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BTS Reaction | Watching porn together

Anon request; Bts reaction to you asking them to watch porn together and you’re just friends

Anon request; bts are your best friends and you watch porn together and they or the reader touch themselves or both and they want to do more.

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How NCT 127 & TenSol would crush on you


Anon: Hey~ could you do a “How NCT127+Ten+Hansol would crush on you” ☺️ Like how would they behave if they had a crush on you. THANK YOU ! I love your blog~ ❤

Anon: Can i request a NCT hyung line + Mark reaction when they have a crush (how would they be like) thanks xx

Thank you for requesting! This was actually quite hard to do, especially to think of 11 ways of crushing on someone which is hard to write if you’ve never actually crushed on someone lmfao I just hope you will enjoy it!


He’d show very subtle signs that he likes you, so subtle that you nor the other members would notice. Not the type to tell anyone about his crush, some of the other members would end up pushing his buttons without realising. Members, like Johnny or Yuta, are just naturally a bit flirty and touchy, so if they ever tried this on with you, Taeil would clearly and blatantly get very jealous. Rolling his eyes, sighing heavily and slapping their hands away from you, would all be tale-tell signs. But generally, his signs would be subtle and low-key. He’d be incredibly gentlemanly and chivalrous around you, always making eye contact with you and showing that he was listening to you and genuinely cared. Another thing that would always happen, but be hard to spot, would be how his tone of voice would change every time he spoke to you. Usually, his voice would be quite rough and ragged, but would turn sweet and soft with you. As much as he’d be fond of you, actually asking you out or explaining his feelings to you, would be hard so you’d have to take the initiative first. 


The best way to describe how Hansol would crush on you is probably like a school girl i know that sounds crazy and stupid but hear me out lmfao. He’d be so flustered and blushy around you, his heart racing like crazy and his palms sweaty. Usually, he wouldn’t be so awkward around you - I’m pretty sure he’d be able to control that part of his personality around you. But if you ever complimented him or said something he found adorable, he’d look down and smile shyly, maybe uttering a few words under his breathe to control himself. There’d be a lot of embarrassed laughs with him and very little eye contact. To other members, like Taeyong or Yuta, he’d talk about you, a lot. They’d be very poetic and sweet things, as if he was in a movie or something. They might want to tease him bout it, but since his words would be so sincere and kind, they’d sympathise for him. Both of you would be too shy to do anything to confess, so would need a push form something or someone else. 


Out of all the members, I think Johnny would probably be the most entertaining and embarrassing when having a crush. He’d try so hard to be subtle and chill, but would only end up making a fool of himself a bit. Honestly, you wouldn’t say anything about because it’d also be quite cute and you’d enjoy having him to random and weird shit around you. He’d crack cringey jokes and pickup lines, try to act “sexy” or “seductive” around you, maybe sometimes give you a bit of the cold shoulder to look badass. Even though he’d make a fool of himself around you, he’d basically already be your boyfriend too - just without the kissing part. He’d like to play with your hair and hands, link arms with you and give you a lot of attention. Again, he wouldn’t actually realise that his “subtlety” was actually quite obvious. Because of this, if you ever did end up dating one another, deciding when you had actually started, would be hard to determine.


I think knowing Taeyong had a crush on you would be very hard to tell because he’d be so secretive and act in a way that would actually make you think he didn’t really like you that much. He’d try to distance himself from you and wouldn’t really speak to you much after he realised that he was basically like, in love with you. His signs and actions would only upset you and make you feel as if you had done something wrong. You would never notice this, but he’d always be staring at you you know, the same way he looks at mark or sicheng or the way jae looked at tae at in that one radio interview. I think he’d genuinely just be scared of being in a relationship, the reasoning behind is odd behaviour. He’d yearn for the comfort and attention that he’d receive in one, but would worry about doing something wrong. However, his “cold” behavior would sometimes fall through and he’d end up embarrassing or saying something cute to you. Like, if you were feeling self-conscious and were ranting to someone else, Taeyong would suddenly compliment you and ramble about how amazing you are from the other side of the room. 


Definitely the member to flirt the most with you and not care if it was obvious or a little embarrassing on his behalf. But, it wouldn’t be the type of flirting that makes him sound like a player or like he only wanted you short-term or for a fling. He’d still be very sweet and polite around you, but would just enjoy being the one making you flustered and blushy. He’d always be ready with a comment or line to say that would always make you weak at the knees or shocked at his quick reactions. Totally the type to openly talk about you openly in front of other people and basically just how you off all the time. He’d actually feel quite nervous around you but would be worried that you’d be turned off of him if you saw that side to him. He’d cover it up by being very confident and flirty, in hope that it would help him in his quest t win you over. The point that things wold change and would encourage the start of your proper romantic relationship, would be the time that he opened up to you. Seeing him open up and share his insecurities, would only make you like him even more for trusting in you, and he’d just like you more because of how caring you were.


