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great minds think alike

great minds think alike a lai guanlin scenario
word count: 2365

blurb: you attend your high school prom with your best friend, lai guanlin. it wasn’t unusual for young girls to expect a lot to come out of this special night, so was it wrong for you to hope for just a little something more?

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

“Lesbian” is one of the most well-known labels and seemingly one with the easiest definition. A lesbian is a girl who likes girls and doesn’t like boys. Simple! 

But we know that gender is not as black and white as just “girls and boys”. And so even this easy label can become confusing. Who exactly is allowed to identify as lesbian? Are you a thief and a liar if you do not fit the definition above 100%? 

Some bloggers even dedicate their whole blog to fighting about such things, which doesn’t make it easier for anyone - they make it sound as if you even disappoint and anger your very own community if you choose the “wrong” label. 

They seem to collectively forget that labels are just words - We can stretch their definition and adjust it as we learn more about our diverse community and all our individual experiences. Doing this doesn’t ruin the label for anyone, it just makes it more inclusive and ultimately makes our community safer.

If you feel comfortable to identify as a lesbian, then you are allowed to use that label, sweetie. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

“But I don’t have a vagina” - So what? Many girls don’t. You identify as a girl, that’s all that matters. Don’t let anyone reduce you to the shape of your genitalia (funnily enough, that’s what sexist pricks have been doing to girls since ages - there’s nothing feminist or pro-lesbian about sexism).

“But I’m nonbinary” - So what? There are good reasons why a nonbinary person may choose to identify as lesbian. You feel a connection to womanhood or identify partially as a girl? You’re welcome in our community! 

“But what if I do start to like boys when I get older?” - So what? You’re allowed to choose a label that feels good right now. If you do change one day, there’s still plenty of time to find a label that fits better. (That being said, it’s quite common to worry you’ll change simply because the idea that it’s “just a phase”  has been forced onto you. Worrying about it is certainly not a sure sign that it’ll change!)   

“But I just like girls romantically, I don’t want to sleep with them” - So what? You can feel romantically attracted to girls but feel no sexual attraction to them - and not everyone who fits that description wants to use “homoromantic asexual” as a label (even though that’s a lovely and valid label too!) It’s perfectly okay to use lesbian if you feel more comfortable with that, no matter the reason. Lesbian is not a “sexual” label in itself. You love girls? You can identify as lesbian.

With all my love,

Your Tumblr Mom 

There’s a beautiful man reading a book in the field behind Zhenya’s backyard. The field is technically Zhenya’s property, but he never bothered to do anything with it. At first he thinks he’s dreaming. Then, after studying the guy’s clothing, looking as if he stole from the set of Little House on the Prairie, he thinks he’s seeing ghosts.

“Are you ghost?” Zhenya asks, reeling Jeffrey in, who is suddenly very interested in bounding over to the man and—sniffing him or mauling him, Zhenya isn’t too sure. “Please say no.”

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Motel 96 (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Hostage situation
Word Count: 1359
A/N: This is the first part of my entry for @jurassicbarnes‘s writing challenge!
Prompt: “You were chased by cops and took me as a hostage but you didn’t realized the cops were after me”

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James’ grip on your arm was borderline painful. You had experienced far worse, but the intense pressure with which he was squeezing you to keep you in place was too much to simply ignore. It’s a stark contrast to the gentle way he had touched you last night. He had treated you as if you were glass that might shatter at any moment, but now you were afraid that he was the one who had broken. The barrel of the gun he was holding shook slightly against your temple, indicating that his hand was trembling. He was nervous, unsure. This is not what you had expected to wake up to.

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ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 
Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 2]

Summary: [part 2] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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In some cultures shaving your head is a sign of grief/mourning. And I heard that cutting your hair can make you feel in control when everything else is falling apart. Like it's an only thing you can do something about.

I think this fits Ron’s situation perfectly! And even Ginny. Maybe they cut their hair together and it was a brother and sister bonding moment. Initially Ron asks Ginny to cut his hair (not too much though, he just needed a haircut), because their mother is not in the emotional conditions to do this for him. He also doesn’t want to bother her. So he asks Ginny, she agrees but make clear that she had never cut a hair before. “It’s ok, you’re good at hexing people, how hard cutting a hair can be?” she enjoys the compliment and promises she won’t mess up his hair on purpose because of this. But it turns out cutting a hair is more difficult than she thought it would be so she messes up completely. They start arguing “you promised you wouldn’t mess up!” “I said I wouldn’t do it on purpose!” and Mrs Weasley passes the corridor right in moment to see their young daughter and son laughing their asses off because Ron’s hair was really awful. He then decides “You know what, just shave it off completely now.” and when Ginny finishes it she says “that was easier” and Ron’s sarcastic comment “really?” makes Mrs. Weasley open a smile for the first time in months.

Edit: until she realises what they are doing and enters the room “what were you two thinking!?”

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I don't know if you've done this before but may I ask for a hc list for Damian with a really cuddly and smol reader pretty please! ("hey where s/o?")(*damian moves cape to reveal reader attached to him*)

Hi!! I’ve definitely never done this before so I hope this is alright! I live for this to be quite honest!! Thank you for sending in your request! Do enjoy!!

