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So guys i was just looking for complicate words in Pinterest (yes i do that sometimes) and first i found this

and i was like oh cool i guess


And obviously the first thing that come to my mind was of course

And then i started to shout and woke up my parents but whatever. 

The point is that the strange thing that this fucking lovebirds do HAS A NAME


how to learn from university courses for free

this one goes out to all my avid learners out there. 

(this post is just meant for people who want to learn a course for fun, not for a certificate or anything. this method is just if you’re in high school, taking a gap year, out of school, etc. and you want to learn things for fun.)

many professors/teachers upload their course materials online for the public. this is just a way to find them. it is not illegal in any way, you’re literally just searching up course material. the reason why it looks so complicated is because these files are hard to find.

step 1: google “(insert topic) ppt”, “(insert topic), pdf”

(or any other file type you can think of). this is a way to search the web for university lecture notes, assignments, etc. i typically search for “ppt” because i like finding lecture notes.

here, i searched “political science ppt”. i’m still in high school, but i’m eager to learn about canadian politics!!

anyways, when you search this a bunch of links similar to these will come up, most of them being from universities or high schools:

step 2: find a link with the format “www.(college/university).com/(professor name)/blahblah”

these links are the ones you want to use, since they are most likely the links to actual university courses

here’s the format (the blacked out part is the professor’s name):

now here’s the important part. highlight the first part of the link. “www.(college/university).com/(professor name)/” is all you should highlight!! like this:

step 3: copy and paste the link in a new tab

once you do this, you’ll most likely see a page with links to files, folders, etc. this is the file index for a university professor (where they keep all of their course material links). like this:

from these links, you can explore lecture notes, class assignments, readings, and sometimes even past exams!

there you go, guys! that’s how to use university course material without actually taking the course. again, you do not receive any credit for ‘taking’ this course. like no certificates, no transfer credits, nothing. this is simply just a way to gain extra knowledge of things that you’re interested in. for me, this was political science. i also used this method to learn about canadian economics, spanish, and global history.

hope you enjoy! happy learning!


I think, that someday, you’ll meet someone new,
                                                     and you’ll fall madly in love,
and you’ll have moved on, without even realizing it.

“So give it up, start beating, hearts have gone cold
Had enough repeating, it’s all been done before “

Low-key dedicated to @kickingshoes since it was their gorgeous comic that finally seduced me into the fandom. Here’s hoping we get to see those two reunited next season!

overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie

look, at the end of the day, you will be alone with yourself and perhaps potentially some deity, the nature of which we have not be able to fully ascertain.

just admit that you are scared and small and full of hope, viscera, and other non-useful things, mostly invented to excuse your own fallibility and inconsistencies, and this makes you exactly the same as the trillions of humans who came before, and all the ones who will come after.

and at the end of that day, you’re going to sit down with that deity, who may or may not exist, and for whom sitting down may or may not be an actual option (metaphysics is quiet on the subject, re: sitting) and at that appointed time, when you have to put your heart, or soul, or what have you on that objective scale

I’m just saying, I really hope there’s 10% for participation.

|| Kamen Rider Gaim: “Tiny God” ||

okay so like I know the Inves weren’t supposed to be particularly sapient, more akin to wild animals and all that, but

I really like thinking of kouta and mai trying to create a little inves society on their planet, and the inves treating them as their amazing fruit-deities in spite of any and all efforts to dissuade them, okay

just… let me have this ♥


Illustration set for radiophile’s wonderful pre-canon fic keep moving in opposite directions, where Dorian and Bull Hissrad meet in Tevinter years before the game. Go read it if you haven’t you guys, there is amazing spy shenanigans and pointed banter and hot hot character driven sex and oh man. Despite having re-read it approximately 18 times I have somehow yet to have left a comment, oops?

Please full-view, I wanted them side by because it’s a set but they lose a lot detail this small. It was fun but challenging to draw these guys so much younger and still have them be them without being able to rely on their most memorable characteristics. I think I did okay. Dorian, put your moustache back on; Bull, go get your eyepatch immediately.