Doyoung would be like Taeil in the fact that his signs would be very subtle. He’d have crush on you from the first time you met and ever since then, would be very sweet and considerate around you. He’d absolutely love buying you things, even if they were small gifts like snacks or small pieces of jewelry, and would gallant around you, opening doors for you and making sure he watched his language around you. This side of him what drew you to him but obviously, this isn’t his only side to him and the other members would notice it immediately. Although they wouldn’t want to jeopardise any potential relationship with you, they wouldn’t want you to fall too heavily for that side of Doyoung, when there was one that was much more like himself. In hopes that it’d help your situation more than hinder it, they’d invite you over to the dorms one day without telling Doyoung. You’d find him in the kitchen saying some crazy random shit, yelling at the top of his lungs, roasting the younger members and probably still in his sleepwear. Of course you’d be utterly shocked, but amused too, and he’d be embarrassed and a little betrayed by his friends - but he’d just get over it, and you’d then be able to see both sides of him.


I think noticing that Ten has a crush on you would be quite hard. His behaviour wouldn’t change much from normal, maybe just a few things or actions just being more prominent around you. Only people who know him really well, like the members, might notice his subtle change in his behaviour, but to everyone else, you and even maybe him too initially, it’d be hard to spot. They’d just be small changes; he’d smile and laugh more around you, be a little more enthusiastic and excitable, always be talking and making jokes. No obvious flirting or skinship though - I don’t think he’d really need that one-on-one touch to like you or anything. I think he genuinely would be drawn to your personality, the physical and sexual side only being a plus to him, so it wouldn’t be obvious that he liked you romantically. You’d kinda think he just really wanted to be your best friend or something, so if he ever wanted to go further you, he probably would be forced to change that a bit. Nearing the time he asked you out, he’d definitely be more clingy but also more quiet, like he was in deep thought or worried about something. I think after that, everything would move quite quickly; it’d go from what you thought was best friends to into a romantic relationship within a couple of days.


Unlike Ten, it’d be very obvious that Jaehyun likes you, and vice versa, but actually dating one another would take a long time. You’d both enjoy the merciless teasing and flirting that your crush on one another would bring, too much to actually break out of it and date one another. There’d be a lot of pickup lines and flirty one-liners between you, neither of you shy at your slightly frisky language. There would, however, be times where Jaehyun would really catch you off guard. He’d compliment something quite small about you, something like your voice or hair, but his voice would be low and soft, making his words sound very sincere and genuine, as if he wasn’t saying it just to make you blush or to flirt with you - but because he actually really meant it. Taken aback, you’d blush and stutter out a quiet thank you, him suddenly realising what he had done cursing himself a bit for letting his guard down a bit (although the wouldn’t regret it anyway) You both would just be sitting there awkwardly blushing and not daring to look each other in the eye. It’d be the same case if you ever did the same to him, but generally, you’d both be quite playful and flirty with one another. So much so, that sometimes you’d wonder if Jaehyun was only doing it because he was bored or because he wanted to make you fall for him.


I’m not gonna pretend here, I genuinely think WinWin would probably act like some kind of dickhead or something in order to get your attention; not like the love-sick puppy that other people write him like. Personally, I think Sicheng is probably a little insecure and would want to change some things about himself; he’d try acting in a way that made him seem more confident and extroverted. No doubt, the other members would have some influence over him. He’d imitate their behaviour and comments, covering up his embarrassment with a slightly forced smirk or awkward wink. Depending on the kind of person you are, you might be able to see through this act of his and just find his attempts to lull you in like that adorable and amusing; or you might, or might not, see through it but would find his slightly rude remarks and shrugs of the shoulders to your questions, annoying and rude. Either way, you’d have to be the one to tell him your feelings first, just so that he’d be able to just stop his act. You might not start dating there and then immediately, and if so, he’d return to his normal self, the one that you’d actually like even more and prefer (for obvious reasons) He’d obviously be very flustered and shy around you, maybe begging another one of the members to come with him to see you because he’s “too awkward to be around you alone”.  


Mark would be quite similar to Taeyong if he had a crush on you. He’d be quite distant and shy around you. To be honest, you wouldn’t really know him that well in the first place. Sure, you’d have heard things about him through other people, but very rarely, would you ever have the opportunity to speak to one another. He’d be a secret admirer to say the least. Watching you with fondness from afar, smiling when you’re laughing with your friends but, then dodging eye contact with you when you turn your head towards him. He’d ask the other members to ask you questions on his behalf, source out some information on you to see if you were truly compatible with one another. I think he’d be cautious about the whole thing; he wouldn’t be the type to invest in a relationship he wasn’t 100% sure would work out well. He would eventually reach the conclusion, and admit, that he likes you - a lot - immediately changing his behaviour in a pursuit to get you. He’d be very open and friendly around you, teasing you cheekily but defending you from any of the jokes of his older members. His change in behaviour would shock you a bit but you wouldn’t really doubt him.


