes now?” He says as Vlad pulls it together.

“Believe it or not, my wit may be used to humor us both.”

“Pfft. Some wit. That was real 'cheesy’, Wisconsin Ghost.” Danny snickers at his own quip and Vlad rolls his eyes.

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

“Nope!” Danny says, “Say, what was that last question? On the guide?”

“The functional unity of heredity.”

“Geez that’s a lot of syllables for one thing.”

“Do you know the answer?”

“Uh…” Danny thinks for only a moment. Without the distraction of the fight, he quickly grasps the question.

“Oh! It’s genes!”

“Correct again, Little Badger.” Vlad says, handing off the small salve tin. “I think you will do well on the test tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” Danny says, detransforming. He yawns as his exhaustion catches up with him. Courteously, Vlad lends him a hand.

“Come, I’ll fly you upstairs before I go.”

Say Hello to Tim Drake

AN: I decided to start Valentine’s Day off with some soulmark AU love. I really like how relateable this reader is. I think that’s a draw. 

Words: 826

Part 1

    You wish you could see his eyes. You can’t help but feel as though they would tell you something; is he disappointed, excited, nervous? You pray that he isn’t disappointed. You can’t help but feel as though you’re plain looking, you’re not ugly, but not exactly pretty. Then there’s the anxiety. As your mind begins to go through all the possibilities, you can feel yourself getting worked up, as your breathing begins to quicken, until suddenly you’re in his arms.

    He’s sat down on the pavement, and pulled you into his lap. He’s cradling you gently, so that you don’t feel closed in; and from the way his arms wrap around you, the way they stay lax and still give you room,  you can tell he’s been where you are. As the adrenaline fades, you allow the first few sniffles to come, as your breathing begins to slow down and return to normal.

His hand rubs your back, and that’s the first telltale sign for you. You don’t like people touching your back. It creeps you out, makes you squeal, and it’s just genuinely unpleasant. But with him, it feels good, relaxing almost. As you pull back, you wipe at your eyes and then wince.

He notices, “You scraped your hands when you fell.” His voice sounds tired, but it’s smooth. Determined.

“Yeah, not my most graceful moment.”

He gives you a small smile, “Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of falls a lot worse than that.”

You smile at each other in awkward silence, until he sticks out his hand and says, “Hi, I’m Red Robin, your soulmate, apparently.”

You take his hand a bit nervously and shake it once, before saying, “I’m Y/N, college student.”

He smiles, before letting go of your hand and pulling up the sleeve of his suit, you stare at your words there, before reaching out and allowing your fingers to skim over them. Then you realize what you’re doing and quickly pull back your hand, as the heat rises to your cheeks.

His fingers grip your chin and turn your gaze towards him, “I wanted you to see them. That way when we meet in real life, you know it’s me.” You stare at him, and you fear the faint sound of police sirens. “Someone must have called the cops. It’s not safe for me to reveal everything here in the open.” You nod, a bit dumbly, He smiles again, “I’ll find you in a few days, and then we can meet for real. I’ll explain everything then.”

Then with one last look, he’s gone, and the cops rush over. It’s a long night of filling out police reports before being escorted back to your dorm. The mortification you feel as everyone stares at you is enough to have you buried under your covers for the next twenty-four hours.

You sleep, skip class, and do your absolute best to not think about the fact that Red Robin is your soulmate, or wonder how exactly he’s going to find you. You fail miserably at the last two. In fact, by the time the twenty-four hours are over, you’ve convinced yourself that he wants nothing to do with you, and that you’re going to die old and alone with three cats.

At some point, you decide you need to move on. So you drag yourself out of bed, and to the dining hall. You load up on stuff that you KNOW isn’t good for you before making the trek to class.You do your best to focus on your professors, while trying not to dwell on the amount of work you’ll have to get done this weekend. By the time the day is over, you’re feeling more exhausted than you should.  

In fact, you’re so exhausted that you nearly miss the gaggle of girls whispering. You peer around them to see what they’re staring at. It’s a good looking boy. He’s dressed in jeans and a long sleeve tee-shirt. He’s working on a laptop, and has a large cup of coffee with him.

Then, as though he feels you staring, he looks up and makes eye contact. When he smiles you look away, and do your best to shuffle further into the dorm past the front desk, when all of a sudden you hear him say your name, “Y/N wait a minute.”

You don’t want to, but you do, without meeting his eyes, you turn to face him. He stops in front of you, and you can feel the gaggle of girls looking at the two of you, “I’m Tim Drake, we met the other night.”

You stare at him puzzled, until his scrunches both sleeves of his tee-shirt up, in the most nonchalant way you’ve ever seen, to reveal the same words, your words, from the other night. You stare at him for a minute and he only say grins and says, “Told you I’d find you.” 

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Hello there! I really enjoy reading your headcanons! They're very well done! I was wondering if you would be willing to do the RFA + Saeran and how you think they would react to the MC getting hit on by a very pushy man/men like in a club or something. Like MC tells them kindly that she's not interested and that she's taken but they don't leave her alone and that's when MM boy comes in. You don't have to do this if you don't want to or aren't comfortable with it though, so no worries!

thank you so much! i’m very happy you like them -u- i hope you also enjoy what i’ve written for your request~

-Admin Ace in Space


  • no
  • no no no
  • okay this boy is such a sweetheart and such a darling but there are certain things he absolutely cannot deal with
  • and that gross, pushy man trying to get you to go out with him is one of them
  • how does that guy not notice how uncomfortable you are???
  • so Yoosung takes a deep breath and puffs up and comes up next to you
  • wraps his arm around you and gives the guy a terrifying glare
  • which is especially terrifying because it’s so unexpected from this cutie patootie
  • he really wants to fight that guy but also doesn’t want to cause a scene so he just walks away with you
  • fingers digging into your side because he’s so upset
  • once you’re away from the creep he hugs you tightly and kisses you
  • won’t let go of you for the rest of the night but what if MC needs to pee


  • men are wolves
  • and that dude trying to get you to dance with him is the worst kind
  • Zen is pissed
  • you keep repeating that you have a boyfriend and that he works out every day but Creepy McCreeperson is not. getting. it.
  • he tries to grab your hand and regrets it about 0.0005 seconds later
  • because Zen punches him
  • actually punches him
  • and then turns to you and gently takes your hand, kissing it before leading you away
  • holds your hand super tight and complains about the guy very loudly
  • “who does he think he is to be hitting on my angel?”
  • “I told you MC, men are wolves”
  • doesn’t make it sound like it’s your fault tho, instead comforts you bcs creepy men are scary
  • he’s kind of riled up but won’t release the beast unless you initiate it


  • her reaction depends on the specific situation
  • if the guy just won’t shut up but doesn’t do anything physical, she casually walks up to you two
  • “oh hi, are you MC’s friend? I’m their girlfriend”
  • she’s all smiles but it’s actually kind of scary
  • and she just keeps talking and walks away with you at the same time
  • but if the guy tries to touch you or grab you
  • u kno he ded
  • Baehee knows judo
  • and then he’s either on the floor or leaving in pain and embarrassment
  • and, like a magical knight in shining armor, Jaehee holds out her hand for you to take
  • and you two ride off into the sunset


  • this creepy dude clearly wants Jumin Han to hate him
  • because hitting on MC is the way to do that
  • he’s possessive, but he’s mainly angry because you’re so uncomfortable
  • and he never, ever wants the love of his life to be uncomfortable
  • so he walks up behind you, puts his hand on your back, and just leads you away in the middle of the guy’s sentence
  • doesn’t even acknowledge that creep’s existence
  • he’s usually very quick to rush to your side when something like this happens but if it escalates before he can swoop in, he sends his bodyguards instead
  • and holds your hand as they escort the creep out
  • then does what he can to comfort you and cheer you up again
  • offers to sue the dude
  • you say yes


  • when he sees a random guy hit on you, at first he doesn’t know what to do
  • because BOOM insecurities hit him hard
  • what if that guy is actually better for you??? my babe no
  • but once he notices you trying to get the guy to leave by constantly mentioning that you have a boyfriend
  • he is a) so so happy bcs YAY MC LOVES ME and b) annoyed bcs that dude still doesn’t get the damn hint
  • so he does what he does best
  • runs up to you and kisses you hard
  • drags you away whilst still kissing you
  • you actually have to remind him that air is a thing you need bcs he gets so lost in the kiss
  • like Yoosung, he’s super clingy afterwards
  • never wants to let you go ever
  • he also hacks the dude’s phone and bank account bcs why the hell not


  • he really hates violence and confrontation
  • just wants a peaceful life let the man be happy dammit
  • and so when he notices that someone’s hitting on you, he’s a little bit unsure of what to do
  • but once it becomes clear that you are really, really not happy with the situation
  • soft boi is right there for you
  • “excuse me, but MC is too wonderful for someone like you to be talking to them”
  • BURN
  • his voice is still so calm and soothing and soft tho???
  • and the creep is really confused bcs he’s offended but the atmosphere is so relaxed???
  • and V really doesn’t make a big deal out of it, he simply leaves with you, pressing kisses to the top of your head
  • actually asks you what you want him to do in situations like this because he wants to help you as much as he can


