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I wanna eat ice cream, but not just put it in my mouth and let it slide down my throat, but, really eat it!

so how about that new episode huh

hey, you, don’t you think its kinda cute that i died right inside your arms tonight?



Voice-Over (Miniminter x Reader)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Simon imagine where y/n is a beauty youtuber or something like that and he does her voiceover for a video please!

A/N: I don’t really watch makeup videos so I’m sorry it took so long and if it’s not super accurate

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(Y/n) spun lazily in her chair as she scrolled through her contacts looking for one of her YouTuber guy friends that would be up at this hour. She was supposed to have this video out yesterday but there was a problem with the audio when she tried to record with her microphone.

“Hey, Simon?” (Y/n) asked, putting the phone up to her ear.

“Hey, (y/n). What’s up? And why are you up? It’s 4 in the morning.”

“Could ask the same to you, but I was wondering if you could help me with a video really quick.”

“How can I help? I know nothing about makeup.”

“That’s kinda the point.” (Y/n) said laughing. She could hear Simon sighing and rubbing his face. “You don’t have to put makeup on anyone. Don’t worry.”

“Thank God.”

“I’m able to come over right?”



(Y/n) pulled her phone out of her pocket as she pulled into Simon’s driveway. She parked behind Vik’s car and texted Simon that she was there. (Y/n) shut the car door and made her way up the front walk. If she was quiet enough and really listened for it, she could hear some of Simon’s friends recording and yelling over games and pack openings. She cradled her laptop in her arms as the door opened, engulfing her in warmth. She forgot how nervous she got around Simon in person…

“Hey.” Simon said stepping aside and gesturing his arm for her to come inside. “What can I help you with?”

“Okay so my microphone isn’t working and I need to do a voiceover for a video I was supposed to have out yesterday. But-”
“Why didn’t you call me sooner?”

“I thought you’d be busy!”

“Busy doing what? I can make time for you.”

“Stop it! I want you to do the voiceover though. That’s the thing.” (Y/n) said trying to change the subject quickly. Her hands were shaking.

“Oh God. I said I don’t know anything about makeup!” Simon said slouching slightly as he began walking towards the stairs.

“I know! But it’s kind of a thing on YouTube right now for beauty vloggers to have their boyfr - guy friends - do voice overs for their videos.” (Y/n) said catching herself suddenly as she followed Simon to his room. He laughed slightly.

“You were going to say boyfriend.”

“I mean that’s what it usually is. I just don’t- yeah. You know what? Let’s just drop it.” (Y/n) said feeling sudden dejection.

“Sorry,” Simon said sitting down in his chair, reaching out his hand for (y/n)’s laptop. “So I just need to get this straight before I do it. You want me to watch the video and narrate what I think is going on even if I have no real idea?”


“Great casting choice. Let me tell you.” Simon said before taking a drink of water and pressing record. (Y/n) sat down on the edge of Simon’s bed, trying not to laugh at the mocking voice he was using.


Simon pressed the stop button and turned around with a bewildered face. “You look like you just fought in a war.” (Y/n) said laughing.

“I did! How do you do that? It looks so complicated!”

“It’s really not. It just takes practice.”

“What do you want me to do with the audio file?” Simon said breathlessly.

“Can you just email it to me? I gotta edit it and schedule it and that stuff.”
“I gottcha.” Simon said typing on his computer before (y/n) stood up to take her laptop and leave, “Y-you know you can stay. If-if you want.”


“You can stay here.”

“Like for the night or until I finish editing?” (Y/n) asked hesitantly.


“Are you sure?”


(Y/n) was still editing and running through the video even after Simon had gotten into bed. He watched from beside her as she clicked around the screen making sure the audio was synced up before she exported the video, set the thumbnail, and gave the title and description.
She was in the midst of typing ‘Day to Night Look | Miniminter Does My Voiceover’ when Simon interrupted her.

“Wait. Change that.”

“Change what?”

“Instead of miniminter.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing. It’s just that if you want to change it to boyfriend, I wouldn’t complain.”


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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So guys i was just looking for complicate words in Pinterest (yes i do that sometimes) and first i found this

and i was like oh cool i guess


And obviously the first thing that come to my mind was of course

And then i started to shout and woke up my parents but whatever. 

The point is that the strange thing that this fucking lovebirds do HAS A NAME


I keep seeing classrooms where the teacher has a QR code posted by the door. And in order to use the bathroom, students have to scan the QR code on their school-assigned iPad or one of the classroom iPads and take a survey (answering what, I don’t know).