  • You know for sure Damian’s just going to be a tad bit smug about it - the fact that you are shorter than him. He will tease you just to get a rise out of you because the two of you are most likely already at that point in your relationship where you know he’s just doing it to spite you and not because Damian actually really means it.
  • His brothers like to tease you too – sometimes just to see Damian mad and of course, you being his girlfriend has to save his brothers from getting killed by Damian because he doesn’t like it if his brothers tease you because he’s the only one allowed to tease you about your height. That aside, you know Damian and his brothers will stop teasing you if you are extremely upset or uncomfortable over it. But so far, you’ve taken it all in stride just because.
  • Damian enjoys cuddling with you!! It’s super adorable to everyone who happens to see the two of you together because Damian would always want to hold you in his arms or wants to at least be holding you close so you tend to fall asleep on top of him. You are always the little spoon though of course Damian will indulge you and let you be the big spoon occasionally.
  • To be honest, you find Damian very hot – temperature wise – so cuddling with him on a rainy night or cold day is always the best. You fit in his arms perfectly too and not to mention, Damian always smell nice!!
  • There are times when you have to assure Damian that you’re absolutely fine and can take care of yourself. “After all, I do have a black belt in Judo and Hapkido!” You always reassure him. Sometimes you being small is a really good thing.
  • Damian likes to tease you too. Sometimes you will find your favourite cereal on the very top of the shelf and he finds it amusing! If anyone outside of your family circle and his family circle ever teases you about your height, Damian will get super pissed. He will not hesitate to fight anyone who upsets you because of your height
  • His favourite nicknames for you are very little (see what I did there) because he isn’t that big on using nicknames. Though rest assured, if it’s just within the manor or within family members, he normally calls you his little fox or little kitten or his tiny beloved. Sometimes Damian would just throw you over his shoulders because why not?
  • You enjoy using Damian as your human shield especially when you don’t want to face anyone or even face the reporters that may occasionally find the two of you. Because of you being petite, Damian always jokes that you are fun-sized or pocket-sized and that he will try his hardest to hide you.
  • “Hey where did Y/N run off to?” – you didn’t, you just simply become Damian’s shadow. His brothers’ nickname for you is probably the little shadow because of this. The two of you are just super-duper adorable together!!!
What It's Like Having Scoliosis

Sometimes you’ll have what I like to call an “achey day” where your back just fucking hurts no matter what you do.

Please don’t make me stand for a long time, because it’ll start to feel like all the weight of my upper body is settling onto my hips, which doesn’t feel good.

There are 3 types of sleeping positions:
• the type that hurts your back
• the type that “supports your spine”
• and the type that’s actually comfortable and allows you to fucking sleep.

Don’t even get me started on shopping for clothes. Nothing ever fucking fits right! It might fit perfectly fine in one area, but in another it’s either too tight or too loose.
Even if you do manage to find something that fits okay, it’s still not gonna look fantastic on you because you just feel as though you look like a disproportionate chicken nugget


  • there are really only two types of short people: the type that thinks they can still do anything anyways and the lazy assholes
  • honestly, the Minyard twins probably fit into the latter category
  • this means that anytime something is, like, a foot above their head but still perfectly within reach, neither Andrew or Aaron try to get it
    • they just shrug and say, “sorry, too high, you’re gonna have to get it yourself, Nicky”
    • like Nicky will ask Aaron to pass him the remote, located a meter away from him
      • Aaron will hold out his arm but not lean over until eventually Nicky just gives up and gets it himself
    • every morning Andrew makes Kevin get his (sugar-filled) cereal from the cupboard even though he’s perfectly capable of reaching it himself
    • they both just walk out whenever Abby asks them to set the table under the excuse that they can’t reach the plates
      • (they actually do this everywhere except at Eden’s (since they need the job) and when alcohol’s related)
  • after years Nicky’s already resigned to this arrangement
  • Kevin still tries to argue back every time but always loses
  • then Neil comes along
  • Neil was never allowed to pull the short lazy asshole stuff off, partly because he was roughly the same height as his mom and partly because there’s no way she’d ever let him get away with it
  • the upperclassmen are ecstatic to have someone short on the team who doesn’t make them get everything
  • and even though he rolls his eyes, Neil would still grab whatever Andrew asks him to get
    • this continues onto when they’re living together in a shared apartment with their two cats
  • eventually, even Neil starts getting annoyed
    • like really, Andrew?  it’s literally and inch above your head, you just don’t want to move
  • all of this accumulates to one day, when Andrew’s waiting for Neil to lean down and kiss him
  • and Neil just aborts halfway as says, “sorry, too low, can’t reach” and walks away
  • Andrew starts putting in a bit more effort into getting his own things afterwards
    • for example, he yanks Neil down next time
When I say Oliver should fight for Felicity...

There has been a lot of debate in the fandom for over a year now about whether Oliver should’ve fought harder to make things right with Felicity after the breakup. Everyone has their own definition of what “fighting for Felicity” means, and I won’t speak for everyone. I can only speak for myself and relay my own hopes and frustrations.

Today @emilytbett was nice enough to share with us the autographed script she received of 4x16 in which Olicity recite their vows.

