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Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: so

Lily Evans: so

Remus Lupin: first day

Lily Evans: ya

Remus Lupin: scary

Lily Evans: mmhmm

Remus Lupin: dont be scared

Lily Evans: im not really

Remus Lupin: u should be

Lily Evans: actually now that you mention it i am kind of scared

Remus Lupin: WELL DONT BE


Lily Evans: god

Lily Evans: its like having a conversation with my anxiety

Remus Lupin: dont make me fire you on your first day here

Lily Evans: pls dont

Remus Lupin: i wont

Remus Lupin: so

Remus Lupin: im putting you in i.t

Remus Lupin: bc u said on ur cv that u have a lot of experience with computers

Lily Evans: u didnt

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: do u actually /have/ any experience with computers??

Lily Evans: emails?? n stuff

Remus Lupin: “”””emails?? n stuff”””””??

Lily Evans: ya

Lily Evans: sending emails

Lily Evans: receiving emails

Lily Evans: deleting emails

Lily Evans: i could go on

Remus Lupin: do

Lily Evans: the web

Lily Evans: using the mouse

Lily Evans: mice

Lily Evans: using mice

Lily Evans: clicking

Lily Evans: double clicking

Lily Evans: the computer screen ofc

Remus Lupin: ofc

Lily Evans: the keyboard

Lily Evans: the bit that goes on the floor

Remus Lupin: do u mean the hard drive??

Lily Evans: correct

Remus Lupin: well

Remus Lupin: u certainly seem to kno ur stuff

Lily Evans: shut up

Remus Lupin: come on lil,,,they need a new manager

Lily Evans: dont

Remus Lupin: just take the job lil

Lily Evans: ok

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: so,,,,the people ill be working with what r they like

Remus Lupin: quite literally the worst idiots i have ever met

Lily Evans: excellent

Marlene McKinnon to James Potter: jim

James Potter: have u tried turning it off and on again

Marlene McKinnon: um

James Potter: nice talking to you mckinnon

James Potter to Sirius Black: hey can u answer the phone

Sirius Black: i could but i dont want to

James Potter: and u wonder why no-one ever comes down here

Sirius Black: probably got something to do with that 3 day old coffee stain down ur shirt


Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: can u help me

Sirius Black: what with

Mary MacDonald: my computers not working

Sirius Black: have u tried turning it off and on again

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: u kno the button on the side

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: is it glowing??

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: u need to turn it on mare

Mary MacDonald: ok hang on

Mary MacDonald: how do i do that

Sirius Black: ?? the button turns it on

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: ?? u do kno how a button works dont u

Sirius Black: and if u say on clothes i am going to come up there and personally murder you

Mary MacDonald: I’d like to see you try

Andromeda Black to James Potter: Hey James.

James Potter: andy!!

Andromeda Black: Don’t call me that.

James Potter: sorry

Andromeda Black: It’s OK.

Andromeda Black: I’m having some trouble with my computer.

James Potter: wouldnt u rather talk to ur cousin abt this

Andromeda Black: I could, but I don’t want to.

James Potter: u two r more alike than u know

Andromeda Black: Shut up.

James Potter: absolutely

James Potter: so what seems to be the problem

Andromeda Black: It’s not working.

James Potter: i see

James Potter: have u tried forcing an unexpected reboot??

Andromeda Black: No, let me try.

Andromeda Black: How will that help?

James Potter: well

James Potter: the driver hooks the function by patching the system call table

James Potter: and its not safe to unload it unless another thread’s abt to jump in there and do its stuff

James Potter: and u don’t want to end up in the middle of invalid memory

James Potter: hello

James Potter: andy

James Potter: uve gone havent u

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think i just managed to successfully piss of your cousin again

Sirius Black: what else is knew

Sirius Black to Mary MacDonald: u couldnt handle all this

Mary MacDonald: i could take u any day of the week black

Sirius Black: is that so

Mary MacDonald: yes

Sirius Black: really

Mary MacDonald: stop it

Sirius Black: wow

Mary MacDonald: shut up

Sirius Black: why dont u come down here and make me

Mary MacDonald: what happened to ‘you couldn’t handle all this’

Sirius Black: u think im afraid of you??

Mary MacDonald: yes

Mary MacDonald: my brand new louboutins came in the mail next week and i know exactly the right place to stick them



Sirius Black to James Potter: that told her

James Potter: can u stop fighting with mary all the time ur clogging the chat rooms

Sirius Black to James Potter: honestly its about time u got back

Sirius Black: its been all ruddy go here

James Potter: really

James Potter: how many jobs have you had

Sirius Black: one

James Potter to Sirius Black: what was the job

Sirius Black: girl on fifth

James Potter: did u hit it off

Sirius Black: define “”””hit it of”””””

James Potter: did she continue to talk to u once u’d fixed her computer

Sirius Black: she gave me her number

James Potter: r u gonna call her

Sirius Black: ?? no

James Potter: so ur just gonna toss it away

James Potter: like yesterday’s jam

Sirius Black: p much yeah

Sirius Black: and i told u to stop using that analogy

Sirius Black: jam lasts for ages

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: u have unisex toilets??

