it just does not look like him

I know i scream about him too much, but I’m honestly so damn pleased with how Hak is handled as a character.

Like… he’s a guy with a decade-long unrequited love and not only does he not act bitter or petty that it is unrequited, he’s just genuinely fine just being friends with Yona. Sure, at times it makes him a little sad, but he never blames her and always respects her feelings. And like, even though he’s a big tease that says things to get a rise out of people, you’ll notice he doesn’t make fun of anyone for the things they’re genuinely insecure about. He doesn’t mock Yona’s hair or Jaeha’s foot, he doesn’t badmouth the dragon brotherhood to Kija, and he doesn’t tease the very socially-awkward Shinah about anything. 

And any romantic rivals he’s got? Yeah, he befriends pretty much all of them. Suwon? His best friend for years. Jaeha and Kija? Pshhh, they’re his bros. He doesn’t act jealous or possessive–I even get the impression that if Yona happened to fall for one of the other guys, he’d quietly support it the way he used to with Suwon. Any amount of over-protectiveness he had at the beginning of the series is gone and in it’s place is pride and trust. And that’s not to say he’s not still protective at all (clearly, he’s still willing to throw himself in front of an arrow for Yona), but he’s grown to respect her ability and see her as a capable equal.

Like…. Hak is honestly just such a good boy. At this point, his biggest flaw is having trouble being able to healthily express his feelings and being unaware of his worth as a person. I just love him so much okay he’s so g o od 

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I haven't seen a lot of Dream Daddy, but from what I HAVE seen, the only pure things about her are the love for dogs and photography. I do love her to bits though.

How dare you, amanda is pure in every way, she has humor, beauty, she tries so hard, she’s endearing, she loves dogs but not just love, she completely adores them and can interrupt a conversation just so yell “DOG”, she’s quiet and likes to make collabs in her room and she’s great at it because she’s a very talented girl, she follows my dad humor and follows my gags, she had a horse phase, she looked great as a baby with eyeglasses, coolest baby I’ve ever seen, she’s kind and supportive and will apologize and be really nice after she does a bad thing and I find that adorable, she tries to make her dad make friends and get out because she loves him so much, she even says she will miss me lots and it’s said in game that she usually never spends more than a day or two away from dad, and if that’s not the purest thing I dunno what to tell you. Also she’s smart and able to take care of herself and she’s a really nice frend and I love her so much.

Don’t you dare mess with my child.

Say Goodbye (pt. 11)

(So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this story, but Anti has recently decided that what he wants more than anything else in the world is chaos. So, what does he do? He’s decided to go after Bim. If you keep up with my asks, Anti has been targeting Bim, trying to injure him, and he manages to push Bim off of the studio’s catwalks. And that’s where our story picks up…)

Anti slips into the room, glitching through the walls like a horrific, green ghost. His black eyes watch the sleeping man closely. His arm is still in a cast, his chest still wrapped in bandages, and Bim Trimmer looks very, very tired, just the opportunity that Anti has been waiting for. He slips in like a virus, wriggling deep into Bim’s brain and nesting there like the parasite he is, and when Bim wakes the next morning, he is none the wiser.

Bim gets up, grabs his morning coffee, and runs off to the studio to film Wilford’s latest episode of Warfstache Tonight. Thomas Sanders has agreed to do an interview, and Bim has to make sure that the bubbly YouTuber doesn’t end up full of stab wounds by the end of it. But in the middle of filming, Bim turns off the camera unexpectedly.

Wilford notices that the camera goes off and immediately storms over to question Bim, but the other Ego simply walks away, leaving Warfstache to wonder what’s gotten into his partner.

Google Oliver finds him later, sulking at lunch and sniffling like he’s sick, but the droid scans his friend and finds that everything seems to be fine with him aside from his apparent dreary mood. “Hi, Bim,” Oliver says, plopping down into the seat next to Bim with a smile.

Trimmer gets up without a word and walks out, and Oliver tries not to take it personally. But he’s never seen Bim be so harsh.

Everyone knows that something is up when Dark calls a meeting. It’s about the usual: Wilford needs to stop shooting expensive things, the Googles are still working on keeping Anti out of the building, and Ed should really stop requesting his own website for selling second-hand babies. But when Dark makes his usual snide comment toward the young TV host, Trimmer fires right back. It ends with Dark and Bim having a deathly staring contest across the table before Bim gets up and storms out without another word.

