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Baby Sister

Summary: The reader is a year younger than her brother, Steve Harrington. She has been sneaking out to see Billy and Steve finds out. A little bit of Billy fluff as well….

Author’s Note: These boys I SWEAR. I’ve seen a request to do a part two, so let me know if that’s something you’d like. xxxx

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You know it makes a lot of sense that Starscream has an attention seeking complex when you consider that firstly he came off an assembly line of who knows how many other identical bots, then he fell in with Thundercracker and Skywarp who both have outlier abilities while he doesn’t, and then he ended up in Decepticon High Command where almost everybody else is either an outlier, a Point One Percenter, a triple-changer, or just way bigger and stronger than him. 

I mean this is exactly what I thought would happen thematically with Dean / Cas splitting up on good terms then in the end Cas being forcibly removed, the Cas/Lucifer reluctant alliance, Asmodeus etc but the way it was done….

It’s like I’m on board the Dabb overall season train but Bucklemming just squirm in with their bullcrap to confuse matters unnecessarily. Sigh.

Reylo fandom is literally just Zutara fandom all over again, the Master Checklist:

1. Immediate fixation on the moderately attractive tortured “bad boy” antagonist character and rush to ship him with the closest available female protagonist.  CHECK.

2. Downplaying/excusing antagonist’s misdeeds especially in regards to the way he treats female protagonist.   CHECK.

3. Ignoring/leapfrogging over said female protagonist’s much more likely actual love interest and coming up with bullshit reasons/excuses for why he’s actually the abusive/toxic one!   CHECK.

4. Cropping/editing out the more prospective love interest from photos/footage in order to create romantic moments for their ship, because as of yet none exist.   CHECK.

5. Claiming purple as their ship color.   CHECK.

6. Weird obsession with red/blue color symbolism and super-strong genetically superior offspring.  (”Steambabies”, “Stormbabies”, “Forcebabies”)   CHECK.

7. “English Literature” majors crawling out of the woodwork to spew 5000K+ words of bullshit “proving” why their ship is obviously, objectively, canon endgame, typically by over-microanalyzing literal seconds of footage or making false comparisons to tropes/relationship archetypes in other completely unrelated properties.   CHECK.

8. Somehow, in the middle of all this super-detailed analysis, completely missing the characters’ actual thoughts and feelings and the much more obvious hints towards the other much more likely romance.   CHECK.

9. Beauty and the Beast comparisons.   CHECK.

10. Romeo and Juliet comparisons.   CHECK.


12. Attempts to compare their ship to other canon ships in the same fandom despite them not actually being alike.   CHECK.

13. Mistaken belief that their rival ship is boring and has no conflict because it’s a fluffy feelgood ship stemming from friendship rather than the enemies to lovers trope.   CHECK.

14. Mistaken belief that their ship would be something “fresh” and “new”… despite points 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.   CHECK.

15.  Misunderstanding Yin/Yang symbology.   CHECK.

16. Romanticizing a plot event where the antagonist has the female protagonist captured and restrained and is plying her for information.   CHECK.

17. Romanticizing the enmity between the two parties and claiming it is “sexual tension”, instead of animosity, indifference, and hatred.   CHECK.

18. Chronic inability to remain in their own lanes/spaces by hijacking general threads and crosstagging.   CHECK.

19. Every word out of a writer/director/actor’s mouth is indisputable proof in favor of their ship, even if they are explicitly denying the ship being a thing.   CHECK.

20. Literally everything is hidden proof of their ship.  Everything.  (The freaking Porgs?!  Really?!)   CHECK.

21. Easily deceived by misleading advertising/trailers.   CHECK.

22. Nuclear bitchfit meltdown when their ship inevitably, predictably, does not happen.  PENDING.

I… I swear I’m in deja-vu world.

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You might have answered a similar question already, but do you think MarKelly is going to end up happening this season? It seams that way after Lava Lake Beach and their (very brief) interaction in Monster Bash, plus her spot in the title sequence implies she'll be more involved this season. If so, how do you think this would serve the Starco narrative? I imagine it being a one episode "let's see if this works" thing where Star realizes she's jealous and not totally over him yet. Thoughts?

