it just made me even more frustrated about him

Stressed Out

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,200
Warnings ~ Probs swearing
Request ~
Hi! I love your blog! Could you write something about Shawn trying to calm you down after you become super stressed and upset about school exams? It can be fluff or smut I don’t mind either way. Thank you! xxx @zoestraub 

The mess of papers landed on the coffee table with a loud thump. Shawn let out a frustrated sigh as he trailed into the room behind me. I sat on the floor and started sorting through the pages and pages of revision notes.

“Baby, when I was complaining about it being three in the morning, I meant that you should come to bed, not move into a different room.” Shawn whispered, keeping his voice low so not to wake my roommates. I didn’t respond which just annoyed him even more, “Baby, you’re exhausted. Just come to bed.”

His plea almost made me cave in, almost.

Shawn sighed again and sat next to me, grabbing me hands so I would stop fidgeting with the papers, “Look at me.”

“I need to finish revising.” I mumbled, not really sure if it was to Shawn or more to myself. Despite what I just said, my eyes slowly began drifting shut while the throbbing pain behind them became more evident. He was right, I am exhausted. But I needed to revise for this test.

“You need to stop.” Shawn placed a hand on my cheek, physically drawing me away from my work.

“No, you need to stop.” I snapped and slapped his hand away, my voice a bit too loud for this time of night but I didn’t care. So what if I wake up the others? The worst they can do was shout at me and distract me more.

Shawn reached out for my cheek again in one last attempt to get me to stop, but all that did was anger me more. The sad look on his face when I stood up made my heart break a little, but I was already too far gone.

“Seriously! I need to study!” I lowered my voice before carrying on, “This test is like half of my grade and I need to get full marks. I’m already falling behind on the course. If I don’t do well on this, then there’s a high chance that I’ll be kicked out of Uni That’s two years of my life and over eighteen fucking thousand pounds down the drain. You saw how my Dad reacted when John dropped out. If he finds out that I got kicked out he’ll disown me. The I’ll be stuck here in bloody England with no money and no job because I don’t have the right VISA. And I’ll end up living on the streets as a God damn prostitute or drug dealer or doing some other illegal shit.”

I was crying so much by the end of my rant that it became hard to breath. Shawn rushed to my side and gathered me in his arms. At first I fought him, hitting at his chest and failing at pushing him away. He didn’t even flinch once. I eventually became too tired and gave up.

We stayed like this for a long while until I finally calmed down. At some point we ended up on the sofa with me sitting on Shawn’s lap. I could feel his chest vibrating against my side as he hummed the tune to some song that sounded familiar. Normally this would have soothed me to sleep, but I couldn’t stop my mind from replaying thoughts of the exam and how I still needed to study.

Shawn was the first one to break the silence, “A prostitute? Really?”

I laughed and hid my face further into his neck. Not what I was expecting to hear him say, but at the same time I was kind of happy to hear it. I really didn’t want to sit through another one of his giant speeches on how I should talk to him about things that were worrying me. I already had enough of that last time he visited.

“We’re not sleeping any time soon, are we?” Shawn asked after a few more minutes of silence. By ‘we’, I’m guessing Shawn meant 'me’ seeing as he was already half asleep.

“You can go back to bed. I’ll just stay in here. Plus, it’s already three thirty, there’s no point in me trying anymore.” I tried to reason but he wasn’t having any of it.

“Nope. If you’re not sleeping, then I’m not sleeping.” Shawn said matter of factly as he dumped me on the sofa and stood up, “Now get your shoes. We’re going on an adventure.”


We ended up walking around the city for an hour before coming across an 'open all hours’ café. Apart from us, the only other people in the café was the little elderly women behind the till and a homeless man whom I happily brought a meal.

“He looks so happy.” Shawn commented on the look of joy on the man’s face when the elderly women brought out his food. I just smiled and took another sip of my tea.

“Well one of us should be happy tonight.” I joked, remembering what we were talking about on the way here. I don’t know how exactly, but Shawn somehow managed to get me on another long ass rant about how much I hated the course I was taking.

“If you’re this unhappy with the course, why don’t you just drop it?” He asked like it was the easiest thing in the world.

“Because my Dad will get mad. He’s paid too much money towards the course-”

“I already told you I can pay him back.” He cut me off.

“Shawn, I’m not letting you pay off my thousands of pounds worth of debts.” We’ve been through this many times before. Even before I before I started Uni two years ago, Shawn was already offering to pay for my tuition. And while it was a very sweet offer, I just couldn’t let him do that.

