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IronHawk (Part Sixteen)

Calm before the storm guys. Well not quite the storm. Calm before the major feels and THEN the storm.

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Pepper had yet to let go of Natasha, repeatedly checking her mate for injuries and crying out over the small ones she found.

“Really, love I’m fine.” Natasha reassured her mate for the tenth or twelfth time. “Hawkeye just… dropped out of the sky and saved me.”

“Oh Clint.” Peppers eyes were red from crying. After several months of strained relations with her Alpha, seeing Natasha come in after such a close call was pushing her limits. “Oh thank god you were there!”

“It’s good to see you too, Pepper.” Clint gave the small woman a gentle hug, catching Natasha’s eyes over Peppers head and smiling. Natasha grinned back, just too happy to see him to care that her usual aloof personality was slipping.

“Home for long, Hawkeye?” asked Steve, between bites of dinner.

“I’m not really sure.” Clint answered, glancing over towards Tony’s elevator. The billionaire still hadn’t come down from his room after dropping Captain off. “I’m not even supposed to be here. We’d just barely got wheels down, and you guys were on the news so I flew over as fast as I could.”

Thank god!” Pepper started sniffling again, and Natasha wrapped her arms around her.

“Ok, we are done for the night, because I can’t handle any more emotional vibes from my mate.” Walking Pepper towards their rooms, she shot a look over her shoulder at Clint, who waved a little. “We will catch up later right? Welcome home.”

Clint smiled. Home was always where Natasha was.
And Tony.

His Alpha stirred restlessly, unused to being so close to the omega again, and still uncertain as to where things stood with them. Granted his last statement had been basically handing Tony off to Bruce, but their bond hadn’t been broken yet, and he would have felt if Tony’s feelings had changed towards him.

“Beer?” Steve asked, heading for the bar and Clint shook his head.

“Whiskey?” He answered, and the super soldier poured him a glass.

“Am I okay to turn in for the night, or would you like me to run interference between you and Tony?” He asked quietly. “I’m not trying to be nosy or anything, but I’m not so oblivious I don’t realize this might be… difficult. And if you need a neutral presence…”

Clint drained his glass. “Thanks Cap, but I’m fine. Not even sure where things stand right now, so I’m just gonna… go to bed, I guess. Thanks, though.”

Steve nodded. “Glad you’re home, Clint.”

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