Biased opinion: I honestly don’t see what it could add to the characters, even if it were to be just one date that’s not going to work out. Marco already saw with Jackie, an incredibly sweet and easygoing girl who he liked for years, that a relationship can’t work if that’s not what you really want, and while it’s possible that Marco didn’t understand it, since it seemed like something directed more to the viewers than to the characters, Jackie implied that your partner should also be your best friend - something that she was not. So what could Marco’s character gain from a date with Kelly? What could the show gain, beyond more ship teasing and a bigger delay for further Starco developments? He’d just experience the same things all over again, maybe just in a more explicit way: “I like Star, this is not what I really want, eventually this wouldn’t work out for neither of us”. 

Tad’s speech to Marco in Lava Lake Beach implied that he’s only hanging around Star because he’s in love with her, and that if he doesn’t want to be hurt he should run away. Clearly that’s not completely true, Marco hangs out around Star because she’s his best friend, and he truly enjoys it. Then Kelly says the opposite: she likes the Soulrise, so rather than let her heartbreak over Tad ruin all the things they once shared, she figures out how to reframe it to keep enjoying it. And this is way more in line with Marco’s personality than “running away” from the problem, we have seen how stubborn and determined he can be, would he really “rebound” on someone she barely knows like Kelly just to take his mind off an unpleasant situation, or would he keep doing the best he can do so far, both for himself and for Star, staying by her side, helping her as a friend and squire in this difficult times?

Obviously I’m not saying that Marco’s outlook on life should be “It’s useless for me to pursue love, Star is the only one I want, and since she’s not available right now the only thing I can do is orbit around her as much as I can, even if I know that she’s always going to be unreachable”, but at the same time trying to date another girl so fast, knowing how it worked last time, before having ever talked about his feelings to Star, seems a bit out of character to me.

As always these are just my biased opinion, based on the current state of the show. Future events, developments I can’t predict, could change them. But I honestly can’t see in what way Kellyco could benefit the show beyond reiterating concepts we, and Marco, already know about.

(thanks to @ngame989 for his opinions about Lava Lake Beach)

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🥚an egg in this trying time

Kak and Yukako’s names mix way too well that it just ends up sounding like both their names. So Kako it is. She’s probably the sassiest kid.

Yeah, it’s the egg fusion meme. It’s super late, but this was the only one I got SO I HAD TO DO IT.


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you have to go a long way from "the surrender offer wasn't acceptable and there is an urgency to end this war and show off our power to the potential rival superpower" to "let's nuke two towns full of civilians". you can't possibly be sitting there making up excuses for an abhorrent case of state terrorism that still affects japanese people today. if you wanna like truman, just ignore the whole thing and do just that, but please don't go THERE

Try to imagine this hypothetical: let’s say that someone shoots Trump, but he survives. He goes on for another 3 or god forbid 7 years, and nothing terribly dramatic happens. He’s an awful president, but he’s mostly remembered as being a colossal embarrassment. 60 years pass. The world changes, Russia becomes a proper democracy, the Koreas unite, the world’s nuclear arsenals diminish to a few token missiles. Your grandkids ask you: “why would anyone even bother shooting a doofus like Trump?” You’d have to explain that the history of the Trump administration wasn’t written yet. You’d say how much fear and uncertainty there was in those days, how people thought he might ban all Muslims from the country or start a nuclear war with North Korea or let Putin decide our elections. You’d explain the best you can how much psychological stress Trump put on the country every single day, how we all felt like we were in a nightmare we couldn’t wake up from. That’s what you really need to understand when judging historical figures: history wasn’t written yet. There was no rule saying WW2 had to end in 1945. For all they knew, 1945 was just the end of one chapter of the war. These people had lived under the psychic strain of this war for years, everyone knew someone who died. And the world order wasn’t like today, with no country being remotely capable of threatening the US, with a UN to act as a diplomatic locus point. We still faced armies and navies that could conceivably beat us. These are things you can’t really understand until you’ve lived through a few major historical events yourself: the fear, confusion and uncertainty of the period, and the way the world at the time didn’t resemble the present. It’s difficult to convey in words.