“Baby, I make more money than I know what to do with. At least if I do this it’s going towards something worthwhile.” Shawn smiled weakly and grabbed my hand across the table. I looked anywhere but his eyes, knowing if I did I was going to do something stupid like agree to his madness.

“I mean, the course isn’t that bad-”

“-Since when have you ever liked science?”

“Biology is fun. The human body is a cool thing!”

“And how many times have you passed out in class because you’ve seen blood?”

“Only like three times.”

“Baby.” His voice came out weaker this time, “I know you hate Biology. I know you want to be doing something like English or Media. Please, let me do this for you. All I want is for you to be happy.”

The sound of birds cheeping outside became louder as the sun slowly started to rise. When I finally looked up at Shawn, the early morning rays where casting a golden glow onto his face making him look a thousand times more handsome than he already was, even with his messy bed hair sticking up all over the place. And when I looked into his eyes, I could see how much he really wanted to do this for me. And like suspected, I caved into his wish.

I nodded my head, “Okay.”

The biggest smile I’ve ever seen lit up Shawn’s face as he kissed my enclosed hand, “I love you.”

He kept kissing my hand until I repeated the words back to him. And when I did, he suddenly jumped up from his seat and dragged me up with him.

“Come on, I want you to show me that really beautiful park you keep telling me about.”

REQUEST 105 ~ Teased live (Smut)

Dan’s smooth voice flowed through the halls of the apartment as he addressed his live show. No uncommon things for a Tuesday night  however tonight was different. Before he went to start his broadcast he had been sat with me on the sofa watching t.v and leading a pretty heated make out session with me but his other priority called for him and it unfortunately left me feeling very sexually frustrated and needy for him. 

I tried to be patient for him to be done but with every word he spoke i just get even more needy. I want him, I want him now!  Quickly i made my way to the bedroom and listened in closer. He had only began it about 2 or 3 minutes ago, meaning he was only just finishing introducing everyone to the show. Thankfully he was doing his Dan-ception thing, i speedily walked over to his desk gain a look of pure confusion from him. 

I slowly got onto my hands and knees and crawled under his desk. He shut his laptop and placed it on the table, keeping his gaze on me still until he realised that people were watching him.  I kept silent and waited for the right moment to start my teasing. Once his full attention was on answering a question i started run both my hands up his legs. To my luck he was wearing sweat pants, in my book the easiest trousers for him to wear to gain access for me. 

As my hands got higher up his legs, i could feel the muscles tense. My gaze went to his crotch noticing his appearing arousal. My hands brushed over his covered dick and i could hear his breath alter as he talked. I brushed over his dick again this time adding pressure. The overwhelming urge to got on with it got too much, i slipped my hands into the sweatpants and past his underwear. I pulled out his hard dick and kissed the tip. 

Dan took a deep breath, spurring me on. I slowly licked all the way up his length, swirling my tongue over the tip. His hips trembled as i fully inserted him into my mouth. As i bobbed my head up and down him i made sure to keep a slow pace to make him thrive for more. 

“I erm, yeah…” Dan stuttered as he answered a question causing me to smile at the effect i was having on him. 

I continued the same rhythm feeling him getting closer as i went. I closed my eyes and massaged the vein leading on the underside of his dick with my tongue. Suddenly a moan escaped his lips. Everyone heard that and knowing his audience, they wouldn’t let that go unacknowledged. 

“Sorry guys, i’m going to have to cut this short. I’ll see you next week, Bye.” He rushed out and clicked end. He slid his chair back and looked at me. 

“You little minx! Sucking me off while i was talking to my fans. I think that calls for punishment, doesn’t it?” He said playfully glaring at me with red cheeks. 

I nodded shyly and crawled out from under the desk, sitting on my knees in front of him. Dan’s hands went to my shoulders pulling me up so i was standing in front of him. He moved them down to the waist of my trousers and pulled them down sharply. I had decided earlier on today to not wear underwear which clearly came in handy now. 

A small smiled appeared on his lips once he noticed the lack of undergarments. Dan moved one of his hands to my ass pulling my hips closer to him. His breath fanned over my pussy making me shiver and close my eyes again. His other hand glided up my thigh towards my crotch drawing a line along the length of my pussy. “Mmmhh.” I sighed and held his shoulders. 

“You like that baby?” He asked. 