Expect a very fluffy and awkward Haechan if he has a crush on you! Although he might try to hide his nervousness and blushy state, he’d fail miserably and literally would just be so flustered and awkward around you. He’d just giggle and laugh at everything you say, absentmindedly touch your shoulder or hand but then suddenly pulling away embarrassed. The whole thing would be very cute though - you’d easily spot his cute little gestures and the pink tint on his cheeks. How sometimes he’d open his mouth to say something to you but then quickly stop and shut it again, because he didn’t want to embarrass himself with his cheesy pick up line or compliment. Or how even just offering him a snack or drink could leave him red-faces for the rest of the day, his heart racing. The other members would, at first, embarrass him a lot in front of you - they’d be the reason why you spotted Haechan’s crush on you. But they’d stop when they realised how they’re teasing would make him hesitant to be around you or try to avoid you, they’d stop and actually encourage and help him to be more confident around you (which would eventually work lmao)

“Coronation” - A Conversation

Summary: Natasha convinces James to try and give up Sokovia to the Russians.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Manipulation, slight smut

Word Count: 332

A/N: im so sorry i havent been writing. i have had a busy few days and i leave on thursday. i’ll be on hiatus starting thursday and ending wednesday. both taglists are still open.

Coronation Masterlist

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

“Bucky, Baby, come on. You know this will work.” Natasha whispered into Bucky’s ear.

Her sharp, red fingernails made their way down his naked chest. She had just finished giving Bucky one of her famous blow jobs. Famous because almost every man in the tower had experienced one.

“I can’t have her give up her own country. We need them, Natty. Without them, Russia can take us over. We have almost won the fight. We are almost to the finish line.” Bucky tried telling her.

Natasha had to keep from rolling her eyes. She couldn’t believe that Bucky still thought they had a chance against her Mother Country. They were powerful and brutal. There was no way in hell that Romania would ever beat Russia in this war.

“Babe, just think of it. If you give that whore’s country to Russia, then she will no longer be a Queen. We can marry and I’ll be your Queen. Just think of it. It’s all you have ever wanted. Me, by your side.” She continued.

She had been trying to steal the Romania throne for years. Ever since she took her first trip to Russia. No one knew that she was approached by the Royals of Russia. They took her under their wing and taught her to be a spy.

“Nat, you know I can’t. We can still be together, even if I have to marry her. I love you, Natasha. I will always love you.” He said while trying to land a kiss on her pouted lips.

She dodged his kiss and placed her head against his chest. She moved her hand from his chest, down his abdomen, and to his soft cock. Her slender fingers wrapped around him. His breath was caught in his throat.

“Just think about it, baby. We can be unstoppable.” Under her breath she added, “and I will be unstoppable.”

Bucky was too occupied to notice her last words. Or the fact that she didn’t love him back.  

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Bookstore Pynch HC

Adam has to get books for school and Ronan just complains the whole way to the used book store about being dragged along

Even though he actually wanted to go to be with Adam

But Ronan ends up getting really into some Fantasy novel or some shit and Adam is the one who has to try and drag Ronan out

Because Ronan refuses to actually spend money on an actual book

But like he really wants to know how it ends

Celebrating your 18th birthday with the X-Men would include:

Fandom: X-Men, Marvel

Request: No…I’m just very obviously hinting that I turned 18 yesterday (26th June)

Pairing: None, you and your favourite X-Men

Notes/Warning: It hasn’t been proofread so beware the typos and grammar issues.

Word count: 732

- Charles being the one finding out it’s your birthday since you didn’t tell anyone

  • Reason for that was the horrible aftermath of Jean’s birthday party 
  • Basically, everyone ended up drunk and passed out
  • Cups, food, and…other things being scattered ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. 
  • So when asked when your birthday is, you always found a way to dodge the question
  • And one beautiful, sunny day Charles accidentally slipped into your mind and instead of song lyrics or dirty thoughts about your crush he found out your birthday was next week
  • He IMMEDIATELY informed everyone and in a secret meeting they arranged a surprise party for you

- On the day of your birthday, everyone kept quiet so you didn’t suspect a thing 

-In the evening Charles called you downstairs into the living area

  • Thinking he just wants to talk about your training or something like that you make your way downstairs in an oversized sweater and a pair of leggings
  • It was really quite. You probably would’ve been able to hear a pin dropping

- Suddenly the lights turn on -“HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)!!" 

