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okay, sad headcanon coming: They didn't have camera phones in the 80s, which meant you had to take pictures with an actual camera. Since most people didn't just carry cameras around, they probably didn't take many pictures or videos. What i'm saying is, Veronica has no pictures of JD. First she'll forget his smell, then she'll forget his voice, then his face, but she'll never ever forget how he made her feel or how much she loved him. She'll just wish she could look at him.


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damn, I love how you made Lady Luck and Fortuna so stunning and yet didn't make them feel secondary- like, they're the power in that picture and Gladstone is totally in their hands. Also, did you make Lady Luck look like a bubble on purpose?

Shucks man, thanks! I am really glad if that communicated because that’s really what I was aiming for- and yes I did! I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or just my family but I’ve been brought up with the association that a long lasting bubble means good luck; because luck is as fragile and rare as one of those.

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Have you heard of a book called The Incident? Apparently, someone found it at a used book store and has old pictures from a seance and used weird chapter systems. If you look up "The Incident" or "ectoplasm" on my blog it should come right up. My question is if you know if it's a real book or not. The original poster didn't give much information and the only website I found about it no longer exists.

i just looked at it and that’s really creepy!

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I actually didn't know that, I've seen photos of Eric and Dylan , that makes sense though. Even at their funerals I know Isaiah and Daniel had open caskets, were the other funerals all closed or are there pictures of then open

Rachel’s casket was unexpectedly opened right after the cameras for her televised service were turned off. Friends and family have said that they had no choice but to walk past and look at her body as they exited the building. I’m just guessing her visible head wound was one of the many reasons why they didn’t record or take pictures of that.

The short news clips of John Tomlin, Dave Sanders, & Cassie Bernall’s funerals show that they had closed caskets. All three had visible head and face wounds, also.

Daniel Mauser was shot in the middle of his face. But his nose was reconstructed so his family could have a open casket viewing during his funeral. His parents actually didn’t even know that was where he was shot at up until that day. :( 

Daniel and Kelly Fleming had a joint funeral at the same church. Her casket was also open. 

Dylan’s small memorial service was the same day as Rachel’s. It’s been said that he had a open casket. And that his family placed Beanie Babies around him to cover up his head wound. He was cremated soon after. 

I hope this giant ramble somehow answered your question?? ♥

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Hi Caitlyn, you reblogged a picture that said "maybe I asked for too much" and I looked at it and thought "yeah that's exactly what I feel like right now" but then I looked at your tags and you said "no you didn't" and I just wanted to say that that makes me feel better. I don't know how to say it poetically but thank you for that. You're right, I'm not asking for too much

Love you, honey bunches.

The Box

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Summary: Saeran had watched him closely for a moment that felt much longer than it probably was before looking back down into the box. He reached in and pulled out a mesh shirt from the bottom, feeling out the soft netting between his fingers. “So you’ve never worn any of this?”

(I’m weak af when @ijaeli @itshaydere draws things)

Yoosung stuck his finger in one of the holes of his shirt. His cheeks burned as he wondered if it even really counted as a shirt. It was all white mesh, loose-fitting and showing much more skin that it covered. Well, skin and the strappy harness he wore under the mesh. How in the world had his day led him to this point?

His eyes landed on a nearby box, and he decided to lay all his blame there.

It had been his intention to do a little spring cleaning and donate some clothes that he didn’t wear often, but when he found a sweater he remembered Saeran showing an interest in, Yoosung decided to let Saeran pick out anything he’d like before donating everything. But then that box–that little, unassuming, unlabeled box–had gotten pulled out of the bottom of his closet with everything else and blended right in with all his donation boxes.

He was pretty sure he’d come as close to dying of embarrassment as any human probably ever had when Saeran had opened that particular box and lifted one shiny strap with a confused “What’s this?”