  • what’s there to say?
  • as soon as someone is making you feel upset or uncomfortable or a negative emotion in any way
  • Saeran Wrap is there to wreck their shit
  • makes sure none of them get away with it
  • will only stop if you ask him to
  • if he’s not allowed to fight all the creeps, then he’ll pull out his signature death glare
  • might threaten them too
  • afterwards he keeps looking you up and down as if to check if you’ve broken something
  • he’s just so so worried that someone might hurt you, physically and mentally
  • he’s kind of awkward about it but eventually hugs you tightly and promises to protect you
  • he also shows more of his soft side, especially if you’ve just seen him kick a dude in the nuts
  • because whilst he wants to protect you, he also doesn’t want to scare you with his own violence
Baseball & Fireworks

Summary: The handsome guy who frequents your liquor store in Lebanon finally takes you on a date. 
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2030
Warnings: None?
Challenge: Kayla’s Birthday Challenge! My prompts were, “You’ve gotta stop saying things that make me want to kiss you.” and a baseball game date. @one-shots-supernatural

Your name: submit What is this?

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morning glory.

word count: 850
pairing: hyungwon x reader
notes: fluff, modern au

“Seriously, cut that out, it’s getting creepy.” Chanykyun rolls his eyes, shoving another forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth. 

“Cut what out?” you snap back at him, focusing your attention back to the food on your plate. 

“Y/N… You’ve been staring at that guy since the moment we walked in,” he groans. “Trust me, you do this every single morning we’re here.” 

“Do not…” you protest, slightly ashamed that you’re caught. You peek back at the waiter across the room, who’s taking someone else’s order right now.

The sun rays from the glass panels of the dainty cafe and give him a heavenly glow. You admire his model-like features and feel your heart fluttering again. His slender body fit his uniform so well, and the white shirt highlight his rosy, plump lips. His dark brown hair looks so soft and fluffy, and you wonder how it would feel to touch it. He’s like a prince…

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One Night Stand

Request: can i request a oneshot please? id like one where you and bellamy secretly like each other but you two are really sarcastic and you fight a lot and one day you two were on a mission and they had to sleep next to each other in a cave and bellamy surprise the reader by putting his arms around her in his sleep and spooning her. just this with a lot of sass and sarcasm, please? thank you :)

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, it was such a cute idea! i absolutely loved writing it. By the way, if you’ve requested and still haven’t seen it posted, I apologize. I’m working as quick as i can but i also need breaks and I don’t want to upload too much during one day. Know, that your story has been noted or already written, and is just being waited to be uploaded. I do them in the order I receive.

Warning: fluff.


Originally posted by hvproductions

“Princess!” You rolled your eyes, anger rolling off you in waves as you clenched your fists. What could he possibly want now? Straightening out, you turned to look for Bellamy only to gasp when you noticed he was directly in front of you, with no shirt.

You let your eyes wander down his chest, hating yourself for loving every inche of his body. He was rude and cocky and thought he owned the place, but he had an incredible body and you might just like him secretly. But you’ve never done or said anything in fear of rejected. Bellamy was a playboy and liked to sleep with any girl he could get his hands on, you weren’t willing to be a one night stand and why would he give it all up for just you?

But despite that you were always around him. Constantly bickering over things you didn’t agree on, arguing over stupid little things or name calling and insulting. Part of you hated it because it was so silly and you thought that Bellamy thought nothing of it. Sometimes you thought maybe you actually did really annoy him that much.

But despite that, you kept coming back because if that was the only way you were gonna ‘be’ with him, then you’d deal with it.

“What, ol’mighty king.” You snarked back, trying to not let your eyes wander any further on his chest. If he noticed what you were doing, he’d never let you live it down. But when you finally refocused on his face and not his ungodly body, you knew he’d already figured it out.

“See something you like princess?” He smirked down at you, and you fought the blush that threatened to creep up.

Smacking his arm in a none to gentle way, you glared up at him. “No, but maybe you should learn to wear a shirt.” he laughed, before finally stretching a shirt over his head. Make his hair flop slightly and just look a tad bit more adorable then it already did. Okay, now you really needed to stop.

“So, what’d you need me for?” You questioned when his chest was now covered in a blackish-purplish shirt. Part of you wandered what he needed seeing as normally he just came to bother you.

“I need you to come with me on a mission.” He stated, suddenly looking serious. A mission? Bellamy never let you go out of the camp, though you weren’t sure why. You could fight for yourself but every time you’ve tried to join on a hunting revenue or go out to grab herbs and such for Clarke, you’d been stopped by Bellamy. Which would in turn normally end up in a fight.

“Me?” You asked incredulously. “I thought I wasn’t allowed to leave camp. You said it yourself, Blake.” 

Bellamy’s eyes narrowed, and you knew you got him. He hated to be called by his last name but you still did because, well, it pissed him off. “You’re not.” He spat, and you rolled your eyes. “But, I need you specifically on this mission, so it’s just gonna be me and you.”

Ignoring the way your heart fluttered at the thought of just being alone with Bellamy, you feigned excitement. “Oh!” You smiled, smirking secretly at him. Putting on a fake accent you laughed. “How lucky am I, that i get to go one on one with King Bellamy!” You joked.

“Shut up.” Bellamy ordered, flicking you on the forehead. You immediately stopped, holding the assaulted spot. 

“Well, what are we going for exactly?” 

“There’s been reports of grounders lurking around. I need to see if that’s true.” He said and you blinked, this really didn’t seem like your type of job. But you’d finally get to go outside and with just you and Bellamy, so hesitantly, you nodded.

“When do we leave?” You asked, grabbed your pack of water that’d you been refilling. 


Turns out, the whole grounders thing had been a lie. You’d spent all day walking around and searching with Bellamy only to come up empty handed. And when you started to head home a horn had been sounded. It had scared the shit out of you but before you’d been able to ask Bellamy what it was, he’d grabbed your wrist and yanked you into a cave.

So thats where you were now. Huffing at exhaustion and trying to ignore the way your feet ached. You’d never been outside before and though Bellamy seemed perfectly calm at the green hue that floated outside, you were scared.

“What the hell was that?” You huffed, staring at the oddly calm boy before you.

“Acid fog.” He bluntly said.

Your eyes widened and you closed your eyes to take a breather. No wonder Bellamy didn’t want you out. The forest was beautiful and the air felt great, but truthfully this was all too much. “Acid fog?” You questioned.

Bellamy stopped what he was doing to look up at you, giving you a look that meant to stop questioning him. “Yes. We are most likely going to be here all night, you should get some sleep.”

Well, he was in a bad mood. Sighing you obeyed him silently, laying down you used your backpack as a pillow and tried to get comfortable. You felt slightly uncomfortable when Bellamy just directly behind you but you did your best to ignore it. 

You heard some shuffling, but ignored it figuring he was just going to lay down himself. You shivered slightly, bringing your jacket closer around you as you tried to reach for warmth. That was until two arms wrapped themselves around you and you felt warm breath on your neck. You went stiff, not sure on what to do.

You gasped when Bellamy pressed his lips against the back of your neck, bringing you in closer. Angry, you thought he was trying to get some. “Bellamy,” you snapped, “i’m not going to sleep with you.”

“What?” He asked, shocked. And you rolled your eyes. “Yeah, i’m not one of your one night stands.”

“I wasn’t trying to get you sleep with me.” He said, as he snuggled back into you. You tried to ignore the way his big strong arms felt around your waist and how warm he was, all thought of cold gone.

“Then why are you holding me?”

“Because, it’s cold and we need to share body warmth.” You tried to hide your disappointment. But what were you expecting? He would never hold you just because… he wanted to. He didn’t feel that way about you and you don’t know why you expected him to. You were nothing more than the girls he slept with and there was no way he’d having feelings for you.

“Oh,” you said. Trying not to sound too upset. “Well, thank you. I guess.” You leaned into his warmth. This may never happen again so might as well, relish in the warmth.

“Oh, and princess?” He said suddenly.


“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

hope you enjoyed! Again, thank you for the request!

Not Experienced - Choi Seunghyun

Originally posted by porimu

Pairing: Choi Seunghyun X Reader

Word Count: 3,197

hope you guys are gonna enjoy this cause i obviously did


Y/N was standing off to the side while she watched everyone set everything up for the scene she’d be shooting tomorrow. She was shaking with anxiety seeing as it was something she’d never done before in her short list of projects she’d participated in. A sex scene.

And if it weren’t bad enough that she was filming a scene, having to pretend to know what she’s doing when really she doesn’t even know what she is doing since she’s never experienced a real orgams her life, which she had to now fake, she was doing it alongside the one person on this set that she had the biggest crush on. Choi Seunghyun.

