it just brings me joy

Every now and then I think I’ve finally gotten over the undertale fandom and then @unrestedjade‘s reborntale fic sends me straight back to hell


growing up :))


This livestream was everything and they both looked fucking gorgeous during it. I loved every second of it…I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, they are two of my favourite people in the whole entire world and my love for them is unending. Also, ngl I enjoyed this more than their video with the Psychic Twins. 

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i'm just so exhausted with life rn. i'm done with existing. i'm not going to kill myself, i'm just looking for reasons to keep living so i can exit this hopelessness. what are reasons to keep living?

Friend, I definitely carried that same exhaustion. Regardless of whether or not you feel a desire to kill yourself, please get help. From a friend, parent, leader, etc. You deserve to be loved and nurtured in this.

I’ll share with you some of the reasons I kept close to my heart. Some of them may connect with you, and some are just meant to communicate how simple joys can bring about great healing.

Keep living for the warmth that comes from a freshly made pot of hot chocolate.

Keep living for the laughter that comes from your friends.

Keep living for those nights where you can’t breathe because of how hard you’re laughing.

Keep living for those moments when you forget to check your phone.

Keep living for those moments when God is not an abstract concept, but a loving Father who is with you in this exhaustion.

Keep living for the adorable, tooth-sprinkled smile that your nephew makes when he sees you.

Keep living for that new song that you will jam out to for weeks.

Keep living for that BBQ Sauce from Wendy’s that you like so much (okay so maybe this is just me, but seriously it’s funny how food brings joy).

Keep living to see how the MCU will continue.

Keep living to see how The Flash will continue it’s story.

Keep living for Kingdom Hearts III.

Keep living to finish the pile of books you have.

Keep living for the simple joy of buying your dad a meal and realizing how happy it makes him.

Keep living because puppies. Puppies have a way of loving you.

Keep living because one day you will find the soul that makes you realize it was all worth it.

Keep living for the mornings where it doesn’t take much to get out of bed and tackle the day.

Keep living because of freshly washed and dried blankets.

Keep living for the Fall/Winter seasons because hoodies. Hoodies rock.

Keep living because there will be sunsets that will leave you speechless.

Keep living because one day you will realize how far you’ve gotten.

Keep living, not just because of a list, but because you deserve it.

Keep living because I love you.

Keep living because you are loved. By so many people.

Keep living because Hope is real and He has a name.

Keep living because there are so many unexplored museums.

Keep living because countless roadtrips await.

Keep living because of the hope of having a campfire night with your friends.

Keep living just to see what happens.

Keep living just because.

Keep living.

Keep living.

Keep living, my beloved friend.

Keep living because you are not alone.

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What's so special about your lovely brows? Dooood, they thicc for one, two they bounce off of your face like how great is that? Three they're just cute and they suit you and they bring me joy

*Chad’s eyebrows performe a happy dance*

* Awe dood! Ya gonna make ‘em blush.