it just got better lol

Thank god it’s weekend

mooseings replied to your post “Guess who fell off”


We were doing trot poles in two point, Coop was like ‘no thank you’ so my instructor handed me a crop, Coop assumed that crop + two point = canter, we were turning, my ass was not ready, WOOP right over his shoulder into the dirt.

My instructor said he gave a little hop too but I think that was just to make me feel better lol.

No injuries, got back up fine, got back on and did like 15 more min of rising trot to walk transitions, then we were done. I have no idea how tf I landed because I have dirt all up in my face and head and neck (it is in my teeth :) :) :) ) but my right ass-bone is the big sore part. 

Psychologically I feel fine, tho idk what ‘fine’ even means since I was dialing a suicide hotline this morning lmfao, but it is the WORST location because I sit on that. At work. And to drive. And now going up and down stairs is already difficult. Which is fun! Because I sleep in the basement.

basically ow

but nowhere near as bad as I expected falling off to be

this headcanon is giving me secondhand embarrassment a little bit, but i’ll write it anyway.

yeah, repliku had a huge ol’ puppy crush on naminé; it was born from the memories naminé put in his head where she would comfort him when he was dealing with envy when it came to sora and it just bloomed on its own from there. though it was more intense because of the way they were created and implanted in his head to give him a reason to fight sora, it was still imprinted in a way that he was unable to shake off. 

even if he wanted to shake it off, he never questioned it until after sora showed him that they both had the same charm from naminé – both fake. he exhibits heart ache as she leaves him and seems to be more concerned with sora, but they never went away since they’re his only memories that he chooses to cling to (because if they were to be deleted, he would have nothing).

he’s trying his hardest now to shake off “dumb feelings” since he knows they’re fake; he recognizes that she doesn’t like him that way and probably won’t, but he still wants to protect her and be around her since that feeling is all he knows (other than nothing). 

also, because he knows they’re not real, he’s trying to stray away from feeling that way ever again. he can’t trust himself to fall or have feelings because he’ll always have thoughts at the back of his mind such as ‘am i being manipulated?’, ‘are these feelings genuine?’ – things like that.


Although Seungri was only imirating a fangirl’s voice, this still counts. You should hear his voice. Also the part when GDYB look at each other and burst in laughter [x]

how to move on
1. denial. you tell yourself the sun keeps coming back and so will he. it isn’t your fault, repeat it, a mantra to get you to sleep at night. you think about him and he will come back for you. some people go out to get milk and never come out. you never drink milk again, and you are afraid to look at your phone. “Missed call (1) from Despair” you won’t ever see it. you threw your phone in the ocean and now you see him in the ocean too.
2. displacement. you blame yourself. you blame your friends for talking too much. you blame your mother because she was the only one who knew your heartbeat from the inside.
3. catharsis. you break the glass. you burn your fingers. you swallow whole apples to fill you. it takes you a month to open the curtains again. the sun burned out. you are drenched in red wine and more vodka. you are digging a grave.
4. you bury the body. preferably, it is not your own.

poem inspired by d.k. ( @deerthrum ) written in oct 2016 // typed it on my phone d.m.

In which Felix is stubborn and drops a box of supplies on his noggin and Locus never misses the chance for a ‘told you so.’

I JUST HIT 1K!!!🎉🎉

Hey guys!! I just wanted to say hello to all the newbies of my blog!! I’m primarily Checkplease content as well as the occasional rl hockey post. And to all my older followers, I wanna say thank you for you know, staying 😬. Anywho in honor of my 1k I’m gonna do a Check please themed ask so you guys can get to know me, and If you have any other question feel free to add them in!!

Jack- What’s your full name?
Bitty- When’s your birthday?
Shitty-Where are you from?
Lardo-What school do you go to?
Ransom-favorite color
Holster-Favorite Movie
Dex-Marvel or D.C.
Nursey- Favorite poem
Chowder- Favorite Sports team
Tango-Favorite tv show
Whiskey-Favorite book
Coral Reef- What makes you stressed?
Adonis Butt- Are you Single or Taken?
Itty Bitty-Sexuality? Faber-what’s your astrology sign?
Annie’s- Favorite Fandom?
Providence- Least favorite fandom?
Harvard- Favorite art
Haus-favorite music
Hockey-least favorite music
Lacrosse-what’s your dream job?
Wellies-what’s on your bucket list?
Samwell-what are you wearing right now?
Boston- if your had superpowers what would they be?
Johnson- most embarrassing moment
Kent-worst fear
Tater-favorite quote
Thirdy-describe your sense of humor
Marty- absolute pet peeve
Georgia-can you play any instruments?
Falconers-post a selfie
Caitlin-coffee or tea
Pie-do you have any life advice for us?