When she first found out she’d be acting alongside Seunghyun she cried. She cried for nearly an hour, her emotions ranging from disbelief to excitement to pure terror. She hadn’t even met him at that point. And when she did she nearly cried again right in his arms as he hugged her.

That was three weeks ago and she had finally gotten over the initial shock of facing and working with her celebrity crush and actual crush. But now she was terrified all over again because she was going to be filming this scene with him, going into it completely blind. God knows how many times she’s going to fuck it up and have to restart, effectively annoying everyone including Seunghyun.

“This is your first sex scene, huh?” His voice echoed from less than a foot behind her and she whipped around to see him standing there, watching the setup for the mock-bedroom they’d be in. He averted his gaze to her and gave her one of his luxurious smirky smiles.

“Yeah.” She mumbled, turning her attention back forward as Seunghyun stepped up, standing right beside her, his arm brushing against hers.

He tucked his hands into his pockets and rocked back on his feet awkwardly. “It’s not that bad, really. You get used to it after the first few takes.”

That statement did no good for calming Y/N. Knowing that she’d have to do multiple takes for this scene made everything seem ten times worse. “That’s great.” She mumbled sarcastically, earning her a chuckle from Seunghyun.

“You’ll do fine. Just…think about the real thing, ya know?” He shrugged. She sighed, mentally slapping her palm over her face as she let her head droop down. She’s only ever had sex twice and neither times were good at all. She was positive she hadn’t even orgasmed. She didn’t know what it was even suppose to feel like.

Her experience with sex came from a year long relationship with a boyfriend she had nearly two years ago. They only slept together twice. The first time was absolutely horrible. Y/N even cried if she remembered correctly because it was nothing like she expected it to be. She thought it’d be romantic and pleasurable but really it was nothing more than a rush of limbs and lips in the backseat of her ex-boyfriend’s car. Not to mention it was painful as fuck. The second time was almost no better, the only benefit begin it took place in an actual bed. But again, it wasn’t pleasurable and she nearly cried for a second time.

“That’ll be a little difficult for me.” She murmured ashamedly, her hands sinking into her pockets, her stature now mimicking the boy standing beside her.

Seunghyun’s head swiveled to the side as he looked down at her with a raised brow. “You’ve never had sex?” He asked her as if it was a real concern. She felt the heat rush to her face as she groaned.

“No—I mean, yes. Yes, I’ve … had sex. I just—“

“It wasn’t good? Don’t really have anything useful to pull from the experience?” Seunghyun beat her to the punchline.

She nodded timidly, rolling her lips between her teeth as she shifted uncomfortably on her feet. “It was horrible.” She laughed dryly, reminiscing on the two worst nights of her life. “It was rushed. Pretty sure I wasn’t actually sexually attracted to the guy in the first place. Which is a real punch in the face, seeing as I wasted a year dating him.” Seunghyun stood and listened as Y/N ranted on about her experience, or lack of. “There wasn’t even any foreplay, not that I’ve ever had the chance to really know what that is or experience it. I’m assuming it’s stuff like oral and whatnot.” She felt silly talking about this with him. Especially because it was Seunghyun. The last person she’d ever thought to have this conversation with. But she had to admit that speaking about it was lifting a huge weight off of her shoulders.

“So you’ve never … ?” Seunghyun asked awkwardly, gesturing a hand in the air haphazardly before shoving it back into his pocket.

“Orgasmed? No. And yes, I know I probably need to do a little research about how to at least fake one before tomorrow. As much as I hate the idea, I’ll probably spend my night watching porn—“

“Nuh-uh.” Seunghyun shook his head, cutting her off in an instant. She snapped her head to the side, her brows furrowing. She was about to open her mouth to ask why but he continued. “Porn is fake. Dramatic. Half of the shit you’ll watch is nowhere near what a real orgasm will look or even sound like.” She nearly smiled and laughed at the fact that he knew this fact. It didn’t click that it was because he’d seen a girl, or girls, actually orgasm before but she thought more about how he maybe had done research. And for some reason, the idea made her want to giggle.

“So what should I do then? It’s not like I have someone to just go sleep with before tomorrow. And even if I did, I doubt it’s be magical enough seeing as it’s been nearly two years since the last time I even did anything like that.” She could feel the drip of frustration just beginning to trickle through her body at the whole ordeal. “I mean, what would you advise me to do?”


The word rolled off of his tongue so casually, so smoothly as he continued looking forward, not even looking down at her—like he was answering the simplest math problem ever before moving on. But Y/N, on the other hand, stood there with wide eyes and her mouth slightly agape. “I—I’ve never—“

“I know you haven’t. Or you wouldn’t have this reaction.” Seunghyun finally looked down at her and waved a finger in her face. “But maybe you should try it. It’s not a big deal. It’s normal.” He shrugged. She’d always thought masturbation was a sexual thing you weren’t suppose to talk about with others but here she was with her co-worker, having what he probably believed was the most natural conversation ever. “Just go to bed tonight and try it out. Something may happen, something may not. I don’t know. Not exactly sure how well it’ll actually go. For a guy it’s pretty easy. But I assume if I can make a girl cum with just my fingers than you can do it to yourself.”

She nearly choked at his words, holding up her hands to him to stop him from sharing any more details of his sexual experiences. “Thanks for that.” She seethed with sarcasm. “But I don’t think I’ll do myself any good.”

“Do you want to do this scene correctly tomorrow or not? Go into it completely blind and I guarantee we’ll be here all night until you finally get it right.” Seunghyun brushed off, shrugging. “Think about it,” is the last thing he said to her before spinning on his heel and strolling away, leaving Y/N there to think about everything he’d just said.

She knew he was right. If she didn’t do something tomorrow would just be a huge disaster. Maybe if she did at least try to get a little feel for it she could channel it and make the whole thing not as bad.

She sighed, walking off to the parking lot to drive back to her hotel for the night.


Y/N walked onto set the next day, having already gone through wardrobe and makeup. Now she was just waiting for them to set marks and then she’d get to finally shoot the scene she’d been most dreading. Last night was a total bust for her. She tried her best to do as Seunghyun advised her but it just didn’t work out and now she felt completely screwed.

“So, how’d it go? Did you do what I said?” His voice came up behind her just as his body did until he was standing beside her like the previous day, hands tucked into his pockets.

“Yeah.” She said flatly, gnawing on her bottom lip.


“Nope.” As soon as the word left her mouth she heard Seunghyun sigh which only made her more annoyed than she already was. “What the hell are you getting all huffy about? You’re not the one about to make a fool of yourself in front of twenty plus people!” She snapped, instantly retracting back into her shell, an apologetic look on her face.

She expected Seunghyun to retaliate but instead a small grin creeped onto his lips, his interest piqued at her outburst. “I’m not. But maybe you should calm yourself a little bit.” He said softly, his hands coming out of his pockets and reaching at her sides to grabs her clenched fists she hadn’t even realized she made.

She let him carefully pry her fingers open as he looked at her with a reassuring glint in his eye, making her calm down immensely. “I’m sorry. I just know I’m going to fuck up a bunch of times and I don’t want everyone to be annoyed with me.”

“It’s alright. They’ll get over it. And if worse comes to worst I’ll do something about it. Alright?” Seunghyun spoke calmly, his tone making every last bit of nervous tension in her body wash away. She hated how easily he could manipulate her.

She nodded just as the director called places, the calmness she felt not last very long.

She lied in the bed, they were about six takes in and Seunghyun could tell she was becoming frustrated. He hovered above her, shirtless and shimmering slightly from the sweat he had built up from repeating the intense scene over and over again. They’d always got a decent amount into the scene but when it came time for Seunghyun to disappear under the blankets and for her to start moaning, it all crashed and burned. She was immensely embarrassed by now and she honestly just wished she’d drop dead.

Seunghyun looked down at her as they waited for the cameras to be set back into place. “Look at me.” He murmured softly, his hand stroking softly over her hair. She rolled her eyes in frustration and looked up at him, her face and glare hard. “Just let go, alright? You’re doing so good you just keep psyching yourself out at the last minute. Just relax.” His hand never stopped soothing over her hair, the feeling making waves of tingles rush through her body.

Y/N nodded, sighing and closing her eyes for a moment to breathe. It the moment that her eyes were closed Seunghyun pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, making her smile and huff out a laugh. “Thanks.” She said softly, looking to the side to see the director getting ready to start up again.

“Y/N, just relax!” He shouted out from behind the cameras. She nodded, holding up the hand she had rested on Seunghyun’s back to give the director a thumbs up. Her hand returned to it’s place as she looked back at him. She gave her a comforting smile and a small nod.

“Ready?” He asked, searching her face for any sign of doubt.

“I think so.” And with that the director called places and then action.