- You’re furious at first because you didn’t want your birthday to be such a huge thing

  • But in the end, you’re happy because you were with the people you love most 

- Logan got some drinks for the party 

  • You weren’t allowed to drink yet but were still happy about the present
  • You told him you’d save the bottle of whiskey for your 21st birthday 

- And Jubilee made a mixtape specifically for you and your birthday 

  • And it’s lit, fam ohmygod I’m so sorry about that 

- Raven and Ororo went big and got you an expensive dress from the mall 

  • Since they were totally shipping you and your crush so they hoped you would soon get the chance to wear it to a date 

- Peter got you some sneakers and the game you recently played with him and enjoyed quite a lot 

  • The sneakers weren’t the best or most expensive ones but he knew that you liked to wear them more than any other type of shoes 

- Jean got you a nice, simple necklace 

  • Wearing jewelry on missions was mostly and absolute No-Go for you but that necklace was the only piece of jewelry you took nearly never off 

- Hank noticed your interest in all the scientific stuff he tried to explain. But since he wasn’t that good at explaining he got you a book with simple explanations about every single science topic 

  • While other people might think science is super boring, the way Hank showed you and the book explained the different reactions to you made it really interesting 

- Kurt, being the cinnamon roll he is, made you some German treats since he wasn’t sure what exactly you like and what not. And food always worked 

  • He made you some Nussecken, Franzbrötchen and Windbeutel and they were DELICIOUS AS FUCK if you have no idea what I’m talking about pls google it these things are heaven trust me I know what I’m talking about

- The Summer Brothers decided to show off their creative side and made you a self-made instruction on hand-to-hand combat 

  • You recently complained that you were a zero in hand-to-hand combat so the brothers put their knowledge to good use 

- Charles got you the newest album of your favorite music artist 

  • He found out about that while he was already in your mind and found out about your birthday 

- And Erik didn’t exactly know what to get you, so he opted for a framed picture of the whole team and a Notebook where you could write all your thoughts down 

  • He knew from Charles that your thoughts tend to get quite overwhelming sometimes 


  • jk is wasn’t that much of…partying 
  • there was alcohol, yes, but no one got wasted
  • a bit drunk maybe but definitely not wasted
  • mostly just friendly hanging out action 

- Jubilee’s playlist was very well received 

- Nearly everyone complained about you not telling them about your birthday 

  • But after you explained they understood your reason 

-You played some games like Truth or Dare etc. 

  • And you got some nice making out action with your crush while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven

- Overall it was a nice evening 

- And you were happy Charles invaded your privacy

_ It’s been a while since I walked down memory lane,
It took so much for me to leave you behind,
In my past.
And now I’m revisiting those alleys with confusion,
Because I just see dust gathered up,
With ‘closed’ signs on shops.
I enter into a bookstore,
Dusty and full,
And I pick up a book to see exactly how it all started,
And ended. Scared, I rush out.
I bump into many lampposts,
Once my guiding lights,
Now my distant recollections.
And in that moment, I realise,
That I left this street a long time back,
Including all it’s crossings and shops,
For good.
Now I’m on another street,
Paving my way ahead.
I realized that I need to be careful
Because the street I’m exploring now,
May just be like this haunted, old street someday.
So I need to explore every nook and corner,
Before dust comes and fogs my memory forever._

Felt conflicted writing this one. Relationships are so complicated no two couples are the same. I believe in second chances, but know when you’ve given too many chances. Recently I was hurt pretty badly by a guy I had been on and off with for years. I’d constantly come back and try again because I was so scared of being alone. So scared of facing the rest of my life knowing I’m not deserving of that love. And when you’re that lonely even the most basic bits of love can be drops of water while you’re dying of dehydration. But you can’t let yourself make decisions based on fear, you’ll just get hurt in the end. The last time we dated I honestly believed him, I trusted him in a way I never had before. Then he stopped talking for me for a week and his next message was to break up with me. Some people don’t deserve second chances. Don’t let someone hurt you over and over, you are worth more than that. Every relationship is unique, but sometimes a rotten apple is just a rotten apple.