Remus Lupin: yea

Remus Lupin: for non-binary pals

Remus Lupin: and for people having affairs

Lily Evans: i see

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: the view up here is amazing

Remus Lupin: yep

Remus Lupin: have u found the elevators yet

Lily Evans: um

Lily Evans: yea

Lily Evans: which floor am i on

Remus Lupin: ur all the way down in the basement

Lily Evans: wait what

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: ur joking arent u

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: i know ur getting these

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: remus

Lily Evans: the lift gets stuck halfway down

Lily Evans: and the hallway is full of maintenance stuff

Lily Evans: its disgusting

Lily Evans: i think i saw a rat

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: ITS EVEN WORSE DOWN HERE



James Potter to Sirius Black: theres a girl outside

Sirius Black: who is she

James Potter: i have no idea

James Potter: i cant go out there sirius

James Potter: i havent washed this shirt in three days and i forgot to put on deodorant this morning

James Potter: i havent even flossed

Sirius Black: who even flosses these days

James Potter: i do

Sirius Black: right

Sirius Black: bc ur a twat

James Potter: a twat who doesnt have gingivitis

Sirius Black: shut up

James Potter: u shut up

James Potter: one of us has to go out there

Sirius Black: u do it

Marlene McKinnon to Lily Evans: everything going ok??

Lily Evans: legit they both just walked out

Lily Evans: one of them was talkin abt tolstoy

Lily Evans: the other one was like “””james shut up u’ve literally never read a book in my life”””

Marlene McKinnon: thats sirius

Marlene McKinnon: he’s my favourite

Lily Evans: then james tried to lean on his chair and slipped over

Lily Evans: he stood up and he was like “”””plenty of people come down here to visit””””

Lily Evans: sirius was like “”””who, jim??? who comes down here???? what people????””””””

Lily Evans: james threw something at him and sirius was like “””””why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up????”””””

Lily Evans: then james was like “””what can we do you for??””””

Marlene McKinnon: cringe

Lily Evans: so i told them

Lily Evans: and bolted

Marlene McKinnon: what r u doing now

Lily Evans: im hiding in my office

Marlene McKinnon: smooth

James Potter to Sirius Black: I AM THE HEAD OF THIS DEPARTMENT

Sirius Black: i thought i was

James Potter: WELL ITS ONE OF US



James Potter to Lily Evans: i dont mean to be rude or anything but i was not informed of any changes happening to this department

Lily Evans: did they not tell you about me??

James Potter: no sir

James Potter: and for what its worth we dont need you down here

James Potter: were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves

Lily Evans: sure

Lily Evans: you do realise you’re wearing a shirt with a coffee stain down it that looks like hasn’t been washed in weeks


Sirius Black: as opposed to all the other women ur able to charm over effortlessly

James Potter: im never speaking to you again

Sirius Black: dw ill deal with her

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: sounds like ur having a v important conversation there

Lily Evans: i am

Sirius Black: also

Sirius Black: just a thought

Sirius Black: do you want me to connect up your phone??

Lily Evans: bitch

Sirius Black to James Potter: she just kicked me out of her office

James Potter: serves u right

Sirius Black: u dont even know what i did

James Potter: dont have to

Sirius Black to James Potter: so basically i went in and she was “””””pretending”””””” to talk to remus

James Potter: really??

Sirius Black: really

James Potter: shes a little bit weird

Sirius Black: i just saw you spraying yourself with cold water bc u said u had “”””””a hot ear””””””


James Potter: i cant believe she didnt even get excited when she saw the original zx 81 we have in the doorway

Sirius Black:

Sirius Black: yea, that WAS weird

Sirius Black: totally uncalled for

Sirius Black: its almost as if she doesnt know anything about computers

Sirius Black: james??

Sirius Black: james???

Sirius Black: uve dropped ur phone havent u

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: why is he screaming

Sirius Black: i told him u didnt know anything about computers and he spilt his tea all over himself

Lily Evans: jesus

Sirius Black: yea

Sirius Black: thats why he always makes two cups of tea

Lily Evans: just in case he accidentally drops the first one??

Sirius Black: yea

Lily Evans: wow

James Potter to Sirius Black: she has to go

Sirius Black: why

James Potter: heres the plan

Sirius Black: ooh ooh hang on let me sit down first

Sirius Black: ok go

James Potter: so well go in

Sirius Black: when

James Potter: in like a minute

Sirius Black: will that be enough time for me to get to know the plan??