Seunghyun’s lips instantly connected with hers as they began kissing heatedly. This was the easiest part for her. She’d kissed Seunghyun multiple times in the past three weeks while filming stuff so that was a walk in the park. But as soon as it got more heated than that she began to fall apart.

Seunghyun’s hand reached for hers, their fingers tangling together as he kissed her with as much passion as he could fake. She hated that this was so easy for him. That he couldn’t make any mistakes so she was always to blame from their slip-ups. She just wanted to do it right.

Y/N let out a soft sigh as Seunghyun kissed from her lips down to the spot just below her ear, sucking softly. “Relax.” She heard Seunghyun whisper quietly, so quietly that not even the boom mic could pick it up. She swallowed, allowing her hand to come up and run through his hair as he nipped softly at her earlobe, nearly breaking her concentration. That wasn’t scripted.

The small gesture caused a rush of tingles to move through her body and up her spine. She swallowed the pressure in her throat as a sudden rush of heat at the entire situation made it’s way to her core. That hadn’t happened for any of the last six takes. At least not this strongly.

Nevertheless they both continued, Seunghyun kissing back up to her lips before mumbling just loud enough for the mic to pick up. “You’re so beautiful.” It was breathy and she’d heard it six times before but this time it had an actual effect on her, making her wrapped her hand around the back of his neck, something she wasn’t meant to do, as she pulled him harshly against her, kissing him roughly.

She felt the twitch of a smirk that his lips pulled into before he moved down her chin and throat, kissing over her pulse point, a moan falling from her lips that she just couldn’t contain. He nipped her skin as if to praise her for the sound before kissing down the valley of her breasts, over the middle strap of her bra and further.

Her heart began to race as he pressed kisses all across her stomach and hips. This is where she always messed up. Finally, Seunghyun disappeared under the covers completely but she managed to compose herself and continue. She reached out and fisted the sheets as the script said, just about to let out her first sigh of fake pleasure when all of a sudden she felt Seunghyun’s lips on the inside of her thigh.

She nearly choked at the feeling but continued, surprised she hadn’t fucked up yet. What the fuck was he doing?

Her hands began shaking as he kissed farther down her thigh. This wasn’t suppose to happen. He was suppose to be faking it all—not really touching her.

She let out a moaning gasp as the feeling of his lips connecting with her covered core, his tongue swiping over the fabric of her increasingly soaking underwear until the tip of his tongue was flicking against her clit. She choked back the loud moans she wanted to let out and opted for softer ones instead. She really fucking hoped the director wouldn’t call cut right now. She was enjoying this rebellious turn of events too much.

No one could see what Seunghyun was doing to her under the covers but the thought of someone catching them sent a shiver through her body and she visibly shook. She sucked in a shaky breath when Seunghyun pushed her underwear to the side, a loud moan slipping her lips when he kitten licked up her slit before pressing his tongue flat against her, collecting as much of her wetness as he possibly could. She couldn’t help the sounds tumbling from her lips as he continued, effectively driving her insane.

“Oh god,” fell from her lips. It wasn’t scripted and it was loud enough for everyone to hear but no one stopped them.

“You’re doing beautifully, Y/N.” The director commented as they continued, the sound of his voice snapping her out of the daze for a quick moment. Seunghyun must have noticed or knew because he instantly slipped his tongue inside of her, easily making her lose her train of thought again.

Her back arched as she felt a burning heat pooling in the pit of her stomach. Something she’d never felt before. Seunghyun licked back up to her clit, wrapping his lips around it and sucking harshly before nibbling on it. She was a moaning mess now and one of her hands even slipped under the blanket to run through Seunghyun’s hair. Once again: unscripted. But the director must have really loved all of these ‘improvised’ moves and sounds because no one off camera said a word.

Seunghyun sucked more harshly, his tongue licking over her quickly and before she could react the heat inside of her exploded, her body shaking as she pulled at the sheets and at his hair. His tongue continued to move over her slowly as he brought her down from her high, her chest heaving and her fingers lazily massaging his scalp.

“Cut!” The booming voice of the director snapped her, almost violently, out of her trance as her eyes snapped open and she jumped. “That was perfect!” The director cheered, a few people around set clapping, probably happy that the day was finally over. Seunghyun popped out from under the covered and she craned her head up to see him with a huge grin on his face. She huffed out an exhausted laugh as her head dropped back down onto the pillow while Seunghyun crawled back up to level his face above hers.

“Nice acting.” He taunted, kissing her on the nose. She rolled her eyes and mimicked his grin, her hands slowly trailing up his back, her fingers dancing across his spine.

“You’re going to hell.” She joked back, running her fingers through the short hairs at the base of his neck. Seunghyun laughed, a hand coming up to card through her disheveled hair.

“So, how was your first orgasm?” He asked, pride seeping through his voice as he made no effort to hide it.

She bit her lip as she felt the heat rushing to her face. “Amazing.” She mumbled, her other hand coming up to cup his cheek as her thumb soothed over his cheekbone.

“Well, there’s a lot more where that came from if you’re up for it.” The words made her chest tighten with excitement. “But first we should probably get up before people start to pick up on something.”

She smiled and nodded, letting him climb off of her before she sat up. She couldn’t believe he’d just fucking did that, but she sure as hell didn’t regret it. And if he was true to his word, she was extremely excited to see what else he had to offer, after this experience, she wanted more.


Sooooooo guys this is my first smut and i hope you enjoy it cause like a had to get some ideas from my friends which kinda failed :3  but anyway i hope you enjoy it see ya guys ;)

Midnight Picnics (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

So could you do a fic where we have secret midnight meetups at hogwarts astronomy tower?? Maybe where he confesses his love?? ❤️🙏🏽Thank you !! Xxx-anonymous


(Author’s Note- I don’t know about this one so tell me what you think x)

I climb the last few steps to the astronomy tower, teeth chattering. I hadn’t brought a coat. Shivering, I take the folded note out of my shirt pocket.

“To (Y/N)

Let’s meet at the astronomy tower at midnight.


I read it again, making no more sense of it than the first time. What would the Slytherin Prince want with me? As far as I am aware he’s a popular, extremely attractive, pretentious snob.

I hear foot steps stumbling up the stairs behind me and I turn to see the blonde haired prince panting heavily.

“Sorry I’m late,"He pants, doubled over with his hands on his knees, his hair messy and ruffled "I ran from the other side of the school, trying to avoid that stupid cat,”

I find my self giggling at the whole thing.

“It’s fine,” I say through a small chuckle as he stands up straight, dusting himself off and brushing a hand through his thick blonde hair.

“Nice to meet you,"He says finally, holding out his hand for me to shake, which I do instantly.

"You too,” I smile sweetly.

“Sorry for the random note earlier, I just thought we could be friends, you seem nice and you’re in my classes… I sorta acted on impulse because you’re really pretty and I wanted to get to  get to know you,"He explains making a blush creep up my neck and tingling my cheeks.

"Thanks,"I mumble when another breeze sweeps past and my body reacts on its own as I start to shiver again .

"Are you cold?"His voice is overflowing with concern making me question the rumors I’ve so often been told about the "Slytherin Prince”.

“Um just a bit, my fault though, I forgot my coat,"I admit timidly.

"Oh here,” He says, pulling his jumper off and holding it out to me.

I stare at the jumper for a second then my eyes drift to the owner again.

“I couldn’t possibly…"I say holding my hands up in protest.

"I insist. I dragged you up here after all,"He says, gently pulling the jumper over my head, giving me no choice but to slide my arms into the sleeves, the event causing the tingling sensation return to my cheeks again.

"Thank you,"I mumble.

"No it’s fine really,"He says, smiling sweetly at me.

"Wait aren’t you playing quidditch tomorrow?"I ask, suddenly remembering the Slytherin vs Gryffindor match.

"Yeah,"He smirks

"Shouldn’t you get some rest?"I ask, instantly imagining the dreadful image of him falling off his broom due to a lack of energy.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I don’t really need much sleep,"He smirks, winking at me suggestively. I groan.

"Aww come on that was a good one!"He argues and I roll my eyes.

"Just come on, let’s get to bed, I don’t want to be the reason the star player falls off his broom,"I say, guiding him by the arm to the staircase and walking him down until we arrived back in the school corridors.

"Lumos,” I whisper, creating a bright light from the tip of my wand which I shield with Draco’s jumper to avoid waking the portraits that hung on the walls around us.

I turn to face him, the suppressed light from the wand beneath the jumper making his features now barley visible.

“If I win, can we meet again tomorrow night?"He whispers.

"Let’s hope you catch that snitch then,"I tease and I can just make out a smirk on his face in the dim light from my wand.

"Come watch?”

“Of course,” I assure him.

“I’ll see you then,(Y/L),"He says, beginning to turn away from me.

"Good luck, Draco,"I say, watching his back as he walks back through the empty corridors toward the dungeons. I can’t help but smile to my self.