It was actually so beautiful and amazing to see how the actors contributed to the script and really made the characters come to life in that scene. I think we all needed to see this and be reminded of why we’ve been staying with the show even when we want to scream and throw things at the TV.

There are many reasons why I’ve been upset this season and why I felt like I was pushed to my limit with 5x15. And it’s seeing this beautiful script and what we could’ve had that has made it hit home. I am one of those fans that strongly believes Oliver should’ve fought for Felicity, especially after he said these vows. With lines like “You will always be the best thing about me for the rest of my life” and “I will never lie to you again. Ever, ever again,” how could we not believe Oliver would’ve done everything in his power to make things right with the love of his life?

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Some fans argue that Felicity firmly closed the door on a reconciliation, and it wouldn’t have been right for Oliver to pursue her. But fighting for Felicity, to me, was never about Oliver coming on too strong or pressuring her to give him another chance romantically. I actually think the two did need to take a break and be apart for a while during hiatus. They both had a lot of heartache and issues to process and work through individually.

But where I think the writers truly did the characters and fans a disservice in Season 5 is by not having Oliver become a living embodiment of these vows. Flirting with Felicity and asking her out was not how Oliver needed to fight for Felicity. To truly make things right, he first needed to apologize for lying. A simple, heartfelt “I’m sorry” to show that he was genuinely remorseful and understood how he hurt her. Nothing is more powerful than actually hearing the one you love say the words.  

Then, every day after that, Oliver needed to show he’d changed through his actions. That meant being a good friend and partner by making sure Felicity had support after her paralysis, job loss, and Havenrock. If anyone understands the effects of trauma, it’s Oliver. They didn’t have to be big scenes because, let’s be honest, Arrow more often than not has issues with pacing and giving sufficient time to hit the emotional beats. These moments are usually small but powerful blips that we either re-watch or gif the heck out of to catch all of the subtle nuances. But small, consistent moments of Oliver asking about Felicity’s day or if she’s okay when she seems off would’ve gone a long way. Heck, even something as simple as bringing her a coffee or Big Belly Burger (I know he’s a food snob but Felicity loves the salt and grease) after a long day would’ve meant a lot.

In turn, we needed to see Oliver being more open and honest with Felicity about his past and how he felt going forward facing various challenges (both as the mayor and Green Arrow). We saw a promising glimpse of that in 5x02 when he mentioned the Bratva to her.

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

However, he reverted to old habits in 5x04 when he lied about rescuing Dig. Maybe Felicity does need to be the one to make the first move and give Oliver a sign that she’d be open to giving him a second chance, but it’s a total Catch-22. Oliver can’t make a move until Felicity is ready, but Felicity probably won’t be ready until she sees an actual positive change in Oliver.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen that positive change yet. If anything, it seems to me like the writers have regressed Oliver yet again (maybe even more than in the past). Having him apologize and doggedly pursue another woman who isn’t even worthy of the effort sends the wrong message. Watching Oliver do this for another woman (one that Felicity knows is shady and has hurt people she’s cared about) does not communicate to Felicity that he’s thinking clearly or learned from past mistakes. I won’t even get into Oliver asking her to help him fix things with EWR, because there aren’t enough words to describe my utter disgust with that move. I think it hurt Felicity way more than she let on to see Oliver fighting for someone else but not even attempting to apologize to her for his lies or obliviousness to her pain after he “killed” Billy. In seeing Oliver put his own needs above hers yet again, I think it became the deciding factor (or last straw) in Felicity seeking support elsewhere and joining Helix. And until we see Oliver man up and stop being so self-absorbed, the “rebuild” just isn’t going to be effective.

Oliver and Felicity do love each other. They’re soulmates. No one can convince me otherwise. Seeing the 4x16 script reaffirmed the deep love they shared, and I’m not saying they can’t get back to that. But it’s going to take time and effort. I think a single conversation won’t be enough to fix them this time. The reason Season 2 and, yes, Season 3 (despite the angst) were so great for Olicity was because the subtle moments (though they tortured us at times) slowly added up and fit perfectly into the big picture of their relationship. The rebuild has to be the same way and, personally, too much bad drama in Season 5 has happened for me to feel good about a reunion just yet. Oliver still has to be a better man so that he can realistically pull Felicity out of the darkness that’s consuming her. Blind optimism (blatantly trusting the wrong people) is not living in the light, and his actions have to start reflecting the change he’s claiming to make. It’s the only way he can even deserve the possibility of a second chance with Felicity. Right now, I’m hoping that by the finale Olicity have grown individually and we get an ending similar to Season 2 where there’s a strong indication of a reunion coming in Season 6.