P.S. If you guys hate these little blurbs I occasionally add just tell me. I just want you guys to know me and me to know you, I want this little family to have each other’s backs. But if they’re annoying I can stop.


so since there are all different types of sports movies, there are definitely like inspirational exy movies that kevin absolutely HATES. watching one with the team would consist of:

- kevin literally throwing things at the tv because of “how awful & inaccurate this dumb movie is”
- kevin throwing an actual hissy fit because no one could possibly make an impossible shot to win a game like that
- “it just doesn’t happen! it’s impossible!”
- “it’s just a movie kevin” “but-” “shut up, kevin”
- neil smacking kevin in the back of the head to shut him up & andrew giving him the “try & fight back & see what happens” look
- “underdogs don’t end up just beating all the teams that were by far way better! once again, impossible!”
- “oh my god, shUT UP kevin this movie is literally about our team!”
- basically, kevin tries to ban these movies from movie nights which results in the only movie choices being awful exy movies with really bad reviews
- kevin then gets temporarily banned from movie night because oh my gosh he won’t shut up
- kevin passive aggressively tweeting the foxes about his banishment & their bad taste in movies

anonymous asked:

Do you guys know of any new social media/texting AUs? Or any new AUs where either James or Lily is a single parent to Harry?

These are all on the fairly new side.  We split it between the two categories below.

Single parent:

Title: Perhaps It’s Fate
Author: chierafied
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Jily Muggle au! where they meet on a plane and james has a son and lily completely adores them both and in the end lily thinks she’ll lose them because they’re family and she’s just someone they met on a plane but jily gets becomes a couple.

Title: if i told you i loved you would you take it the wrong way?
Author: goingmywaydoll
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,555
Summary: a mash up of a professor!au and a single parent!au 

Title: Build-a-Daddy
Author: dancinglily
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 2 [WIP]
Word Count: 20,107
Summary: The college au where Lily is a single mom struggling with finishing school and raising a child, and James discovers he quite likes babysitting.

Title: Trick or Treat (It isn’t Candy)
Author: Issylang
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,558
Summary: "Looking back on the situation now, Lily realized that the whole ordeal would have been over before it even began if she (or Mary or Marlene) had remembered that they were witches and that they had a very simple solution for having run out of candy. (McGonagall and Flitwick would be so disappointed in them.)“

Social media/texting:

Title: James, King of the Text
Author: cgner, GhostofBambi
Rating: T
Genre(s): Survival AU, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: James learns how to text. Sort of.

Title: Snap Me That
Author: wearingaberetinparis
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Lily sees James on the university snap story

Title: Untitled
Author: alrightpotter
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Friendship, Romance, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: prompt: Social media au babe

Title: Kitchen Sink
Author: alrightpotter
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Friendship, Romance, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: ‘James Potter to all children grow up except four: so if i’m john lennon’

Title: stood up
Author: jilyss
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Friendship, Romance, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: inspired by the prompt “i got stood up and you sat down and started talking to me who are you”

Title: Anonymous
Author: jilyss
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Friendship, Romance, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~

Title: Can I Be
Author: jilyss
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Friendship, Romance, Social Media
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: James Potter to Sirius Black: lowkey failing english‘

Title: Everybody Needs A Nervy B Now And Then
Author: bonn
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Social Media AU, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,762
Summary: On the verge of turning 18, grown-up-to-be James sets his sights on the new girl at school, “gorgeous sex-god” Lily, bass player for the Stiff Dylans. Unfortunately Lily appears to already be dating James’ evil archrival: the greasy and bitter Snape. With his ridiculously named cat Sir Jeremy and his band of brothers, the Ace Gang, by his side, James sets his mad schemes in motion to nab a snogtastic girlfriend and have the best birthday party ever.

Title: about as sane as a giraffe in an igloo
Author: gabrielledelacour
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Social Media AU, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: because there weren’t enough social media aus floating across my dash, have a group chat of the ladies of hogwarts ‘78 ft. james potter. inspired by this and this and this but not an eighth as funny. i should have been doing my statistics homework.

Title: Send Nude Pics of Your Heart to Me
Author: october31st1981
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Social Media AU, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?’

Title: things have changed for me
Author: lilyevcans
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Social Media AU, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: James Potter to but does Buzzfeed know which friends character it is in five random questions: approximately how many jelly beans are too many’

Title: i suppose not
Author: leejordah
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Social Media AU, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: (a jily group chat fic)