The next day Draco easily catches the snitch with his new found motivation and I once again find myself at the top of the astronomy tower at midnight, although this time with the addition of my own coat and a less flustered Draco, already standing at the top when I arrive.

He greets me with a with a wide grin, holding a tattered picnic blanket and a what appears to be a bag of sweets.

”(Y/N)! Care to join me for a celebratory feast?“He says happily and I laugh, nodding my head.

He spreads out the blanket on the floor before clumsily plopping himself down on it and gesturing me to sit with him.

"Well done Draco,” I say as I take my seat. He’s unloading the contents of the bag he brought with him and I find my earlier assumptions to be true as he produces two chocolate frogs from his seemingly endless paper bag.

“Thank you, I’m rather proud of myself if I do say so myself,"He smirks, handing me a chocolate frog that I take gratefully.

"So what’s with the sweets?”

“I didn’t have enough time to make a three course meal so I brought sweets instead, seems a bit childish now…”

“It’s cute,"I smile sweetly and I can swear for a second that I saw his cheeks heat up.

We talk for hours before we say good bye to each other, not before making another plan to meet again though.  

For four  months now, Draco and I have been having midnight picnics at the astronomy tower almost every week. Talking for hours about school, family, friends and sometimes random things like "Who would win in a fight, Unicorns vs Mermaids” or “ Would you rather kiss Aragog or Snape?”. We get on really well with each other, he’s a totally different person at the the astronomy tower.

Tonight is no different. We are sitting on the tattered old blanket again, stuffing ourselves with sweets like children.

“Umbridge is making me go insane!” I grumble.

“I think you are past that point,"Draco jokes and I push him playfully.

"Shut up , you know you love me,"I tease and he goes silent for a second before replying.

"You’re right, (Y/L), I love you,” He says, his voice suddenly serious.

I stare at him with wide eyes. My cheeks burning.

“I-I…"The words get caught at the back of my throat, not sure whether they can leave my lips yet because my mind is still unsure as to whether Draco is telling the truth.

"I’m being serious, I love you,” He repeats, inching ever so slightly closer until our faces are just inches away from each others.

Then the words that I have been to afraid to say are set free.

“I love you too, Draco,” I whisper, leaning in till our lips are touching and we are suddenly kissing. Not strong and lustful kiss, but rather a gentle kiss that is overflowing with emotion.

We kiss for what feels like hours, under the stars which make the sky look full of glitter.

Vernon As A Father

Originally posted by thehouseofkpop

“could you do vernon as a father please”

I feel a little weird with writing about Vernon being a father, but maybe it’s just because he’s two years older than me and I still feel like that’s a little young seeing that I’m 17 and he’s 19 (American age), but idk. If it makes you guys happy I will try my best! It might be a little awkward, but I hope you enjoy and feel free to request more boys! xx