Will the writers actually do this? Who knows?! The Olicity love is definitely there and if the writers know what’s good for them (and their ratings), they’ll quit their failed experiment and actually embrace the elements that made this show so successful in the first place. How this plays out will be a mystery until the finale but what’s an absolute necessity for me as a viewer is seeing Oliver get out of his own way and fight for the woman he loves. Felicity deserves it. Oliver deserves it. We deserve it. And it’s totally okay to not accept anything less…

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meanwhile, I wake up
in the dress I wore to my grandma’s funeral 
4 years ago and it still fits perfectly,
the black clinging in a way 
that it shouldn’t with how I have grown
yet simultaneously figured out the secret
to carving pieces of myself away,
the only way to make room for the grief 

my hands shake in ways that they never knew,
the condensation of the coffee cup baffling
as though it has been sitting on the counter
waiting for the brewer to return for too long 
and it slips out of my hands when I try 
to take a sip, I too, shatter
into a mess to be cleaned up by someone else,
the smell of burnt eggs hits my face 
and no one has been cooking

this morning is not a morning, not a beginning.
the sun does not creep up over the horizon,
in fact, there is nothing visible 
across the line of the yard except for 
the hummingbird feeder full of red-
if I were better I would know it was not blood
that drips into the divots, but I am not better- 
Grandma comes up behind me 
like the blur of wings moving too fast 
to tell me that it is time for bed 

today, there is an anniversary, a nightmare,
and memories that may not be mine.
meanwhile, I am still mourning.

—  breakfasts with Olive || O.L.

i’m having such DY feels its fucking insane

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your relationship would include:

  • doyoung curling his lips into his mouth to stop the smile that automatically finds itself on his face at the sight of you because he doesn’t want to admit to his sap 
  • and him folding his hands together to stop himself from holding on to you, looking down at the ground to stop himself from being completely drawn to you
  • doesn’t matter how, or where, just somehow, he always wants to be physically connected to you
  • lots of subtly holding onto your pinky as you stand next to each other, 
  • and, he loves curling his hand around your waist, gently feeling as your body moves under his fingertips
  • doyoung absolutely loves giving you backhugs, those where he wraps his arms tightly around your waist until your back is flush with his chest and he can feel you breathe right next to his heart and he can lean down and rest his chin on your shoulder
  • it might be a little bit of an awkward angle, but he likes hearing you talk so closely to his ear, subtly and murmured compared to the usual loudness all around him
  • he loves playing with your hands when you sit next to each other,
  • and adores it when you grab onto his hands and play with his fingers for yourself
  • doyoung loves it the most when you guys are around other people, like a very subtle way of showing to others that you constantly want to be together one way or another
  • doyoung always smiles at you, mostly when you’re not looking, because he doesn’t actually want to show you how much of a sap he is
  • he finds something new to admire every time, a mole on the side of your face, or a lock of hair that’s styled perfectly, or the shape of your ears are really cute
  • but mostly, he finds himself staring at you when you’re talking to other people intently, maybe from across the room or beside him it doesn’t matter, because he likes the way you talk and the way your face moves, and he loves that you have no idea how beautiful you are even with the smallest of expressions
  • he likes to think that he’s the only one who really pays attention to you
  • Doyoung’s the type to save you from an awkward situation, always willing to sweep in an divert the attention off of you as soon as he sees you a tad uncomfortable at an uncalled question or topic, and he’ll always come in with a wide smile and a hand on the small of your back to comfort you, and even though he knows you’re 100% independent and capable, he knows it’s always good to have someone to lean on and have your back, and he’s more than willing to be that person for you
  • but he also likes to lean on you a lot, especially when he’s stressed out about his singing or how many shows he’s on / has to mc
  • he’s the type to freak out on his own, doesn’t really like seeking too much comfort from his members, but with you there for him, he’s able to vent and relax into your touch and just take a moment to properly let it all out because he knows you’re there for him
  • but just as much as you guys lean on each other for comfort, you’re both playful with each other, and doyoung makes you laugh more than anything, especially when he makes a snide comment towards his members
  • he never really goes full savage on you, he could never
