it just keeps getting gayer

Every time I get drunk with my roommate it just keeps getting gayer like the first time I came out to her as bi and the second time we got drunk I bought a vape and the third time she came out as trans and that she still likes only girls so a lesbian too like how much gayer will this house get

The Mistletoe Curse

So it’s around December in Albus and Scorpius’ 6th year, probably about 2 weeks or so before the Christmas holidays start.

One of the 7th year students in Slytherin has been dabbling with some soft-core curses and creates one especially for Christmas dubbed ‘The mistletoe curse’ which basically makes the victim compelled to kiss the person a particular someone every time they see them.

One night while Scorpius is in the library, because he’s an adorable nerd, the 7th years get Albus to play truth or dare with them. When it’s Albus’ turn he chooses dare. So they dare him to suffer a curse they’ve come up with for 24 hours, not telling him it’s the mistletoe curse. They kind of see that Albus and Scorpius are really close so they just want to embarrass them both a little bit and start spreading rumours that they’re actually gay for each other. So because Albus blindly accepts his fate, the mistletoe curse is cast on him.

The next day when Albus runs into Scorpius at breakfast, Albus naturally kisses Scorpius because he’s under the curse. Scorpius is naturally befuddled, breaking out in a sweat and verbally bashing him for doing such a thing. This carries on throughout the day whenever Albus sees Scorpius. Albus begins to understand that this is the effect of the curse put on him, but at this point he doesn’t really care. The other Slytherins are having a good laugh about this whole thing and feel very happy with themselves.

After the 24 hours was finished, the curse is reversed and Albus won’t feel compelled to kiss Scorpius again.

But the next day, the same thing happens! Whenever Albus runs into Scorpius he gives him a kiss. Scorpius continues to feel disgruntled by this. Albus claims that he is still under the mistletoe curse as an excuse when the truth is he just wants to kiss Scorpius’s sweet little face all the time. The Slytherins just sort of see all of this and are just like ‘What the fuck…’

This carries on for the rest of the week. Albus continues to kiss Scorpius. Scorpius eventually gets used to this. He still feels a little embarrassed but truthfully he likes it when Albus kisses him, and eventually the whole thing just becomes a habit. 

At the beginning of the week after this all started, Albus sees Scorpius at breakfast, begins to start kissing him, but Scorpius kisses Albus first. Then it starts to become this huge thing where every time they see each other they have to kiss each other. Whether on the cheek, the lips, the head or the nose, it doesn’t matter, they just kiss. And it was one of the most adorable things Hogwarts ever saw :3

Rose keeps insisting that they might as well just get married because they couldn’t get gayer, James just keeps telling them to shack up, Neville smiles at this all day because he thinks they’re perfect for each other and admires their bravery. McGonagall is looking forward to seeing the look on Draco and Harry’s faces when she tells them what’s going on.

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Damn if I were Lauren, I'd have crawled back to Gaymila long time ago. Girl's album is literally only about her. And it just keeps getting gayer and gayer.

I hate to say this but Lauren is a donkey sometimes. 😂 She doesn’t know what she wants but it is really Camila she wants. 🌚


there’s an explanation for the apples I swear (it involves a shared snack and a song)

Also once upon a time there was a baby Apollo with a baby crush on a baby Clay but that never went anywhere (Clay sort of figured it out along with the bigger implications before Apollo did, but never brought it up until he was ready to talk about it) and then Prince Klavier happened. Apollo shares all his crazy adventures to Klavier’s tower with Clay and yeah sure Clay laughs it off and teases him but he believes it anyway, because Apollo is his best friend and he takes himself way too seriously to be making this shit up.

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