  • Alright
  • To be blunt here, I really don’t know all that much about Vernon
  • Maybe it’s because I’m that 1% of the fandom that’s not really attracted to him??
  • Don’t get me wrong he’s freaking hot
  • But it might also be because he’s off limits to me according to one of my friends iDK
  • Honestly I see him more as a best friend material to me rather than boyfriend material
  • But I’m going to try my best to make this seem not awkward but that probably won’t happen so bare with me
  • I feel like Vernon would be the type to want and wait until Marriage before starting a family
  • Like he wouldn’t want to take things too far at first and would much rather just kind of want to take in his relationship while he could
  • But once he got married and was settled down for a year or two he would be all for the thought of having a baby
  • Vernon would be the type to feel really nervous about becoming a father
  • Mainly because he wouldn’t want to do anything that could ruin the way his child would think about him
  • He’d be most nervous about dropping the child or yelling at it or something like that
  • But with a little reassurance I’m pretty sure he’d feel 50% better about starting a family
  • So when the topic came up at dinner one day he nearly chocked on his food before asking you to repeat yourself
  • When you did he knew that his ears weren’t lying to him and he’d nervously scratch his neck and respond to you
  • “uh yeah…kids kind of scare me so…”
  • When you would ask what was so bad about children he would just kind of rant to you about all of his fears about becoming a father
  • You understood him though because you were just about as scared to become a mother but tons of people start families and most of them end out just fine
  • You told him that he might not be the perfect father but if he tries his best he could turn out to be just fine for his future child
  • “okay [y/n], let’s have a baby”
  • aND BAM
  • After a rough night in the bedroom ;)))
  • You felt that you for sure were going to get pregnant from that
  • And it wasn’t just because Vernon took it a little rougher than expected
  • not that you would complain (what am i saying i am currently writing this in church pls help me)
  • A couple weeks later you began getting some of the symptoms and you were kind of excited
  • I mean, it’s not like you were potentially carrying a little fetus inside of you phhhttt
  • But you didn’t want to freak Vernon out so you set up an appointment for yourself
  • You were nervous through the entire thing
  • (shot game: take a shot every time I mention the word nervous)
  • After the ultrasound the doctor looked at you with a smile and pointed at the screen a picture of a little tiny fetus cell
  • “congrats mrs chwe, you’re preggers”
  • You were really happy but really scared at the same time because even though Vernon was okay with the thought of having a baby you still didn’t really know how her would react
  • So you decided to wait a bit and tell him in this really cliche way
  • You waited about a month or so before putting your plan into order
  • One day after Vernon came home from practice you decided to make him this really nice meal
  • But somewhere inside it you hid a tiny pacifier
  • You were impatiently starring at Vernon the entire time during the dinner
  • Kind of creeping him out a bit but he just shook it off
  • And then he saw it
  • He pulled the object out with his chopsticks and just kind of looked at you weird
  • “are you trying to poison me”
  • And that’s when you just kind of gave him a look like brUH
  • Vernon just kind of sat there really confused while trying to process why there was this object in his food until you literally had to spell it out for him
  • “dude i’m pregnant”
  • “wait…what”
  • It would take a couple minutes before he would finally smile and walk over to where you sat before picking you up and spinning around
  • He honestly would feel so happy despite feeling so nervous before about becoming a father
  • But something he couldn’t resist is the excitement of having a little boy or girl to look after with his wife
  • Vernon would be so careful with you from the second he found out about your future baby
  • Like he would be that gentleman
  • He would be the man to always hold doors for you and hold your hand as you walked up the stairs
  • He would even put his jacket over the puddles so you wouldn’t slip and fall
  • He’d be so sweet and walk with his arms tightly around your waist to support your back even though you didn’t have a bump yet
  • And asdfghjkl daddy vernon makes me feel so fluffy
  • For your 4 month checkup Vernon would be so happy to finally find out the gender of your child\
  • Secretly it’s been killing both of you on the inside
  • You both didn’t want to state your opinions on the gender to each other out loud because this wasn’t something you wanted to fight over
  • But the boys on the other hand would constantly pester Vernon with their thoughts saying that he was going to have a mini man who will have amazing rap skill just like his daddy
  • But Vernon would internally curse them out because he really wanted a little girl to spoil someday
  • But that’s not something that he would say out loud
  • But here you are now laying on a chair with your shirt lifted up slightly as the doctor rubbed gel over your stomach causing you to giggle at the ticklish contact
  • Vernon would just kind of stand back in awe at how adorable you looked as you giggled
  • Once the picture was displayed upon the screen the entire room became silent as the doctor tried to figure out what gender the baby was going to be
  • The doctor turned to the two of you with a smile and pointed at the picture of your baby
  • “Congrats you guys, it looks like you’re going to have a little girl someday”
  • And Vernon literally shouted in a loud New York accent “yES!!”
  • You and the doctor both looked at him in shock of his reaction causing him to sheepishly look away and rub the back of his neck with a small “sorry”
  • You only rolled your eyes and motioned for him to come to you so you could kiss him
  • Which he happily obliged to
  • Omg Vernon would go so hard while shopping for his little girl
  • Picking out the cutest “my daddy is the best!!111!!” onesies and “my dad is a stud” bibs
  • You would smack him at his choice but just roll your eyes in enjoyment because your husband was so corny and you loved it
  • Telling the boys about the gender would be something
  • Like Vernon would stride into practice one day with some much pride and confidently hand the ultrasound to the boys like
  • “yeah, that’s right bitches, I’m having a daughter”
  • And they would just kind of stare at him in shock before telling him to fuck off for being too cocky
  • And Vernon would just kind of be like “wut”
  • But the boys would be happy anyways because that meant that they had a little girl to help spoil
  • The entire nursery would be pink
  • This baby would be so spoiled to the point where her mobile would a chandelier and her crib would be a canopy
  • But she was going to be Vernon’s little princess someday so she had to have the nicest things
  • The first time you would feel the baby kick would be late at night
  • It kind of shocked you because you were confused as to why your stomach was being punched from the inside
  • And once you realized it your face would just
  • :O
  • And you would immediately smack Vernon until he woke up just so that way he could feel your belly too
  • But Vernon was like still half asleep so when he placed his hand on your stomach he was like half paying attention
  • And then he felt it
  • bOI
  • It was like something sparked inside of him and suddenly he became really wide eyed and wide away at this point
  • And he would just rub your belly and start talking to your little girl about anything and everything
  • You fell asleep to the soft sound of Vernon trying his best to sing your little girl to sleep to get her to stop kicking you
  • Mood swings would be hell for Vernon because he never knew what to say around you
  • Like one minute you would be bawling your eyes out at a kitten commercial and he would try to comfort you but only get flipped off at in the end
  • And when you tried to rip his clothes off one particular night when you felt horny
  • He tired his to flirt back only to get smacked in the end and scolded by you for having him say “such crude things”
  • The poor boy would feel so confused on what he was supposed to do
  • But luckily the mood swings were one of the better symptoms of your pregnancy
  • Because let’s just say that Vernon could not deal with making ice cream with pickles and kimchi every night
  • That was just a no no
  • Your cravings honestly weren’t that often though
  • And you really did have to hand it to him in the end because he was being such a trooper for you
  • Vernon was so nervous when it would come to your final days until the due date
  • He was even more nervous when he found out that the baby was going to be late
  • It was like 2 weeks after the due date and both of you were growing a little bit worried so you guys went into the doctor
  • The doctor gave you another ultrasound and frowned slightly
  • “Babies usually shouldn’t be this late, but by the looks of it there is a possibility that your daughter could be sick”
  • The doctor told you that they would need to give you a c section before anything could happen
  • The last thing you needed was to get sick as well
  • Vernon was as pale as a ghost by this point
  • There was basically a 50/50 chance he could lose his baby or his wife
  • Or even both
  • The doctor told him that he would need to get dressed in scrubs if he chose to be there for the surgery
  • Vernon gulped and nodded before following a nurse out to go get changed
  • Meanwhile the doctor took you to an operating room to get you set up
  • When Vernon arrived he strutted straight to you trying to look sexy to lighten the mood but failed when he tripped on a wire
  • You laughed and squeezed his hand as the doctors put you on anesthesia
  • He wouldn’t let go until you were fast asleep
  • Actually the doctors had to pull him away because he refused to let go
  • Vernon stood behind the tool table and out of the way next to a nurse who was keeping track of your heart rate
  • She gave him reassurance saying that it was rare when a girl would die from a c section
  • But that didn’t really help any because there was still a chance that he would lose you
  • Good thing that the c section was a success
  • The baby didn’t cry due to the fact that it seemed to be dead at first
  • The doctor called Vernon over so he could help out
  • He told Vernon to take off his scrub shirt so he could place the child against her father’s chest to try and heat her up so she would stay alive
  • Vernon did as he was told and held his daughter tightly to his chest praying that she would stay alive as the other doctors fixed up his wife
  • A couple hours later you woke up in a different hospital room while the lights turned off and soft humming could be heard in the room
  • Vernon sat in the corner still shirtless as he rubbed the back of your daughter who was hugged tightly to him
  • When you asked him what he was doing he looked up at you with a wide smile and explained everything the doctor had told him
  • It turns out that your daughter had cold intolerance which made her severely sensitive to chilly and cold air
  • Apparently it had to do something with the lack of body fat in your child’s body
  • She was pretty skinny after all
  • But you didn’t mind though because it only made her special
  • The doctors had given you strict directions on how to deal with your daughter’s condition
  • You and Vernon actually managed the newborn pretty well
  • And despite her being cold most of the time to the point where it hurt her physically,
  • She was actually a pretty quiet baby
  • She rarely cried and wasn’t as needy as the doctors made her seem
  • Vernon loved that about her
  • In fact he loved everything about her
  • He was nervous about being a father at first but he knew that this was really worth it
  • One of his favorite activities was rocking his little girl to sleep every night
  • And then making sure that she was wrapped up all comfy cozy in her princess crib
  • She really didn’t know how lucky she had it to be Vernon’s daughter
  • Like any girl would give just to be tucked in every night by the man
  • Plus she was even more spoiled by her uncles
  • The first time she was introduced to the boys Vernon almost had to shield her body away from them in fear that they would crush her
  • The boys were a lot more gentle than he expected and his daughter seemed to warm up to them pretty easily
  • One person in particular she seemed really comfortable with was Joshua
  • She seemed to cuddle up to his chest and fall right asleep
  • Vernon had to admit he was jealous
  • But she looked so cute and warm all snuggled up to his fellow American liner
  • Ever since then his daughter always was really close to Joshua
  • She even requested for him to show up to all of her birthday parties as she grew older
  • Joshua was kind of like a best friend or an older brother to the little girl rather than an uncle
  • Not that he really minded though
  • He was just really happy that he was able to spend time with Vernon’s daughter
  • Your daughter grew up becoming really attached to Joshua and much rather than going to you or Vernon with you her problems she would go to Joshua
  • Vernon was kind of hurt that she chose Joshua over her own father
  • But you tried your best to help him understand that it’s easier for a girl to go to a trusted friend rather than her own parents and that she would warm up to them eventually
  • But sadly even through her teenage years she didn’t really warm up to her father
  • It wasn’t until her first heartbreak caused by a dick who cheated on her when she went running to her daddy instead of Joshua
  • Which actually shocked both you and your husband
  • But neither of you complained because she just really needed the comfort of her father at the moment
  • And Vernon swore to that day that his daughter would never have her heart broken by a boy ever again
  • Despite your daughter being a looker
  • She got picked on a lot at school because of her condition
  • She wasn’t allowed to go outside and play in the snow with her classmates during breaks
  • She wasn’t allowed to go ice skating with her friends
  • And it eventually got to the point where she fell into a sort of depression and wouldn’t talk to anyone
  • She coped with it pretty well though and took advice from both your and Vernon to find something that would distract her from her problems for a while
  • And she found a passion that matched her father’s in rapping
  • She looked up to many artists like Dreke, Iggy Azalea, and other famous rappers
  • One of her friends had secretly recorded her rapping and uploaded it online
  • She became an overnight sensation
  • You were quite shocked when you woke up to watch the news and saw your daughter’s video on the news
  • When you asked her about it she said she didn’t know someone had recorded her
  • But she didn’t really mind though
  • She began getting calls and messages from people all over asking if she would want a record deal
  • Which she gladly accepted to sign a deal with Capital Records in LA
  • Although it meant moving out of Korea and away from her family
  • She was happy that her parents were so supportive over her decision
  • Vernon even offered to go with her if she wanted
  • But she refused and told him that she really wanted him to stay in Korea to be with his own group
  • Vernon understood though
  • He just really wanted to spend time with his daughter
  • Both you and Vernon became really proud of your daughter
  • She became a huge inspiration to people everywhere
  • She was considered one of the most successful rappers in America
  • Vernon even got his manager to allow his daughter to be the opening act for Seventeen on tour
  • Your daughter never really fell in love
  • She didn’t want to get her heart broken like the way that she did all those years back
  • It’s not like she minded though because she was already too busy to be involved with that kind of commitment
  • So she didn’t end up getting married
  • But you weren’t really too upset over that
  • It’s what mad your daughter happy
  • And if that made her happy than the two of you were happy
  • And that’s all that you ever really wanted since the beginning

|| S.Coups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || DK || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino ||


“We don’t have to be there until 4 right?” Tom asked, checking his phone again. I smiled.

“Yes Tom. My parents wouldn’t mind us be a little late. They know how busy we can be.” I said, touching his arm. He smiled nervously and nodded.

“I know. I just want to make a good impression. That’s all.” he said running his fingers through his hair then laughing at how stupid he was for being so anxious. We walked down the corridor from our apartment together to the elevator. Tom pressed the down button and I bit my lip. Elevators always gave me the creeps. They scared me. I would have been fine with taking the stairs but we needed to beat the traffic. The elevator doors opened and only me and Tom got in. He grabbed my hand and held it as the elevator moved down from the 10th floor to the lobby.

“Remind me again why we got an apartment so high up?” I asked Tom. He smiled.

“You said you liked the view.”

“Right… Next time, you choose.“he smiled and kissed my cheek. I rested my head on his shoulder and we stood there in silence until the elevator stopped abruptly. I yelled and Tom squeezed my hand.

“Don’t worry Love. Lemme try the phone.” he went on over to the little compartment box and grabbed the phone.

“Hello? Uh yeah. The elevator stopped. Uh huh. Really? Are you serious? Okay okay. Thank you.” Tom hung up and looked at me.

“We’re uh..gonna be here a while. Something happened with some circuits. But they should be done soon.” Tom said, kissing my hand.

“H-How soon?” I asked. He was quiet. I stared at him. He sighed and scratched the back of his head.

“They said 30 minutes to an hour the most.” he said. I sank down to the floor and hugged my knees. Tom came down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, kissing it.