  • doyoung would never make a feisty comment about what you’re wearing, because even if you’d dress up as barney or that yellow bird from sesame street, he’d find you adorable, horrendous, maybe, but adorable and worthy of a smile full of teeth
  • but, he’s the type to insult characters in some show to make you laugh, or complain about you taking too long in the shower overly dramatic, or the way your cooking is shit even though he’ll wholeheartedly eat it because you’ve made it with love
  • but he’d never joke about the way you look, unless you’ve just crawled out of bed with your hair a bush and your eyelids glued shut with crust, and he’d joke around about your personality, because these are things that can be sensitive and that he personally doesn’t like being made fun of, so he’d never do that to you
  • he’s a softie for you
  • ultimate softy
  • and he loves your hugs so much
  • the way you fit perfectly in his arms with your head in his chest and your arms around his midsection
  • he loves it the most when you tightly grab onto his sweater, because he feels loved and cherished when you do that
  • and he rests his chin on the top of your head and hold your shoulders equally as tight
  • and he knows you think it’s super cute when he starts swaying, and he can’t help but do it because you make him feel giddy and restless inside and if he didn’t sway side to side, he’d most likely crush you from how much love he has for you
  • And gosh does he love backhugs from you, especially when he’s cooking a meal for you
  • he gets this huge smile on his face, one that he lets himself relish in because you can’t see how much of a sap he is
  • he love it so so so much when you nuzzle your head into his back, and laughs loudly when you do so, threatening to smack you with his greasy spatula if you continue, but in reality he loves it so much
  • Doyoung’s the type to love to go shopping together, out and about on the streets, especially when it’s slightly colder outside and you two have to stay close to each other to keep warm
  • he always melts inside when you hold his hand with your mittens on, thinking it’s the cutest thing on earth to swing your linked hands between the two of you as you walk
  • You always catch him staring at where you guys are connected, a big and bright smile on his face, one of the sappy ones he always tries to hide, but you see it from time to time, how much he cares and cherishes every moment with you, and warmth spreads throughout your entire body as you smile back, staring at his face
  • He’s the type to pay for you every now and then, but not too often because he knows you can pay for it yourself, but he does love paying for the food, feeding you snacks and cutting up dishes for you, because he adores watching you eat healthily
  • most of your dates, you guys talk about anything and everything, your day away from each other, an article you saw online, a stupid story about what your friends forced you to do
  • but he loves it when you ask about his members and how they’re doing, and his family, because you care and you genuinely want to know how much winwin’s korean has improved, how taeyong’s back is doing, if mark is struggling in school, what the hell johnny actually does at four in the morning with his americano, and doyoung appreciates the care for what he considers is his family, and is instantly filled with so much love that he wants to kiss you over the table, so he does, with a goofy smile on his face after, and stares at the table because he’s slightly embarrassed
  • Kisses, are, to say the least, most often pecks and closed mouth encounters where the pressure of his plump and soft lips is enough to get your heart beating radically
  • But sometimes, randomly when you’re alone, when he feels extra sentimental and just admiring you isn’t enough, he’ll kiss you for real, with his large hands cupping your face, face slowly coming in closer, his eyes wide and concentrated as they flicker between your eyes and your lips, and he waits until you’re barely breathing in anticipation, because you know exactly what kind of kiss he wants to give you, and your head automatically tilts along with his just before your lips touch
  • He makes the first move, slotting his lips between yours in a soft pout, capturing their shape and feel in one, two, three openmouthed kisses to make you tread on the verge of impatience, then, he’ll slowly lick the bottom of your lip with a smooth tongue, precise and perfect with pressure, slow and deliberate before you open your mouth wider to let him in
  • and those are the kisses that always leave you absolutely breathless and blushing, ears a beetroot red and lips swollen from the kiss
  • but the thing is
  • Doyoung is always equally as shy and embarrassed after one of those kisses, because he doesn’t quite understand how he musters up the courage to kiss you as sensually as that, and he tries to pull away but each time he does, your grip on his waist keeps him still and forces him to stare into your eyes
  • his eyes always sparkle after those kisses, with a spark of anticipation, and sometimes it stays like that between the two of you, where you just breathe in each others space until you both smile goofily, or sometimes it leads to something a little more

