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As promised, I made some icons out of mangacaps I colored! It’s the 5 icons above but with different background colors.

There are 20 icons of 100x100!

Since it’s only 20 icons, I decided to upload them directly on this post. But if you want to download them all at once, hit me up and I’ll post a download link!

If you want me to make icons of a particular character, just tell me.

Please reblog/like if you (plan to) use! Credit is not necessary but appreciated! c:

The icons are under the cut:

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Although Seungri was only imirating a fangirl’s voice, this still counts. You should hear his voice. Also the part when GDYB look at each other and burst in laughter [x]

Peri analyzing Maui’s development (Part 2) (btw I brightened the screenshots a bit in my photo editor)

I know its Te Ka in the background, but notice how the lighting especially in the bottom screenshot appears warmer (pun not intended because of te ka lol) almost and more calm. I mean compared to that other scene lol. Even the music as @paperjam-bipper mentioned in another post that even tho this scene is during the climax and supposed to be intense. The music becomes softer and lighter when Maui returns which says a lot, right before switching back to the main conflict

I had this headcanon that I turned into a short drabble a while back, that after Maui flies away he lands on a cloud high up in the air (like this episode of the powerpuff girls when they took a break from saving the town). To sort out his frustrations and feelings of hurt and self loathing

Then once Mini Maui talks some sense into him, realizes that his hook really doesn’t define who he is, its his choice. Moana really does believe in him, not as some all powerful deity. A friend, an ally a person that always has ur back your best interest at heart. Moana helped Maui regain his confidence in using his hook NOT because he necessarily needs it. But since u know its the source of supernatural power, how he shapeshifts and assists in gaining an upper hand in fights, but she was being a friend to him and also helping to get Maui’s confidence in himself back up. That’s what friends do for each other!! Lol

“I got your back chosen one, go save the world”

Dictionary Art Journal: Lily

This is my first ever drawing of a stargazer lily and I couldn’t be happier with it.

pencil, colored pencils, micron pen.

I need to remember to not draw over the word I’m drawing so I can highlight the word better lol.  I just got so into the drawing that I forgot, and then I loved the initial sketch so much I didn’t want to erase it and change it. In the future I’ll probably use a sticky note or something to cover the word so it will prevent me from drawing over it and the definition.

In which Felix is stubborn and drops a box of supplies on his noggin and Locus never misses the chance for a ‘told you so.’

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LOL THANK YOU ASLKFJS maybe with this account, i’ll post more nsfw stuff haha <3333

2017 is the year all TV shows die

BBC Sherlock is effectively dead

OUAT has a season finale on Sunday. The main 3 actors are not coming back for another season. If they have a 7th season, it’s dead on arrival.

I need new TV shows to watch