I believe in Ben Solo’s Redemption. As an RN I have worked in some unconventional settings; namely as the head nurse for a Juvenile Detention center. I met a lot of kids that society would determine as beyond hope, beyond redemption. Maybe some of them were. But many of them had just ended up doing dumb things. Robbery, drugs, got into fights at school, runaways….and they assumed they were irredeemable even if their offenses were minor. Some of them had done worse, and in knowing that they were facing longer sentences, would just continue to “do bad things” in jail and make it worse because they simply believed there was no going back.

I told them there was always a way back. Who they were now doesn’t have to be who they are tomorrow. That it was never too late to turn back and do the right thing. They aren’t “bad kids” unless they decide to be.

And you would be surprised how much their outlook on life changed the moment someone gave them a reason to believe in themselves.

I’m aware that Kylo Ren’s crimes far exceed the crimes of real-life kids in the Midwest, but Star Wars is also fictional, so…

That’s why I believe in redemption stories. Sometimes when you can’t find the strength to believe in yourself, all you need is one person to have that belief, and suddenly you can do anything.

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o-f-all replied to your postJust curious: what’s wrong with Shinsou?

He was trying to force him to speak, that’s why what he said was unfair. He probably think that way in some extend but it was also certainly exagerating, hoping for Izuku to correct him verbaly. Plus, metaphorically speaking, it was also to represent quirckless Izuku and how he overcame this phase of his life. (sorry for my bad english :/) he was also exagerating his own thoughts*

yeah, Shinsou was saying those things in order to get Izuku to talk… but i have little doubt that Shinsou believed those words on some level. 

there’s a reason he ended up getting so emotional, after all. it was a compound of many things; personal frustrations, anger at the world, desperately trying to aim for dream he feels he may never reach, etc

they just finally had a conduit in his fight with Izuku and exploded out, similar in a way to how Bakugou bottles up his emotions until they finally explode out in a fit of passion and emotion

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I dont want to seem like I'm hating on TFS because I have to appreciate them for what they've done to the fandom: gotten more Dragon Ball fans to the community and given some pretty good jokes and laughs but their characterization of Goku is where I cross the line. They dont exploit any other character in the series so different than the original as much as with Goku. And when they do its never so negative. But with Goku.. if it wasn't for them, do you think Goku wouldn't be so badly thought of?

Lol I’m glad you brought this up Anon! And believe it or not but I actually started out as a TFS DBZ fan. XD In fact I did get interested in DBZ because I watched the abridged series (back when they were starting out all the way to the end of Frieza saga) So I do agree with you that in a way if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have more fans coming into the DBZ community. 

PS: Just for everyone knows I did hear about DBZ back when I was a child but at the time I didn’t care for it and thought the show was “meh”. I was more into Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Sailor Moon, and Digimon. But when I saw TFS as a teen, I decided to give it another chance. 

BUT I remember back when I used to watch TFS a lot, the way they portrayed Goku, made me not completely like him. In fact I didn’t really care about him. I saw him and my first impression was……Well he’s cute and all, funny, but kind of a dumb ass. Also I thought he was 100% complete child. I saw him as a little boy more than I saw him as a man/husband/adult. Also, I saw him as person or dad who didn’t really pay attention to his son too much. I also didn’t care for Gochi at the time given I thought there was no real connection between them. At the time my most favorite character was Gohan. 

Then while I was laughing at the TFS scenes and I told my brother, “man this show is actually really cool! IDK why I didn’t watch it before” them my brother was like “AWW MAN!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THE ORIGINAL IT’S SO MUCH MORE BETTER. IT HAS KUNG FU, DINOSAURS, CARS, FIGHT SCENES EVERYTHING YOU WANT”. Then I told him “all right I wanna see it!” 