In his rush to find some way to explain the box and its contents, Yoosung’s brain and mouth failed to quite sync up and the only thing he managed was a stuttering, incoherent jumble of syllables and half-formed words. He had to cover his face with his hands, knowing full well just how red his face was, and take several deep breaths to slow down his racing thoughts. The entire time he tried to pull himself together, Saeran waited patiently and Yoosung wasn’t sure if that made him feel better about everything or not.

“They’re, um, harnesses and…collars that you wear,” Yoosung had explained, picking up one of several colorful plastic straps. “Some friends were throwing this themed party, and when they showed me what everyone would be wearing, I thought they were really cute! I went a little overboard and ended up ordering a few different types in a spree, but when the party rolled around, I was too embarrassed for anyone to see me in one and didn’t go,” he’d laughed, tight and awkward as he told his story. “I actually forgot I even had these.”

Saeran had watched him closely for a moment that felt much longer than it probably was before looking back down into the box. He reached in and pulled out a mesh shirt from the bottom, feeling out the soft netting between his fingers. “So you’ve never worn any of this?”

“Hm?” The question had surprised Yoosung, and his nerves about the whole thing had that awkward laughter bubbling up again as he said, “Ah, no, I never worked myself up to it.”

“Then how do you know you want to donate them?”

That had been the question that started it all. His explanations that it wasn’t his intent to donate that particular box (or ever let it see the light of day) had been brushed aside as Saeran told him he should at least try them on once. He’d spent the money on them, after all. And it was just the two of them, so there was no reason to feel embarrassed.

Yoosung wanted to argue, but he really couldn’t. With the amount of time they spent together, he really was more comfortable around Saeran than most people and knew Saeran wouldn’t judge him just because of something he wore, but still…the strappy vest harness and mesh shirt were much more revealing than anything he usually wore, even alone.

He’d insisted on changing in the bathroom so that he could at least psych himself up on his own before showing the result to someone else. He checked the little buckles (for the third time) and gave the straps a couple of tugs to get them settled so that everything was comfortable. Stretching his arms out to the side and then above his head, Yoosung gave a few twists and turns and was surprised at how comfortable it actually was. It wasn’t a restricting or cutting as he thought it might be. The mesh actually tickled a little as it slid over his skin.

“Okay,” he said with an exhale, turning to face the door back to Saeran’s room. Before more hesitation and doubt could creep in, he opened the door, as ready as he was going to be for whatever Saeran might say.

Only prepping himself for any comments he might receive, Yoosung was far from prepared to see Saeran in a harness and mesh shirt of his own. The blush that had been holding steady on his cheeks ever since the box was opened flamed brighter and managed to spread up to his ears and down his neck.

Before he could say anything about it, Saeran explained, “I wanted to try one on too, and I thought you might be more comfortable if someone else was wearing one.”

Somehow, Yoosung thought, Saeran also wearing a harness did make it a little easier, in an odd, flustering sort of way. Tugging at the solid hems of his mesh shirt for lack of anything better to do with his hands, Yoosung crossed the room to stand by Saeran and look at what was left in the box; two collars, a harness, and another shirt made of tighter mesh. He was startled when he felt Saeran touch one of the straps running across his stomach.

“I like it,” Saeran told him.

Yoosung looked down and saw Saeran’s fingertip tracing the swirls of shifting blues and purples and pinks. When he looked back up at Saeran’s face, he saw a small smile there.

“All the colors,” Saeran continued, “they just sort of…fit you.”

Doing his best to ignore his blush and the tight, ticklish feeling in his chest and stomach, Yoosung reached up and tugged at a large metal ring where several straps were attached just above Saeran’s bellybutton. “I like yours too,” he said with a smile of his own. Looking at the straps of shiny solid pink underneath the black mesh, he pointed out, “It matches the ends of your hair.”

Saeran lifted a hand to run through his hair as he spoke, a little unsure, “I’ve been thinking about letting my natural color grow back out.” There was a pause before he added in a softer voice, “Like Saeyoung.”

