it just make sense

Anyone else worried that Night Vale is going to end soon?

I haven’t listened to the newest episode (Matryoshka) yet, but it seems like the last few episodes are setting up for a potential stopping point to the story.
I mean, it would make sense, considering that they’re doing two other podcasts right now as well, and Night Vale HAS been running for 4 years.

Like, I’d understand if it was stopping, but I’d still be sad. It’s been one of the few consistent things that’s stuck with me over my teen years, and whenever it does finish, I’ll definitely have a Night Vale shaped hole in my life.

I’m going through tweetdeck and if I didn’t know better, I would think Liam Payne, the man that is currently sitting in the top 20 on itunes with minimal US promo so far, currently at 80+ million streams in just a month, currently killin the game in the UK and other places, was actually flopping. If I didn’t know better.


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)

Bubble Tea!

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RWBY Art Challenge Day 7: A Parent.

This is an AU where nobody dies, but bad role models still exist. 

This is very late, but I started it before I had some stuff come up and just wanted to finish it! I may have missed the last 7 or so days, but I guess my guilt resulted in 4 parents for the price of 1, so that’s something at least!

I actually started coming up with so many ideas for comics I can do featuring the RWBY moms, so hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more comics with them soon!

Till next time! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ ☆*:・゚

So Kylo’s scar that was purposely moved and drastically altered (at Kathleen Kennedy’s request, most likely) healed like any other injury inflicted by a lightsaber. Yet the one Finn received from Kylo’s lightsaber will continue to hurt despite being healed

The universe didn’t seem to want me to draw today, but it was too good of an episode I just couldn’t not draw something 


allusions to alec being gay in season 1

+ the moment alec came out 

what she says: im fine

what she means: trini probably feels extremely responsible for leading the rangers to rita and billy temporarily dying so not only does she have to deal with the aftermath of rita targeting her personally, she has to deal with her feelings of guilt for almost getting billy killed and knowing trini she wouldn’t tell any of the rangers this and instead choose to deal with it on her own, causing her to isolate herself from the others

Anti slowly taking over Jack’s body then killing him off.

i watched this so many times i dont even know if its good at all or makes any sense or what 

@anti-support-group i hope it’s okay that i’m tagging you guys in it!