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||September BPC: Just One Word|| 14. Cheap. A complimentary copy is about as cheap as they come.

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I work for a fulfillment center for an online retailer, and every fucking day right before my shift starts I go into the break room to put my lunch away I always see the food you can buy there just sitting at the registers cuz they decided they didn't want it and just fucking leave it sitting out. There is literally a fridge a foot away for gods sake you're adults not helpless children. Put refrigerated stuff back in the fridge if you no longer want it

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Scenario where tfp ratchet walking in on you changing clothes and is just in shock before you put on something else because he didn't register the clothes as 'armor' but instead as part of your body.

Ratchet (TFP): Frozen in place, his optics narrowed and his brow scrunched in confusion before your loud cries for privacy were heard. Shocked out of his previous state, he quickly apologized and closed the door. He took a moment to just process that the fabrics really weren’t a part of you. It was just such a foreign concept to him, but he supposes that that is to be expected in a relationship such as yours. He’d be a bit embarrassed about the incident, not only for having invaded your personal space but for not grasping that concept until that moment.

☼ The Wind and the Sun
Once upon a time when everything could talk, the Wind and the Sun fell into an argument as to which was the stronger. Finally they decided to put the matter to a test; they would see which one could make a certain man, who was walking along the road, throw off his cape. The Wind tried first. He blew and he blew and he blew. The harder and colder he blew, the tighter the traveler wrapped his cape about him. The Wind finally gave up and told the sun to try. The sun began to smile and as it grew warmer and warmer, the traveler was comfortable once more. But the Sun shone brighter and brighter until the man grew so hot, the sweat poured out on his face, he became weary, and seating himself on a stone, he quickly threw his cape to the ground.
     You see, gentleness had accomplished what force could not.

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What was your attraction to girls before you knew you were bi? I never thought I had any crushes on girls but I'm definitely bi or something so maybe I did just didn't register it... Idk what to look for tho cause I've onlt had 1 het crush in 20 yrs

I got these intense friendships and sort of had these big crushes that I didn’t realise were crushes for years. Like I am sure I was in love with a friend of mine once. But I didn’t get it (so I didn’t know what was up) but now I understand myself it all makes so much sense. 

I also used to think: oh I’m straight because I like boys but I would kiss a girl! and then it progressed to I would like to kiss a girl. And then I would LOVE to kiss a girl. 

But I genuinely didn’t know that being bi was a thing so I didn’t realise even when I was getting crushes on female celebrities and looking them up and getting butterflies when I saw them in interviews. 

You just think, if you’re bi, that because you like guys you must be straight. Nobody ever tells you there is this other option. 

I mean I knew I wasn’t gay for certain. So I was convinced I was straight. Because when I was younger people only acknowledged two sexualities (and also you did not want to be gay because of how you could get treated). 

Oh, there was this time a girl kissed me on the cheek and I had a spiritual experience. This was before I knew I was bi. I zoned out. I was in a different level of existence. It was wild. 

But it took me ages to realise. I only really started to allow myself to think about it because one of my best friends in Sixth Form was a lesbian and so we could talk more openly about stuff. 

Thank the goddess for her because wow I might still think I was straight now otherwise. 


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This morning I clocked in and my first customer of the day hands me a $100 for a less than $20 purchase. I asked if he had any smaller bills or could pay in card because I wasn't sure if my register had enough bills. He said he doesn't, but it's ok because I can just check my register and if I didn't have enough he'd just give me something else. Um, it's not ok because that's not how it works? And if you have something else, why can't you just use it???