it just makes creep me out a bit





Yeah, see?

Jenny’s not a bad person, she’s just a bit pushy. If you tell her what’s wrong she will understand.


I guess that’s one conclusion to that


Hey guys!

So I’ve been creeping on the studyblr hashtag for a while and I thought why not make one! Seeing everyone post their studying tips and journals have inspired me to be productive because honestly I’m the most laziest person ever! I’ve also noticed that most of the studyblr accounts I’ve come across are owned by females???
any male studyblrs out there?
hey there :3 lol

Just to tell you a little bit about myself:

- my name is huda
- I’m a university student
- I love photography, drawing and music
- I love food (and white chocolate)

Thank you to @studyblr @nag-aaral @emmastudies @studyattraction @studydinspiration @optomstudies who have motivated me to make a studyblr!



Not the most amazing post but it’s from when the library was completely packed out so, my friend and I retired to the cafe at our local sainsbury’s :| 

I’ve been put into a bit of a panic regarding my FMP and my economics exam. My FMP deadline is drawing ever closer and I’m yet to make a real model of it, or any drawings etc. And i’m feeling less and less confident about Economics as that creeps closer too. I’ve got to just work flat out for the next month, probably stick to Saturday shifts instead of weekday ones and spend a few extra hours in the prototyping room. Effort can’t betray me!

Sleepy Song

AN: Another poem because I am phan trash. It’s really cute. It’s about Phil not being able to sleep and Dan playing the piano to make him.

Hush little lion. Can’t you sleep? 

Turning in the covers trying not to make a peep.

It’s 3 AM and there’s more work to do 

but let us sleep for now just me and you. 

Please come down and try to get some rest. 

You want to feel your best. 

So I creep out and play. 

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  • Joined the Stydia Army: April 2015
  • Alias: The Wanderer
  • Gender: Female
  • Homeland: Portugal
  • Special Skills: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff/Romance
  • Interesting fact: I’m a native Portuguese speaker and English is my second language. I also know a bit of French and Spanish. I’d like to learn a few more European languages in time :) 

@you-make-me-wander‘s top 10 fics!

1. With You - 147 Notes

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia go to the bar together. They aren’t interested in finding someone to go home with. They just wanted a night away where they could drink and dance and not worry about anything supernatural. They’re just friends, but they bail each other out when a girl won’t stop hitting on Stiles despite his polite decline of her offer, or the creep at the bar starts getting a little handsy with Lydia, or the bartender gives them a hard time.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Comfort

2. Drabble #2 - 135 Notes

Description: Lydia gets wasted and Stiles picks her up from the bar. Completely drunk, Lydia confesses her feelings for Stiles only to forget about it the next morning. Lucky for them, Lydia is smart enough to ensure that she’ll remember.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Part 2 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

3. Say What You mean - 131 Notes

Fic Request: This is kinda specific haha but lydia and stiles baking like a cake for allison (denial) but started while fighting and then they start angrily making out and allison walks in?? idek but thanks love.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Canon Divergence

4. Bluff - 126 Notes

Description: When Lydia has to stay with the Stilinski’s for safety reasons Stiles and Lydia soon realise it’s not so easy being under the same roof, especially when their shower schedules conflict. 

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comedy

5. Moody - 115 Notes

Fic Request: Lydia has a broken leg/ankle and Stiles takes care of her, a bit of angst but mostly fluff and comfort :)

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comfort, Established Relationship

6. Blatant Lies: Part 1 - 107 Notes

Fic Request: The ship trope where Stiles and Lydia need to be undercover as lovers/fake dating for the sake of a mission that the pack is doing that can be canon compliant.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comedy

All Chapters

7. Know Better: Chapter 1 - 103 Notes

Description:  Lydia is a single mom and has to move miles away to escape her abusive ex-husband. In a new city, her life changes completely when she meets Stiles, a single, funny, hardworking and very, very handsome, but also very tortured man. No supernatural elements involved.