My favorite things about the pll finale

1. This new Addison character, how fun and relevant! 👍🏻
2. How the liars all ended up with their high school boyfriends (very realistic!!!❤️) (also to just be able to move on from cheating?? Very brave)
3. That very necessary cameo from my QUEEN Marlene which obviously shows that she was so proud of this finale she wanted to make sure her face was in it!! 💞💘
4. All of the answers!! To every question!! I’ve ever had!!!!👌🏻
5. The way Troian pulled off that very subtle British accent that sounded for sure like it should belong to a young woman and not an aggressive old man 🤗
6. Getting to see all of those romance and sex scenes again! I just couldn’t get enough of how every other episode this season was full of them I just didn’t think it was quite enough so thank goodness they put it in the finale some more!! 🙉🙈
7. How in depth that back story for Alex was. I totally get the motivation. Makes complete sense that she wanted to torture all of those girls because a half sister that she barely knew about was not killed by any of them!! 👯
8. Horse detectives! Based on all of the horse stuff we have seen throughout the series I really should have guessed that the horse would be endgame. 🐴🐴🕵🏽
9. The Melissa mask! Super relevant and I’m so happy that it really had an effect on the episode. Thank gosh they didn’t actually tie Melissa in to the actual AD team! That would have been not very interesting.
10.My favorite thing OF ALL: all of the girls look like they’re going to be staying in rosewood forever! That is so awesome. They can forever live out all of the wonderful memories that they had there and never try to broaden their horizons. I’m excited that they are all going to be moms and raise their children there in that town! Obviously it’s where they should want their daughters to go to school. Maybe that new fun character Addison can babysit??? ❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘💞💞🎉🎉🎉

artsietango  asked:

I understand that we are NOWHERE NEAR the end of SSLL, but like, are there going to be multiple endings where the reader can choose their preferred skele? No pressure or anything, I just get so anxious because of all these sweethearts in love with the lady. I want them all to be happy! Also, will we possibly get Axe's POV in chapter 16? CAUSE DANG. Thanks for all your hard work in writing us skelebaes, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! 😘

Definitely!  From the moment I started SSLL, I decided there’s going to be an ending for each skelebae, that way, everyone gets to pick the one they want.  And because, ya’know, I’m indecisive and just want all of them to be happy.  
(*I mean, I’d date all of them at once)

And yep!  =D  I’ve gotten several requests for the POV of both HT!bros in the last chapter, so I’ll write that up before the next update! <3  

anonymous asked:

I headcanon Kara as the type of person that when you tell her you don't feel ok, she will come at your house with less than a second with a sleeping bag freaking out and saying "Not on my watch!" *Psst* she probably did that with young alex when she went to camp.

Kara “no way i’m gonna let you be alone tonight so you’re coming to my family’s thanksgiving” Danvers is 1000% the type of person to do that. And she’d probably bring ice cream.

So you’re right, except Alex is supposed to be The Responsible Grown One™, so she wouldn’t like to tell Kara when she’s not okay. So Kara ended up appearing outside Alex’s camp door in .2 seconds at the hint of a waver in Alex’s voice. 

Just in case.

ellelan  asked:

Billy Bones for character headcanons

1: sexuality headcanon – Ya know, I haven’t given Billy’s sexuality a ton of thought. Canon never confirmed nor denied anything about him so let’s go with Bi and that way I can ship him with anyone I please.

2: otp – Billy and Vane.

3: brotp – Billy and Jacob Garrett, the only one who stood up for him in the end.

4: notp – I’ve never seen any Gates/Billy fic and, if I did, I’d run away. Gates was his adopted dad. Just, no.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head – Lately I’ve been wondering if Billy could have suffered a mental breakdown after his betrayal by Silver. He just seems to lose it for a time there and go so far away from who he was. I do think he could’ve had PTSD from his torture at the hands of the Brits, soon followed by burning down Charles Town, then raids with Flint & the crew and finally leading bloody battles in the interior of the island for months between the end of season 3 and the start of 4. When all he’d fought for, all he had worked to accomplish was stripped away by a few words from Silver, I do think he snapped.

6: one way in which I relate to this character – Family first. Always an important rule.

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character – Hmmmm. Nothing comes to mind off hand, to be honest. I can’t say his turn to the dark because that just made me sad for him, not embarrassed. I can’t say him getting tricked by Silver because, for a bit there, even I thought Silver was siding with Billy over Flint, too. How about the beard? I love you Billy, but that was not a good beard, IMO. Too fuzzy looking.

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? – Like most of the characters on the show, he has fallen into both categories over the course of the series. Soooo, Problematic Cinnamon Roll?

To clarify, the upcoming soba event is actually a direct sequel to the drag queen event, which actually began when the sextuplets went to sleep, only to wake up and find themselves in a drag queen show. During the final stage/part, they realized that they had somehow transported far, far away from home and had to figure out a way to get back, effectively ending on a cliffhanger.

Just a little tidbit of trivia.

~Mod Ichi

they did say [to be continued] in the last event! what kind of hellish summer is this? it’s summer, not let’s-force-the-neet-to-use-their-body-and-work season!

But Niisan, doesn’t this mean we get free soba?

~Mod Ichi

holy shit!!! you right!!

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hey~ I remember you said before that you don't like writing pernetrative sex in your fics. I was just wondering is there a reason for this beyond just personal preference? sorry this is so random!

Yeah… it’s just a bit boring to me? I mean, I do write it, but it’s very het normative and repetitive for sex to always just end in penis-in-orifice when there are so, so many other ways for people to get each other off. 