James Potter: yknow i shouldnt have used the world plan

James Potter: ive clearly got u overexcited

Sirius Black: would “”””scheme””””” be a better word

Sirius Black: actually no thats just as exciting

James Potter: look all i was gonna say was is that we go in, i make up a load of bullocks about computers and well see if she picks up on it

Sirius Black: yea i can see why u didnt want to use the word plan

James Potter: just let me do the talking

Sirius Black: r u sure thats a good idea

James Potter: shut up

James Potter to Sirius Black: we need to get this right

James Potter: we cannot go there in half-cocked

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: i can hear them outside the door

Lily Evans: theyr just,,,,gigglin

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think that went well

Sirius Black: she was pretending to send an email to lupin and you asked her if she wanted you to connect her up to the matrix

James Potter: genius

Sirius Black: and she looked at you and was like “””””u just made all that up””””

Sirius Black: then u lost ur shit and start screaming at her

Sirius Black: at which point she stood up and starting screaming at you

Sirius Black: and u stormed out

Sirius Black: what part of that screams “”””that went well””””??

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: hey do u want me to connect up your computer??

Lily Evans: fuck off

Lily Evans to EVANS KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS: i cant believe ur going to tell on me

Lily Evans: ur like a pair of horrible old men

Sirius Black: what did she say

James Potter: she said were like a pair of “”””horrible old men””””

Sirius Black: SHE DIDNT

Remus Lupin to horrible old men ft lily evans: so what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well, its like this

Remus Lupin: im so proud of u guys

Remus Lupin: my i.t team

Remus Lupin: team players

Remus Lupin: every single one of you

Remus Lupin: theres no room for people who can’t act as a team in my team

Remus Lupin: u know what happens to people who cant act as a team in my team??

James Potter: what

Remus Lupin: i get security to escort them from the building

Remus Lupin: and if the security team cant escort them from the building as a team, then i fire them too

Remus Lupin: then i call recruitment and get them to look for a security team that can work as a team

Remus Lupin: then i warn them that they may have to escort the current security team from the building

Sirius Black: does this happen often to you then

Remus Lupin: anyway

Remus Lupin: what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well its just not working out


Lily Evans: hes joking

Remus Lupin: what do u mean,,,,”””not working out””””??



Remus Lupin: then why did u text me

James Potter: um

Sirius Black: we installed a voice activation system on your computer

Sirius Black: it might take a while to get the pitch right but but nonetheless

Sirius Black: go ahead

Remus Lupin: wow

Remus Lupin: how exciting

Lily Evans: thats all then

Lily Evans: talk to you later

James Potter to nice save sirius: WHAT GOOD R U


Lily Evans: no,,,,but i can learn

Lily Evans: for example sirius,,,,,u can walk me thru what ur doing right now

Sirius Black: ;)))))))) id be delighted

Sirius Black: im just working on a very simple piece of programming software

Lily Evans: on seconds thoughts i am very busy and have better things to be doing with my time thanks bye

Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: i hope ur ready for me bitch

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: hows your arm

Sirius Black: i never knew louboutins could hurt that much

Lily Evans: yeah

Lily Evans: imagine

Lily Evans: if i hadnt stepped in and asked her out to lunch u’d be nothing more than a pile of fabulous hair right now

Sirius Black: i owe you one evans

Lily Evans: damn right u do

Remus Lupin to FUCKHEADS GALORE: i just spent the last five hours screaming at my computer for nothing

Remus Lupin: do any of u have anything to say for yourselves

Lily Evans: have u tried turning it off and on again??

BTS Reactions~ Walking in on you dressing:


“Hey Y/N! It’s time for dinner-” he opened the door, to see you stood there, half dressed. He couldn’t stop staring at you, and his face went redder the longer he did.

You quickly grabbed a random shirt from the floor to cover your chest and squealed a little.


He then realised he was still staring, and so closed the door, standing out in the hallway.

“Y/N! FORGIVE ME PLEASE! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, before running away to the living room.

“Woah what happened over there?” Namjoon asked.

“… nothing!” He blushed before sitting down at the table. You walked out for dinner, cheeks dusted pink. You both didn’t talk all night but Jin was thinking about you every moment.


“So I finally finished those lyrics for the album and I’d like an opinion on one of the line-”

His head drifted upwards from his phone, as he didn’t realize he had walked into your room, right after you had just had a shower. You picked up your towel, to cover yourself, as you both stared at each other, going red.

“I’m going to leave and we’ll pretend this never happened.” He said, backing out of your room.

“Agreed.” You said, and he closed the door calmly.

While his outside position and face were calm, his head was not- he was internally screaming. He made his way to the balcony and shut the door behind him. Then he just screamed, J-HOPEEEEEE style:



Playing girl group songs on his phone, he was dancing around the house.

