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Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: “Could You Write Something Where The Reader Pretty Much Grows Up With The Winchesters And Her Mom Dies And So They Basically Adopt Her And The Reader Develops Feelings For Dean But Doesn’t Think He Feels The Same Way About Her? Thank You!”

Warnings: Mild swearing, death, mentions of sex. 

Word Count: 2009

Notes: Since you didn’t really specify any ending I just winged it, hope you enjoy anon! -Dani (You’re welcome for proofreading this, Dani! -Lottie) (Also Y/M/N means “your mom’s name”)



“Sammy! Sammy!” A 10 year old Y/N called out jumping out of a truck and running over to hug a 9 year old Sam Winchester. You were a year older than Sam but you two got along well. Like siblings.

“My name is Sam. Only Dean calls me Sammy.” He said while hugging you.

“Why can’t I call you Sammy? Aren’t we family.” you pouted while straining your neck to look up at Sam who was already a head taller than you.

“Of course you’re family Y/N.” An 13 year old Dean spoke walking out of a motel room door, John following close behind. John walked up to you mom and pulled her into a hug.

Your mom was a hunter who had met John on a hunt when you were still a baby. Your mom and John hit it off and since then you had been following your mom and John around on hunts growing up with Sam, Dean in motel rooms and going to the same schools.

This time John called your mom about a vamp nest in Wyoming so you and your mom packed your bags and head out to Wyoming.

“Y/M/N! How’s life been treating ya?” He asked. Your mom pulled away and leaned against the truck. “Ah same old same old.” she smiled.

You, Sam and Dean walked back to one of the motel rooms. This was normal for the three of you. Your mom and John would stay in one room, and you and the brothers stayed in the motel room next to them.

Normally you three shared one bed so the cost would be cheaper. You always slept in between the brothers because you were too scared to sleep on the sides of the bed. They always let you sleep in the middle without any complaints anyway.

That night John and your mom left you and Sammy alone with Dean to watch you two while they went out chasing the nest.

Dean made mac-and-cheese while you and Sam watched crap TV.

You were the first to take a shower and crawl into bed. By the time Sam finished showering you were already asleep, curled into a ball.

After Dean finished his shower he and Sam crawled into bed on either side of you.

“Hey Dean?” Sam whispered.

“Yeah Sam?” Dean replied.

“Do you like Y/N?” Sam asked.

“Ew what? She’s like 10. That a three-year age difference!” Dean replied, almost too quickly.

“No, stupid! Like as family?” Sam said.

“Oh… yeah I do.” Dean said. 

“I do too.” Sam said while yawning and rolling onto his side. “Night Dean.”

Dean rolled onto his side, looking at you. “Night Sammy… you too, Y/N.” he whispered.


You were laying, curled in a ball, under the blankets of your motel room bed. You sneezed and groaned. You and Sam had come down with the flu and because John and your mom were out hunting something, Dean to take care of the both of you.

“Dean, do we have chicken soup?” Sam asked.

“Yes. I’m making it now.” Dean replied. 

You we’re in the other bed, you were almost asleep but not quite. Your stomach wasn’t feeling well. You kept groaning, holding your stomach curled in a ball. You were almost asleep when you suddenly felt sick. You ran out of bed suddenly ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you. 

You threw up in the toilet while crying. You hated throwing up, and you haven’t slept for 24 hours. You stayed curled over the toilet crying when you heard a knock at the door and a frantic voice calling you. 

“Y/N? Are you ok? What’s going on?” Dean called you. 

You just sobbed, you head hanging over the toilet. The door started to creak open. 

“Don’t come in. It’s embarrassing.” You cried. You felt a hand start to rub circles in your back. 

“Y/N don’t be stupid. Everyone gets sick.” He said in a calming voice. 

“But I hate throwing up.” You sobbed. 

“Everyone throws up.” He said. “I’ll start a bath for you.” 

“Thanks Dean…” You smiled, watching him. 


“Dean?” Y/N whispered. 

“What Y/N” Dean said, rolling over to face you. Sam was already taking up half the bed. You had woken up on the ground multiple times the past month. 

John has suggested that you sleep in the same bed as Dean instead now instead of Sam. 

You didn’t mind, Dean seemed weird about it though. You we’re excited about it, you felt giddy around Dean. Like you had butterflies in your stomach when around him.

“Do you think our parents are together?” You asked. 

Dean looked shocked at first but looked concerned shortly after. 

“What do you mean?” He asked. 

“Like hooking up, idiot.” You frowned. 

“Y/N! Where the hell did you learn that phrase?” He whisper-yelled. 

“I’m 13, I’m in 8th grade. I go into high school next year!” You whisper-yelled back. 

“Right… right. Well, yeah. Yeah they are.” He said.

“Do you think they’ll ever get married.” You asked. 

“I don’t know. I really don’t.” He said. 

“If they did, we’d be brother and sister.” You said. 

“Half siblings.” He corrected you.

