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  • Cal: ....Mare? Why is your head on my chest?
  • Mare: know, just making sure you're still alive
  • Cal: you aren't seriously worried that I'm going to die in my sleep...are you?
  • Mare: *rolls over* Death, demise, die, those are my least favorite words right now.

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RFA+V+Saeran reacting to an MC who has Asperger's.

Thank you for your request! This took me wayyyy too long to do because I had a hard time wrapping my head around Aspergers. Hopefully this is accurate… sort of D:
Had a good time reading about it though! Pretty interesting :)

Zen: At times he finds your behaviour cute and uses your sometimes poor movement coordination as an excuse to always hold your hand or have his arm around your shoulder. He understands you sometimes think differently to others and may not have the great sense in noticing other’s moods however he learns to accept this and really wants to protect you. He wants you to have a calm life where you’re able to make friends easily, he’ll be there supporting you all the way.

Yoosung: He first heard about you when you aced the exam, he started noticing your name more and one day he saw you in the library. He noticed how you were looking at something extremely intensely, making him curious about just what it was. Subconsciously, he approached you and asked you what you were doing. Suddenly, without even realising, he fell in love with you as you talked so passionately about what you were obsessed with! He loved your passion and saw you no different when he discovered your ‘condition’. To him, you were just like him and he wanted to support you from then on if anybody else felt otherwise.

Jaehee: She only seems to notice your condition when you’re insensitive to her feelings, such as after a hard day at work you seem to overload her with questions when she just wants to rest. However she loves how straightforward you are and Jaehee is one of the best people for you. Her affection comes slowly and gradually meaning you won’t be completely overwhelmed by her affection.

Jumin: He’s a very straightforward man meaning he won’t keep anything hidden behind strange sentences, no hidden meanings. This allows you to understand him better because you don’t have to decode his sentences. He also greatly appreciates your honestly however the only thing he dislikes about your condition is how awkward you can be in social situations but he never stops taking you to parties. He wants everybody to know that you’re the one he loves despite your nature to be extremely quiet or have a difficulty with communication in general.

707: He notices your swings into depression as you are quite vulnerable to falling into depression. He really wants to help you through these tough times and help boost your self esteem. He wants to see you smile and talk about things that make you happy. He doesn’t want to see you become like him, he’s been through this before and he doesn’t want you to go through it either. He’ll always be looking after you and close by just in case you need help.

V: He’s probably the best suited to dealing with these sorts of things as he is extraordinarily understanding. He extremely good at giving emotional support and would definitely be there for you in times of need. He’s extremely patient and would never think of you as weird. If there is something you’re passionate about, he’ll want to also become passionate about it. He’ll stand by your side and never let you out of his grasp, in a good way.

Saeran: In contrast to V, this boy may be one of the worst with dealing with these things. He’s never had any experience with things like this and used to solve everything with violence or anything similar to it. Approaching things slowly and from an emotional standpoint never really made sense to him however now that he has to, he tries to change and support you. At times he can get frustrated with you and your attitude however he understands there are insecurities you may be hiding, just like he did. With this in mind, he uses actions rather than words and comforts you with hugs and takes time to research into your new found interests.

prompt: “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

another one for @armadil-lauren <3

The rain was not getting any lighter as Michael drove down the street. In fact, it had escalated into thunder and lightning, and he could barely see out the windscreen. Each time the wipers swept sheets of water away, another lot would cascade in.

This was not how he wanted to spend his Saturday night, especially since it was past 1am and he’d had an exhausting week with the two heists they’d pulled off. After the fiasco at the club earlier, he’d just wanted to go to bed and try to forget any of this had happened. But now - he was filled with a churning unease, had been since he got the text message.

“Where the fuck is he,” he muttered, only to let out a triumphant grunt when the wipers cleared another screen of water and he spied it.

Gavin was sitting on the curb like a kicked puppy, his hair plastered over his forehead, looking small and miserable in the dim glow of the streetlight he was crouched under. Michael pulled up next to him, leaned across and opened the door.

“Yo. Get in.”

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Drafts that I'll never finish (1/?)

I currently have 105 drafts and there are so many that I’ll never ever come back to so I’ve decided to post a few. Hope they’re somewhat entertaining :)

“I get it now, you know,” Adam said as he watched Ronan run a hand over the boney wing of the chalk-white creature that he quite fondly referred to as a night horror.

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I’ll seek you out
Flay you alive
One more word and you won’t survive
And I’m not scared
Of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.

New Amren process sketch. Started toning with colored pencil but I’m not feeling it, so I’ll probably convert it to a digital painting later.

Okay so I REALLY love it when my mom gets mad at me for things I can’t really control