“Yassss Y/N dance with me-”

You screamed. He screamed. He slammed the door behind him.



He was so full of emotions, and crumbled into a ball on the floor in the hallway. His mind kept racing over the thought of you naked, and it was tearing him apart.



“So my new Ryan plushie came in the mail! Wanna see me inbox it- sHIT!”

He ran out of the room, his box in his hands, as fast as the speed of light. He ran to his room, flopped onto his bed.

“Fuck my life what am i gonna say how am i gonna apologize-”

“Joon? You okay in there?” you said from outside his room, after you got dressed fully.

“yES i’M 110% a-OkAY yEp  tHAtS mE I’m oNE cHill gUy tOtaLly fiNe why do you ask?”


“I’m back from the fansign-” you were standing in the living room, changing your sweatpants to jeans when you walked in on you.



You both wouldn’t talk for ages, but kept having awkward eye contact to the point that you’d leave the room halfway through a meal just to escape.

“What was that about?” Tae asked, stuffing more kimchi in his mouth.

“Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.” he’d blush.


“Hello hello, hello hello, tell me you want right now! Hello hello, hello hello, I’mma give it to you girl right now-”

He paused his singing, as he’d just realized he wandered into your room, and you were in your underwear. He just stood there, mid-shock, blushing like crazy.

“I’ll tell you what I want right now: for you to gET THE HELL OUT MY ROOM!”

He ran to his room, and couldn’t stop his heavy breathing. After all, he’d just seen you practically naked. Sure, it wasn’t how he wanted it to happen, and he was probably in your bad books now, but he still considered himself lucky as all hell.


“We don’t talk anymore, like we used to dooo- OH MY FRAZZLES”



He screamed as he left your room, after seeing literally just the side of your bra.

“Jungkook? Kookie?” You called out, but no response.

Hidden under his bed, he was cradling his legs.

How can i look her in the eyes ever again she’ll never love me i hate myself why why why me

~but imagine this scenario with ur bias actually happing tho oMG

Near Light

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Request: Happy Imagine based on ‘Near Light’ by Ólafur Arnalds.

I highly recommend you listen to this song for this one. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.

I apologise in advance.

Text in italics is flashbacks.


“You been baking, Ma?”
Happy’s mother looked up from her spot in her armchair by the large bay window and saw her son walking out of the kitchen, a mouthful of muffin and one more in the grasp of his large hands.
“No, the girl next door made them. And what did I teach you about eating with your mouth full?”
“Sorry Ma.” He swallowed and smiled at his mother apologetically.
“Do me a favour, Happy? Take the basket back to her. Its on the bench.”
“Of course.”
He shoved the last muffin in his mouth and wiped his hands on his jeans before lifting his kutte off the back of the sofa, where he had left it when he entered the house.
He pulled it over his shoulders and crossed the room, leaning down to his mother and pressing a kiss to her cheek.
“I should head back to TM anyway, but I’ll be back later tonight with some dinner.”
She nodded. “Be safe, Happy.”
“Always, Ma.”
He headed out of the door with the basket in his hand and closed the front door behind him.
He placed the empty basket on the chair next to the door as he pulled his boots on.
The day was warm and the sun shone down on him as he walked down the path leading to his mothers house and he turned to the left once he reached the gate.
The house next door to his mothers had been vacant for a while but someone had recently moved in.
It used to be a mess, overgrown yard filled with weeds and flaking paint on the outer walls of the house but over the last few weeks it had been improving.
The white picket fence with missing pickets and flaking paint that bordered the property had been given new life with a fresh lick of white paint and rose bushes now ran alongside it, still to young to bloom.
The lawns were freshly mowed and the porch was filled with two chairs littered with brightly coloured cushions and woollen throws.
The front door had been painted red while the surrounding weatherboards of the house had been painted an egg-shell white.
Happy had never paid much attention to the neighbouring property but as he walked up the paved pathway to the front door, basket in his hand he found himself glancing at the pot plants filled with different flowers and the new ‘Welcome’ mat that sat in front of the door.
His stepped onto the porch and rapped on the wooden door.
He waited ten seconds and there was no answer.
Was that more baking he could smell?
He knocked again and adjusted his grip on the basket.
After another fifteen seconds he heard footsteps running to the door and a woman yanked it open.
His jaw clenched as he took in the sight of her. She was beautiful.
“Hi!Sorry! I was in the back yard doing some gardening and I didn’t hear the door knock.”
She wiped a loose strand of hair out of her face with the back of her hand, still clad in her gardening gloves and left a smear of dirt across her forehead. “Well actually I did but I didn’t think it could be someone at my door because I’m so new here and I don’t really know anyone yet but when I heard it the second time I knew it was for me so I came as fast as I could. Sorry, I’m rambling aren’t I? I just never get visitors and I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone today. Oh, there I go again. Is that my basket?”
A ghost of a smirk played on Happys lips and he nodded.
“I hope Mrs Lowman enjoyed them. She’s been so kind to me, giving me tips on how to keep my dahlias from drying out in this heat. I don’t really know anyone else on the block yet and it was only by chance that I met her cause the postman delivered her mail to my door and- sorry Im rambling again aren’t I?”
This time Happy did smirk as a blush rose on her cheeks.
“Whats your name?” He asked, his gravelly voice taking her by surprise.
“(Y/n) (y/l/n). Are you a friend of Mrs Lowmans?”
“Im her son, Happy.”
She gasped. “Oh Ive heard so much about you! Mrs Lowman talks about you all the time! I wasn’t expecting you to look like this though!”
Her eyes widened and the blush on her cheeks darkened. “I mean not that theres anything wrong with the way you look, you look great. Like really great, its just I wasn’t expecting a bad boy cause you kinda give off that vibe and Mrs Lowman is always saying how good you are and-“
“Here’s your basket.” Happy interrupted, lifting the basket with an amused look on his face.
“Thank you.” She gulped and took the basket from his grip.
“I need to go, but it was nice to meet you, (y/n).”
She nodded and smiled warmly at him.
He turned and walked down the porch steps.
He was halfway out the gate when he heard her yell after him. “It was nice to meet you too, Happy.”
From her window, Mrs Lowman watched with a smile on her face. It had been a long time since she had seen her son smile.