“Yeah.” You said, yawning. “I’m tired.” You hugged Dean, burying your head into his shirt. You fell asleep not long after. 

“Night Y/N.” 


“Y/N run!” You heard your mom’s voice in your head over and over again. 

You didn’t know how long it had been since hiding in the back of your mom’s truck under blankets to hide you. Your mom was hunting something called the yellow eyed demon with John. John had gone ahead and your mom decided to check out a vampire case on the way.

It must have been 30 minutes by now. You sobbed to yourself, replaying the image of your mom on the ceiling, her stomach cut open and bleeding in the house the vampires were in. 

A man with glowing yellow eyes surrounded in darkness glanced at you before she burst into flames. You gasped, crawling back on the floor and running out of the house as fast as your could. 

The last thing you could hear was a male voice. “Let her go… for now.” 

You sat, rocking and humming trying to calm yourself down. 

“Where’s that stupid bitch’s kid?” You heard a voice outside the truck speak. You quickly stopped crying, covering your mouth and biting down on your hand, trying to be silent. 

After what felt like forever, the voices disappeared. You leaned back and sighed in relief when you felt something in your pocket. 

You reached into your back pocket and pulled out your phone while quickly dialing a number.

After a couple rings they picked up. 

“Hello?” The voice answered 

“Dean?” You whispered.


“Hey.” you sighed, getting into the front seat of the truck. Sam followed behind. Dean was driving what used to be your mom’s truck. Ever since your mom’s death, John had basically adopted you. John didn’t take your mom’s death too well either. Looking back on it, they were definitely hooking up, and were possibly more than that. Dean dropped you and Sam off at your school and picked you up at the end of the day. When he wasn’t doing that he was either researching or sneaking into a bar somewhere.  

“Hey, how was school?” He asked you. You just sat, looking out the window. 

“It was fine.” Sam answered. You stayed silent the whole car ride back to the motel. 

“I’m going to a party with some friends tonight.” You said after walking into the bathroom and locking the door behind you. 

“Excuse me, you’re what?” Dean asked, pounding on the door. 

Sam just sat on the motel bed, watching as Dean yelled at your through the bathroom door. 

“Y/N! I’m coming in!” He yelled before breaking the door and slamming it open. 

When he got in the bathroom door was open, your school clothes were on the ground, and you we’re nowhere to be seen. 

“God DAMMIT Y/N!” Dean punched the wall in anger. He winced and held his fist in his other hand. 

“Dean, she hasn’t been taking her mom’s death well. Maybe we should just let her grieve.” Sam said. 

“NO… no. She needs to be here. Not out screwing some guy!” Dean yelled. “Get in the car, were going to find her.”

After hours of searching for you they found you around 1 A.M. at some party. You were literally in the middle of hooking up with some guy. 

“DEAN WHAT THE FUCK.” You yelled, pulling your skirt back up. 

“C’mon. We’re leaving.” Dean said gruffly, grabbing you by your arm and dragging you out of the house. When you got out to the car you yanked your arm out of his grip. 

“What the hell is wrong with you Dean?!” You screamed. 

“What the hell wrong with you? Going out to some party with some guy and you’re fucking him?” Dean yelled. 

“How is that any different from you going out and fucking any girl who stands still long enough? HUH?” You felt tears welling up in your eyes. 

“I don’t do it as a way to not think about my mother’s death! That’s why it’s different! You shouldn’t be doing this!” He yelled at you.

“Why do you give a shit about what I do? You’re not my dad or my brother Dean!” You screamed, blinking back tears. You quickly realized what you said. “No- Dean I-” 

“Get in the car, Y/N.” 

“Dean I didn’t-” 

“Y/N. Get in the car. Now.” Dean growled. 

You silently got in the car. 


It had been 2 years since that fight with Dean. 

It was still awkward around you two, part of the reason being that your feelings for Dean had gotten stronger since you were a kid. You liked him, maybe even loved him. 

You and Sam were closer. You talked to him about the fact that you liked Dean often. He was your safe place, your brother. 

You three had decided that you were going to the library to research something for John. 

Dean had gotten up about 30 minutes ago, saying he was going to look for more books since you were running out of books and quickly walking off. 

“I’m gonna go look for Dean. Be right back.” You told Sam. 

“Ok.” Sam said, not looking up from what he was reading. 

“Hey Dean, Sam and I think we found that John’s looking for so we don’t need those books anymore- oh.” You stopped dead in your tracks watching as Dean made out with some girl, his hands groping her ass frantically. 

You knew he was hooking up with someone in this town, you had just never seem him in the act. 

You felt like a ton of bricks hit you. 

“Oh, hey Y/N, sorry. I’ll be back in a few, just finishing up some- uh… business.” He smiled at you, winking.  

“Yeah, I’ll see you back at the motel.” You said, quickly turning around while blinking back tears. 


It had been a couple months since Sam had left Dean and John. Once again, things between you and Dean were weird. Even weirder now that Sam had left the three of you. 

John was more determined to find the thing that killed Dean’s and your mom. 