So then when I started watching the episode I COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE WITH GOKU. Like I’m telling you. The dude became my ultimate FAVORITE. In fact up to this day it still sends me chills. This Goku I saw on DBZ was just STRAIGHT UP COOL. He was nothing like the TFS Goku I saw. He was kind, funny, he had his smart moments, he showed lots of moments of being a good dad, he was carefree, he outsmarted his opponents many times, he was brave, he never gave up, he was goofy in a normal fun way, his fight scenes were just epic. In fact when ever I saw him fight or train it really inspired me to just work out lol. Then when it came around me seeing the episode where Goku cries for Chichi I just lost it. I knew then and there that this is a man who fights for his wife and kids. This is a man who fights to protect the earth. 

I swear this was the moment I just started looking soo DEEP into Gochi’s relationship and I found myself falling in love with them and the Son Family so much more. I still remember how I was screaming at the show and I was like “WAIT WHAT IS HE FUCKING CRYING!! OH MY GOD HE REALLY LOVES HIS WIFE??? WTF??? HOW COME NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING???” and my brother was like “LOOOOOOOL You didn’t know that??? Yeah Goku loves his wife, he protects and thinks about her a lot actually” and yeah I just started binging all Gochi moments lol. I was lucky my brother didn’t mind cause his favorite DBZ girl was Chichi lmao. In fact he ships Gochi himself. XD 

Anyway (sorry for going tangent there lmao) yeah I still feel like if it’s wasn’t for TFS bad characterization of Goku, more fans would like him from the start. In order to like and appreciate Goku you have to watch Goku from the beginning of DB-DBZ. Also it’s best to just drain out all of the TFS jokes or the way you perceived their character when you watch the abridged series cause then when you watch regular DB-DBZ that is all you will see. When you watch too much TFS, their jokes/scenes will be engraved in your head and it will blind you from the goodness of DB-DBZ. You will miss out on a lot of important beautiful detail. There is just pure magic about DB-DBZ that abridge can’t replace. 

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Yay! Askbox is open!! May I request a scenario where Murasakibara(with his honest and bluntness) ended up saying something(maybe during an argument?) that really hurt his s/o. Later on he ends up apologizing with some make up nsfw? Thanks, love!

I’m not gonna write the NSFW part because I feel like there are quite a few NSFW already in my askbox, sorry!

“Why are you so annoying? You just keep getting in my way.”

He did not even utter your name after saying that, but it was not as if hearing him say it with that stupid suffix would convince you that he was joking. You remember the chill down your spine, the way you felt as if something was stuck down your throat and your heart stopped autonomously. You remember the dryness of your lips. His lavender eyes were cold, and so were you.

But now you feel warm. Hot, to be precise, from the rage that nestles in your belly. You are not even sure if you are more angry than hurt. You feel stupid as you watch your own tears fall down your cheeks to your sweatpants, your knees almost touching your forehead as you curl yourself up against the door of your room. Those fresh droplets seep through the cotton, creating dark spots on your pants that increase in number, reminding you of how long you’ve been crying.

You feel stupid because it was such a small spark that caused your burn. Maybe you were being too adamant in feeding him veggies, but you would not have guess for him to react that way. The plate shook on the table, the fork clattered as it fell to the ground, and your legs tremble even as you walk away from the scene. 

There is a timid knock on the door and a voice that calls out your name. He sounds way too close.


Your heart clenches and you feel your nails digging deeper crescents on the skin of your palm as you ball your hands into fists. This is too soon for you, because all you want to do is scream at him just to show him how much he’s hurt you with only a few words, and then tell him to leave.

You’re lying to yourself because you’re the one who wants to disappear.

Upon hearing nothing beyond the door, Murasakibara feels his organs drop inside him as if he has just fallen from the sky. His two feet are rooted on the ground, however, though he has the feeling you don’t want to see him right now. Maybe not just right now, he thinks. Maybe you don’t want to see him ever again.

“__________-chin, please,” he says, the childish aloofness in his voice almost entirely gone, “open the door.”

Then he hears a muffled choked sob and he knows he messed up.

“Please open the door,” Murasakibara says, inwardly cursing the way his voice cracks slightly as he speaks.

“No,” you almost immediately reply, like a person flinching at a burning touch. Your voice was even hoarser than his. What did he expect, really? Of course you were crying.

