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Girl you got me fucked up! Cats And Dogs is so fucking hot! I'm a hoe for hybrid!au and the whole heat/crazy hot lust thing. I'm very glad you didn't make tae take advantage of the OC. That was very thoughtful of you. With that said can you please MAKE THEM DO THE DO!!! POSSIBLY WHEN ONE OF THEM IS IN HEAT??? I'LL BE YOUR SLAVE FOR LIFE!!!! jk I would hate to pressure you I'm just thirsty af. I'm so excited for the kink thing 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

i’m blushing real hard rn.  

tbh i was going to make them fuck, but then i ran out of stamina.  i tend to do that a lot where i write and write and write and then all the way at the end i just lose all energy and put in a cop-out ending.  

no worries!  i dont feel pressured.  thank you for being considerate though!

I don’t know if I can do a whole scenario about it, but here’s how I picture it:

You finish your internship just before Taehyung’s heat.  After being away for more than two months on assignment, you’re anxious to get back to your puppy.  

On the flight home you browse through your gallery at all your message downloads, smiling fondly at the sheer number of dick pics Taehyung sent you to “tide you over” until you got home.  They have a special place in your album next to your collection of his silly faces and handsome, full-body shots.  

Technically, you’re coming home a little earlier than usual, so you decide to surprise him.  

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What about jessrey first kiss?

(also here on ao3)


Jessika is only a little bit shorter than Rey but it’s harder to tell when she’s wearing her thick pilot boots; it’s a fact Jessika only knows because she spun too quickly as Rey taped her on the shoulder they nearly ended up hitting noses.

“I’m sorry,” She took a step back, running a hand through her hair and wincing. It was still streaked with sweat from her being jammed in the cockpit of her X-Wing for nearly five hours from doing her watch of a First Order base.

Her orange flight suit was still on, bulky and slightly uncomfortable as opposed to the lightly layered outfit Rey was wearing, her Jedi robe rested on a nearby crate since the temperature had dropped in the afternoon and left the hanger bay feeling humid.

“Welcome back.” Rey smiled at her, hazel eyes crinkling at the edges and she just looked so delighted to see Jessika it made her forget all the rest of her worries.

“I should be saying that to you,” Jessika returned the smile with ease, “It’s been what, a month?” Like she hadn’t been counting the days.

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I had the greatest fortunes today for meeting Ray Park at the Greater Philadelphia Comic Con, who is famous for playing the ruthless Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace, Toad from X-Men, Snake Eyes from G.I Joe movie, and more. Of course, I revered him for being one of the most skillful and devious assets to the Dark Side, and I was quite star struck meeting him face to face, shaking his hand, and telling him how much I thought Darth Maul was so much better than Vader and that he needed to be reborn for episode 8, to which he laughed. 

OF COURSE IT DIDN’T STOP THERE. Out of a whim, I introduced him to the app MSQR (which is one of the best selfie apps ever!) that actually had the Darth Maul face selection on it. Once I turned the camera towards him, his face became Darth Maul! IT WAS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THE ACTUAL DARTH MAUL WITH A DARTH MAUL FACE!! HE GOT SUCH A KICK OUT OF IT THAT HE KEPT MAKING FACES INTO MY PHONE AND THEN DOWNLOADED THE APP ON HIS OWN!

BUT IT DIDN’T STOP THERE EITHER. Hours later towards the end when my friend and I agreed that it was time to wrap it up for the day, we decided to stroll one more time through the con tables. We passed Ray Park’s table, and he was still sitting there with his agent and one or two people talking to him. JUST THEN HE NOTICED ME AND CALLED ME OVER, ASKING ME HOW I WAS ABLE TO GET THE DARTH MAUL FACE ON MSQRD BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON THE APP HE DOWNLOADED DID NOT HAVE IT. That confused me, because his app on his IPhone 6 (WHICH HE LET ME HOLD AND GO THROUGH TO FIX THE PROBLEM) for some reason did not offer as many selections in the app on my iphone 5C. Even another fan’s Iphone 6 did not have the Darth Maul selection. I don’t know if mine was an old version, but being the only one with a broader selection of faces, I stood out as this person of interest in his eyes. HE IMMEDIATELY WANTED ME TO RECORD HIM SAYING SOMETHING AS DARTH MAUL INTO MY PHONE AS WELL AS MAKE FACES AGAIN, and then asked me to tag him the video/pic to his twitter. After that we talked some more about his future projects and aspirations, and he was such a down to earth character, I had no problem having a casual conversation with this gentleman. I felt like I knew him all my life. 