And that, hands down, has got to be the most inane, pointless use of technology I have ever seen in a classroom (and there is a lot of ridiculous technology thrown in so teachers can look tech savvy).

It takes kids twice as long to go to the bathroom because they’re standing there fiddling with an iPad and answering questions, and what are teachers even doing with this data, if they keep records of it at all?? Why do you need to be able to compile a spreadsheet on how much your students use the bathroom?? If a problem is using the bathroom too much, you’ll be able to tell. If you need a graph to tell you how much a student is using the bathroom, they’re not using it too often.

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Heh I wish there was a cute Lil comic about ink putting on his entire outfit. It just looks so complicated. :) I love it though

I might just do that when I can, this sounds really cute! And who knows, it might maybe help cosplayers as well! Thanks for the suggestion *_* <3

how to learn from university courses for free

this one goes out to all my avid learners out there. 

(this post is just meant for people who want to learn a course for fun, not for a certificate or anything. this method is just if you’re in high school, taking a gap year, out of school, etc. and you want to learn things for fun.)

many professors/teachers upload their course materials online for the public. this is just a way to find them. it is not illegal in any way, you’re literally just searching up course material. the reason why it looks so complicated is because these files are hard to find.

step 1: google “(insert topic) ppt”, “(insert topic), pdf”

(or any other file type you can think of). this is a way to search the web for university lecture notes, assignments, etc. i typically search for “ppt” because i like finding lecture notes.

here, i searched “political science ppt”. i’m still in high school, but i’m eager to learn about canadian politics!!

anyways, when you search this a bunch of links similar to these will come up, most of them being from universities or high schools:

step 2: find a link with the format “www.(college/university).com/(professor name)/blahblah”

these links are the ones you want to use, since they are most likely the links to actual university courses

here’s the format (the blacked out part is the professor’s name):

now here’s the important part. highlight the first part of the link. “www.(college/university).com/(professor name)/” is all you should highlight!! like this:

step 3: copy and paste the link in a new tab

once you do this, you’ll most likely see a page with links to files, folders, etc. this is the file index for a university professor (where they keep all of their course material links). like this:

from these links, you can explore lecture notes, class assignments, readings, and sometimes even past exams!

there you go, guys! that’s how to use university course material without actually taking the course. again, you do not receive any credit for ‘taking’ this course. like no certificates, no transfer credits, nothing. this is simply just a way to gain extra knowledge of things that you’re interested in. for me, this was political science. i also used this method to learn about canadian economics, spanish, and global history.

hope you enjoy! happy learning!

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If you're doing the expression thing could you do teru in 1a please??? Love your art so much!!

For anon, also thank you very much! Glad you like my art! ^//^

I also…don’t know why this looks like a ton better than the rest of them?? I just. had an idea and ran with it. But anyway, sorry it’s so late, but I hope you like it! :’D

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I'm glad I'm not the only one overwhelmed by the crafting system tbh. Every time I open the research and development menu I click around before clicking off and just hoping for the best in fights. Hopefully I can get a hang of it in the future but .... goodness. It's a lot for me to process.

Ok, so I FINALLY figured out the crafting, it just looks complicated when you open it because the game doesn’t really explain it, but it makes a lot more sense once you know how it works. Basically, there are just a lot of steps you have to take - instead of your standard “get 10 iron then press X,” you have to take a few steps before you can actually craft your weapon or armor. Hopefully this will help someone else. None of this is really a spoiler, but I’m popping it under a read more for anyone who wants to avoid any kind of spoilers.

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I always thought about Nordic languages and Gaelic when mentioning Ravenclaw. They are rough and cold, yet fluid and harmonized. Also, there is something antique and mysterious about them. Like telling a fairytale. But I can see your point. I'm a Ravenclaw and I love Spanish even though it isn't my mother language.

I really love this thanks for sending it in! Also Gaelic is so ravenclaw I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! I mean there are so many unnecessary letters in there just to make the words look more complicated it’s ridiculous


Guys!!! I don’t know how or why this happened, but I recently reached over 1000 followers! I know that it’s just a number, but it’s also incredible. It’s incredible that we are so many people who share our interests and passion, and even though I don’t really know most of you (what I would really like to change) it kinda feels like we’re friends

It’s incredible, and I feel very honored because of this, that so many people actually like what I post, reblog and write. I’ve always loved writing, and now that there are people who read it, I’ve got an excuse to do it even more. Also, the people that I got to know on here have all been so kind, fun and loving, I always felt accepted and supported, and you’ve become a part of my family. And you know, as a wise man once said, family don’t end with blood (and it doesn’t start there either). 