My favorite thing in a fic is where sex isn’t just a one and done but a slow build up of exploration between two people that involves multiple encounters with escalating intimacy. In that case reading penetration isn’t boring because it’s not the singular sexual event of the fic.

(That’s not meant to invalidate anyone whose actual sex life involves penis-in-orifice most of the time - but there’s a difference in doing something and writing something.)

Omg, you guys, I was at this little party my friend was having and her little sister came up and started talking with me about mermaids. Guys, I THINK I FOUND A WAY TO HAVE THE READER AND IWA END UP TOGETHER WITHOUT IT BEING THE DISNEY MOVIE PLOT. I mean, I gotta check the lore behind it, but this nine year old just changed my life, like YES.

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Would you be up for writing a story with Otabek being a sympathetic vomiter? Like maybe someone else at a competition gets sick from nerves and Otabek sorta shuts down and end up puking his brains out? I just love the idea of this stoic badass having such a moment of weakness in front of people he has so much respect for.

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic!

Otabek saw it coming from a mile away.  He noticed the way Yuuri started to sweat probably before anyone else.  He registered the pallor of his face and the shakiness of his hands, and the way one of them drifted to his stomach.  He should have left right then and there.

And yet, he continued to watch, frozen in place, as, sure enough, the older skater sprinted to a nearby trashcan and heaved up everything in his anxious stomach.

“Stupid pig,” someone muttered at Otabek’s side.  Otabek had only a second to register that it was Yuri Plisetsky, his friend, but also one of the people he most admired, before his own stomach lurched and he was running to join the “stupid pig” at the trashcan.

“Wait, Beka!”  Yuri called out to him, but Otabek just wanted to hide.  Instead he was stuck, his head buried in the garbage, puking up everything in his stomach, while Yuri looked on.  Otabek’s face burned red, but once he’d started throwing up, he couldn’t stop.  Heave after heave, he ripped up his throat.  Eventually Yuuri stopped, shook Viktor’s arm off of him, and started rubbing Otabek’s back as he coughed up another thin spray of bile, then threw up a thicker wave.  It was a nice gesture, but it only made Otabek feel worse; here was yet another skater he idolized, seeing him at his worst.  And if Yuuri was there, then that meant Viktor was also still hanging around…

“Oi!  Pig!  Get away from my friend!”  Yuri’s voice surprised Otabek, and he looked up for an instant before he went back to vomiting.  His mind reeled; he didn’t know what was going on.  What was Yuri doing?  Otabek didn’t know, he just wanted the entire experience to be over.

“Yurio!  Be nice,” Viktor scolded.  “Yuuri is just doing what he can to help-”

“Yeah, but he’s my friend, not the pig’s!”

“I’m fi- hurrrgh!” Otabek tried and failed to calm the arguing by explaining that he was alright as he was overpowered by nausea once again.  Then he felt Yuuri’s soft hands leave his back, and looked up.

“It’s okay, Viktor,” Yuuri was saying with a smile.  “I’m sure Yurio can handle it.”  He gestured at Yuri.  “Here, Yurio, put you hands on his back and just rub gently.”

Otabek felt small hands - Yuri’s - on his back.  The younger teenager didn’t refuse Yuuri’s help, but put it to good use, and soon Otabek’s stomach calmed enough that he could get away from the sickening smell of vomit in the trashcan and sit on a bench with Yuri.  Still, he almost preferred puking to having to face his friend after that.  He was completely humiliated.  He ducked his head, refusing to meet Yuri’s eyes, though he could feel the blond staring at him intensely.

“Are you sick?”  Yuri asked bluntly, and Otabek realized that there was no way for Yuri to know exactly what had just happened.  He shook his head mutely, and felt Yuri shift next to him.

“That’s what I thought,” Yuri said, his voice level.  “So you just have a weak stomach, then.”

Otabek nodded, again neglecting to speak.

“Are you okay?”  Yuri asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

Otabek gave him another silent nod.  The silence stretched between them, and Otabek wondered if Yuri would leave.  Then the younger boy spoke again.

“You don’t have to be ashamed,” he said, his voice quiet and low.  Otabek blinked, processing the fact that Yuri seemed to have read his mind, and looked up.  Yuri laughed, and even though Otabek was ashamed and knew he was being laughed at, Yuri’s smile made him feel warm and okay.

“So that is what you were worried about,” Yuri said, chuckles dying down quickly.  “You’re my friend, Otabek, that kind of thing doesn’t matter.”

Finally, Otabek understood.  His lips turned up just a bit at the corners, and he looked Yuri in the eye at last.  “Thank you, Yura.  You’re a good friend.”

Yuri wrapped an arm around Otabek’s shoulders, grinning widely.  “Any time.”