Wilford decides then and there that he’ll confront Bim about whatever is wrong with him, and after the meeting, Warfstache heads to the roof, Bim’s garden where he goes to think when he’s upset. He finds Bim there with the Host. Only, Bim has Host hanging over the edge of the roof.

“Trimmer!” Wilford draws his gun, realizes the frivolity of the motion and drops it to his side after a second. “What are you doing?”

“Having a little fun,” Bim says with a dry laugh as Host scrabbles there in mid-air, suspended by Bim’s warping abilities. “The Host and I are just having a little discussion. He thought that I needed help managing my anger, and I thought that dropping him off the building might do the trick.”

Wilford is taken aback. He’s never heard Bim speak so violently, especially not against the Host. For a moment, Wilford wonders why the Host doesn’t use his narrations to stop Bim when he sees that the Host’s bandages which are usually around Host’s eyes have been used to gag him. Everyone knows that the blind man has been through much at the hands of Darkiplier, and they all have a silent oath never to add to that pain. This… this is far beyond that. This is madness.

This isn’t Bim Trimmer.

“Put him back down on the roof, Trimmer!” Wilford can feel the air around him thickening. It won’t be much longer before his void wraps around all three of them, consuming them in rosy insanity. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

“Very funny,” Trimmer snorts. He lets Host drop a few feet, making both Wilford and Host scream in terror, before he stops the man again. “If you attack me, I’ll let him drop.” Bim’s eyes change; they become entirely black, consuming all light around them like twin black holes. “Then you’ll be scraping the rest of him off the concrete.”

Wilford’s hands turn to fists at his sides, and there’s an explosion of glitter as a few of Bim’s treasured plants melt into mounds of sparkling dust. Bim doesn’t even react, and that’s when Wilford is sure. “Anti.”

Bim smiles, his head tilting to the side as if his neck is broken. “Present!”

Warfstache’s heart drops into his stomach. If he’s dealing with Anti instead of Bim, this is much worse than he thought. “Anti, you don’t want to hurt the Host. He’s blind!”

Bim seems to consider it for a moment before he sets Host down onto the roof again. Wilford rushes forward to his friend, but just as he reaches him, the Host dissolves into glitches. Warfstache points his gun back at Bim, not liking the look in his eyes. “Where is he?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Bim says with a wiggle of his eyebrows as he starts to walk backwards towards the edge of the roof. “I could do it… throw him off the edge and glitch away. Bim always did get on my nerves…”

Wilford grits his teeth. “A quick, painless death. Doesn’t sound like you.”

Bim raises an eyebrow. “You’re right. I much prefer playing with my prey.” Wilford lunges forward, but Bim disappears in a fuzz of static and an echoing giggle. Warfstache feels the building pitch beneath him, the concrete of the roof beginning to bend beneath the weight of his anger and growing power.

So, that’s how Anti wants to do this. Wilford gets to his feet and throws his pink hair out of his face. Fine, just fine. Two can play at this game.

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Things you said meme - #6 for Victor and Yuuri?

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass

“We could.”

It’s not a trail-off so much as a sudden stop. Yuuri does that sometimes: rethink the word, or the thought, or the choice to speak altogether. Getting to know Yuuri is like being in a conversation Victor’s only 25% privy to. But it’s an improvement from the 10% it used to be. If you leave a space for Yuuri, bit-by-bit he’ll move into it.

It isn’t like Victor to wait someone out. (Or maybe it is, and he’s just out of practice - hard to tell.) But here he is.

Yuuri looks up at him from under his lashes - after almost two months together, Victor has concluded the move is as totally unintentional as it is devastating - and flicks his gaze up to the sky. The Summer Triangle glints overhead, hazy in the heat and the dim entrance lights of Yutopia. There’s a steady buzz of cicadas. They’ve been still long enough now that the fireflies have ventured in close, little pops of light in the corners of Victor’s vision. One threads in and out of Yuuri’s dark hair.

They’ll need to be awake again in five hours. But Yuuri, eyes soft, jaw set, doesn’t look tired.