“Why are you so annoying? You just keep getting in my way.”

Murasakibara hears his own voice in his head and is mortified.

You hug your knees still, biting down your bottom lip to stop it from trembling as you freeze. You will never be able to breathe again until you feel his presence disappear from beyond the flimsy wooden slab you are currently leaning upon. His cold eyes flash at the back of your mind and a thought crosses your mind. 

He could always just crush the door if he wants to.

You hear a thump from the other side of the door and your heart jumps. Murasakibara leans his forehead on the door, a mix of pain and guilt in his face that you can’t see. 

“I’m sorry,” his voice is more muffled now, and you know he is far from crushing the door open. “I was mean,” he says again, “you’re not annoying, __________-chin. You never got in my way.”

“I… just really hate vegetables, that’s all.”

You almost scoff at how utterly ridiculous his reasoning is, making him sound more like a child than his actual age. Though you are mildly amused, the fresh wounds are still sensitive to the touch, and you find yourself unable to let him in, literally and figuratively. Your boyfriend is smart, despite what he shows the world to see. He can be cunning, and sometimes you find yourself unable to actually understand him.

The words replay in your head unwillingly. Annoying. Getting in the way. Just by the memory of it, you find your eyes getting hot again.

“Go away,” you rasp. He more than senses the bite in your tone and realizes even more at how badly he hurt you. Murasakibara swallows a bile down his throat and leaves after a few moments. You hear his soft footsteps fade away and break into more tears.

Perhaps he really finds you annoying.

All the whispers you’re hearing from the voice in your head are proven wrong when you notice a sound from your right. You see a piece of long, thin foil—a gum.

“I’m really sorry,  __________-chin. I hate vegetables.” He repeats. You leave the gum be, only able to stare at it.

“But I hate more when  __________-chin is sad. I hate it the most when you are sad because of me.”

Your sobs are completely audible now. Murasakibara crouches down, resting a palm against the door as if trying to touch your back, to feel the warmth of your body through the cool slab of wood between the two of you. He pictures you curled up, your face red and your hair a mess, all because of him, and he feels his insides twisting uncomfortably like he wants to puke. 

He realizes he’s disgusted with himself.

“I’m sorry,” he says again. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t say it enough, please, I’m sorry, I love you, I love you so much. 

A moment later he hears a sniffle or two and the sound of the door being unlocked, and he feels lightheaded. 

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"would you just hold still?" for stenbrough!!

Most people would say that Richie had the hardest time keeping his mouth shut, and in many ways, they’d be correct. But Bill had a problem with that as well.

He knew his boundaries with most people, but people like Henry Bowers somehow managed to piss him off to no end.

That was how he’d ended up here in Stan’s bathroom. Bowers had found him while he was on his way there, pushed him around a bit, then was ready to leave when Bill stuttered out a “You s-s-suck, Bowers!”

Bill could probably tell you exactly how many rings Henry Bowers was wearing because he felt every single one of them when he was punched in the face.

“Sit,” Stan said, digging out his first aid kit. Bill lifted himself up on the counter, waiting patiently even as blood slowly - slowly - slipped down his cheek from the cut on his temple. Stan got what he needed from the little white box and moved to stand between Bill’s legs, looking at the cut with a furrowed brow. “Why can’t you just keep your mouth shut, huh?” He asked, his tone fond even as he shook his head and wet a little cotton ball with alcohol to clean the wound.

“I’ve g-got no s-s-self-control. You know that,” he said quietly, lips curled up into a tiny smile.

When Stan dabbed the cotton ball against his cut, Bill jerked away with a small noise because ouch.

“It’ll be over soon,” Stan assured. Bill looked at him again, but every time he came close with the cotton ball, he’d flinch away. “Would you just stay still? I’ve gotta clean this up so it doesn’t get infected or something.”

Bill huffed but nodded his head.

“You know, Eddie’s n-nicer abuh-bout it,” he mumbled, and Stan rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, whatever,” he said. His fingers were under Bill’s chin, making him look up so he could see the cut a little better.

“Maybe next time I’ll g-go to him.”

