it just made me real happy ok

ETA: Updated, fully painted version here!

Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a sketch of a Jedi!Finn costume based on this outfit of John’s, which literally made me gasp aloud because all that drapey swishy fabric just screams Jedi!

I’m in a film costume history class right now, so I got really excited thinking about all the materials and whatnot. The leather sleeve is of course from the mangled Dameron jacket, and maybe the belts are salvaged from that material too. The drapey grey over-piece would be more of a soft, woven, matte fabric. The inside would be kind of satiny and dark, but would seem understated and subtle until it catches light in a really pretty blue violet. Also, I gave him some form of shoes that aren’t boots since I imagine the poor guy is tired of wearing them by this point, lmao.

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The end of How I met your mother sucked so much and I refuse to acknowledge it. In my world it never happened, Robin and Barney are still together.

It was the most disappointing series finale ever. And I’m not even just talking about Robin and Barney who were so meant to be it was ridiculous – but of what they did to Ted and Tracy. I loved Barney/Robin but I legitimately was so enthralled and looking forward to the mother and Ted.

They even had that amazing scene in the season before the final season where he talked to her about what it would be like when they met and I was in tears. 

THEN – we meet her and she was AMAZING. LIKE I LOVED TRACY, OK? It made me happy – they made me happy – and then nope. We’re just going to relegate this epic, amazing love story to her being just a way for Ted to have kids and then kill her so that he can be with the REAL LOVE of his life and the one he always wanted to be with – Robin. (Even though they were terrible together – TERRIBLE).

They destroyed TWO awesome couples in LITERALLY the span of 15 minutes. Like – it takes some special kind of really bad execution and writing to do that because it wasn’t just the finale they messed up but the ENTIRE PREMISE OF YOUR SHOW WAS A LIE. I mean, I can’t even watch re-runs and sold my DVDs. That is how messed up that was. 


ok holy shit how big is the Eyewitness/Philkas fandom right now? at least I somehow have a ton of people following me in the past week and I’m pretty certain it’s mostly because of Eyewitness because let’s be real that’s like 90% of what I reblog/post.

Before the first episode there wasn’t anything in the Eyewitness tag related to the show (I checked after hearing about the american version of the show being made) and now it’s like massive amounts of posts and I’m just so happy because I’ve been obsessed with the norwegian version for ages and now we have this american version with Philkas that has changed the story quite a bit and the fandom just grows and grows each day!



Rin’s heart is a flutter. Haruka opens his eyes wide “Rin…!” He’s shaken, his eyes waver. As if trying to shake off that sight, Haruka closes his eyes and goes to put on his goggles. The pain in his heart doesn’t go away but Haruka thinks ”Forget it for now…” and pulls down his goggles. [x]

BNHA chap 105

First of all, I really liked this chapter because wow, the battle is real now!! I noticed that Deku’s development as “hero” is now so much more evident (he’s not panicking anymore like before and he’s a lot more confidence on his abilities and on how to make an efficient use of them by now), and this really made me both very happy and excited!! GO FOR IT DEKU!!!

But I admit that what made me really impressed is how Deku suspected and was right about Ochako’s impostor:

Ok, from now on I may be biased because I’m just a fervent Izuocha shipper (I really love them both), but this panels made me so excited!! Why you ask??

Because from this scene above (that I just love so much), it’s clear that Ochako was observing closely Deku’s growth in the quirk training, she noticed how much development he had so far with his abilities, and although I hoped that this “observation” was not one-sided from just Ochako’s perspective, I was in fact proved wrong just by three chapter later.

In short, Deku noticed and understood that she was not the real Uraraka because he knew what she was now able to do post training and especially that the Uraraka he knows would never act so blatantly without a plan in mind, and this because he had to be observant of her development and growth in the quirk training TOO!! BOTH OF THEM MUST HAVE OBSERVED AND NOTICED EACH OTHER GROWTH CLOSELY in order to see and keep in mind their changes in ability from before!!

Maybe I’m a bit exaggerating here, but I don’t know, Deku analyzing and realising that she was just an Ochako’s impostor just made me so happy!! Now my only remaining hope is that we’ll see the real Ochako showing her new capabilities, maybe helping Deku from this fellow from Shiketsu High!

We’ll see!!

This degrassi season tho

- Maya’s PTSD getting out of hand and into depression, which has been slowly escalating over these past seasons. She reminded me of teen me. The way the adults don’t understand too, even if it made me mad like no one made the connexion between Cam and the bus crash and those past traumas


- the syrians kids ??? this is the first time I see this over TV ??