“We don’t have to go in yet?” he finally says, gaze flicking to the front door. He does that, sometimes. His words tilting into questions, like he’s leaving a space for Victor, too. “We could just… walk.”

Victor’s head doesn’t hit the pillow until 2:00am. And even then, sleep comes a long time after.

Dreams & Fantasies

A/N: Dear anon thanks for the prompt, this will be my 2nd Klance fic, I think they’re very cute and I actually enjoyed writing this!<3^^

Summary: One does not simply forget what it looks and sounds like when Keithyboy is getting tickled. One does not simply resist doing anything to experience such heavenly laughter again. #LancefallingdeeplyinlovewithticklishKeith. #nothinghecandoaboutit.

Word Count: 2476

Dinner time at the Castle of Lions! Feast! Or… not. Not yet. 

“Lance. Please go get the guys for dinner,” Allura said, making the latter scowl in annoyance.

“Why me?” Lance was already sitting at the table, so ready to just dig in. Life at the castle had definitely gotten better since Hunk got in charge of their meals, and he was starving

“Yeah go on!” Pidge shot him that lazy ass smirk, and Lance glared angrily.

“Alright,” he sighed, and he slid off his chair and began to drag his feet towards the training deck where Mr. Enthusiam & co. were sparring like always. It had kind of become a habit of the two to train until dinner, but this time they were really dragging it. 

Most of the time Keith was coming back with this bright red face, and they’d all laugh at him while Shiro would mock about not having gone easy on the guy. And that while he looked so cool during their usual fights and whenever Lance would be the one to train with him. Was Shiro that ruthless with him? 

“Guuuys,” he called out as he reached the training deck. Noises were reaching his ears, and he cocked his head. Was that… Keith screaming? No, laughing? No, what was that sound? Kneeling by the door, Lance popped his head around the corner and peeked inside.

“AAHhh nonono I said stop! Fucking stohohop!” It was laughter after all. Lance’s eyes widened as he saw his buddy in his current predicament: Shiro was pinning Keith down on the floor, one hand holding one arm above his head while the other tickled Keith’s underarm without mercy. Gulp. Shiro was ruthless for real. 

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Why does everyone stan josh?? I don't watch feeds but he just seems super obnoxious and over the top. He blows up over everything??

CBS have a reputation for intentionally displaying people of color badly with how they edit situations. Josh is the most compassionate and kind person in that house, he was the only one who comforted and talked to Dominique despite how it would effect how the house viewed him. He also ensured her he loves her and is always there for her, which no one else did, all the other houseguests did was torment and isolate her. He does not allow the houseguests to insult and bully him, so when he sticks up for himself, which he most certainly has the right to do, it is edited as if he is always starting drama and being angry for no reason. Which isn’t the case, they just choose to make him look like the bad one so all their other precious houseguests seem innocent and amazing to the casual viewers. Josh on the feeds is who he really is, which is far from obnoxious and over the top. Josh on the show with all the editing is how they purposely portray him to fit a racist narrative.

If the Batboys discover Superboy’s in love with you...

Dick Grayson

He incourages him, reassuring him that you feel the same, he try his best to make him cofess to you, because he know you are also in love with superboy. 

“you gotta tell her, Y/N is Awesome, and freaking smart, but she can’t read your mind, so ask her out!”

Jason Todd

He’s Angry, how does he dare? you are his little sister, you are just a little girl! Yeah you can kick some asses, but damn! you are not having a boyfriend, so he tell him to back off, but then he sees how he look at you, how he is so care about you and the way you correspond.

“Look… Maybe you should ask her out, but no kisses in the first date, and you better treat her like she deserves”

Tim Drake

He analizes the sittuation. Is it serious? Does Conner means it? Is he really in love with you? Why? Is it because you are always keeping him close? Is it because you make him forget about Miss M? because if is that, he is gonna get some Kryptonite and cut his throat because nobody play with his sister feelings.

“You hurt her and I will make you suffer an eternity”

Damian Wayne

Let’s face it, he is not happy at all, and he’s not afraid of showing it, after all you are his favorite sibling, his only sister and he’s not fucking sharing you with the big fail-attempt-of-Superman. He’ll do everything in his power to keep you apart.

“Y/N is my sister, if you get to close to her and I’ll be cutting your heart out, I know where’s the Kryptonite and I have kill before for worthless things, but this is Y/N so don’t you doubt my words”

Bruce Wayne

He gives Superboy the batglare, that’s it.

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Hi!!! Could I maaaaybe get some Roadhog headcanons where his s/o just loves his body and how big he is, both SFW and NSFW?? I'm crushing hard on the hog right now and I would love if you could bring that to life ;3 Thanks babes!!

  • Roadhog has always been pretty content with his body, but having someone else tell him he looks good is such a bizarre experience for him.
  • He lives on your praise and you really boost his confidence.
  • His response to every insult on his appearance after hooking up with you: “Okay but my s/o thinks I’m sexy so, your point?”
  • He does this really cute thing where he lets out a little giggle snort and puffs his chest whenever you tell him he looks good. 


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Could I request for headcanons about TFP cons (-Arcainaid+Predaking) react to their shy human crush confessing to them?


  • Trust me, if he liked you he would no doubt try to make it known.
  • So, if you actually asked him out he’d probably accept with an actual smile that kills angels.


  • See, this dudes an asshole.
  • He doesn’t accept the fact he actually likes you.
  • He knows he does, but he doesn’t want to.
  • It seems wrong to him, but at the same time brilliant.
  • So when you ask he says no.
  • But, after a bit of thinking, he would regret his choice, and apologize.
  • And whether or not you’re still up for a… ‘date’. That’s up to you. 


  • When you ask he’s silent as usual, and he just stares.
  • So when you look down at your feet in embarrassment, he lifts up your chin and just stares some more.
  • Seconds later, a little smile emoji will appear on his visor.


  • If they both liked you, they’d be courting you together already.
  • If you ask them out it’s just sealing the deal.
  • But they’d be ecstatic and happy you’re okay with being with two giant gay robots.  

Dreadwing and Predaking act similarly

  • He would blush when you asked, he’d blush and smile when he accepted.
  • Then he’d try to go on about his day, and he’s a bit more happy than serious, it freaked everyone out.



  • When you ask, she’s got this shit-eating-smirk that says ‘i know where this is going.’
  • When you finish what you’re saying, she’d be in her spider-alt, leaning on one arm to be at your height.
  • When she accepts, she says ‘babe’ at the end of her sentence.

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Can you do something with 2P's and a blind s/o?

2p Italy: It’s 175% likely he’ll hire a guard or two specifically for you. They’d help you with anything you need and protect you when he’s not around.

2p Germany: Does this hide-and-seek thing where you have to find him based on the sounds he makes just to mess with you.

2p Japan: Draws you wandering around the house sometimes. He kinda wishes he could show you though.

2p Romano: Loves it when you feel his face, hair, and clothes to figure out what he looks like.

2p Spain: nEVER takes his eyes off you and makes sure you’re not walking into anything. Even goes so far as giving you your cane when you’re walking into another room.

2p Prussia: Insists that you stay home. Otherwise, he goes with you when you go out so that nothing happens to you.

2p America: Gets you a service dog that is a bit protective of you but Al encourages it.

2p England: Plays little cupcake testing games with you to see if you can guess the flavor.

2p France: Is curious about what it’s like not being able to see. Especially in bed. But deep down he feels bad about it.

2p China: Loves making silly faces in front of you but you’ll never know….until he starts laughing.

2p Russia: Is more comfortable not having to cover his body up around you since you can’t see his scars.

2p Canada: Tells you in full description where you are on nature walks, describing the colors and plants.

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Sonny is high fiver in bed. fight me. they finish each other off and he collapses like face first half into the mattress and half on top of Rafael and still holds up his hand awaiting his "good sex" high five. Or like in the middle Rafael does a good job of hitting that perfect spot and he's like "that's awesome, high five!?" you decide if Rafael is down or not

wait high five anon, I just thought of something else: one day sonny does something awesome in bed and Rafael initiates the high five and sonny turns red because he finally sees just how dorky it truly looks but also high fives are for good things and hello praise kink?! I have too many thoughts my bad

This is so fucking funny, oh my god.

Like………I kinda hate to say that I actually kinda see Sonny doing this???!?!

It’s so dorky, and so adorable, but also so perfectly him, in some way?!!

Whether or not Rafael is down for it isn’t really so much the question as is does Rafael actually indulge Sonny in this?

I imagine the first time that Sonny pulls this dorky little trademark of his is maybe a month or so after he and Rafael have gotten together, because he didn’t want to scare Rafael off by doing it in bed the first time they slept together since Sonny knows his way of showing his partner how much pleasure he’s feeling is a bit…eccentric.

So he’s been holding back all this time, literally restraining himself by putting his hand behind his head while Rafael’s on top of him, but good lord, that man is a wizard in bed, so finally Sonny just can’t stop himself and has to shove a hand in Rafael’s face literally right in the middle of them having sex.

At first Rafael’s all, “Umm, Sonny…? Am I hurting you? Are you telling me to stop?”, but that’s the exact opposite of what Sonny himself looks to be saying, considering the fact that his head is throw back and he’s gasping every few seconds.

And after a couple more seconds of Rafael not getting it, him relentlessly continuing his ministrations on Sonny anyways, Sonny just has to writhe, and gasp, “High-five…Rafi, high-five. You feel so good, god.”

Rafael literally almost stops right then and there, because are you fucking kidding me, he’s giving me a high-five for this?! but Sonny just looks so good like that, all flushed, and pink, and pliant that Rafael can’t help but finish and give Sonny a pinch on the inside of a thigh in retaliation.

But Sonny is undeterred, so he keeps doing it, keeps giving Rafael little high-fives when he kisses that spot behind Sonny’s ear that he likes, when he talks low and breathy, just the way that Sonny likes, because sex with Rafael is awesome and feels like love, so why shouldn’t he tell Rafael how amazing he’s being?!

That is, until one night when Sonny ends up in Rafael’s lap, when Rafael’s gasping for breath underneath Sonny as they finish, his heart racing against Sonny’s chest as he raises up an arm and slowly, so slowly puts a flat palm in Sonny’s face.

And Sonny somehow turns five more different shades of red than he already is, because how could Rafael not tell him how dorky that looks after all this time?!

Sonny groans, saying, “Oh god, Rafi, is that really what I look like when I do that to you–?!”, but Rafael just grabs up Sonny’s right hand – his high-fiving hand – and presses kisses to his knuckles and fingers.

He closes his eyes, holding Sonny’s hand against his mouth as he says, “No, stop. Just stop. I love it, Sonny, okay? It’s you, and it’s perfect, so I love it.”

And Sonny just blushes, and returns Rafael’s offer of a high-five with a kiss.

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does spidey prompto actually need his glasses? or did he also get super vision and they're just for aesthetics now?

He actually did need them before he got his Spidey powers. 

Once his vision is improved, he switches out the prescription lenses and keeps wearing his glasses. No point lying all the time about how he started wearing contacts when people inevitably question him about his lack of glasses. He also likes how he looks in them! :)

hhhhhhhhhhhhh its 8 in the morning and i just woke up and y’all are discoursing it up about keith being a bad leader or a good leader or blah blah blah whatever look *cracks knuckles* time for some analysis even though im like half asleep

  • we, as an audience, ARE meant to be hesitant about keith being put as a leader. the kid fuckin drove off a cliff in the first 5 minutes we met him. the viewers are MEANT to think he’s incredibly impulsive and does what he wants.
  • HOWEVER- it doesn’t mean we’re gonna see him stuck this way. its a story. he’s going to develop. along with all the other characters. shiro- their goddamn LEADER- going missing- puts the ALL the characters under some stress and offers them a catalyst for change and development. that means lance, keith, allura- everyone. theyre all going to change immensely, which helps because they uhhhhhhhhhhh think zarkon is dead and they probably dont know about lotor. SO THEY NEED A CHANGE, AND THEY NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE AND FIND NEW WAYS OF LEADING AND BEING A PART OF VOLTRON WHICH MAKES THEM A STRONGER TEAM.
  • AT THE END OF THE SEASON (or maybe even season 4 who knows when shiro’s gonna pop outta the astral plane like ‘yo’) THE TEAM WILL BE STRONGER THAN EVER GODDAMN

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what about Hoseok and The Hesitant Hand ™ with Yoongi? I'm just curious on your thoughts on yoonseok 🤔

hesistant hand? im biased bc i like yoonseok a lot.. but i don’t think hoseok is hesistant with yoongi. i think hoseok is just a lot more shy than yoongi.. they both look at each other with heart-eyes but yoongi is more obvious. he’s the one who wanted to get matching heart henna tattoos.. he’s the one who’s always shouts j-hope, calls him his soul partner and laughs every time he does something funny..

i don’t want to speculate too much asdfg, but they both do like each other.