So thank you, dear friends, family, readers, writers, commenters, rebloggers, Tumblr people of all sorts for making all of this such a great experience. You guys are the best, and you make me feel all sorts of things, but most of all you make me very very happy (especially right now because I still really haven’t processed that there are so many people who bothered enough to click the follow button?!?). I love you!

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Also, to celebrate this a little, I’m posting some kind of a challenge. Nothing big or complicated, just some fun, so take a look if you’re interested.

I want to give some extra hugs to everyone who accompanied me on this journey, whether it was talking to me all night long, helping me through my finals or just making me smile with a sweet comment or reblogs, you make this world a better place. Thank you.

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Never say die - Chapter 15

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 1716
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her.

Never Say Die masterlist

A/N: Ok sorry i’m such a failure but here it finally is. It’s a bit shorter than the other chapters before this but i hope you don’t mind. Hmm, let me know what you think about this chapter again.

Originally posted by montseyepez

My friendship with Axl had been kind of weird ever since the movie night, i’m not even so sure why. We had been avoiding each other for a few days after that. I had no idea why Axl was doing so but i knew why i did that. Suddenly i felt really nervous and uncomfortable with him, still thinking about what Axl said and why it hurt so much.

He thinks about me as a sister? What the hell is that supposed to mean, i thought. Like i knew Steven for instance thought that about me and probably the rest of the boys as well. But i didn’t even realize that i was hoping Axl wouldn’t be thinking like that.

But when 4 days had passed we had started fighting just out of nowhere, it was just the little things. Either about me accidentally breaking his stuff by dropping them on the floor or accidentally coming really late to our meeting. I knew he had been really busy with their recording and that kind of things but it wasn’t a reason to lose his shit if i was a bit late.

But it wasn’t always all his fault. I lost my shit about little things as well, like after borrowing my stuff for him and him accidentally losing them but soon Izzy finding them somewhere near. This continued for another 4 straight days.

But one day, our last fight, it was much, much worse than ever before. It continued for atleast a half an hour.  

I’m so done with you right now!” i yelled at him. ”First you ‘accidentally’ break one of my vinyls which wasn’t that big deal but now you just broke the necklace that was one of the only things i had left what reminded me about Amelie and Leo, that was just too much! You crossed the line, asshole!” i screamed.

I was so angry at him that i automatically threw the next thing i reached with my hand at him, which happened to be a dirty plate this time. Axl managed to step away far enough so the plate didn’t hit him, instead breaking down on the floor after crashing on the wall.

What the fuck, bitch! That could have ruined my face completely!” Axl screamed back at me and looked at me a shocked expression on his face, eyes widening and i saw how he was ready to punch something but tried desperately calm his anger down. Izzy or Steven would probably be the ones that end up cleaning our mess because there were more than that one plate. But i didn’t give a shit right then. ”And you can always get new vinyls and clothes and everything from stores can you fucking calm down! I’m not the only one breaking stuff, you know!”

I’m not worried about the vinyls anymore, of course i can buy new ones i’m not stupid for fuck’s sake! But the necklace was really, really important to me and you know that fucking well!” i yelled again and after that closed my eyes, held my head with my hands and took a deep breath. This was so useless.

Yeah well maybe you shouldn’t have come here at all!” Axl shouted at me. Tears formed in my eyes, they had been there a while already though, but i didn’t let them drop down my cheeks yet. ”Why don’t you just go back where you came from if it’s so fucking exhausting? It was just a necklace and it can be fixed for fucks sake, it’s not that serious! Go back and get new jewellery from there if it’s so fucking important!” he continued even louder.

I was sure that the neighbors were so done with all this noise again, they had come to complain a few times actually, but i couldn’t stand him for long anymore either. And his words hurt me so hard and so deep.

Fuck you, Axl,” i spit out of my mouth with my normal voice, probably even quieter than my normal voice, my voice shaking and a tear rolled down my cheek. I grabbed my jacket and started to leave.

Amy, stop i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it like that at all. I just –,” he started, sounding really sorry and regretting every word of that sentence immediately but i didn’t buy it and then i slammed the door closed after me and walked away, letting the tears come.