“I’m sure that’ll look good too, if that’s what you want to do,” Yoosung smiled trying to be supportive and encouraging. It was still pretty rare for Saeran to outright say that he wanted to do something just for himself.

Nodding, Saeran ran a finger under the choker part of the harness he was wearing as he said, “It’s tight in places but more comfortable than I was expecting.”

“Right?” Yoosung agreed, letting his surprise at how much he liked the harness-mesh combo push away the last lingering bits of embarrassment. “Once you get used to it, it’s really nice. I like the way the mesh feels.”

“So you’re not going to donate this box anymore?”

“I never meant to donate it to begin with,” Yoosung laughed awkwardly. He was actually pretty glad things had worked out the way they had. It would have been much worse to find that particular box at the donation site.

Saeran glanced over at the other boxes of donation clothes he’d been looking through for anything he liked before turning his attention back to Yoosung and touching the mesh and plastic he currently wore. “Even though you weren’t going to donate it, can I still keep this one?”

Not expecting the question, Yoosung laughed at being caught off guard by it. “Sure,” he nodded. “Let’s finish going through the other boxes too, though.”

They were still wearing the harnesses and mesh several hours later, having gotten used to the way they felt and looked and mostly forgetting about how far outside the norm it actually was for them. After sorting through the remaining boxes into Saeran’s picks and what would actually be donated now, they’d settled in the Choi household’s living room to play a game.

“Careful around this next corner,” Yoosung warned as he watched Saeran play. “There’s a trap that’s easy to miss.”

They were only half-aware of hearing the front door open and only paused the game when Saeyoung’s automatic greeting to them trailed off about halfway through.

Looking up, they saw Saeyoung staring at them, phone forgotten in his hand, likely still in the middle of texting someone. The older twin stared at them for a moment before opening his mouth to speak only to close it again. For the first time Yoosung could really recall, Seven looked speechless.

When it occurred to Yoosung what had momentarily knocked Saeyoung off balance, his blush from earlier returned full force and he was gearing up to explain what they were wearing when he was effectively cut off. 

Saeyoung lifted his phone without a word, took a picture of the two of them on the couch, and turned to continue on his way towards his room.

Yoosung and Saeran were a little confused by the reaction, but tried to brush it off as one of Saeyoung’s odd quirks. 

At least, that was the case until a new thread appeared in the RFA chatroom featuring their picture and the title “Yoosung is corrupting my baby brother.”


Wolf mother, where you been?
You look so worn, so thin


u can tell I put these off for a while because Batman looks old and crusty while the superman looks not as sHIT

I rewatched like, two episodes of Krypto the Superdog a looong while back, and hey, just wanted to draw them and their owners together (*^▽^)/



yg family | greek mythology
↪︎  nam taehyun as pothos; erote of yearning & longing

…. yesterday I wrote over 2000 words of Crutchy/Swifty romance, extensively researched the history and construction of turn of the century sky scrapers (especially the flat iron building), spent a lot of time looking at pictures of grocery stores in the early 1900s, and fell into the looking up pictures of the actors as grown ups to make sure I’m picturing the characters right rabbit hole.