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Ive seen people headcanon people short and chub or tall and skinny, but what about tall and chub or short and skinny? I hc Lucinda and Melissa are both v tall girls but both have some chub and it's very adorable. Lucinda will walk up to everyone and casually lean on their heads or shoulders and just smirk as they look up at her, obviously annoyed. Zane though will just move before she can lean on him and Aphmau yells at him when he does it.

you. i like you.

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I'm pretty sure the cover is Kaneki. But not the manga version, the movie Kaneki. The issue is celebrating live-action, including right there on the cover, there are other illustrations of actors as well, and the guy simply looks a lot like Masataka Kubota lol

I really don’t think it’s a picture of Masataka Kubota. When Ishida draws a real person, it’s usually very obvious that they’re not a manga character.

Just look at this picture of Kubota that’s in that same volume.

It’s very clearly a real person. The lips are more defined and the eyes aren’t that anime looking. Also, his face is drawn much rounder, whereas, the person on the cover has a sharper jawline.

Honestly, this drawing looks COMPLETELY different from Kubota. In fact, I’d say it looks even less like him than it does Kaneki.

Even with the drawings Ishida did of the other actors, you can tell that they’re supposed to be real people.

Also as a side note, that picture of Kubota at the top is another instance of Ishida drawing Kaneki with just his left eye covered. I have yet to see a picture of Kaneki with his right eye covered by anything that isn’t his mask.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a Harry and Gil sleeping headcanon, thanks! X

I most certainly can! 

- Gil’s come to sleep on the Jolly Roger before when his dad is mad at his mom and she’s crying and he does not want to be there more. 

- Gil can do a hammock or a ship bed (which are, again, hard, knotted, and/or lumpy) without too much difficulty, assuming it’s large enough to fit him. 

- Harry’s had to throw sea water on Gil to wake him up before. That boy sleeps like the dead. 

- Gil gets horrific bed head and he is so sulky because Harry looks great just popping out of bed it’s not FAIR. HE’S the son of Gaston, he should be the good looking one. 

- They both snore. Thankfully, they can’t be too loud, because if they wake Uma from the next room there will be consequences. Ditto for Harriet on the Jolly Roger. Harry surrounds himself with dangerous women, he can’t help it. 

- When Harry has to be awake before Gil, it is an EFFORT to extricate himself from Gil’s vice grip. He once hit him with a pillow for daring to keep him so long. 

- They’ve only slept at Gil’s place a few times. I’m not sure Gaston’s caught on or not, but if he has he’s given no indication of it. His mother might know but if Gaston hasn’t said anything, she won’t say anything. Gil’s brothers are the WORST though. They’ve gone in and jumped on the two to wake them before and Harry swears he heard something crack. Uma called him a baby but he is adamant. 

- Gil is just incredibly sluggish when he gets up and it’s contagious. Gaston gets so mad because it strikes him as incomprehensibly lazy and Gil needs to go collect the eggs everyone eats for breakfast or someone is gonna pay. 

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Do you have any Eto hcs to share with us? Also , your header looks soo goood.

 it does!!! beautiful mon made it *o* 

and yes! i actually have this headcanon that i adore, where eto is preparing herself to go to a book signing and of course, she’s super late, as usual.. she just got out of the shower and she’s dancing in the middle of the kitchen with her bathrobe and a towel on her hair and Shiono comes to her apartment and finds her there dancing and he’s like… “what are u doing!!!!!! you’re late for your book signing!!!!!!!11″ and she sees him there super shocked so she laughs and takes his hands and drags him to the kitchen to dance with her “wohooo! come on, let’s dance!” and shiono *blushes* “b-but.. the boo—” and eto “it’s fiiiiiiiine! don’t be so boring! have fun!” and it’s such a random moment but eto is crazy and shiono dies from embarrassment

sorry ;-; i live for eto/shiono having cute moments together, i think she truly appreciated him