“It’s okay. I’m here Love.” I stared at him and started to cry softly. He looked at me before bringing me up to stand. He shushed me and cleaned my tears. He smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. His smile did something to me. It made me weak. He raised his eyebrow and then smirked.

“What?” I asked. He just chuckled and it creeped me out a bit. I asked him again and he just smiled. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and gave me a kiss. I was surprised but then kissed him back. His hands roamed my waist before finding their way up my shirt. His hands were a tad cold, making me shiver. He smiled in the kiss and moved slowly down to my neck. I moved my head to the side and let him nibble on my neck. He bit it softly and then kissed it, making a small moan escape my lips. He brought his lips back to mine and started to take off his jacket as well as my cardigan. I bit his lip making him groan.

“You’re such a tease.” he said. I smiled and he pushed me up against the wall.

“Someone’s impatient.” I teased.

“You have no idea.” he whispered in my ear. He pressed himself against me to feel how hard he was. He lifted up his and my shirts, exposing us. His hands roamed my sides and squeezed my arse a bit, making me bite his neck.

“That’s it.” he said, unbuttoning my jeans. I slid them off my legs and helped him undo his. He pulled his boxers down and pressed up against me.

“Now look who’s impatient.” he mocked once he knew how wet I was.

“Just do me Tom” I said. He smirked and tore my panties off. He entered and I gasped at the feeling. He propped his arms up against the wall and I guess the idea of hooking up in an elevator made it more exciting. He started to thrust and I arched my back, letting him go deeper.

“Dammit Tom.. Don’t stop.” I said through gasps. I wrapped my arms around his neck and biting his shoulder making him groan. His hands found their way towards my breasts and gave them a slight squeeze making me bite my lip. He started to go a little faster making me moan louder.

“God Dammit Tom!” I moaned. Everytime he thrusted, he sent my back into the elevator walls harder. I would be feeling that tomorrow. I started to grind my hips into his thrusting and I heard him moan.

“Dammit Y/N” he whispered. “Don’t stop. Keep going.” he groaned. I continued grinding until I felt myself getting weaker. Tom noticed too and grabbed my hips for better control. He started to pound me against the wall making us both let out huge moans. I told him I was close and he grinded into me to help. It did and it made us both groan. I felt him twitch and he pulled out before he could release himself into me. Instead, he released onto his jacket.

“We didn’t have protection this time babe.” he said breathless and winking after. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You just ruined your jacket hun."I said. He just shrugged it off and started to get dressed.

"You’re a sex god that most girls fantasize about and most of what they wrote isn’t true babe.” I said as he handed me my jeans.

“Like what?”

“An example is that you don’t pull out and release on a jacket.”

He smiled and laughed.

“That’s because I want to save that” he said pointing towards his jacket,“ for when we decide to have kids.” He gave me a kiss and handed me my cardigan.

This boy.

*This is my first time writing smut so it’s a little flaky… But I’m learning u guys 😂. Any way, hope you enjoy this cringe like smut


[You text the right Jeon this time… or he texts you first.]

{Adopted Series pt. 2}

(You and Wonwoo have a little bit of a chat due to you recent mishap(s), but your brother Mingyu is being a little creep.)

I decided to make a series out of this particular idea, don’t ask me why it’s called adopted, I just don’t know why.

Derek Hale Story

How you meet: 

Originally posted by kxxkus

You were an old friend of stiles and Scott, you were very close with stiles even as little kids, both your moms were beast when stiles mom passed away you were right beside him always along with Scott. Right before school started you moved. Now your back and reconnected with stiles and Scott. You were filled in about the supernatural creatures in beacon hills. 

it was a nice day out and stiles asked for you to accompany him and Scott to Derek’s loft, you have not meet this Derek guy nor have you meet much others Scott and stiles speak about. stiles didn’t want to be the only “human” non supernatural person there so you agreed to go. 

when arriving at Derek’s, it was awkward to say the least,everyone just stared at you. till stiles chose to speak up. 

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

“Hey everyone this is mine and Scott’s old friends Y/N” stiles spoke

“Hi i’m Issac” an adorable looking boy said

you look down a bit shyly “hey” you say with a small wave.

Derek was leaning against a table in his loft just staring at you.. but not looking very happy. 

Originally posted by expressivedolphin

“why’d you bring her here?” Derek looks from you to stiles

“because she is a friend and i wanted her to meet everyone” stiles replies while rolling his eyes

stiles turns his head to you and says “he is a sour wolf, you’ll get use to it”

Derek scoffs at the remark stiles makes. 

Scott and and the other wolfies start training and working out. 

Derek see’s you sitting by your self on his couch and comes to sit beside you and again just stares at you. creeping you out a little you look down than backup 

“you know if you do not want me here i can just leave” you spit with a little sass”

Originally posted by dobrevclarke

Derek’s eyes widen a bit after hearing you say that to him. he chuckles

“its fine, stay” he gives you a half grin. 


(gifs not mine) i am new at writing imagines etc so please no hate. any suggestions are welcome. FOLLOW ME :) 


Ps this is a story with different parts. Part two is out as well!
Oh, How We’ve Grown

AN ~ for @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot. Title from Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran which gives me a RIDICULOUS amount of Bus Kids/Team feels. 

Jemma has a nightmare about the Fitzbot and Fitz trying to comfort her only makes it worse, so they call Daisy - Bus Kids fluff ensues. FitzSimmons + Bus Kids, hurt/comfort/fluff.

Read on AO3 (~1700wd)

Oh, How We’ve Grown

The dream is so real, she can feel it. She can smell it; the fear and the sweat and the blood on her hands. She can hear him, calling to her, begging for his life as she slashes relentlessly into his flesh, trying to find the cut-off. Sparking. Dead.

Did you kill him?

She jolts awake, her terrified dream-mind having apparently forgotten to breathe as she gasps for air that doesn’t smell like copper. She still feels the sweat, and the tangle of sheets is a trap, is a nightmare, everything is trying to drown her – and he’s there.


“Get away from me!” She jumps off the bed, stumbling in the blankets as she backs up against the wall. Her hands and her eyes try to search for something to hold, something to defend herself with. He holds his hands up, palms toward her, he doesn’t pursue.

“It’s alright, I promise,” he assures her. “Jemma, it’s me.”

It’s not him.

I couldn’t.

“Stay back.” Through gritted teeth, she snarls, and slips into the bathroom. It’s then that Fitz lunges, in desperation, and presses himself against the door.

“What’s wrong? Jemma?” His voice is strained with panic. She’s clearly not altogether in the real world right now, but everything he does seems to be panicking her more. Even now he can hear her rifling through the cupboards, probably still searching for something. Is he about to get shivved with his own toothbrush?

Recovering control of himself, of his voice, Fitz assures her;

“I’m backing away from the bathroom door now. If you want to come out, I’ll be sitting on the bed.”

As hard as it is, he forces himself to retreat, and calls Daisy instead. She’s always a good back-up, and especially if this has something to do with his LMD, she might know something he didn’t. At the very least, there would be someone without his face, which seemed to be hurting her. And now he has nothing to do but wait.

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A savior? AU

Request: “Don’t tell me I don’t care, cause I do” with Ashton
Summary: Ashton finds a very drunk girl on his way back from work and decides to extend a hand

Ashton is used to drunk people. Every Friday, his shift at his second part-time job (turns out music studies are fucking expensive), as a receptionist in a hotel, finishes at 3am. His walk home takes him down streets littered with groups of giggly, stumbling young girls and rowdy teenage boys, inebriated couples making out in dark corners, and the lone, groggy souls desperately trying to make their way back home.

Ashton is used to seeing drunk people, and yet, the second he sees you, he stops dead. You’re just sitting in the middle the sidewalk, chin hooked over your legs and a bottle of vodka cradled in your arms. A two thirds empty bottle of vodka.

“Oh shit,” he whispers under his breath, and then watches with wide eyes as you take a huge gulp straight out of the bottle. “Oh shit.”

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Podcast time... again?

Like I wrote a post about a week ago or so. And never a post of mine had receive such likes and reblogs (there aren’t many, but for me they are a lot. I have like 20 followers and most of them are not real people, and I’m at 70 or more notes) So if people like this, why shouldn’t I write more? This isn’t going to become a weekly thing, because even if I wanted I get obsessed with things too often. Like I only listen podcast for two weeks and then I stop and see like 10 seasons of 6 different series, or 20 movies per week, or 3 books a day (the book thing happens scarscely, usually on holidays). Well, here I go again.

If you want, you can skip to the interesting part, I don’t mind people not reading my rantings.

Podcasts I’m listenting to:

-Alice isn’t Dead, written by one of the creator of Night Vale. It promises to be as strange as Night Vale is, and I have to admit it creeps me out a bit, but other podcast is almost giving me nightmares.

-D&D is For Nerds, just listened to the first episode, mostly it is an easy listening (does that expression make sense?) It’s just a group of friends having fun.