- RASHA A QUEER SYRIAN KID. This is so good and real and new it just makes me so happy. Also she makes me happy she’s adorable

- I thought Zoe finally would get to be happy but ok she’s getting there too and she’s my gay angel. “You don’t look gay” oh gods how many times. poor love

- We haven’t had an abortion storyline for over ten years now and it was about time. i remember how important Manny’s was for me (I was thirteen), made me go pro choice at a young age bc I knew nothing about abortion before that. The way thay made her feel no shame afterwards and tell it was really admirable. i also like how they showed the procedure, it might be reassuring for kids who might get through abortion. a+

- Islamophobia being adressed. Tho i felt bad Goldi was casually homophobic but it got addressed and she’ll grow now

- PERIODS ARE NORMAL AND AREN’T GROSS this is the only show I know that never shied away from embarassing teen things (just like THE BONER oh gods this has been so long)

- Shay is probably asexual. Also she’s the queen

- Esme’s getting some character development

- Grace

Okay so me and some friends were at Yorkshire Cosplay Con yesterday and I met a Kyoya Cosplayer from Ouran High School Host Club. We actually went up to him twice because the first time it was just me but after I took a photo of him and my friend. After the photo he held me back and said “There’s something I wanted to tell you.” Then he whispered in my ear “Princess, the sun’s rays cannot compare to the radiance of your smile.” And I just melted. Seriously, he was like a real life Kyoya and it was perfect. I actually cried after because I was so ecstatic and my friend looked really happy that she’d witnessed this.
Ok I know this is just a host being a host but it seriously made my day and I can’t even say how happy it made me.


‘I was very insecure when I’d [just] done A Room With A View, ’cos it was my first [real/feature] film and, um, I remember going up to James [Ivory] afterwards and saying, “I’m really sorry for that really godawful performance [as Freddy Honeychurch].” And he said, “No no no, it’s fine, it’s good, it’s alright, it was OK.” And then the next night, the next week, I think, he asked me to do Maurice, which made me feel better then!’

– Rupert Graves, The Story of Maurice documentary (Merchant Ivory Collection Maurice DVD extras, 2004)

WISHING A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RUPERT GRAVES – 53 TODAY, 30 June 2016! My gifs. 2/2 [½ here]

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Who are your favourite Robron mutuals on here? What makes them worthy to follow?

oh i’ve seen other blogs get this same ask i wonder what made you send it to me lmao i’m just a tiny blog in the shadows of this fandom but ok here goes!

tbh all my mutuals are my favorites but the ones I talk to the most tho are:

 @likesbeingmoved (i’ve been following jo for over 4 years now she’s the one that got me into robron in the first place and she’s my go to person for robron rants and she KNOWS how much it hurts; besides she’s my friend, we’ve been friends for longer than i can remember and i just love her to bits), 

@evak-malec (bec has always been so so so nice to me idek why like i’m no one in this fandom hahah but she’s one of the best and her edits are amazing and she’s just a lovely person and her blog is flawless and we share a lot of fandoms),

@inloveamateursatbest (claudia isn’t just one of my fave mutuals she’s one of my fave blogs, period. just pure pure quality and of course she’s part of the portuguese gang so hahah represent!!!),

@theinvinciblecity (because si’s super nice and available and a cutie and lovely and only posts great content :) and again: portuguese gang haha),

@andyoumattertome (honestly with carla i’m 90% convinced she only follows me because i’m portuguese hahaha her blog is just brilliant and she’s fandom royalty so she’s one of those mutuals i’m always surprised when i remember they follow me because it’s a huge honour. p.s: i’m obsessed with her youtube videos i think i’ve seen almost all of them).

so yeah basically the entire portuguese gang + bec hahah 

Things I’ve learned from watching Inside Out
  • Being happy does not mean everything’s ok.
  • You do not need to be happy every time.
  • Covering up your sadness with temporary happiness is not going to fix anything.
  • Crying helps.
  • Do not make big decisions when you’re angry or at the peak of your emotions.
  • Empathizing heals.
  • Real happiness can come after deep sadness. 
  • Being sad is OK.

I love this movie so much!

