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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them


First of all, sorry for the long post. Also sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, this isn’t my first language.

I drew this with Joker’s suicidal tendencies in mind, and the idea that Batman believes that his villains can have a chance at recovery. 


Well, the time has come to play,
This town is weird but you stayed;
In the house so big and wicked,
It was easy to hide the secret.
The man downstairs was very clever,
Although he couldn’t hide his plans forever.

No puppet strings can hold me down;
So patiently I watched this town.
Abnormal, it is now the norm;
You enjoyed your calm before the storm.

Thirty years has passed since then
And now the man is back again.
I didn’t give him a chance to win;
Instead, I made him bow to me.

The prophecy seemed far away,
But finally we’ve reached the day.
Give up the past, embrace the strange.
Everything you care about will change.

Game is over, and I won
Now it’s time to start the fun!
I always love corrupting lives;
Now, let’s see… which Pines survives?

So I basically just connected a few ciphers from the show, but the outcome is soooooo freakin’ good. I’m proud of myself. And that doesn’t happen often.

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