my feels are too much omfg

lol if you want a part two, or something more specific, or something from another member, drop a lil request in my ask

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How about a mckirk fic where all of the milestones of their relationship just seem to happen at the most inconvenient times?

  • It is neither the time nor the place for their first kiss. Moments ago, Jim thought Spock was dead. The Vulcan was barely breathing when they beamed him and Bones back from a planet visit gone wrong. He looks so much better already when Jim finds them both in med bay. “How is he?” Jim asks. “He’ll be fine,” Bones replies, “he’ll have a headache for a week or so, but he should be okay.” “Good,” Jim replies, “how are you?” “Just a scratch,” Bones replies, smiling lightly when Jim reaches out to run his fingers just under the bruise on his cheek. “Good, or I’d have to go down to that planet myself to beat up a few aliens,” Jim says, and Bones laughs. Both seem very aware of the fact that Jim’s hand is still on Bones’ cheek. And then, before he even realizes he’s doing it, Jim leans in and kisses him. Even more surprising, is that Bones just kisses him back. It’s an odd sensation, a rush of feelings hitting him like a wave; all of which he didn’t even know existed. He’s always admired Bones, but never consciously like this. Bones looks almost equally confused when Jim pulls away, but the fact that Bones leans in for more is a comforting sign. That is, until Spock clears his throat. “Is this that crude Terran sense of humor? Because I fail to see the joke.” “Spock!” Jim calls out, grinning stupidly and probably failing miserably not to look remotely flustered. He reaches out, gently squeezing Spock’s shoulder. “Are you okay?” “Yes,” Spock replies, “please don’t kiss me, too.”
  • It’s a very formal gala they’re attending a couple weeks later. Black tie event, and everyone looks incredibly handsome. Bones does, too. They’ve talked about that kiss since it happened, decided to not pursue anything further, and yet found themselves making out at every opportunity. Not tonight, though, Jim tells himself. As much as he’d like to, eyes are going to be on the Enterprise crew, and they have to make a good impression. But damn it, Bones looks incredible. Hair styled perfectly, smoothly shaven cheeks, and an expensive suit that fits him just right. Jim doesn’t think a little subtle flirting is inappropriate, or even very obvious, but judging by Uhura’s expressions, he’s not as subtle as he thinks. That doesn’t matter when he finally gets to speak more privately with Bones, though. Both a little tipsy from the open bar, Jim finds himself pressed against the wall of a small storage closet. Lips drag over his neck, and Jim’s hands work feverishly on getting those pants off. He thinks they keep it quiet the whole time, just drunk chuckles and stifled moans. But when both of them stumble out of that closet afterwards, and a room full of eyes are on them - all messy hair, wrinkled, still partially unbuttoned shirts, turns out, they’re really not very subtle.
  • Things go great for a while. Lots of making out, there’s sex (which, with Bones’ legendary hands, is pretty great). But somehow, their bickering can get twice as intense now. Especially when either one of them faces danger on a planet or something. Bones hasn’t left Jim alone since they beamed back, and Jim’s tired of listening to Bones’ ranting about safety. Him being annoyed only makes that worse, and they end up in a pretty heated argument all the way down from the Transporter room, to Jim’s quarters. “Oh my God,” Jim groans, stepping through the doors of his quarters, “why are you still here if you disagree with all of my decisions? And why are we still yelling?!” “Because I love you,” Bones says, though leave it up to the doctor to sound angry about that, “and I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt.” That catches Jim by surprise. Maybe Bones, too, because he falls quiet after that. “Fuck sake,” Jim says, reaching out to grab Bones’ arm and pull him in closer, “I love you, too. A little less when you’re angry at me, though.” Bones huffs, sliding his arms around Jim’s waist. “So, all the time?” he asks, and Jim laughs - arms circling around Bones’ shoulders, and he pulls the other in for a kiss.
  • Joanna knows about them because Jim has a knack for unfortunate timings; kissing Bones just as the other is in the midst of a video call with her. She’s cool with it, doesn’t even seem that surprised at all. “I’m never going to call you dad, though,” she tells Jim, “you’re Uncle Jim to me.” Jim laughs, agreeing to that, and Bones somehow seems a little less stressed now that his daughter knows about them; something Jim happily takes advantage of that night.
  • But Jim’s mom finding out - that was unplanned. They’re in York Town, about to separate for a week because Bones deserves some quality alone time with Joanna, and generally their work schedules conflict a lot here, so Jim decides he’s more than fine with not seeing Bones for a week. He isn’t really, though, it sucks. So leaning in for a proper goodbye kiss, he circles his arms around Bones’ shoulders, ignoring the other crewmen around them as they walk on to the Plaza. It doesn’t matter. The crew knows. They’ve never been particularly subtle. “James!” A familiar voice calls out to him, and Jim freezes on the spot. “Mom?” Pulling away, both of them look caught red-handed at his mother, who just smiles at the two of them. “You must be ‘Bones’?” “How do you know?” Jim asks, a little confused. Definitely a little embarrassed. “Oh, you talk about him all the time the way I talked about your father.” “I do not-” “It’s endearing,” his mother replies, and then asks them all out for a dinner. “I have a dinner date with my daughter,” Bones replies. “Invite her too,” Jim’s mother says, and just like that, Jim finds himself in the hotel restaurant where his mother is staying, surrounded by his own family, and Bones and Joanna. He thinks it’s going to be incredibly embarrassing, at first, but by the end of the night, it’s Jim  who seems a little less tensed now that his family knows about them; and it’s something Bones takes advantage of the next night they’re together. 

Okay, let’s just say this may be me being nitpicky, and the location was probably just chosen for the picturesque factor, but it bothers me to no end, so I want you people to see it too. 

The two images above are the North Cove crib that Cas rented under the name of Jimmy Novak. It’s a pretty small house pretty far into a state of decay, and it looks like no one lived there for ages. On the outside we can see exactly two windows on the upper floor, and nine on the lower floor. The roof seems to go all the way to the floor on the higher level, and the upper floor windows are long and narrow, streching far from the roof.

Now let’s move INTO the house. The inside, just as the outside in the shots above, was actually presented to us really well: we had the camera follow Kelly from the bedroom to the nursery and back, Cas going downstairs, the Winchesters in the ground floor corridor, Kelly in her bedroom, Castiel going to the bedroom window, Mary falling to the bedroom floor, Cas standing in the doorway of both the nursery and the bedroom. We pretty much saw these rooms on the upper floor from every angle possible. And they were WRONG.

Something was bothering me ever since I saw the episode, and that is the fact that everything is slightly off here. Not enough to notice consciously (it doesn’t really affect the narrative), but enough to get that eerie, surreal feeling while watching the episode. Day mixes with night, light with darkness, Cas is acting weird in some scenes (like, rolling his eyes while healing Dean) while just a second later he is perfectly himself again? That there should be no mountains in North Cove?

And that THE UPPER FLOOR OF THE HOUSE IS BIGGER ON THE INSIDE? (Nevermind spacious and renovated). 

The lower floor fits the house though, as you can see below - the two doors are in exactly the right space between them. 

And the stairs - don’t even get me started on the stairs. They either go half the way up, or way too high up (not sure which one it is yet). 

But, my biggest problem what I call “the case of disappearing windows”. Let’s count windows on the upper floor of Cas and Kelly’s house:

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cutthroat fanfic (helion + nesta x cassian)


Nesta woke up in Cassian’s bed. Which…holy shit. Why?

Rubbing her eyes to determine whether she was still dreaming, she rolled onto her back. When she pulled her hands away from her face, he was right there. In bed next to her. Reading a book.

“You read?”