Can we talk about Steven’s “me time” tho? ‘Cause when I saw him setting the table all fancy at first I thought oh is he having Connie over or something that’s so cute. But then when I found out it was all for him I thought…that’s even better. And yes it was a funny, cute moment, but it also just made me so happy because this kid loves himself, he knows he’s cute and he knows how to treat himself, and there’s nothing shameful in that. And idk Steven has so much responsibility, so much shit to deal with, and it’s lovely to see these little things showing us that he still has high self-esteem and he still gets to be a happy kid and take proper breaks from serious stuff. He just gives so much lately, tries so hard to help others, it’s good to know he also applies that love and caring to himself. Not that I thought he had seemed down or anything. It was just such a nice moment I think.

you guys remember that post joolabee made about steve jumping on the grenade and how that was what made him so great?? well apparently that post inspired me so much that i learned to cross-stitch just to express my emotions. i’ve been working on this since mid january and finished it last night! i need to iron out the wrinkles and i can still see mistakes but i’m so so so proud of and happy with it. for real, guys.

( hamptonxoliver this is the cross-stitch i told you about that one time!!)


in honor of 2k and all of y’all

wooooooah you guys 2k already ???? that’s pretty insane, considering that i only just made this blog in late april. i decided to make this post as a small way to thank the blogs that inspired me to create my blog, encouraged me to make unique posts, helped me to gain more knowledge about astrology, and just made me happy by being nice lil nuggets :~) in other words, it’s about to get real cheesy, real quick. 

favorites will have a  *:・゚✧ next to them.

astroadvice  *:・゚✧  (my BABY i love you so much; you’re so knowledgable about astrology and so cute you’re just all around goals just know that i looove uuuu)
astrogoldfish // astrogoldfish-anonymous  *:・゚✧ (bethany i’ve legit been following you since i started my blog; probably my favorite cancer….. probably the only cancer i can actually say i like….. congratulations ur bomb as FUCK)
dark-astrology  *:・゚✧  (you’re one of the main blogs that inspired me to create mine !!!!! you take no shit & you’re suuuuuper beautiful & i just rlly rlly enjoy seeing you on my dash; congrats on being rad as hell b)
fajitastrology  *:・゚✧  (the official love of my life you don’t even need an explanation michael)
fh-horoscopes  *:・゚✧  (very very very goals i aspire to be u guys)
hostrology  *:・゚✧ (haaaaaannah i love your posts n ur blog is so killer i loooove uuuuu)
lmaostrology  *:・゚✧  (you’re very very nice to me and you put up w all my leo-ness and, needless to say, i’m very appreciative of that and you; i looove u b)
pastelastrology  *:・゚✧  (what can i say your blog is basically as hot as me)
rulingplanets  *:・゚✧  (my lil cam cam ur the sweetest scorp i’ve ever talked to n i love u very very dearly)
sadastrology  *:・゚✧  (………………literal goals there’s nothing else to say goodbye)
ultrastrologybitch  *:・゚✧  (so so so knowledgeable about astrology and suuuuch a cute blog, i’m such a loser but i legit love your blog soooo much damn i’m LAME)

Moments that made me happy in 2x04

~Alicia getting out of bed like ‘dafuq they doin up there?’
~The fact that they got to the episode conflict like real fast instead of waiting hallway through like SOME FUCKING SHOWS *squints at JRot*
~Chris looking to Ofelia when he doesn’t know what to do because he is a cute little puppy
~Travis being like 'don’t you touch my son you ass’ and then Reed is just just like 'back tf off man’ and Travis is just like 'ok ok it’s cool chill’
~Some Strand development
~Finding out Strand was gay because yay some representation up in here holla
~Nick embracing the zombie life again
~Nick’s new OCD friend
~Nick smearing blood on the car like 'Idgaf’
~Nick’s new friend getting upset by the mark on his car and trying to wipe it off while he mumbles under his breath like a cutie
~Alicia’s sweater
~How calm Alicia was when her family was at gun point like holy shit this little angel is good in a crisis
~Alicia’s soft and raspy voice through the whole episode
~Chris getting protective of Alicia
~That one comment about 'You’re nailing your sister’ that literally made me choke laughing
~Sassy Madison and Ofelia
~Alicia knowing this ass could kill her at any second if he wanted too but she still is like 'ok but you better protect my family bitch’
~Alicia actually saying bitch
~Daniel kicking ass
~Madison kicking ass
~Everyone kicking ass
~Travis being like 'I’ll protect Alicia’ because you know you all had a mini heart attack when she was getting taken
~Nick getting back on the ship and realizing her sister is gone and you can see his panic and heartbreak in his eyes as he hugs his mom before he looks like he is ready to fuck the world up to get his baby sister back


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SKYE !!! i wish i could give you a real date with zayn but alas THIS IS THE BEST I COULD DO !! ahahaa. i luvvvv you and i hope your day is super super amazing (just like u <3)