-EOS 10, I finished the first season and I love it. I can’t bring myself to listen to the second one because we still don’t know when the third season will start. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably have finished it by the next update I’ll post.

-Hello From the Magic Tavern, this was actually a recommendation I got from tumblr (thank you, @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey​ ) And it is just pure, unadulteraed fun. It is improvised and the main cast are just three but they have guests in almost every episode. It’s a fantastic comedy, quite literally.

-Kakos Industries, I listen to it when I want to stop thinking It’s quite regular i its format, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It can be a bit monotonous but it works. I like it.

-King Falls AM, it’s so easy to fall in love with King Falls AM. I’ve previously compared it with Night Vale, and maybe the concept seems similar but the actual show isn’t. Whereas Night Vale is a creepy town which I would be scared to live in, I actually would love living in King Falls. Just listent to it.

-Limetown, waiting for the second season.

-Lore, creepy as always but I’m actually a bit disappointed with the last episode because it seemed more like an addition to the first episode than anything.

-The Black Tapes, remember when I said before ‘other podcast is almost giving me nightmares’? Well this is it, between this and Lore, these two week I’ve scared of everything, I’m like 8 years old again and I can’t be without a light on. Pathetic, right? I was actually kind of bored mid-season because they never really closed a case and most of the information given I could do wihout, even when Alex *SPOILER ALERT* realises that everything is connected, which honestly wasn’t such a big a revelation, it was a rather weak plot twist. Ok, it kind of got me mad, because it was kind of stupid. (Ok, sorry for ranting, sorry Black Tapes, I like you a lot really)

-Welcome to Night Vale, I still need to listen to the last two episodes so nothing new to report

-Wolf 359, only listened to the first three episodes but so far, so good. I love Eiffel antics and how he distrusts basically every other character.

List of to-listen: Tanis, Pleasure Town, Our Fair City, The Message, Serial, Sayer, The Secret World, We’re Alive and Presidential.


Hanaemi 花笑み (Japanese) - Means the “flowering smile” or “the smile of flowers” in old Japanese. It is a smile that is as beautiful as blooming flowers, calling people to feel happy.{Credit : @word-stuck, Thought Catalog, and Google}

Originally posted by yoonmin

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: angst, future fluff, tattoo soulmate au (kinda?)

Description: Whenever you fall in love, a black tattoo appears somewhere on your body. They turn red once the person you love dies. But blue, blue is a different story.

Word count: 1,009 words

A/N: I just had this idea after reading this by jungkxook. I truly recommend reading it, her writing is really beautiful🌸. I’m so in love with the tattoo concept so I tried this. It’s gonna be a series. Hope you enjoy 🤗

ch. 1


“Dammit, where’s my fucking lighter? I thought I’d put it in this jacket…” You were furious at this point. You were in a little alley you’d never seen before, couldn’t find your damn lighter and the only reason you were here was your sister’s goodbye letter. What a coward move of her. How could she just leave you like that? You wanted to finish this together, like always, together.

You needed this goddamn cigarette right now more than anything. You wanted nothing more than the relaxing feeling it offered when you were stressed, drowning your sorrows and problems in nicotine, hoping they’d crumble to ashes and disappear just like its remnants. You felt betrayed. You couldn’t go back home now, you didn’t feel like it, didn’t feel like entering an empty apartment while knowing that you’d be alone. All because your own sister, a person you trusted with all your heart, abandoned you. The only thing to calm your jumping nerves at this realization was fresh air and nicotine.

You looked around in hopes of finding a little shop to buy a new lighter or even matches although you didn’t really like the latter option because of the fire extinguishing really fast, before you could even make use of it.

While you walked around the empty street looking for a possibility you spotted a young man walking into your direction.

Maybe he could lend me a lighter?

You slowly walked towards him and prayed that he’d also be a smoker and eventually a nice smoker helping you out in your hour of need. You prepared your sentence in your brain, having always been shy and extremely awkward when it comes to talking to strangers.

“Excuse me?”

He averted his gaze from the pavement at the sound of your voice and tried to find the source of it.

“Yes?” He said, finally finding your eyes and waiting for an answer.

“Could you lend me a lighter, please?” You asked. Internally cringing because of your impatience that made you do this instead of searching a little shop, but you didn’t really know where you’d been to begin with or where you could find one.

“Yeah, sure.” He said, nonchalantly. Phew. While he fumbled in his pockets, you took your time examining his face, his features that seemed quite familiar. You knew this guy from somewhere, but who was he? Where’d you seen him before?

Cigarette already between your middle and index finger itching to be ignited, you stopped staring at him when he offered you the item you needed so urgently at the moment.

“Thank you.” You said, wasting no more time and bringing the cigarette in between upper and bottom lip, proceeding to light the other end. But then you took a closer look at the man’s property in your hands and you couldn’t believe your eyes. Were they playing a trick on you?

No, there’s no doubt.

This was unmistakably Jimin’s. Silver covering and a neatly written ‘Jimin’ in Katakana, the japanese alphabet used for writing foreign words. He’d told you about his trip to Tokyo and that he’d bought it there at a local souvenir shop when you once recognized the letters of your mother tongue. The owner of the shop was kind enough to write Jimin’s name on it as a personal wish. He knows how to sweet talk people way too well. But where is Jimin?

You eyes were now wide open, staring at the little thing in your hands, you were about to speak up, it was already getting a bit awkward when you didn’t return nor use it, but kept gaping at it. Maybe you were hallucinating, hoping for a little sign of him. You turned your gaze away from what you thought must be an illusion or pure coincidence, it’s not like Jimin was the only person on this planet to own such a thing, right? You lifted you head up to look once again at the helpful stranger in front of you.

Now you knew why he looked so familiar. He resembled one of Jimin’s friends, the one you occasionally got to see on his phone background or outside the library when he picked Jimin up after studying together. Unfortunately, you never really got the chance to get to know him. But you were not exactly sure if it was him. What was his name again? This couldn’t be coincidence, could it? Maybe it was only a ludicrous play of your mind, you’ve been going insane these past few months, especially today. You weren’t quite sure what you should do now but you definitely didn’t want to miss a chance to get any kind of information about Jimin.

It’s worth a try.

You don’t know if it was the adrenaline pumping in your veins of finding a hint that led to Jimin or some kind of confidence boost that made you ask him the ridiculous question that was flooding your mind: “Do you know Park Jimin ?”

Please, say yes. Tell me where he is. Is he okay?

He looked a bit taken aback and hesitant, as if contemplating wether to answer the question that seemed to be really weird, considering the fact that you didn’t know each other. Realizing the uncomfortable tension in the air and his shocked face mixed with confusion, you decided to make an explanation, trying so desperately not to sound like a creep.

“Um, it’s just, I’m sorry. I must’ve mistaken you for someone. Here, thank you. ”

You stretched out your hand and returned the lighter back to its owner, turning on your heels and walking away. You had no destination in mind, you only wanted to outrun the embarrassing situation that was a result of your blunt, unthought actions, and mostly of your despair that probably reached its limit today.

Why am I so dumb? Am I really losing my mind now? I must’ve really mistaken him for-


You came to an abrupt halt, you didn’t expect this. Why did he stop you? What was he going to say?

You turned around to face him, a bit anxious but the curiosity definitely overweighted.

“I knew Park Jimin. Who are you?”

A/N: If you have any feedback, questions, critique, etc. please let me know and don’t hesitate to ask me anything. The tattoos and the colors will be explained better in the first chapter. It’s my first bts fanfic, I’ll try my best.

ai-chan-rikuo-deactivated201706  asked:

I want to know what do you think of the last panel of a bloody white haired Nameless King? I can't see Touka and I freak out in the middle of the mall lol. It seems like it is a time skip? Do you think this the last arc? I can't wait to read the new chapter next week cuz I need explanations. #too many questions haha

I was scared at first, to be honest, the panel creeped me out a bit… somehow it reminded me of a very old woman bending over, the cloak makes everything worse, lmao. I suppose that’s Kaneki? although a part of me still feels reluctant about it? i think i’m 50/50, it could be him or not. If it’s him, i’ll hold on to the opinion that he just came from a drainage channel so in the next chapter there’s a huge plot twist of him getting up smiling like “uhhh, that was nasty, haha, hello everyone!”… knowing Ishida.. uh, that’s something he would do 😂  scaring the hell out of you with a centipede and then next chapter gives you a creepy panel of Kaneki that in the end it’s not creepy at all and it turns out being super funny… but in general the context is kinda weird.. we don’t know how much Kaneki’s plans have changed but he wanted to take advantage of the ccg+others thinking that he’s “dead” so going around fighting and coming back dripped in blood doesn’t look very smart in my opinion? I’m sure Touka is fine, she must be with Nishiki or the others and yeah, I do think there was a time skip, maybe a couple weeks to help them settle down in the 24ward (i’m so excited we are there now *o* i wanna explore the entire ward lol)