Spirit Interview with Gre (Vampire) & Dam (Werevampire)
  • These two decided to do the interview together, and its hilarious. They are hysterical, I am laughing pretty much the entire time, but they are also the two spirits that I got to when I need the dirty shit done, if you know what I mean. But I decided to post this how it happened because its funny as shit, although I am missing some bits as it happened in my astral home...
  • (On a side note, they request nobody call them anything cutesy, after seeing Au's interview responses.)
  • Starting off, only Dam is present, and thinking they are doing it together I am a little stumped.
  • Me: Is Gre coming? I thought you two wanted to do it together?
  • Dam: Hes coming, just getting ready. (Hes got a wicked grin on his face so I know something is up.)
  • Me: Oh shit. What is going on.
  • Dam: ...
  • Me: Alright well, lets start off with you then Dam, what do you prefer to be called for the interview, and let everyone know what you are.
  • Dam: Dam! But not like the swear word damn, like if you cut off the first part of my name.
  • Me: Got it...
  • Dam: And I am a werevampire...
  • *Gre shows up, we both look over, Dam starts roaring with laughter and I do too* (He -Gre- shows up dressed in black fishnets and a pink tutu like mini skirt and no shirt.)
  • Me: What the fuck are you wearing? Why? You realize they cant see you right?
  • Gre: You said to show off my personality!
  • Me: ...
  • Gre: What? You don't like it.
  • Me: Just... you never cease to surprise me is all.
  • Gre: Its my punk princess look!
  • Dam: I didn't know you planned that! Show them the picture that looks like him so they can get a full visual!
  • Gre: YEA DO IT!
  • Me: Alright alright!
  • (Will post that after this)
  • Both: YES!
  • Me: Ok G, what would you like to be called during the interview and what are you?
  • Gre: Call me whatever and I am a vampire.
  • Me: Alright I am going to regret this, but what are your favorite offerings...
  • *Dam gets a really suggestive look on his face and raises his eyebrow.*
  • Gre: Blood. And Sex.
  • Me: & what are your favorite ways to communicate with me?
  • Gre: Astral work.
  • Dam: Same.
  • Me: @hat sort of things do the two of you typically do within the family?
  • Dam: Protection typically. Offensive defense essentially.
  • Me: ... You are like a teenager sometimes I swear...
  • Gre: They make funny memes!
  • Me: Oh, Tumblr will love you... Annnnyway, how do you get along within the family, and how long have you been around?
  • Dam: I fit in quite well when I came to you 5 or so months ago? 6?
  • Me: Yea Gre pretty much adopted you as his partner in crime that he never knew he needed.
  • Gre: Hes perfect for me! I have worked with you about two years, and I think I annoy a few but most tend to like me!
  • Me: You can be a handful sometimes...
  • Gre: Well I get shit done then get a chance to not be so serious all the time!
  • Me: True! So what attracted you to working with humans?
  • Gre: Humans are such fragile, sickly things but are so fearless sometimes its fascinating. How you leave your house sometimes when everything can kill you amazes me sometimes.
  • Dam: Well she has to pay rent.
  • Gre: You are so practical sometimes.
  • Dam: ...
  • Gre: I know you are right but seriously she could get run over by that small human on wheels and die!
  • Me: The toddler on the trike down the hall wouldn't be able to kill me. Maybe bruise my shin and leave a bump for awhile.
  • Gre: See! And nobody wants that!
  • Me: I don't think it would hurt that bad, babe.
  • Dam: Well I am more interested in some of the culture, but humans can make for happy hunting too...
  • Me: (ignoring the hunting bit on purpose) Speaking of culture, what is your favorite human media bit?
  • Dam: Ramones are pretty cool, I like when you play them.
  • Gre: Rocky Horror! You remember-
  • Me: I do!
  • *Gre gives a satisfied smile*
  • Me: Who did you know who you wanted to go with as far as a human companion?
  • Gre: Well, you would put up with my humor..
  • Dam: Heh, you just know. Meshing energies and all that stink but its similar to how you know you want to work with us. I specifically wanted to work with you because you are important. Not just to us but to others and will be to more.
  • Gre: Agreed.
  • (This is something others have touched on but they never go into depth.)
  • Me: I wont dig into that more because I know you wont tell me... What first impressions did you have of me?
  • Gre: You had work to do. Not in the fact that you were weak, but you know you have work to do and you are willing to do it. Theres a fire that burns in you and you feed it.
  • Dam: You are also accepting of all of us, despite our personalities or behaviors and we are able to earn your trust.
  • Me: Has that opinion changed over time?
  • Dam: Well you still put up with his shit.
  • Gre: Im a princess.
  • Me: *laughs* Point taken.
  • Dam: You are good at accepting challenges and make good mental calculations as to the best course of action in many situations, which saves you a lot of trouble. My opinion of you has always been good.
  • Gre: Gettin' shit doooone.
  • Me: Holy crap dude. (they are both laughing) Alright last question for now-
  • Gre: Donuts?!
  • Me: Yes...
  • Gre: The ones filled with shit because when you smash them they pop all over like smashing a heart.
  • Dam: What the-
  • Gre: I had that one planned!
  • Me: (hysterically laughing at this point) I am done.
  • Me: What?
  • Dam: You mean internet people?
  • Gre: Whatever.
We Never Forget