Soon a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts completely and i got up from my seat. I was supposed to go out with Jon, this was probably going to be our last dinner together before he leaves to their tour in couple of days.

I went to open the door and saw Jon standing in front of me. I gave him a quick kiss and then took his hand on mine and we walked hand in hand to his car. We sat in the car for a while before starting to drive to the dinner place we were supposed to go. He turned to look at me but i looked out of the car window, still thinking about Axl.

”Are you alright?” Jon asked, narrowing his eyes. I quickly turned my head back to Jon’s way.

”Oh, yeah of course. Why wouldn’t i be?” i answered, talking probably a bit too fast which didn’t make me sound convincing at all. Jon raised his eyebrows.

”Okay seriously, what happened?” he asked and still looked at me confused. I looked at him, opening my mouth and closing it, repeating this for a while like a fish, unsure what to exactly  answer. ”It’s about Axl, isn’t it?” he asked, sounding a bit disappointed or hurt, i couldn’t tell, maybe both, but didn’t seem too surprised.

”I just, he’s become impossible lately and i don’t know why. I’m so tired of him right now,” i said frustrated, leaned my head on the seat and closed my eyes for a while.

”Yeah, Izzy told me that you’ve been fought. Don’t you really know why at all?” he asked carefully and raised his other eyebrow. I guess i did like half of it. But i didn’t know why Axl was so pissed off at me, this was a total disaster. I should just ask him but i’m not starting the fight again.

”No, i don’t,” i answered and looked at my hands on my lap, biting my lower lip. He was quiet for a moment, just looking at my side profile and narrowing his eyes until cleared his throat.

”Do you, i don’t know, possibly have any feelings towards Axl?” Jon asked, raising his eyebrows. I quickly turned my head towards Jon and widened my eyes. ”I mean, you’ve just become surprisingly close with him lately. I don’t mean to be jealous at all but i was just wondering,” he explained quickly and looked away from me for a moment.

I opened my mouth, about to say something but closing it again and eventually i looked probably like a fish. ”No, why do you think that?” i asked. He looked at me and shrugged. ”I promise you, i don’t feel anything to Axl, we’re just good friends, okay?” i continued and he just sighed, examining my face for a while to spot a possible sign of lying on my face.

He quickly shooked his head and smiled, turning the car on so we could go to the restaurant where we were supposed to have our dinner tonight.

”Yeah, i’m probably just being stupid, i’m sorry,” he chuckled. ”Shall we go?” he asked and fastened his seatbelt which i did as well.

”Yeah, sure,” i answered smiling.

But his question was pretty good actually. I did like Axl, not only as a friend at all, but i loved Jon as well. And that’s why it was a really, really hard decision to make: Axl or Jon?

Axl’s POV

I had been fighting with Amy for too long, i just lost my shit without no reason every time i saw her. I wasn’t sure why i had been so angry with her lately but i couldn’t control my anger at all.

It had something to do with my feelings towards Amy. You’re like a sister to me. What the hell, man? Who the fuck says that to the girl they love? Now the game is completely lost, i swear.

I hated Jon so much. He was so nice and perfect boyfriend material and it made me so mad that i just wanted to punch him so hard on his face every time i saw him that his teeth flew out of his mouth. And after that i’d grab Amy by her waist, rip her clothes off, push her against the wall with my body and have the most angry and the most amazing sex ever before. I’d fuck her so hard that she would have bruises everywhere and be sore the whole next week, she would scream my name so hard in full of ecstasy that she’d lost her voice for a week.

My thoughts were interrupted when someone opened the door and came to the living room. I stood up to look at the figure who came in but then noticed the huge bulge in my pants and quickly put a pillow against it. It was Amy and she was now standing on the other side of the couch in front of me. She wasn’t here to fight and i didn’t want that either. And right then i decided to tell her. I’m sick of all the possibly ruining our friendship talk. I couldn’t hide this anymore.

”I need to talk to you,” Amy and i said at the same time. I raised my eyebrows and so did Amy. My heart started beating faster just for looking at her. God, why is this so complicated.

”You first,” i suggested and nodded towards her. She took a deep breath before she answered.

”I’m leaving,” she stated, a very serious expression on her face. My heart skipped a beat and then started to beat even faster. When she saw my surprised, more like shocked, reaction, she decided to continue. ”I’m leaving to the tour with Jon for a while.”

overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie