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on the Atla live action..

My concern about ATLA is.. huge.. I love ATLA it’s literally my favorite show ever and I’ve rewatched it multiple times and my god does it hold up. My main concern comes from the budget… how much would it cost to have bending??? air, water, earth, fire… thats a shit load of cgi in pretty much every single episode.. for an ideal Atla live action series..wouldn’t the production cost be astronomical?? Avatar has too much world building.. Im talking entire cities extremely relevant to the plot, im talking clothing and specific attire for each culture represented in the show, I’m talking the animals of the Atla universe…. It seems pretty obvious that cg will be a huge component of the series but just how good will the cgi be?? it just seems to me like way too big of a risk to do a live action show like this…specially of something thats so beloved in its original 2d form… 

OH. MY GOD??? I am SO PROUD OF THIS?? This is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever drawn I’m literally shaking!!? I’ve made so much progress since I’ve started and I think this is a lovely time to reflect on that. Thank you ALL so much for supporting me through the hard times, and appreciating what I draw. So sorry for the subject manner if it.. makes you uncomfortable somehow? It’s just a tender moment honestly!! I was SO nervous to post this because I’m scared of disappointing people!! 

Also, PLEASE do not bash me for this. These are my designs for fell error (strings) and fell nightmare (Luna, part of the dreamfell AU I’m working on with my girlfriend)  The sisters are actually female!! also nothing like this would be canon (never) but it’s just a really fun idea to me! I’m just depicting this in a way I find beautiful. I’ll post more about these two lovelies later if you guys would like!! Also anyway, thanks guy, love you all- <3

The Signs as Moments I Never Wanted to End

Aries. We stood too close to each other and you spoke under your breath, just to me, although we were the only two people in the room. You smiled a smile that I known had been rehearsed a thousand times, just for moments like this. I fell for it anyway

Taurus. You invited me over to drink and bought my least favorite wine. It didn’t matter after the second glass because we couldn’t taste it anyway. We called your best friend and enemy and sister. We called a young man you still want me to fall for. I never thought anyone could love me, but you did then.

Gemini. A Sunday morning in autumn that brought the clouds down onto the road, we both got cancelled on. With an hour and a half we sat in a Starbucks and placed our feelings on the table over and over. I hadn’t slept, but I was dreaming.

Cancer. I had been talking to you as much as I could have. Your mother kept pushing me towards you. Your voice is so quiet. I helped you carry your things outside and the moon was bright and the air was cool and my heart was racing. I have loved you since I knew what love was and I haven’t seen you since.

Leo. Our favorite food is cookie dough. I said I’d go on my own but you gave in and went along. We sat under a clear sky in the freezing winter sharing a roll of cookie dough and a street light and I may forget what stars make your mane, but I never forgot what made you mine. You drove me home.

Virgo. You never allowed yourself to be figured out. But under my annoyance and your arrogance, I still let you wake me up in the middle of the night to play games I didn’t want to play and talk about things I didn’t want to talk about. I wished you would have known then that you were moving away.

Libra. I called to tell you how trapped I’d felt earlier that day. You only looked out for me. Told me to stay out of trouble. Every moment you stepped in to keep me safe I took for granted. Every moment you reprimanded me I took for granted. I live in those memories now to save me from the world around me and when I braved the rain to repay you I wanted to stay all night.

Scorpio. We lit candles around your bedroom and turned out the lights. It was your idea, and we didn’t know that at the time we were falling in love. You put on a Blink-182 album and the calmest song played. I felt at home leaning against you and I wish I’d known we were wrong for each other then. I still hurt over you now.

Sagittarius. Your pale figure draped a bench out under a clear sky, a humid summer night. I’d come to you with a heavy heart and my mind racing with concern. You told me how everything would be okay (although I know now that you were lying). It was the first peace of mind I’d had in so long and your crooked smile melted away the stiffness in the air. You put me back together time and time again.

Capricorn. After a tireless month of overtime and little sleep I’d finally slowed down. I could breathe. In my redecorated room with sixteen candles lit, I curled up under a blanket and prayed for my heart to heal. I cried until the wicks burned to their ends and drifted off and dreamt of falling in love.

Aquarius. Everyone else in the house had gone to bed. The television flickered and my eyes wanted so badly to shut. You turned to me, brushing the hair out of my face. I’d never kissed anyone before, and I didn’t that night. But my heart skipped a beat and you were the first person to ever see me and when we woke up later, I knew it was real.

Pisces. She gave me your number a week before. I confessed I’d been run down, sobbing and unable to lift myself out of a pit. You called me on the phone and sang and performed. After that I told you how much I loved you every night. Sometimes I still think of picking up the phone and letting you know that I still do.

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Headcanons for the proxies being idiots and getting stuck in a tree?

Jeff: Jeff would just like to say, that he is not that dumb and would like for you all to know that it wasn’t his fault that he got stuck in that tree, he technically stepped in a rope trap and was hanging from the tree for a while.

Jane: This would not happen to her, she is too clever.

Ben: Yes this would be somthing he would do maybe, climbing up there thinking “dude I’m like that guy from dear Evan Hanson” yes ben, yes you are, because you fell and broke your arm JUST like him.

Masky: Idiotic, he would NEVER do something so childish! He knows that if you get yourself up, you can very well get yourself back down.

Hoodie: Hoodie prefers the ground thank you.

Toby: Yep! Probably maybe! He’s not stupid but he might be pushing himself to keep climbing then get stuck up there for a while because he throws himself into a panic attack thinking he wont be able to get back down, but he does in the end.

EJ: No sir, no sir, he is a PROFESSIONAL hunter, he knows how to jump from tree to tree thank you very much, he would not get stuck, not today, not yesterday, not any other day.

LJ: No. Just…no. He can turn into a puff of smoke and get down if he needs to but come on now, he’s a bloody acrobat this guy, he aint gettin stuck up there.

Slender: …….No.

Y'all lucky i can’t draw for shit cause that pose and the way bucky’s hair does that beautiful wavey thing as it falls to his side fucking HAUNTS ME, and if i could you can bet your asses I’d be bombarding your dashes with a million pics of it


I’m going through a happy existential phase, but meditating, dancing, having fun gives me relief. And if you have a very dark moment? - I watch ‘The Simpsons’.

Benedict Cumberbatch ♥ July 19, 1976.
Forty-two years of sunshine.


You do what you gotta’.



Print & vinyl stickers (stickers are transparent!) for Fan Expo Toronto at table A37! This is the first in a long time, where I’ve become so heavily invested in a series SO darn fast!! you can see a PROGRESS of this drawing HERE

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ok don’t hang up, hear me out: what if underfell Sans runs a bootleg movie rental off the side of his sentry stand and sells the protagonist overpriced burnt/stale unbuttered popcorn.

what if. 

fandom.  what if.

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