You however didn’t want to find it. You really didn’t. You wanted to move on with your life. Still being a hunter, but not hunting the thing that killed your mom. 

“I understand Y/N.” John said. 

“Thank you John, really.” You said, pulling away from his bear hug. 

“Understand what?” Dean asked, virtually coming out of nowhere. 

“I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll be in the car.” John said while closing the door behind him. 

“Dean, I’m leaving.” you said. 


“You and John are hunting the thing that killed our moms but I don’t want to anymore. I still want to hunt but I don’t feel like I can get over my mother’s death while continuously hunting the thing that killed her.” You explain. 

“Y/N, please.” He said. He looked like he was about to cry. 

“I have to Dean.” you said. 

“Please don’t leave me…” Dean’s voice cracked, he looked helpless. 

“Goodbye Dean.”  

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Hiya~I just was scrolling through your account, your head canons and scenerios are really funny and well written⭐keep it up~ Could you do a scenerio where the MC and the boys(and Jaehee) end up accedetally having a really awkward kiss. Thx!

Fun fact, the Seven one is based off a true story from about last year with me and my now ex girlfriend. Yes, I was the one who did it to her. And it was awful, but funny after a while. Thank you for the request ~~~~ Jumin:
•Honestly, you didn’t know what you were expecting..but it wasn’t..That.
•It’s not that he was a bad kisser, but the way he went about it was just unlike him.
• You two were dating, of course, and around your 3rd date, this cat mom decides it was time to “make a move.”
• You had no idea he was even at the restaurant yet. He thought it would be cute to surprise you, so he kept it this way.
• While you sit on your phone, unaware of the business man’s presence, he quickly wraps his arms around the side of your waist, and kisses the corner of your lips.
• yOu litTerally pUnCh Him?!?
•But only because you had no idea it was him!! So, he easily can forgive you.
•Won’t admit/show it, but he’s pretty embarrassed.
•Lil shit thinks he’s a smooth fukr.
• He goes up to ask you on a date, when all of a sudden he trips. He fricken trips. Yes, beautiful gods trip to, I guess.
• he ends up falling on top of you. And since you weigh a good amount less than’re on the ground.
• His body is squishing your chest, his hair is tickling your skin..and his lips are on your lips.
• “I’M SO SORRY (Y/N)!!”
•yeah you best be sorry motherfu-
• “’s okay, Zen,” *I kind oF LiKEd iT BUT yOU wOnT knOw…
• He’ll just ask you on that date tomorrow.
•Precious baby fell for another one of seven’s pranks. Jfc.
• “There’s a curse castes upon you Yoosung! If you don’t kiss (Y/N), I’m afraid the two of you will..well, you won’t be around much longer.”
• “I need you to come over, (Y/N) T_T”
• This text was mildly terrifying.
• You get up to his front porch, and knock on the door.
• A red faced yoosung awkwardly greets you. He opens up the door and..
• WhAt YoOSUNG whAt
• That’s it. He does it, and slams the door in your face.
• And seven saw the whole thing.
• It all started when you stole one of his chips.
• He began to tickle you, making you get all red, and crying with laughter.
• yeh no
• You look so cute though?
• He can’t help but start to lean down into a kiss..
• forgetting that he’s actually still tickling you.
• you’re laughing so hard, and he finally..presses his lips on yours..
• and that’s when you snort.
• In his mouth.
• Eventually you shake it off, and sometimes when you two kiss, you fake a little snort to tease him. It becomes an inside joke, really.
• Bless her soUL
• She was working so hard for that gay ass trustfund boi, and you had enough.
• You were going to distract her.
• You had many attempts. Most of which that failed. Such as, throwing wadded up balls of paper at her back.
• You even turned on a zen dvd. nothING.
• “Jaehee~ I’m going to skype Zen~ because he will pay attention to meeee. Unlike soME PEOPLE.”
• “that’s nice pumpkin.”
• ok if that’s how we’re gonna play it. No choice then..I guess you’ll just have to make this your first kiss. That will HAVE to get her attention.
• You slowly walk up behind her, heart racing.
• You put your hand on her desk, and slam your lips on hers.
• Sadly, you didn’t notice the cup of coffee sitting on the edge of her desk..
• It spills on your pants, making it look like you pissed yourself or something.
• “I should have just spilt coffee on my crotch hours ago.”
• “Awh, (Y/N), pumpkin come here. I can take a break for a few I suppose..”
I have no idea’s for V and Saeran right now. It’s late as hellll though. I haven’t written a Headcanon in about a month, and I’m just getting in the swing of it again. I’ve missed you all. I will try and update with v and saebae soonn!

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden Shin Tsukinami route summary

So my copy of Lost Eden arrived recently and I thought I’d start off with my favourite character’s route. I haven’t seen much on Shin’s route so I thought I might as well share what happens. Warning for massive spoilers below the cut. Also my Japanese is super beginner and I got fed up of looking up kanji non-stop and ended up just going for it, so unfortunately I can’t vouch for my accuracy and some bits are guess work on my part. I tried my best and will update this when I’ve gone through it and looked up more of the kanji, if you notice I’ve got anything wrong or have anything to add, please let me know politely ^^

Possible triggers for blood and illness, and general dialovers shenanigans nothing too serious here though, I don’t think.
With all that out the way, let’s go!