Huh. Usually he was always greeted by her the moment he walked through the doors, her arms throwing around his neck and her strawberry scented lips crashing against his.
Perhaps she was out in the garden and hadn’t heard him pull up.
He twirled a toothpick across his lips and walked to the back door.
It was open and the warm breeze drifted through the house, making lights shimmer around in patterns from the ornaments she had hanging off the back porch.
The yard was empty though and a frown came to his lips.
“Babe?” He called again.
No answer.
He pulled the gun from his waistband and gripped in his hand as he walked through the house, moving with urgency now.
The living room was empty and the hallway.
He headed for the kitchen.
Broken glass was scattered across the floor and the top drawer was pulled open and a knife was lying on the kitchen tiles. Was that..? Blood covered the knife on the floor.
Dread filled his body as he stepped further into the room, lifting the gun in his hands.
Glass crunched beneath his heavy boots as his eyes darted around the scene in front of him.
He clenched his jaw.
Blood was splattered across the white tiles and a smear of blood led to the carpet,suggesting a struggle. A wave of nausea flooded through him.
He ran for the front door and bolted down the pathway, his heavy footsteps echoing against the wood of his mothers porch. The front door slammed open.
“Ma! Ma!?”
He tore through the house, his eyes searching frantically.
“Happy? Whats wrong?”
His mother stepped out of the kitchen, a cup of tea in her fragile hands.
Happy rubbed his hand over his face. Both relief and fear filling his veins.
“Stay inside, Ma.”
“Whats going on, Happy? Why is your gun out? Wheres (y/n)?”
“Stay inside Ma! I’m gonna send someone to wait with you.”
He stepped towards her and kissed her cheek.
He could see the worry in her eyes and he swallowed deeply, trying to stop his own emotions from showing on his face.
“Be safe, Happy.”
He nodded and turned away.
She watched the reaper on his back as he ran down the steps of the porch as worry filled her, both for the safety of you and her son.
Her tea went cold as she prayed that you both come home safely.


“Almost there.”
She smiled as she held Mrs Lowmans arm as she helped the elderly woman move forward along the grass.
Happy smiled as he watched the two woman in his life.
Finally they reached the bench and (y/n) helped his mother sit down carefully.
(y/n) stepped away, revealing the yard her and Happy had been working on for weeks.
The luscious green grass was freshly cut and rows of flowers edged the garden while the old oak tree provided shade for half the yard. The bird house Happy had built stood in the middle of the yard and already several birds were flying around it.
“It looks beautiful,” Mrs Lowman smiled, her eyes gleaming as she took in the sight.
(Y/n) smiled widely, flashing the pearly whites of her teeth and she met Happys eye.
The afternoon sun was beginning to set and Happy studied the way the golden light illuminated the features of her face.
She was so beautiful.
“You two make a good team,” his mother commented and (y/n) blushed while Happy smiled.
“And look, plenty of room for the kids to run around in, eh?”
(Y/n) laughed and Happy rolled his eyes.
She chuckled and gestured for him to come forward.
“I’m proud of you, my son.”
Happy smiled at his mother and she reached for (y/n)’s hand.
She squeezed it tight.
“Im proud of both of you. You really do make a good team.”