Rating: T

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Romance, Strangers!AU

All Chapters

8. Repeat: Chapter 1 - 99 Notes

Fic Request: Lydia starts becoming more and more depressed after 4x09 and tries calling the pack, but they were all busy, which leads her to breakdown. Eventually Stiles gets ahold of her and she doesn’t sound like herself. The pack then races to find her.

Rating: T

Genre: Angst

All Chapters

9. Next Chapter - 98 Notes

Fic Request: Lydia is Stiles’ date to his Dad’s and Melissa’s wedding, where he is also the best man.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Established Relationship

10. The Things You Say When You’re Sorry

Fic Request: A prank war between the boys and the girls gets a little out of hand. Angst, hurt feelings, and lots of fighting and yelling. Finally, they decide the whole prank war was a dumb idea and “can we just forget this ever happened and move forward? Because I love you and I would never truly want to hurt you.”

Rating: T

Genre: Action, Thriller, Hurt, Comfort, Romance

The bitter, insidious underlying hatred society has towards beautiful women who make money off of their looks has always creeped me out a bit, though.

And I say this as a woman who was, always, at best, pale and OKish looking.

Why not make money off your sex appeal? NFL players make money off their bodies. Why not let a blonde girl with boobs do it too? Same principle. Megan Fox is a shit actress but if male movie producers want to put her in everything, why should she say no and turn down a paycheck?

No, guys: HOT CHICKS~! do not have the amazing, supreme power you think they do.  They’re just slaves to a capitalist system. Like you or me are.

Just something that I’ve found to be a bit unrealistic that they haven’t touched on - warning: this is me being EXTREMELY unnecessarily critical.

But, Alison and Jason have acted rather normal to simply seeing Mary. I think they should’ve had a greater reaction. I know Mary is not their mother, but essentially they’re looking at their dead mother alive in the flesh. How frickn awkward, and confronting is that!? I just expected Jason to be a bit more emotional when meeting Mary; not in the sense of saying anything, but just the way he looked. Almost as if “I still don’t like you, and I still want you to get the hell off my property, but this is so fking weird seeing my dead mother alive right in front me”. If that makes sense???

If my mother had passed away and then I see a splitting image of her alive in front of me, I’d be hella creeped out and very emotional as all the memories of my passed away mother would come flooding back.

Again, this is very unnecessary to say and yes I’m being over critical. The scenes between Mary and Ali/Jason were great. They were. But, I felt they missed that deeper layer to truly be 100% realistic as opposed to 99.8% realistic.

5.03 Siege Perilous – First Thoughts

I’m still feeling a bit unimpassioned but I think the episode was a little better, I just think I was bored because even though I like David, the lack of other characters made it less interesting for me.

Arthur is actually like the creepiest ever. I think I mean that in a good way. He creeps me out cuz he’s awful but really thinks he’s not. If that was the writers’ intent then they did good there.

Hook gets more revolting as time goes on. The worst is that I think they’re trying to make me feel for him, but they’re making it worse. First of all, telling Emma he liked her walls and breaking them down… GROSS. He basically told her that he likes that she’s been damaged to the point that it has lasting mental scars and, really, how is this supposed to make me NOT see her as a conquest for him? He doesn’t like that there’s no chase left? Like, what? What if she wasn’t the Dark One and she got to the point of letting him in fully and there were no more walls to break?

And then him saying “I loved you.” Loved. Past tense. I think the most real world relatable way to look at magic on this show, at least dark magic, is to compare it to an addiction. Addictions often happen because people want to feel power and control and to not be afraid. Much like Emma. And they behave out of character. Much like Emma. And in such cases, you don’t tell the person you don’t fucking love them anymore. You tell them you want them to get better and you’ll be there when they do. Like just… What the fuck.

Anyway, watching Emma manipulate him and be a little shit was kind of amusing. Jen is doing really awesome with the whole creepy evil thing and I really wish she was actually having more screen time instead of just watching everyone else trying to deal with the situation. The role reversal between her and Rumple at the end was pretty awesome too.

Not terrible overall I guess. But Hook is gross, Dark Swan needs more screen time, and the lack of Regina and abundance of David definitely didn’t make the episode great.