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A/N so one of my lovely followers popped into my message box and asked for sequel to How Soon Is Now so I decided to indulge them. This can be read as a sequel but also could technically be a completely stand alone story.

Spencer breathed in the cool night air feeling suddenly overwhelmed. He walked a few paces and then stopped, leaning back against the brick building of the bar and just looking up at the night sky. He couldn’t keep doing this to himself, couldn’t keep forcing himself to come out with the team knowing that he was going to be miserable. Something had to give somewhere. If he didn’t want to be lonely then he needed to do something. But he was no good at in person, or at least no good at pick up lines. Perhaps… Perhaps he should give online dating a go. At least that way he could get to know someone first, although knowing his luck he’d end up getting catfished, a term he hadn’t until recently even understood the meaning of.

But still, maybe something would come of it. Maybe he’d connect with someone. Or maybe he should just head back to Nevada. If he simply wanted a physical connection then certain things were legal there. Although as an FBI agent it really wouldn’t do for him to be seen in those sorts of places. He sighed, feeling beyond frustrated.

“You okay?”

Spencer jolted, not even realising he had company. He looked over to where the voice had come from, noticing the brunette that had smiled at him inside standing a few feet away.

“Um… I’m…I…. I’m fine. Thank you,” he managed to stutter out.

The girl rummaged in her bag and pulled out some car keys, glancing back over at him and squinting slightly.

“You don’t look fine. Well… I mean, you’re fine as fuck but you don’t look okay.”

“Pardon?” Spencer was now extremely confused, wondering why this woman was even talking to him.

“I get the feeling you don’t get hit on a lot, do you?” she stepped closer to him, a smirk playing across her face. Spencer shook his head and she continued.

“I thought so. What I said was, or what I meant rather was that you’re fine as in you’re hot, but you look like something is wrong. You wanna talk? I was heading home but I don’t have to leave just yet.”

“I…. erm…. I…. You think I’m hot?” Spencer squeaked, a funny fluttering sensation in his stomach.

“Well you’d be hotter if you smiled and didn’t look so perplexed.”


“So what’s got you looking like the weight of the world is sitting on your shoulders?”

Spencer debated whether to be honest, but he didn’t know the woman at all. But then again, maybe that would help. He sighed deeply.

“I…. erm… Okay it’s hard to explain. But I guess, I guess I’m lonely.”

She raised an eyebrow and pushed her long hair back behind one ear. “You’re lonely? In what way? The ‘I have no friends and no one to talk to’ way or the ‘I wish I had someone to love’ way. Or just simply 'I need someone to fuck that isn’t my own hand way?’” she gave a small chuckle at the last option.

“The latter two… I guess.”

“So go back inside and find someone then. You’re hot, plenty of girls would wanna take you home and ride you.”

Reid felt his cheeks flush red, his face burning hot. “It’s not, it’s not that easy. I don’t find it easy to talk to women.”

“You’re talking to me.”

True, he was.

“Listen, if you want something you have to learn to go and get it. Talking to people you find attractive isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when your friends are around watching, but if you want to meet someone in a bar then you gotta learn. Or look elsewhere. Whether it’s just a casual screw you’re after or a meaningful relationship, you gotta learn.”

“Thats easier said that done,” Spencer shot back. If it was that easy then he would have done it by now.

“That’s fair. Look… Do you need a ride home or something? I know I’m a stranger but I promise I’m not a serial killer. And I parked my car a few streets over and need to go down an alley to get to it. Be a gentleman and escort me.”

“How do you know I’m not a serial killer?” Spencer countered, suprised at her offer.

“Because you’ve been in that bar a few times. And I’ve been in the bathroom with the women you go in there with. I know they work for the FBI so I figure you do too. Am I wrong?”

“No, you’re right.”

“So can I give you a ride or are you going to be make me walk down that ally by myself?”

Spencer was originally just going to walk, he didn’t live too far and the night air would have cleared his head. But here he had what he’d been craving for a while now. Attention for a member of the opposite sex. And he wasn’t going to turn it away even if she only wanted someone to keep her safe.

“Okay sure. I’m Spencer by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Spencer, it’s this way.” The woman started walking, her heels clicking on the pavement. Spencer started after her, quickly catching up and walking by her side. She led him down the ally which was brightly lit and not at all dangerous, then made her way across the street to a small blue car. Bleeping it open with her keys, she slid in and waited for Reid to join her.

“So where am I taking you Spencer, where do you live?” she started the engine, turning the radio that burst into life down so she could hear him.

“It’s actually fine, I can walk. It’s only a few blocks.”

“Well you’re in my car now, so I might as well drive you. Where are we going.”