Jax was sat around the bar at the clubhouse, Opie to his left and Chibs to his right.
Tig and Juice sat at the table and the prospects worked behind the bar.
Their laughter was loud as they talked, teasing the newest prospect for his earlier mistakes when the door to the clubhouse slammed open.
Happy ran inside, his eyes wide and angry.
“I need your help.”
Jax exchanged a glance with Chibs and both men stood.
“Whats going on, brother?”
“Shes gone. Someone took her-“
“Who, Hap? Your mom?”
“No, my.. “ He realised he had never told his brothers about her. She was so pure and he had been afraid of exposing her to what he did.
“My old lady.”
“Who are you talking about?” Juice asked.
All his brothers looked at him with confusion.
Happy was always calm. His expression never changed whether he was cleaning his gun or shooting it.
But as he stood in the clubhouse his face was filled with a mixture of emotion.

“Please,I need your help. I need to find her.”
“Of course, brother. We’ll get her.”


She hummed to herself as she walked along the road,a brown paper bag full of groceries in her arms.
A smile played on her face as she walked. Tonight was family night. She had never had much of a family and when she had moved here she never expected to find just that.
Mrs Lowman had welcomed her with open arms and she was madly in love with her son.
Happy Lowman was just as crazy about her too, yet the three words that constantly played on her mind had never left her mouth.
Maybe tonight. She was cooking tonight and she had just finished doing her groceries and was making her way home to start on her recipe.
She turned the corner in to the street she lived on and froze when she saw it.
The ambulance sitting outside Mrs Lowmans house.
The brown paper bag fell to the concrete, the groceries spilling out but she didn’t care.
She ran as fast as she could, dread filling her heart.
Paramedics pushed the trolley onto the porch with a worried Happy following close behind.
Mrs Lowman sat in the trolley with an oxygen mask pressed to her face. Her hands clung desperately to Happys as the paramedics rolled her down the path.
He looked up as he heard her footsteps on the pavement.
Her eyes were wide and she could only stare as the paramedics loaded her neighbour into the back of the ambulance.
Mrs Lowman pulled the mask away from her face and just before the paramedics shut the door she spoke, her voice fragile and croaky.
“Look after each other. Don’t worry about me.”
The doors closed.
“What happened? Is she okay?”
Happy didn’t say anything but his eyes spoke a million words and she was overwhelmed by the pain she saw in his dark eyes.
She stepped closer to him and grabbed his hand.
His hand was rough and calloused but it was warm and her hand fit his perfectly.
Together they watched as the ambulance drove away.
Neither of them spoke, there was no need.
They only needed the comfort of each other.


“Where is she?!” Happy yelled, at no one in particular.
Juice gulped and continued working on his laptop, searching desperately for anything he could find that could lead to her location.
Happy paced the clubhouse, his panic only growing louder in his mind.
Bobby and the prospects had gone to his mothers house and the rest of the club was scattered around the club house.
Clay was on the phone to Alvarez while Jax spoke to the chinese.
Everyone was doing all they could to find her, but it still wasn’t enough.
A cell phone rang out and Chibs answered the call.
It was a brief conversation and he quickly snapped his phone shut and called across the room to Juice and Happy.
“Somebody seen Darby carrying a struggling woman.”
Happy was seething, his muscles tensing and his jaw clenched tight.
“Im on it.”
Juice tapped into his laptop, tracking Darbys phone.
Happy was staring at the screen over his shoulder and as soon as the map popped up with the location Happy was out the door.
Juice called to the club and they gathered around, looking at the screen before loading up on guns and heading out after Happy.


They walked hand in hand up the pathway to her house, bellies full from the meal she had cooked at Mrs Lowmans.
She had been spending more time there and so had he, as they cared for his mother who had fallen ill once again.
The night was warm and they reached the front door.
They turned to face each other, his hand still holding hers.
“Do you want to come in?”
Happy nodded and took a step forward, closing the gap between their bodies.
She looked up at him, his dark eyes gleaming down at her with a look she had began to see in his eyes when he looked at her.
She swallowed as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.
His breath was on her lips as his head inched closer.
He dropped her hand and lifted his own, cupping her face softly.
His ran his thumb across her cheek and lifted her head towards his.
Her hands wrapped around his wrists, holding his hands to her face and he rested his forehead against hers.
They both closed their eyes.
She could smell him, the leather, the ciggarettes, the faint smell of weed. His scent filled her lungs and she licked her lips in anticipation.
His lips pressed against hers. it was slow and soft and comforting in a way that words could never be.
His hand sat below her ear and his thumb caressed her cheek as his lips moved against hers.
Her hands fell to his chest and she clutched at the leather of his kutte.
She wanted to pull away before she lost herself completely in his arms but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.
“(Y/n).” He whispered.
She smiled against his lips. Never before had the sound of her name been spoken with such admiration and warmth spread throughout her body.
Her hand released the grip on his kutte and she fumbled her way to the handle, her his still intertwined with his.
They clumsily stumbled their way inside, unable to break their kiss and when the door shut behind them he lifted her and pressed her against it.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and wrapped her hand around his neck, pulling him closer to her.
For the first time in forever Happy forgot about the things he had done, the things he was. He savoured her lips and lost himself in the kiss. A kiss like that was a beginning, a promise of more to come.
His lips left hers only for a moment and pulled away, studying her face.
She blushed under his gaze and his eyes softened as he studied the curves of her lips and the burning in her eyes.
“I love you.” She whispered, no longer able to hold in the words.
“I know,” He whispered and pulled her in for another long deep kiss.
“I love you too.”