“There better not be a next time, Denbrough,” Stan threatened, though he couldn’t help but smile at their easy banter.

“There w-won’t be,” Bill promised. They both knew there would be a next time, and when that time came, he’d be right back there letting Stan take care of him.

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On this day of giving thx I'd like to extend some to u mostly for Superfluous rn bc I've missed ur writing Bc I Can't read that 1 angst ridden 1 (I won't until it's finished bc I am Sensitive™ and need a happy ending) and that was honestly JUST what I needed,it was beautiful and well written as always n I just SAID I missed ur writing but I'll say it again. U have such a way w words and anyway I'm rambling and probably not making sense but ily and on this gov mandated holiday I'm thinking of u.

Aaah thank you so much anon!!! I’ve missed writing, honestly. Anti-Anxiety kind of messed up my rhythm. But I’ve got several more stories in the works and i’m hoping to have more out soon! (gotta make my Nano wordcount somehow!) 

Thank you so much for this comment, I loved every word!

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aight girl knock it off now lol, let it go and move on alright? if this were to happen again then it'll happen and those of us who are a bit more open-minded and genuinely like ur blog will keep following you until the end of our days. but pls just... stop bringing this up, maybe? ur kinda getting in ur own way of moving on from this :) I do understand tho, take ur time I guess?

i just said i was sad about it? in the calmest way possible? but alright i’m sorry i deleted it. i’ve always shared my feelings on here but i suppose i’ll keep it impersonal from now on.

Maps | 03 (final)

Character/Genre/words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) | Friends to Lover!au, Fluff, Smut | 3,725 words

➽ Keywords: naps, Christian Yu, your bed – would you ask for anything more? (Or at least, it started that way, I don’t know how it ended up the way it is now)

➽ a/n: I was up all night working while listening to Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs one night and this just happened. | Sorry for the wait, and sorry that this chapter is a bit longer /nervous laughs/

➽ Warning: Graphic smut scene

➽ Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 (final)

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It's always bothered me that the Gems sometimes didn't calmly explain things to Peridot in the Cluster arc when she said something wrong, they just got mad and painted her as the bad guy when she couldn't have known any better. Like, I understand why Pearl got upset by being treated like a traditional Pearl, but Peridot is from Homeworld where that's the norm. Idk if I'm in the wrong or not in siding with Peridot, it just feels like she had to learn things the hard way for no reason.

i kinda felt the same way, anon. they wasted an entire episode about having Peridot and Pearl having a robot competition with it ending with Peridot getting punched in the face (…even though it’s revealed that Peridot does have a fear of being hit, as seen when she flinched when Steven cracked his towel like a whip).

the Gems punished Peridot instead of trying to actually talk to her about why what she said was fucked up. i know Peridot was tied up to the post after what she said to Garnet was mainly played for laughs, but that really doesn’t help when Amethyst supported her roasting the Gems and then later gets mad when she goes too far with Amethyst! 

One year ago, today, a beautiful movie was released. I remember how excited I was to see this movie, how long I had been looking forward to it, how many times I’ve watched in [in theaters], and just how many times and how hard I cried in the theater. I remember how much I fell in love with both the movie and the main character. Moana, the daughter of the village chief, and a queen in my eyes, is an amazing roll model for everyone out there and has became such an inspiration to many, just as other characters have in the past. I will love Moana for as long as I live, as she is my favorite Disney character/princess indefinetly.

She knew just what part she had to play, and knew she had the responsibility to lead her people. She was willing to give up her dream for that… but in the end, hope somehow found a way and she got to follow the call, discovering who she really was, while also doing what was best for her people. This is a movie with a simple hero’s journey story and a beautiful ending. And I remember just how wide I smiled when I saw her get the happy ending she truly deserved.

How lucky am I to say, that the first year anniversary of this movie falls on Thanksgiving? This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for everything this movie has blessed me with, and especially how I came to be friends with such an amazing person such as @emilybrs97

Happy One Year Anniversary, Moana!