He relented and gave his address, sneaking a look at her as she pulled out into the road and started to drive. She really was quite attractive. He wondered why she hadn’t been up on the dance floor with the rest of her friends but didn’t dare ask.

“What’s your name?” he blurted out, suddenly realising that he was in a car with a stranger, a girl who’s name he didn’t even know but who knew his.

She pursed her lips and glanced over at him briefly before averting her eyes back to the road.

“Spencer, do you think I’m attractive?” she asked.


“It’s just a question. It requires a yes or a no answer. You come across as an over thinker, I’ve only known you for fifteen minutes but already that much is obvious. Don’t over think, just answer. Do you think I’m attractive?”

Spencer gulped before answering, “yes.”

“And when you said you were lonely one of the things you meant was that you wanted to screw someone that wasn’t your own hand, right?”

Where was she going with this? He nodded and then remembered that she was driving. “Y-yes.”

“So it’s much more mysterious for me to be the attractive stranger who accompanies you home to be that someone you screw, if I don’t tell you my name, don’t you think?”

She pulled into a parking spot opposite his building and turned to look at him, her eyes sparkling.

“I mean, if that’s what you want of course.”

Spencer’s mouth opened and then closed again, suddenly lost for words.

“So we’re here. You can leave this car alone and I was just a strange girl that gave you a ride and talked to you for a bit. Or I can come up with you and be a strange girl who gave you a ride but in a completely different sense of the phrase. Your choice Spencer.”

She bit her lower lip and waited, Spencer’s mind going into overdrive before he made a snap decision.

“I choose… I choose the second option,” his voice shook slightly as he spoke, seeing a grin break out across her face.

“Well then,” she switched the engine off and reached for her bag. “Lead the way.”

Mornings (Steve x reader)

Description: Cap and F/N waking up together PSA: filled with some wonderful fluff. sorta short, but that’s the way it ended up

The sun is beginning to peek through your sheer drapes in the early morning. it’s spring, and from your open window you can smell the cherry blossoms from Central Park. Your bed sheets are cold, just the way you like it. You’re wearing your boyfriend’s white t-shirt that’s huge on you along with your comfiest pair of pajama shorts. You and your boyfriend share the living space that you have in the avengers tower; finally convincing Tony to let you both share a room together after dating for a year and a half. Steve Rogers is your boyfriend. The world’s one and only Captain America and the only one in your heart. Your legs are entangled with his, it was one of those feelings of knowing he’s there that comforted you. Steve wraps his arm around you and pulls you into him, noticing that you’re getting cold by the way your stealing all of the sheets that are currently balled up in your fist.

“Cold, babe?” The way his voice sounded just as he was waking up turned you, but you weren’t in the mood for any of that right now. He chuckled a little bit before closing his eyes again, holding you as close to his body as he can. You smile a bit as he’s spooning you, eyes still closed. You turn your body to face him, still in his arms and barely open your eyes. You admire the way his kissable lips are curving into a slight smile and the way his eyes flutter a bit as he’s trying to fall back asleep. You listen to his steady heart beat, the only thing that make you feel grounded these days. You capture his warmth and kiss his collarbone tenderly. He opens one eye at you and smiles, kissing you on the forehead.

“Good morning,” you whisper, just loud enough for him to hear. “Good morning F/N. How’d did you sleep?” He strokes his fingers through your hair, making you smile.

"Good. You know I always sleep better when you’re here with me.” Ever since the whole thing with Ultron and Sokovia, you’ve been having terrible nightmares about everyone you care about, dying on that floating city at the hands of that robot.

"I’ll always be here. Always.” He plants kisses along your temple, trailing them to your lips. His hands are wrapped around your waist while yours are planted on his chest. You feel every movement of his muscles under his soft and warm skin. You release the kiss and look into his blue-green eyes before going back to his tender lips. He’s gentle as he holds you, not wanting anything more from you than this. He gets his hands under your shirt and traces up and down your spine, sending a shiver throughout your body. He kisses you softly at first, like it’s the first time he’s kissed you. As you progress, you can feel the passion and the love he has for you behind each kiss. His tongue swipes across your lips and you part them, giving him entrance into your mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck, brushing them up into his soft hair. After your little make out session, you pull away and you both have kiss swollen lips. You smile at him and he gives you that gorgeous smile that you’ve always loved. He lays on his back and you rest your head on his bare chest, legs entangled in his.

"What do you want for breakfast? I’ll make you anything you want.” He says with his hand rested on your waist, his sentence ending with a kiss on your forehead.

"Hmm, how about waffles?” Those were your favorite. And you loved the way Steve made them. “Don’t forget the strawberries on top. You know I love those.”

He laughs and slowly starts to get up. “How could I forget?” He sits on the edge of the bed, his hand resting on yours. “I love you F/N.”

He leans over and kisses you lovingly, dragging it out because he doesn’t want to leave your side. You cup his face as he kisses you, and when you both pull away, you look up into his eyes and smile. “And I love you.”