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As a Christian guy hoping to marry a nice girl some day, reading all of this, and the support you're getting, is my nightmare.

lmao why, did you want to marry me? i’m still a nice girl! or… i’m no less nice than i was two days ago, maybe that’s a more accurate way to put it.

i… you know of course in the moment i wasn’t even thinking about this part of it but i may end up having to square a few things with god. like swan prince told me this awful thing about how he disagrees with religion because he thinks if you want something you should just go for it, and putting aside the part where the concept of “disagreeing with religion” is so broad as to be meaningless, that did set off an alarm in my head because for me this is no fucking joke. i mean, i joke about my faith because i think we need to be able to laugh at the things we love most, but in the end it is all i’ll be left with. and when swan prince made his whole speech about not wanting to “ruin” our church for me i almost laughed him to scorn for the audacity of thinking he could have that power.

but like. the whole thing does give me pause because i know eventually something will happen that i’ll have to answer for, but i think god generally has a sense of humor and is willing to work with you. and i have a patron and intercessor at my back who never fails; even if john thinks i’m a disgusting hot mess right now i know he will still show up when i need him, most likely rolling his eyes. and also – and maybe this is me playing st. monica or vainly overstating my own importance – i can’t rule out that possibly i am supposed to be showing swan prince something. he may be older and wiser and set in his ways but i know at least one thing that he doesn’t and i wonder if maybe this is part of the answer to what i’ve always struggled with, trying to be an ambassador for my faith in a way that isn’t annoying or hollow or contrived. around holy week i had a few people on this blog tell me that my writing about my religion made them want to believe, which is i think the highest compliment you could ever pay me, and swan prince is stubborn and i don’t think he’s a man to be convinced but i think i have it in my power to show him what i showed those people and at least make him want to see it, even if he can’t. (he’s useless without his glasses.)

this response ended up having nothing to do with your original message but i have a lot of thoughts and everyone is just going to have to put up with them

Morning affections-Stephen Wraysford x Reader

A/N: Just answering some Stephen requests. Two of you wanted anything Stephen related, and another wanted Stephen cuddles lol So here is this short and sweet ficlet. ❤️🎖

Originally posted by highway--vagabond


You fell back into the sheets, stretching out and enjoying the way your endorphins ran along your spent body. It created a sense of calm, a relaxing pleasure that made you smile and reach up for Stephen in your bliss.

Your fingers swept along his freckled cheek, eyes traveling along his handsome features as he leaned down and kissed you. These moments were something you always delighted in, just basking in the after glow of sex, so passionate and long that left you completely exhausted by the end of it. But, even so, you couldn’t stop yourself from wanting your husband all the more for it.

You slipped your fingers through his messy hair, giggling when he tilted his head and kissed the inner side of your wrist. He grabbed your hands, pinning them back down and nuzzling into your neck.

“What are you laughing at?” He asked, happiness clear in his lustful tone.

You sighed contentedly, staring up at him through half lidded eyes as the high you felt slowly faded. “You’re tickling me, darling.”

“Am I, now?” Stephen kissed a soft trail up your neck, moving his lips along your reddened cheek before his nose pressed into yours. “And where are you ticklish, exactly?”

“Don’t play that with me, dear husband.”

He just chuckled at your mocking words, moving until your wrists were held firmly in one of his hands. He used his free one to tap along your cheek, down your jaw and chest until he stopped just above your navel. His lips curled into a devilish smile, that same one that always meant he was up to something.

“Stephen Wraysford, if you start that I-”

But, your words trailed into laughter, legs attempting to kick at your husband as he tickled along your stomach and hips. After all these years, he knew exactly where to touch, kiss, and nip if only to draw those sweet giggles from you. And as torturous as it was, you loved it.


“Yes, love?” He smiled down at you, bare skin brushing against yours as he moved from between your legs. He finally let up on his relentless teasing, instead slipping behind you and pulling you back into his chest.

“You’re awful…”

Your words were breathless from his tickling, yet the mirth behind them wasn’t lost on the former soldier. Stephen hummed, resting his chin on your shoulder as he laced your hands together.

“Perhaps…but you fell for me anyway.”

You scoffed in amusement, snuggling back into him. “Yes…suppose I did.”


A/N: Hope you liked!

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I absolutely love your blog! I've been following you since just before you started uni. I've just finished my 2nd year. Are you planning on doing any work over the summer? I always end up missing my routine/studying (sad, I know) during the holidays

dw I get the same way haha! I’m hoping to maybe prepare a little when I find out what classes I’ll be taking next term but at the moment I’m not sure so I’m just keeping myself occupied by working on things I’m usually too busy for during the college year!
These posts have some more information & may be helpful :)