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Based on spoilers and some leaks what would u do if rey ended up joining snoke if he can manipulate her to his side and Kylo ended back with the resistance? Kylo and rey would just be switching sides and snoke saying Luke killed her parents? What if this happens?!?!? I'd cry

Hello anon!=)

No offence, but I honestly think that would be such a weak reason for Rey to join Snoke in so many ways. I mean her friends are not on his side, her parents are already dead and why would she? If she knew about the horrible things that Snoke has done to Kylo? Sure, if Luke killed her parents she has every right to be pissed at him, but she doesn’t have to join Snoke or any side for that matter?

The only way I can see Rey going with Snoke is if he abducts her. Leaving Kylo alone once again. But I don’t see that happening either. I think Reylo will end up running away from everything together.

Jinnobi Prompts

Hi everyone, I’ve been suffering from writer’s block the last year or so (hence why I have yet to put up a larger fic this year) but I thought a good way to help break me out of it was to ask what everyone here is interested in reading. I realize there are certain tropes or prompts that I just haven’t written yet, so here’s some suggestions, tell me which one(s) you’d like me to do!

1. Fake marriage: I love this when I’ve seen it in other fandoms, wherein Character A has to pretend to be married to Character B and they end up falling in love.
2. Erotica/Pwp (porn without plot): for some reason I have yet to post a pwp jinnobi story…though some of my Mature rated fics have pretty detailed sex scenes in them…
3. Modern AU: I generally prefer the star wars-verse, but lately I’ve been intrigued by writing a jinnobi au set in modern day.
4. Sick fic: I have done some hurt/comfort caretaker fics before, but I haven’t really done a sick fic before.
5. Fix-it-fic: one of those fics that repair the weird or sad stuff that happens in Episode One/prequels.
6. Cave fic: two people stranded together in a small place…I can’t believe I haven’t written this type of fic yet!
7. Losing memory trope: there used to be a trope in the jinnobi fandom about someone losing their memory, and I’m curious if it is still a thing.
8. Royalty fic: AU where either or both characters are knowingly or unknowingly royalty.  
9. Coming out fic: I think I’ve always had it written where Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are already out, if only to each other, but it would be interesting to write about the coming out process.
10. Family reunion: character meets their own family for first time (makes sense if they are Jedi), or partner’s family for the first time.
11. AU where neither character is Force sensitive: probably would still be set in a Sci-fi/star wars universe, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon just wouldn’t be Jedi.

Please know, I’ll do my best to stick to the prompt, but sometimes my muse leads me off in another direction with an idea, so ficlets may not end up exactly the same as the original headcannon.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. 🍁

Usually, I would post about the true meaning of this holiday, to remind us of our history with the Native Americans. I’m pretty political, and most of you know how I feel on the subject.

But this year? I just want to ask you to do this: hold your family and friends that have become your family tight. Tell them that you are thankful for them, and grateful for their love. Never stop. Don’t get caught up in petty jealousies, because this all ends. Be thankful for life, and for love. Practice agape, brotherly/sisterly love for all of humankind, in the way that our universe and creator bestows it upon us.

Keep no record of wrongs, and delight in the truth that is unconditional love. Donate your leftovers to hungry people in need - I know that you drive past them each day. Buy a toy for a less fortunate child. Pay it forward by buying the car behind you their meal in that drive thru. Smile at strangers. Embrace the lonely, the broken, the downtrodden. Kiss your children, and tell them that they are the future. Show them how.

There can be so much “wrong” with this World, that it’s hard to focus on the love. We fall prey to survival instinct, that niggling voice that says “Why should I work so hard to have so little, and then give what little I have to those that don’t/can’t?”

Friends, this is the voice of antipathy, of selfishness, of greed. It is the voice that the creator begs you to ignore, lest it worm its way into your soul to make a home.

I ask you to do this for those who have gone before us, and those who struggle at this moment to stay with us: People who have practiced love, and shown you the way, with the joy and light of the stars in their hearts and souls. I am so very thankful for them today; my dear friend Nikki who passed away last week after eight years with brain cancer, and my father, who remains in a ventilator in the ICU, fighting advanced lung cancer on this Thanksgiving Day.

Be the light you wish to see in this world. Be love, and be loved.