Without warning, he picks you up bridal style out of the bed and you yelp out of surprise. He laughs and places a kiss on his cheek. “How could you make me leave the warmth of your cozy bed? And where are you taking me?” You say in the middle of your fit of laughter that you’re having with your loving boyfriend.

“I never said that you didn’t have to accompany me. I wanna see your beautiful face and I don’t want to miss it for a second.” He has this look on his face that’s filled with so much love. When you first got together, every one of the avengers knew you two were meant for each other because Steve never looked at someone like this. Bucky was the first to say it to you. You were touched and gave him a big hug, knowing that your boyfriend’s best friend gave his approval. Still laughing, he carried you out the door and into the kitchen, setting you on the counter. His hips were in between your legs and he placed one last kiss before making a breakfast that was just a start to a wonderful day.

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Hi! Don't know if this is weird, but I wanted to thank you for how you're dealing with this thing about the fic and keeping positive. As a minor in the fandom it's really weird and complicated to deal with and your attitude and content really help. Thanks <3

No problem!

Glad to know I help!

*beepbeep: allurivan time.

please imagine Allura giving silent lovingly looks at Kolivan whenever she can, they don’t make it obvious but eventually Lance starts seeing Allura act more kinder around the Galran leader. He constantly asks how’s life, how’s….love life? He would say with a sly grin.

Allura would get angry and scold him to go do work. then when she’s alone she just sighs. contemplating. Never believing that her feelings would grow over a GALRA.
out of anyone who she knew, knowing more about Kolivan just….intrigued her. She could relate so much to him. She could talk to him.
He understands her. And they end up trying to agree more often while in combat.
Since from time to time, the two end up commanding the paladins at the same time.
they basically like to ‘flirt’ at each other in a friendly and secretive way.

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My mom told me to gather up some laundry (my room is a mess and I'm wearing my only clean underwear rn) and I just looked at my floor and felt like crying. I managed to gather it up and then just laid on my bed for a while because I couldnt get myself to go all the way to the basement to put it in the washer. I think it was b/c executive dysfunction but idk and idk how to explain it beyond "I want to do the thing but cant do the thing right now" and I ended up crying b/c I had to do laundry?

This does sound like executive dysfunction. A good way to explain it when you’re feeling like this specifically is “I’m really overwhelmed and I can’t do the next step.” Most people understand that when they don’t understand wanting to do something and not being able to make it happen.


So I’ve been scrolling through the Feanorian week tag, and I saw something that bothered me about people making fun of the week.  And I just want to say that if you don’t like the week, don’t publicly post how your group is dedicated to making passive aggressive post about it in such a way that it ends up in the tag because first of off, why? Second of all, why? This week is supposed to be discourse free and fun for all, and I’m not here for immature people trying to drag it, or people who participate in it down.


People are trying to have fun, and as the admin, it’s not the first thing I’d like to see in the feanorian week tag, nor is it what I’d like others to see.

So if you have an issue, be an adult about it, because most of you are. And I don’t want negativity coming to a group that’s brought so many artist, writers, edits, and so many more amazing people together.

Like really, I was planning to say this at the end, but I’m in awe of absolutely everything I’ve seen, because seriously, the Silm fandom is amazing. And I don’t understand what people are gaining by trying to bring it down.

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I just imagine that when Tim comes back, he's gonna be different. Not in a traumatized way cause, lets face it, that boy is already traumatized beyond belief, but in a heartbroken way. Everyone just gave up on him and accepted he was dead, even though his body wasn't even left behind! He's gone to the ends of the Earth just to prove Bruce wasn't dead while everyone (sans Conner) called him crazy, but they won't do the same for him! That has to hurt. Poor baby. :(

After waiting for months in that cell all alone, each day all he could do was hope was that his family would come and rescue him. Every single day, that was his most prominent thought: “They’re coming for me.” But they never did. And after enough time in isolation, he started to lose grip on reality, and those words became darker, full of defeat and mistrust. They were never coming for him, so he lost faith in them completely. If they could live in a world where practically everyone who dies comes back, how could they accept he was dead? So he started thinking that maybe they knew he was alive, but they just didn’t care. Maybe they were glad for the excuse to be rid of him.  

So by the time he did get out, the only thing he could comprehend when he returned was that they abandoned him. After everything he’s done for them they left him to die, believing he was dead even without a body. They just wrote him off like he didn’t matter at all. So he kind of shut them out at first. He thought he could no longer trust them, and after so long alone it was hard to remember who was even on his side anymore. 