He probably addressed me by my name more than once throughout our conversation and was happy that I helped him find such an interesting app. In the end before leaving he said “GOODBYE JULISA, HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT TIME. THANKS AGAIN!” and saluted me a farewell. 

SO ALL IN ALL, TODAY WAS THE DAY WHEN NOT ONLY DID I HELP AN AWESOME CELEBRITY, BUT HE SINGLED ME OUT AS THIS GIRL THAT HE HOPED TO SEE AGAIN. I’m not saying I’m suddenly his super best friend, but goddamn did I feel like melting in happiness after that (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

It Was Love
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Blood, Language
Summary: The red silk dress and the curled hair just reminded him of the 40′s except the loud pop music and racy outfits around him, brought him out of his dream only to see a beautiful reality.
Word Count: 1k

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Howdy! I looked through your FAQs and didn't really see anything directly addressing this (though I could have, and probably did, miss it), so I was just wondering if you have any advice on developing ones own style? Your art is so slamming and original and ahh h

hey there! developing an art style is like developing uh… fuck it, there exists no analogy that is not fucking trite.  fuck it. developing a style is bitter and painful if you’re impatient (like we all are) and only satisfying when you get to the “end”, which does not exist, because all forms of development are on-going and never actually “end”.

that said, my advice is to think about the process rather than the result.

i don’t think there is an actual proper way to develop a “style”. i am pretty sure there are multiple essays floating around that discuss how the idea of “having a style” is flawed for some particular reason or another. but who cares, you don’t want to read about that.  you want to read about how to learn how to draw things unique to you.

my initial response is that this is both impossible and totally naturally occurring.  nothing is 100% to original to you in the sense that you cannot escape influences. everything you see, touch, feel, consume, experience… it all influences you, whether or not it is visual art.  however, the way in which you are influenced by things depends on your own particular experiences, which are unique to you.

you eat a piece of media, you process it, and your digestion/reaction/understanding/representation of that media depends on your experiences.
you see a drawing you like, you think about why you like it, you represent that understanding of “why” in your own way based on your experiences (because why you like a thing certainly depends on where you’re coming from).

ok anyway now that i’ve been philosophical here’s some tips

  1. look at things you like.  it can be anything.  i personally believe it is best to pull from  a wide variety of things you like (example: i like  Yumeka Sumomo; i like John Carpenter’s The Thing; i like Rene Magritte; i like Ono Natsume)
  2. as you look at the things you like, think about why you like them. this can be very ~deep and meaningful~ or it can be totally aesthetically based. don’t psych yourself out. follow your fucking heart and be true to yourself, no matter how silly you may or may not feel. (example: i like how Yumeka Sumomo draws eyes because they are so simple but convey so much emotion; i like how John Carpenter’s the Thing uses both disgusting visuals and atmospheric tension to freak the audience the fuck out; i like Magritte’s seemingly subtle use of surrealism to portray scenes that make the viewer ever so slightly uncomfortable; i like Ono Natsume because her art reminds me that you don’t have to Follow the Norm to draw attractive characters or tell serious stories; bonus round: i like Okazaki Kyoko because she reminds me that perfection is a fucking lie and the point is to express and idea or feeling, not to get everything perfectly right)
  3. think about how you can do those things with your own work.  experiment.  perhaps play a little with stylistic elements you enjoy in other peoples’ work.  i think emulating artists you respect and look up to is normal, because you KNOW what you think looks good, but you don’t know how to make things like that yourself. so draw eyes the way Yumeka Sumomo does. Use ultra thin lineart like Okazaki Kyoko. play around with brushstrokes like Ono Natsume. Draw hot dudes with broad shoulders the way your fav artist online does. follow your fucking heart. (example: i don’t have any of the work on hand, but in high school i played around with Ueada Hajime’s art because it was so different from everything else i had seen and i liked how the weirdness of the art didn’t impact the story being told; i think i may have done the same for Sumomo Yumeka’s art around that time)
  4. ok now stop looking. draw something. maybe go back and take a quick peek at those artists you thought of before. then leave them alone.  draw some more stuff. look at different artists. keep drawing. take a break. drink some water. as time goes on, look less and less at those artists you like. think less about how they portray those elements you enjoy and think more about how you want to portray those elements.
  5. bonus step! consider the relationship between yourself and the thing you are drawing. how are you interacting with your subject? how do you feel about your subject? why are you drawing the subject? etc etc etc. the answers to these questions potentially influence how, stylistically, you want to represent your subject.
  6. MANDATORY VIEWING: 4 Artists Paint One Tree is my absolute favorite video on the entire internet. i apply the entire ethos and message of this video to literally all types of creative work. Robert Henri’s Art Spirit (cited at the beginning of the video) is my personal art bible and i totally recommend it.