I nodded as his finger circled over the sensitive nub. 

“Aw, well i didn’t appreciate you teasing me in front of my audience. Especially after you caused me to moan out loud. So how about a taste of your own medicine.” He drew back his finger and instead grabbed my hips and pushed me towards the bed. 

“Lay down, legs open.” He demanded as he stood at the end of the bed. 

I complied and Dan promptly lined himself up with me. He hastily entered me, thrusting vigorously and not giving me a moment to breath. It felt amazing to have him be so rough hitting all the spots that i didn’t think would give me that much pleasure. “Oh god, Yes!!” i screamed as his tip brushed over my g-spot. 

I could feel my incoming high and i was enjoying it. Just as it was arriving Dan pulled out. I glared at him for denying me an orgasm. “Oh you think you get to come right away. No,no, no baby. You are going to have to wait.”  Dan pulled his sweats back up and walked out of the room. Leaving me laying on the bed on the edge of an orgasm. 


anonymous asked:

I liked that submission you posted, though I feel like it's wrong in one aspect. At SDCC, the thing that made me unstan El*za wasn't the "shit" comment, it was how dismissive she was of Bellamy and the Bellarke partnership. It was like she'd never even heard of him and just wished that for once someone would help Clarke lead. No matter what she says, though, it looks like we'll get their partnership back anyway.

I personally thought that was more about her frustration with the politics and shipwars and all the pressure and she’d been travelling all over the world going to all these cons where she was getting trouble when she was pro BC or not, and she was exhausted and she just wasn’t at her best. I think it was a mistake and she shouldn’t have done it, but I’m not going to write her off for it. I don’t expect people to be perfect. I wait and see and take the rest of their actions into consideration. 

Let’s look more closely at this line, because it’s one that as I see jokes being made about after it’s done has stuck with me as deeper than even your average multi-layered Gravity Falls joke. Which means that it’s literary analysis time!

First, let’s look at this line as a just a joke. It immediately works on two different levels. First, it’s Stan showing his frustration at life as a whole, and finding comfort in mindless television. It’s typical of his character and is funny because we know it’s Stan, and we love him.

And that’s why the joke also works as a subtle lean on the fourth wall. In the entire promotion period of this episode, Graviteam Falls was working on getting all of the fans hyped up and loving Stan for mayor. Quite literally right now, it’s only us, the people on the other side of the tv that appreciate him. All we’re missing is a glance at the camera to completely knock the 4th wall down.

Next, think about this one line as a frame of the entire episode. It’s placed as a small quick joke and a transition to the main plot: the news that the mayor is dead and they need a new one. The tv is the agent that starts the plot, the very plot that relies almost entirely on Stan being loved and appreciated and trying to find his place as a hero. Just as the kids and Ford betrayed his efforts and refused to show him affection in the opening up until now, they go behind his back to control his mind and take the credit for his love: fix the problem with Ford’s work rather than his own just like the lightbulb. Stan wants to be loved and remembered for his efforts and who he is, which is why he leaves his family in the other room to watch tv, but it’s also why he leaves his family with the other candidate to speak for himself.

It’s also worthy to note that Stan’s appreciate comes from the television, the one thing (in-universe) that is completely scripted. Given the rest of the plot this is also extremely meaningful.

Finally, at the end of the day, the joke is ironic because it’s the tv that takes his appreciation from the town away. Not only does the news broadcast at the end of the episode redact his mayorship, but anytime a screen is involved is bad news for Stan: the filmed debate goes terribly against him, he only improves when he leaves the camera to rescue the kids, Gideon appears throughout the entire episode on a screen broadcasting on Bud’s chest.

There’s a reason that when Stan wants to run for mayor his face in reflected on the light of the tv. His appreciation, his campaign, everything about this episode is revealed in the motifs of appearances and broadcasting, not even mentioning the secrets of who’s pulling the strings behind the screens. Stan searches for appreciation and despite his defeat he eventually finds it, because at least the tv appreciates him.

Out Of Control- Chapter 24

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FACT: I know like nothing about self-defense so just roll with whatever is said in this chapter. I don’t need any know-it-alls okay thank you.


The next day I was in much better spirits than the day before. I felt like I was a lot more collected and less frustrated with life. I felt like I was getting back to myself. I was no longer feeling upset about Vic. I guess a night sleeping with him, innocently, of course, made me feel a lot better, even if I wasn’t sure where we stood now.

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