He continued working with the Batfamily and seemed glad to be home for the most part, but they all saw there was something off about him. He was isolating himself more, he never spoke to them unless spoken to first, and whenever he thought he was alone they could see the agony etched in his face and the low mutters of “Don’t listen to them. They never cared about you.” And of course they all knew that it was because he thought they abandoned him when he needed them most, and they couldn’t help agreeing with him. They hadn’t looked into his death at all. They just accepted he was gone and moved on. So they didn’t push him, because they knew it would take time before he would begin to trust him again, and that was more than reasonable. But even after he was back to normal and all, he still was never exactly the same, and he never really got as close to the family as he’d been before his capture.          

there are three scenes in rwby you can show me that will instantly make me tear up, no matter what, and literally all of them are because of ruby fucking rose 

  • the scene at the beginning of 3x1 with ruby saying “wish me luck” to summer’s grave, and the orchestral theme in the background 
  • at the end of 3x12 when ruby says “if i’m so special, i can help!… right?” and the little crack in her voice that shows all her uncertainty and fear 
  • ruby’s voice overlaying the cold theme at the end of 4x12 and her words, “we’ve all lost something”, and then team jnpr mourning pyrrha together 

We’re open for business!! This fanzine is Love Live School Idol Festival inspired!! Create your own Ultra Rare cards of Splatoon characters and it will be put into the fanzine!! At the moment, there is no specific date that the entries will end. So, once i deem there is enough or submissions have just stopped, then i will post the entire fanzine.

Examples of Cards:

You can make up to 2 UR cards. They can be from matching sets or they can be completely different, just make then unique and have fun!!

There is no specific way you have to make it… They can be your own clothing designs like i did above. They can be simple… Or…

They can be the outfits from the game and be way more extravagant! You decide.

What if you want to enter but you can’t do backgrounds? 

That’s fine. If you want, you can do SR cards. If there are any, i will make a specific spot in the fanzine for all those cards.

What if i am a traditional artist and can’t do the UR bracket on the side?

That’s fine. You can draw your character in an outfit from the game so it is obvious that the character fits within the Love Live helm. Or you can print out the brackets.

What if i wanna join but i don’t know what Love Live is? 

Well for starters Love Live was innicially an anime about 9 school girls becoming School Idols to save the school from closing down. Then, the anime was turned into an app game. In the game you play rhythm games and scout for different cards of the characters. Now, you can still make the cards and not know really what it is. If you are having trouble, just send me your drawing of the character and i will add the UR bracket on the side for you. Or you can make a card for a game you are more familiar with. For example: Pokemon. If i get enough of these submitted, i will make a separate section for them as well.

Can i submit NSFW art? 

No. Bikini rules apply

Can i do something that isn’t Platoon?

No. This is a Splatoon Fanzine. Maybe at a later time i will open one for any characters.

What if i wanna do more than two? 

I may make an acceptation for 3 but i don’t want one artist to make so much art it blocks out the rest of the artists. If this idea is really fun for you, you can post your other works on your own blog.

Can i do a character that isn’t my OC? 

If it’s a canon character from the game (Splatoon), Yes (Like Callie and Marie). If it’s a Love Live character in squid form, Yes. If it’s someone else’s character, Yes so long as you have PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINAL CREATOR if not i will have to decline.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Here are some templates if you need them:

(Yes, i am aware only the updated Smile Card is here. My edits messed up and i was unable to add them to the post. You will have to edit it yourself. But if you really struggle with it, just talk to me and i will make a better edit for you.)

If i left any questions unanswered please do not hesitate to ask!!!

That concludes this post on the Splatoon Fanzine. I look forward to seeing the final product.

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I know you've probably been asked about the Ford and Stan keychains a million times by now, but will there be a way for us to preorder them somehow? I've gotta get a pair, dude.

the stan keychain doesn’t exist (yet), and the ford keychain preorder ended. i might have some extras up on etsy at the end of next week, but it depends on how fast i can work through assembling & sending off all my current orders ^^

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man the way you draw Sonic characters... it's my favorite style ever. do you start with the eyes, or draw a head shape first or? cuz I love how simple and friendly your shapes look but how expressive and dynamic!

omfg this got buried behind a bunch of messages but thank you so much!! i actually just start with a circle for the head, then do torso/body (so i can gesture how i want the pose to look), and usually dont start drawing the face til ive got the pose figured out

i didnt used to do this bc expressions are typically my favorite part but if you let yourself gesture first you usually end up with WAY less static poses

Like, even ME:A was an amazing game otherwise, I’d still be forever mad about this premise

It was one of my favorite things about the original trilogy, sure you get a cool title at the beginning of the game, but your character is already experienced and fully qualified for it instead of being some random nobody who gets a “chosen one” title slapped on them just because; and at the end of the day, the title wasn’t even that important - you are so cool because you are MOTHERFUCKING SHEPARD. It’s still a shameless power fantasy, but at least it makes sense.