i once asked my friend (♥ ♥ ♥) what it’s like to make music and he told me, “a lot of people get into producing stuff by listening to something and trying to emulate it. pretty much everyone starts out with just a computer and headphones by downloading some shitty program and playing with … and spending lots of time alone in their room making stuff they really don’t like until it finally gets a little better after a few years.”

whatever style you end up with at first is going to start off looking like shit. you’re going to hate it. but you’re going to keep drawing. you’re going to draw for a really long time. sooner or later you will like what you are drawing a little more than you did before, and then you will keep drawing. you will curve the jaw a little differently one day and realize that was the missing piece. you will try drawing fluffier hair and realize it was a horrible fucking mistake. you will keep fucking around and fucking up and you will keep drawing.

time will pass and you’ll realize you’re not even looking at those artists for stylistic inspiration anymore. you’re looking at them because you enjoy them, but you’re doing your own thing. and then you’ll draw some more.

keep fucking drawing.

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Hi, this might be a weird question but I was wondering if you had any tips on how to stay organized, motivated and on top of your game for school? My first semester of university went by like a breeze, I had unexplained motivation and I didn't have any major problems with procrastination but this semester I feel so dead and unmotivated. Do you have any school hacks or apps that help you with this? P.S I love your writing and how neat your notes are, they're seriously goals!

ah i feel you! last year i was going great up til term 4, and then i guess i caught senioritis and stopped trying as much. 

here are some small motivation tips:

  • make sure you realise exactly what you’re working for, know your goals. if you’re in university, your goal is essentially to pass your exams, pass this year, move on to the next year, get your degree, and do something you love, i’m guessing.
    i like to think of it like a metabolic pathway. you have a starting reactant point, as well as your final product (your end goal). but your end goal has to be processed through intermediary products first, which are your mini-goals. you have to pass through each intermediary before you have your end goal. your study and effort are the enzymes that power the metabolic pathway, if they can’t work then you can’t make the intermediaries and ultimately, you can’t reach your end goal. so, if you don’t put enough effort into reaching your smaller goals, your end goal will always be out of reach.
  • anyway, sorry for rambling about metabolic pathways. i’m not sure about you, but having nice stationery motivates me to study so much more. of course, you shouldn’t just go out and buy a new pen every time you need motivation. if you have things like stickers or washi tape, you can try decorating your books and it might make you a bit more happy and willing to study!
  • leading on from that, make sure you have a clean and organised study space. make sure it’s well lit and decorate it, make it your own so you feel comfortable studying.
  • what i personally do when i’m not motivated is i just force myself to just do one question, just read one page. i don’t know about other people but i hate leaving stuff unfinished so i usually end up reading the chapter, or just doing the exercise. it’s a similar method to a post i read a while ago, just make yourself do some work for two minutes. once it’s there and in front of you, and you’ve already started working, you’ll likely want to do more.

i also downloaded an app recently called todait! it’s a really helpful study planner and tracker, and it gives useful stats about your studying. it can help you plan study time: you input the amount of time you have to do an assignment and how much time you want to spend on it and it will schedule times for you to study. there’s a calendar so you can manage multiple assignments and your study time. i’m not extremely well-versed at the moment and i don’t have much experience since i only have one thing to really be working on, but i’ve found it helpful in upkeeping my daily study time.