Rose: Hey, Mom, do you-

Hermione: That isn’t Uncle George, honey. Do you remember your dad and me telling you about your Uncle Fred?

Rose: Oh…

Hermione: He took that picture of your Uncle Harry and Gilderoy Lockhart, that one right there. He was so young…

Hermione: Did I ever tell you about what happened that night?

Hermione: It was almost 20 years ago, Uncle Harry, Dad, and I were chasing a really bad man.

Hermione: We lost a lot of good people, including Fred, Colin, and Teddy’s parents, too.

Rose: I’m sorry, Mom…

Hermione: Oh, sweetheart, no. You have nothing to be sorry about. Everyone made their own choices, and some people made sacrifices.

Hermione: but it did. There’s nothing we can do about it now.

Hermione: Now, I really want a chocolate frog. Chocolate is the best cure for sadness, you know.

Rose: *sighs* I’m not 6 anymore, Mom. But me, I want chocolate.


I just??? Really love the sky 🌌

  • [Remus notices a new picture on the mantel. Sirius is teaching Harry some of the words in his picture book.]
  • Remus: Where did you get this picture of Regulus?
  • Sirius: [looks up] I dropped by Grimmauld Place after a drink last night. Well, I couldn't step in there without drinking first, really.
  • Remus: Oh. You should've told me. I would've gone with you.
  • Sirius: [shakes his head] No, there's a portrait of my mother there. She'll just shout abuse at you and I don't want to subject you to it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you beforehand though. It was a spur of the moment thing. Andromeda's fault.
  • Remus: It's all right. [looks at the picture] He really looks like you.
  • Sirius: [smiles softly] I always did say that anyone who looked as good as me can't possibly be that bad.
  • Remus: What did Andromeda say about the house?
  • Sirius: Oh, she doesn't want it either. But get this! She has a daughter and she's a metamorphmagus!
  • Remus: Holy shit! [claps a hand over his mouth and glances at Harry] [relaxes when he sees Harry is busy trying to close his book] You're not kidding?
  • Sirius: [shakes his head] [wide-eyed] I told her I was her cousin and she morphed into my face and said, "I know. I can see the resemblance."

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Could you post a more in-depth tutorial of how you draw on your style (and especially your brush/pen settings and coloring process)? I have Manga Studio 5EX and the one brush post you made didn't make sense to me. (Oh, other question, what's your process for making sheer clothes like you did for Rainbow and Tanzan Quartz? I can never make it look right)

i use paint tool sai to draw my  pictures  i’m not really the teaching type,  so i’m not sure how to do  a tutorial of any  kind, i just  like the show inspire me and i try to mimic   the style as best  i  can but tbh personally i  think i  fall short i haven’t quite grasped the right type of  setting i  want that accurately portrays   the style i use a  variety of settings myself depending on my  mood and the  picture i’m drawing 

this was drawn using this setting 

the lines they use in the show are always crisp  and thick  with a certain texture and style to them  which is what i’m looking for in my  drawings.

it takes a lot of  effort and tuning  to try and mimic someone else’s style. 

As for clothes i just look at the various   outfits  the gems where and i  take away from that,   As for making  sheer  clothing it’s all  about layers.