But okay, you want to make your brand new character as different from Shepard as possible - young, inexperienced, #sorelatable. Then COMMIT TO IT YOU FUCKING COWARDS. This is a fucking 60 hour exploration game. A perfect opportunity to start as a regular scout and work your way up by exploring new planets and doing dangerous missions. But apparently they assume their target audience won’t play a game where everyone doesn’t start kissing your ass within the first 30 minutes. Because if there’s anything kids these days can relate to, it’s flirting awkwardly and getting into incredibly important leadership positions without any effort or skills bacause daddy said so. With an added bonus of “here’s a strong (but sexy) female character who is actually competent and qualified for the job, but ooops! you got it instead because something something plot contrivances and now you OUTRANK her!! haha guess she’ll have to suck it up and also suck your dick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) if you know what we mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) haha (but only if you have one)”


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I started watching Miraculous Ladybug because of you, and it's awesome! But tbh, it annoys me how Adrien never seems to stand up against Chloe and tells her to piss off or something, seriously that little vixen needs a good slap in her face

That’s because Adrien understands where she is coming from. They both come from similar backgrounds. Important families. Chloe is, however, lucky enough to have a father who loves her, even if his choices aren’t that great.

What Chloe does can be terrible. But Adrien is how he is out of a sincere understanding. Also, I’m pretty sure there are moments when he does stand up to her. It’s just that he does it in a sort of lowkey shuthehellup kinda way while Mari tends to get personally affected (which is portrayed as a flaw in her character).

I figure Chloe will go through some growth next season. At the end of the day she is just a young girl and, while I hate bullies, she deserves to grow and be forgiven. She has her insecurities just like everyone else. She just has an unhealthy way of showing them.

But we’re supposed to look beneath that. She can be annoying, I know. But there are times when I tend to feel a pang of sympathy.

At the end of the day, Adrien is lonely. His friends and that school remind him that he’s loved. Yes, even Chloe.

I personally think Chloe feels powerless most of the time and puts up a front. That’s why she idolises Ladybug, even going so far as to dress up as her. That’s why she often becomes a victim. I think she wants to be strong and lashes out because she isn’t.

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Prompt: Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy plan on going to the movies to see the newest thriller/horror movie, but when the night comes she has to cancel because she got grounded for failing a test. So jonathan and steve end up going together and it's the first time they really get to bond alone. Let's just say tensions build while theyre in the theatre, and they end up making out when they leave the movies....... I hope that made sense, You're way better at writing this stuff than I am :)

( Sorry this took so long, it’s been a crazy week with lots of school work… This is real cute! )

“She… cancelled?” Jonathan murmurs from his spot in the doorway, he had his keys in his hand and his jacket on. When he had answered the door he’d looked like an excited kid, smiling brightly, but it had soon faded at Steve’s words. He had come to deliver the news as Nancy herself couldn’t. A grounding for a failing test grade was the source of her absence, which was complete bullshit… Steve’s dad usually just called him a disappointment, slapped him upside the head and told him to get out of his sight.

“Yeah, man… She was real excited too,” He offers with a small frown, Jonathan looks down at his feet and Steve doesn’t think he’s ever looked more like a kicked puppy in that moment. It was part of his charm, really, what made Steve like him. He held a sort of innocence, something pure and naïve, and yet he was broken and jagged as well. He was in all senses, one of those mysterious but emotionally frail protagonists of a teenaged drama.

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@ everyone

Hey everyone!
How are you all doing today? I hope the weather’s nice, and your day hasn’t been too stressful.
Has anyone said something that made you smile recently?
Has that one song you love come up?

Take some time to relax, get something pleasant to drink, keep yourself hydrated and fed - it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as it’s tasty, right?

Every person is so brilliant, and that certainly includes you.
So whether you day has just started, just ended, or it’s still working it’s way through between sunrise and sunset, I hope your day is going well and you all are doing fine, because everyone who reads this deserves the best they can possibly have


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.............................................I'm a fluent native english speaker and I didn't know that "it has" even had a contraction. dear god. thank you for educating me in this, I'm going to go reading a fucking dictionary now

It pisses me the actual fuck off. There are just some writing bits that get to me. It’s and it’s is one of them. Another is when I’m writing way too fast and end up writing teh too many times. I’m a very particular creature and while I find English to be a fairly easy language to deal with, there are some exceptions about it that just irritate me <_<

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Asalaamualaikum. How do I stop myself from feeling dispondent when I got my results on a test and it's not what I hoped it would be and this after I made so much dua to Allah to make it hit total and I worked extremely hard. Is this a means by which Allah is testing me and is it part of allahs plan? I've lost the focus to study hard for the rest of my exam and I feel so dispondent 😔

Wa Alaikumussalaam

things do not always go our way and there could be many factors why they don’t. but imagine that everything that befalls you is just taking up one chapter of your life and it certainly does not seal your end.

what I am trying to say that in order to succeed you constantly have to turn the pages and start from the beginning. This can be applied to everything that happens to you.

And who does now fail classes? We all did at some point and eventually we all will graduate somehow, if we don’t give up. Remember that just because you did not passed this one it does not mean that you cannot do the next one. Believe in yourself and your abilities, think about all the things you have done wrong. I don’t know if you get the sheets back, but if you do, examine your mistakes, work on them and in sha Allah you are going to be successful the next time.

You’re not a failure, just a human who learns and that’s the most important thing here. Tell yourself that you can do it and don’t let one bad grade ruin your career.

May Allah ease your affairs, grant you patience, knowledge and the strength to motivate yourself.