There was a beat where he looked over at her and they stared at each other for a full second, both clearly wondering why this was the first question she thought to ask. And then, as if realizing the absurdity of it at the exact same time, they both dissolved into laughter.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “Gut reaction. What I meant to ask is…why am I here?”

“You don’t remember?” His voice had that low rumble it always adopted when he was particularly amused. “Nothing about Helion and his magical flowers?”

As the memory of uninhibited desire came back to her, she covered her face with her hands again. “Oh, God.”

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Rough Night (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Request: None

Word Count: 1,644

Warnings: Swearing (a lot of swearing), Charles Lee being an asshole, google translate, angst??? Idk…

A/N: This fic is based on a conversation I had with my friend @potatolikesyou. She is very awesome and you totally should follow her blog, you totally should read some of her fics also!!! She is a great writer! I was also thinking of making a part 2 to this so im sorry for the cliff hanger. And always hope you enjoy!

Summary: You get drunk after a bad date and confess to the boys.

Part 2 Part 3

You sat there in the apartment Alex was working at his computer, while you and John watched Beauty and the Beast, well John was watching the movie. You were watching Alex, as he was typing so nimbly. He slightly furrowed his brow as he concentrated on the task at hand, sweeping a hand through his brown hair, his eyes shifting as he re-read everything he wrote, then he would change something. It was almost hypnotic to watch him work and as a bonus he was wearing his glasses today which made him look even more ho- cute… you loved that he worked so meticulously… and how he could just-

“Y/N? Why are you staring at me?”

“Sorry Alex I was just watching you work… it’s interesting… I-I mean not to seem weird or anything l-like that. I just was watching you do your thing so-” You blushed and felt you heart racing as you gave Alex a shy smile, he chuckled in response to your cute gesture.

“You know you’re really funny sometimes, Y/N.” You placed some hair behind your ear and looked down at your feet. “So are you ready?”

“For what?” You said, still staring at your feet.

“The date?” Alex looked up at you from his computer and stopped typing. “You know the one thing that you were talking about all week…” He said, refreshing our memory.

“Date? Oh shit, of course! How could I forget!” You checked your phone for the time finding that you only had an hour to get ready. Lafayette walked into room after taking a shower his hair still dripping and placing a kiss on Alex’s head. Before noticing that you have already gotten up and were putting your stuff away so you could get home as soon as possible. Were you even able to get ready in time? You still had to get dressed and the place you and your date were going to meet was halfway across town and-

“Y/N. Calm down… what’s the matter? Why are you leaving so soon?” John placed his hands on your shoulders and you leaned to his touch, feeling better now that he brought you back to your senses. None of your relationships ever seemed to go well, they always ended badly. Most of the guys that wanted to be with you never wanted something serious so your life was just filled with a bunch of one night stands. If you were lucky it would last a couple of months before they broke up with you or vice versa.

“I’m sorry. I have to go now, I just remembered that my date was today and I still have to get ready, I look like a mess.” You looked down at your outfit to indicate how bad you looked. You were wearing an old grubby t-shirt, you’ve had since high school, with a pair of jeans that were ripped, and your hair, ughhhh your hair. “How am I even supposed to get there on time?”

“Don’t worry. You will be just fine, no matter what you will always look perfect to me.” Laf said with a smile on his face.

“O-okay. Thanks Laf, I needed to hear that.”

“No problem, mon cher- mon amie.” Alex looked up at Laf nervously, hearing what he was about to say. You were too busy to notice though because you were already running to the door.

“Bye guys! Wish me luck!” Waving goodbye before heading out.

You had finally made it to your date, catching a ride with your friend Eliza. You were wearing the dress that Hercules made you for your birthday. It was absolutely wonderful on you, fitting to your body perfectly. It was a light blue dress that fell just past your knees with a white lace trim at the bottom. You decided to wear a matching blue headband with a pair of white flats to complete the look. You still wondered how he was able to get it to fit you so well. But you would expect nothing less from the finest tailor in New York.

You had found the man you were supposed to meet, his name was Charles Lee. He wasn’t your first choice because of the type of frat boy persona that he had going on you looked him up online. But it wasn’t going to hurt you if you to try and meet up with him just for one date, maybe he was a nice guy.

“Hello. Are you Charles?” He was eyeing you with a smirk on his face.

“Yes… and you are?”

“I’m Y/N. Your date.” You said, a bit annoyed that he didn’t even remember your name and with the way he was looking at you. But, you shrugged it off thinking he was probably a bit nervous.

The both of you had walked into the restaurant that Charles had chosen for the date. It wouldn’t have been a place you would choose, especially since it was more like a club than a restaurant. But he was paying so, who were you to complain? The waitress took you both to an empty booth. After reading the menu for a bit, you ordered a parmesan shrimp pasta and Charles ordered a burger and fries. You started conversing and you quickly got bored with him, all he seemed to want to do was complain about his boss and you were not very happy with the way he was constantly making shallow remarks about how you looked. And you weren’t very keen on dancing with him but you decided to do so, since he was your date.

You both made it to the dance floor and started to get into the music, Pretty Young Thing by Michael Jackson was playing, which was one of your favorite songs. It was all going well, until Lee started grinding you. You turned around and slapped him square across the face, making a scene, everyone around you was staring at Lee on the floor.