Happy ran every red light and broke every speed limit as he made his way to the old barn.
The map on Juice’s laptop had shown the location and Happy recognised the road.
It was quiet and the sound of his motorcycle broke through the peacefulness as he rode along the dirt road, a cloud of dust billowing out behind him.
Finally he saw it, the old barn with faded red walls.
There were no cars around it and Happy pulled up in front of it and jumped off his bike, letting it to fall to the ground in his haste.
He ran to the barn door and yanked it open, and the sunlight pooled into the darkened area.
His eyes searched desperately as he moved through the barn, his gun gripped tightly in his hand.
“(Y/n)?!” He called again.
A faint moan could be heard and Happy ran towards the back of the barn.
A faint trail of blood led him to her location and for a moment he froze when he saw her.
She was laid against a bale of hay, her white blouse stained red and her hands clutching at the stab wound beneath her ribs.
Her delicate fingers were coated in her scarlet blood and her face was pale. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were clenched shut, slow to adjust to the sudden light in the barn.
Her voice croaked out.
He sunk to her knees beside her, his eyes wide as he took in the nightmare in front of him.
Within a second he snapped out of his shock and he pulled her to him.
“Im here, baby Im here.”
She smiled through her dry and cracked lips. Her face was pale and clammy and her hair clung to her forehead.
“Im so sorry, baby. Oh god,” He studied her wound and a wave of nausea washed over him.
“Im gonna get you help, okay? Your going to be okay.”
She shook her head.
It took all the energy she had left to raise her hand and she cupped his face, the blood on her fingers smudging onto his cheek.
“Its okay, Happy.”
The pain that had burned through her like a raging fire had faded and now she only felt an icy cold numbness. Darkness clouded the edges of her vision and all she could see was the face of the man she loved.
“Stay with me baby.” He begged. “Dont leave me.”
Tears pooled in his eyes and he rocked her gently, holding her head against his chest.
“I love you, Happy.”
Her voice broke with every word she spoke and her breathing was becoming more ragged by the second as she fought through her pain.
“I love you my baby girl.” Happy sobbed.


Ma? You need a hand?”
Happy watched his mother as she rummaged through the drawers of her dressing table.
She waved her hand at him, shooing him away. “No, go sit down my Happy.”
Happy obeyed and went to the living room and sat on the sofa.
Through the window he could see (Y/n), sitting in a yellow sundress, curled up on the rocking chair on her porch and her head buried in a book.
He smiled as he watched the woman he loved. too engulfed in her novel to notice him watching from the window.
He had never known a love like hers. To be in her company was blessing and to be loved by her.. Happy knew he was the luckiest man alive.
His mother shuffled into the room and Happy stood to help her into her chair.
Once she was seated she looked to her son.
“I have something for you.”
She opened her hand,  showing a small box.
“It was my mothers. I want you to have it.”
Happy gulped and lifted the small box. He opened it and inspected the ring inside.
“She is good for you, Happy. I see the way you look at her and she looks at you the same way.”
Happy smiled, a rare blush creeping up his neck.
“I wont be around forever and-“
“Listen to me. I won’t be around forever. I need to know that you are happy, my Happy.” She smiled at her son as he listened to her every word. “You make her yours.”
Happy closed the box and slid it into the pocket of his kutte.
He stood and kissed his mothers forehead. She squeezed his hand warmly.
“I will, ma.”


The rest of the club pulled up outside the barn.
Happy’s bike was lying in the dirt and they hastily got off their bikes, their guns cocked and ready.
One by one the brothers entered the barn.
Jax was the first to notice the trail of blood and then they heard it.
“No! Baby!”
They followed the sound of Happy yelling but nothing could have prepared them for what they saw.
Happy, knelt in the dirt, covered in blood and clutching her lifeless body to his chest as he sobbed.
“Wake up!” Happy sobbed. “Please, baby.”
Tears streamed down his face and his body shook.
He whispered ‘No’ over and over and his whispers turned into yells as he hugged her body close to his.
After a moment Jax stepped forward and he wrapped his arms around his broken brother.
Happy lifted his head to the sky as a heart wrenching sob ripped from his chest.
There wasn’t a dry eye left as the Sons watched their Killer become something so broken, so raw.
Silence fell as Happys tears began to dry out and he gently lowered her body to the fllor.
He reached in his pocket and pulled the ring out.
Carefully, he lifted her limp hand, her warmth already draining from her body.
He slid the ring on her finger and brought her hand to his lips.
He had to kiss her, one last time. While their was still warmth in her body, still warmth in her lips..
He bowed his head over her body and brought his lips to hers once more.
She was so beautiful. And she was his. She would always be his.