“What the fuck! You little bitch!” He yelled.

“Maybe you should learn how to keep your hands to yourself you pervert!” He tried dancing with you again, this time tightly grabbing your arm. “Let go of me!” You said struggling to get away from his grasp, then he pushed you into the wall.

“You weren’t worth my time anyway!” He retorted back at you before finding himself some other chick who was a lot more easy.

You headed to the bar and asked the bartender for a beer, or two … you lost count. That wasn’t your main concern though, once you grabbed your phone and lazily scrolled through your contacts. Laf was the first one that popped up and texted him as you left.


my favorite fighting frenchfry: Y/N is that you?? it’s 1:57. where are you? are you ok?

Y/N: whailt no,, ilmd okkkk.

my favorite fighting frenchfry: have you been drinking?

Y/N: Nopppppppppe.

my favorite fighting frenchfry: Y/N just stay there and don’t move! i’m picking you up!

Y/N: Okie doke.

Laf helped you out of the car and took you to the apartment he shared with his other three boyfriends. You stumbled your way through the door and you were spotted by Hercules. He automatically ran to the both of you with worry in his eyes, you couldn’t blame him you looked like shit right now.

“Y/N! What happened to you?”

“ThaT aSShoLE!! CHArelS FuCHhhing LEE!!!” At this point Laf had been holding you by the waist tightly, so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. “Why’d I even go out with him… he was such a prick! He grinded on me and was such a sleazy son of a bish, then he found some gurrrrl to fuck. While I’m just here, getting drunk and having to be picked up by Laffy Taffy over here because I-I can’t even handle myself- ” You slurred out grabbing at your skirt as you looked down hiding your face behind your hair that was a complete mess.

“Shhh. It’s okay I understand, let’s get you to bed.” Herc said guiding you to the bedroom where Alex and John where.

“I really thought that maybe finally I-I could just, for once maybe find someone I can depend on…  I’m always searching for- for a prince charming in shining armour but I just find myself here. Wi-ith you guys… nothing last for me. And it won’t ever last because for some reeeason I’m always doing something wrong.” Hercules sat you down at the edge of the bed brushing some hair out of your face, tears started to roll down your cheeks and your eyes were still downcast.

“You haven’t done anything wrong Y/N, Charles Lee is just a jerk.” Alex came closer to where you were with Herc.

“Okay but what about everyone else I was with?! It always is the same way, they were all jerks why am I the one that ends up with some jerk?? It’s like the universe doesn’t want me to be happy a-and the worst part is that you guys don’t even realize how much I-I love you! I always try to act like we’re just friends because I know how you guys s-see me I’m like your sister ann I guess I won’t be anything more to you guysh.” They all were taken back by your words, they didn’t even know how you felt. Alex began to say something before looking back at Laf who was just as puzzled as him. Until John finally said something after a few moments of silence.

“Y/N lay down.” trying to get you to relax making space for you on the bed. “It has been a long night you should rest okay.”

“Yeah, that was what I thought you would say.”


Mon ami. (My friend)

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I dont think MCU Tony realises he is werewolf AU's son now. He has no say in it he is THEIRS and they are going to spoil him and love him and send him cute dresses. Tony would be very confused by the dresses but they do look amazing so...

Lmao oh my God.

Howard: I’m just saying we could bring him here and he could be Tony’s big brother and it would be fine.

Maria: Jesus Christ his world needs him


Maria: *flails* You said he has a Rhodes!

Howard: Yes, they hurt him too.

bb!Tony: W-what? D: How–how could they hurt my friends???

Maria: Well now I have to kill them, Howard.


Rhodey: Delivery for Tony Stank lol

Tony: Are you ever going to let that go???

Rhodey: Lmao nah.

Tony: Aw it’s from Freakishly Protective Howard and Werewolf Maria. Aw! Little Tony sent me a drawing of him and me holding hands!

Rhodey: *has to struggle not to clutch chest, whispering* Fuck that’s cute.

Tony: … *checks the address* …Rhodey

Rhodey: ???

Tony: *holds up a red-polka-dotted summer dress* ???!??!!!!

Rhodey: …I mean. It would look good on you??

Tony: *scoffs* Of course it would. But why would they send it to me?

Rhodey: Holy shit Tones did you even notice that Little Tony drew you wearing a dress too or were you distracted by the hand-holding?

Tony: I though the was just terrible at drawing. Why… why would this fit me perfectly. Did Howard take my sizes at one point? What the fuck.

Rhodey: Wait it’ll actually fit you?? *lunges at him* PUT IT ON.


Natasha: *sipping tea* I saved the New York Times for you.

Steve: *suspicious* Thanks.

Natasha: I think you’ll find the front page very interesting.

Steve: *still suspicious, picks up paper* I don’t know what you’re planning, but–Oh my God.

Natasha: Yup.

Steve: Is this a dress? I mean–of course it’s a dress. On Tony. Oh. Oh my God.

Natasha: Twitter’s having a field day. I’m enjoying myself immensely.

Steve: *weakly* I… I can tell by the smile on your face.

Natasha: I’ll only judge you a little if you keep that. I will judge you more if I find it again.

Steve: *clutches paper, skuttles away in shame*