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I find out about this HECKING CARTOON from @badcharacterdesign and i watch it literally once and now it’s a curse im laughing so hard but i have tru fear in my soul

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Can Cat Grant also join "And Then There Were Three"?

in the first episode of the second season, lena, alex (chyler leigh) and reign (odette annable) end up plastered in the cover of every magazine, tabloid and newspaper because of the nature of their relationship (during the entire season one, they were simply labeled as gal pals by everyone no matter what they did). in the closing scene, cat grant (calista flockhart) will come striding in into lena’s office, throwing down a magazine on the office table and say “really, darling, i thought i deserved at least a phone call”.

later on it’ll be discovered cat is sort of a mentor, sort of mother figure, to lena and that they met during lena’s early teens when cat had the fortune - or misfortune, perhaps - of having to interview lionel luthor.

the strength of their family bond shows itself when cat gives both alex and reign the rightfully feared shovel talk and she ends up revealing to them how much lena means to her because of her monologue.

it’s also cat grant who’ll be the only one to interview lena about all the happenings with the luthors, about her relationship and about her goals now - something no one has done, not without at least twisting her words after it.

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can you talk about donghan for a bit

of course!

donghan is so cute and adorable and i love him so much :’( i remember he had a video with a filter thats raining fried chicken and it was at that very moment i knew he was gonna be my fave hahahaha but really, donghan is such a sweet kid! there’s so many videos of him being a cute lil butt and i can guarantee you that they’ll make you soft for him too~

one thing that i absolutely adore about donghan is that he’s sooo clingy! it’s adorable bc to me it seems like he gets really attached to people (which i think is right bc when he was placed 35th he cried and said he didn’t want to leave the friends he made on the show). he does a lot of skinship and is always kissing people (not only hyunbin tbh i feel like i can make a compilation of him kissing people) especially DOB’s leader park jin! i think donghan really looks up to him? he seems really… i don’t know how to word it omg he’s very chilled around him lmao 

and when he speaks satori its so cute im :’(( hes so cute anon!! and his dancing is so amazing! when he dances you can see he puts a lot of effort into and that he really enjoys it. i think donghan really strongly admires bts and takes a lot of inspo from them. his brother said he really likes jungkook, i hope one day he can meet him~ 

i also think donghan deeply appreciates his fans. he taken those photos of like every gift fans have sent him, and has been doing that since he was in DOB! and not only that, he wears a lot of clothes that fans have gifted him. you know that flowercrown photo of him? the flowercrown was a gift from a fansite~ 

other than fans, he seems to have a close relationship with his family. while on pd101, his mother gave out little flyers asking for fans to vote for him on two separate occasions i can recall. and his brother also hung a banner up to ask fans to vote for him! also, donghan brother’s ig acc was once basically a fan acc hahaha he posted photos of donghan everyday reminding fans to vote for him. even doe he didn’t make it into the final lineup his brother still continues to show support for him by promoting JBJ hahaha and donghan also said that he doesn’t follow his brother on ig because when he had a fb acc fans would message his brother and close friends a lot and he doesn’t want that to happen again. 

donghan’s brother also mentioned that donghan is the type of person who would put others before him and would say he’s wrong even in situations where he’s not, in order to not hurt the other person. i just love him so much i want to giv e him a big hug :’) ALSO PARK SUNGWOO MENTIONED IN AN INTERVIEW that he had trouble learning the shape of you dance and donghan helped him a lot but mnet didn’t show donghan helping him smh mnet’s evil lil beings



i cant even put into words what this week has been like for me
im finally back!! ;u;
i was away for a week bc my bf and family came to visit (which was so lovely and fun!!)
and then gone for another week bc the charger for my laptop got damaged so it died and i had to wait for one in the mail
that was absolutely horrible bc i couldnt talk to anyone (i dont have a phone btw) ;;
IM BACK!!! \(((QUQ)))/

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Sooo uuummmmm i see you like The Weeknd. Not only this but you like House of Balloons and other stuff from Kissland. I just came here to let you know that im sending you your wedding ring in the mail because I feel like i need to marry you.

Let’s do this, because you know… diamonds and the rings are my fantasy, I chase hearts with a Hennessy lol I’m sorry I couldn’t rsist throwing a false alrm reference here :p

Let’s do this and get broke from paying Abel to sing at our wedding <3