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And Then?

Cute little fluffy Bughead one-shot. I just felt like writing and this is what followed :) There’s not much too it but it was fun!
Let me know what you think.


Betty was sat at the bar of some dingy club in downtown LA that she frequented when she needed to get away. It was never too full with the mingling, self loathing alcoholics that liked to waste their lives in this joint. Nobody ever looked for her here, and she hoped like hell they wouldn’t tonight. Not after what had just gone down.

“Well, well, well.” Betty groaned inwardly at the voice from behind the bar. She really didn’t want to have to worry about holding any kind of conversation right now. Especially not with the rather cute bar tender that she flirted with on occasion. “Got nowhere better to be on a Friday night, dollface?”

“What’s it to you?” She snapped at him and cut him a look, swinging her near empty glass in her fingers. He held his hands up in defence.

“Woah now, it’s not like I’m complaining.” He smirked as her replaced her now empty glass with a full one. “Just surprised a girl like you doesn’t have other plans on a Friday night.”

“A girl like me?” She questioned as she took him in. He was tall, and absolutely gorgeous. Not typically, not like the boy she had just walked out on, no, more old time classic. Even with the beanie that always adorned his head. He was all dark haired and blue, stormy, eyed. And he had this way of smirking that made her toes curl. His eyes were trained on her as he cleaned a glass with a rag that he threw over his shoulder.

“You know, beautiful, blonde, fit as hell.” His eyes fell down to her shoulders, bare from the black off-the-shoulder blouse she was wearing. He licked his lips. “Surely you got a man waiting for you somewhere?” Betty let out the laugh she had been biting back.

“Shut up, Jughead. What’s this, role play?” He frowned at her for a moment.

“Party pooper.” He poked his tongue at her. They had gotten to know each other pretty well in the last 6 months that Betty had been visiting. Little did he know, she wouldn’t frequent as often if he wasn’t behind the bar. She had become fond of him. She liked the way Jughead could hold a conversation, that they had similar interests. She loved the way he could make her laugh. There was no pressure to be perfect Betty Cooper, she could be whoever the hell she wanted to be with this guy. And although they had never actually had a conversation outside of this bar, or even seen each other for that matter, she considered him a friend. A friend she had thought about sleeping with more than once, truth be told. Which made the decision she had made earlier tonight even more solid. But Jughead knew all about her long-term boyfriend Archie Andrews. “So, he’s not whisking you away to some fancy dinner party with the football WAGS tonight?”

“Not tonight, or any other night for that matter.” He raised an eyebrow in question, ordering her to go on. “He proposed, tonight. He proposed and I said no.” She looked up at him when he didn’t respond.

“Heavy shit, Betts.” He took her hand that was resting on the bar into his own. “Are you okay?” She just shrugged at him.

“Yeah, actually.” She let a deep breath she hadn’t realised she was holding. “I feel relieved, actually. How fucked up that?” She let out a slight laugh as it dawned on her.

“Hey,” Jughead squeezed her hand that was still enclosed in his own. He caught her eyes with his own and gave her that smirk she enjoyed so much. “My shifts ending, you wanna split this joint?”


To Betty’s surprise Jughead had a dark green jeep parked out the back, and even more to her surprise he wasn’t empty handed when he came out from the back of the bar. He was still all in black, but he had chucked a denim jacket with a fleece collar over the top, and his beanie was still perched on his head.

“A couple of roadies for the lady?” He handed Betty a couple of premixed vodka and lemonades that he had swiped from behind the bar. She gave him a look as if to ask if he was allowed to do that. He tapped his nose. “Perks of the job, sweetheart. And don’t worry, none are for me.” He opened the door for her to jump in the passenger seat. “Wouldn’t want to risk damaging that pretty face.” He winked at her.

“No, that must be your money maker right?” She joked up as she climbed into the jeep.

“Why do you think I get so many tips?” She could hear him laughing as he walked around the car to jump into the drivers seat. It was closing in on midnight now, and it dawned on Betty that she had no idea where they were going to go. Jughead turned to her in his seat.

“Where to, madam?”

“Surprise me, good sir.” He though about it for a moment, and then his face lit up with an idea.

They were driving for only half an hour before Betty became impatient to know where he was taking her.

“Okay, where are we going?”

“To the beach.” He looked at her in his peripheral and smiled. “How’d you not realise by now?”

“I’m not a local, Jughead.” She shrugged and took another swig from her can. “I get lost easy in this busy fucking city.”

“Still so much to learn. We’re not far.” And it was only another 10 minutes before they were there. “You have arrived at your destination, madam.”

“I do love the beach.” Betty was in awe as she looked out at the ocean, it was endless. It made her feel free. She turned to Jughead with a sincere smile, one that made his breath hitch in his throat. “Thanks for bringing me here, Jug.”

“You haven’t even gotten out of the car yet, woman. Come on.”

As Betty jumped down from her seat, she found her feet wobbling beneath her. She had probably had one too many drinks, but she wasn’t in a mind to give a shit. Jughead came round from the other side with his hands in his pocket.

“Shall we?” He nodded to the beach. And Betty, in this new found alcohol hazed confidence, linked her arm through his and headed toward the beach. “So, I have to admit, I do have an ulterior motive for bringing you here.”

“What a surprise.” She said sarcastically. He laughed at her, nudging her side with his arm.

“You can talk here, Betty. Nobody can hear you. Just me. Rant away.”

“This is the first time we’ve like, hung out, you know?”

“I know” He smiled down at her. “And we’re friends, right?” She nodded. “Sooo, talk?” And that’s what they did. They walked together down the beach, and Betty, comfortable in Jugheads arm, and in her slightly tipsy state, spilled her guts. And Jughead just listened.

“We were destined to be together, apparently, me and Archie. And I believed it for the longest time. Although childhood best friends turned high school sweethearts turned adult fuck ups? That wasn’t exactly the plan.” He watched her as she spoke, his eyes trained on the way her mouth wrapped around her words. “We grew up living next door to each other, and fell into those stereotypes. Me the perfect girl next door, him the handsome jock type. And I did love him, at some point honestly, I did. But somewhere between him fucking all those girls and me finding more excuses to avoid him, I realised I didn’t anymore.”

“Jesus, he’s an idiot.” Jughead shook his head in disbelief. “He had you, and he was fucking other girls? Is he dumb and blind?” Betty smiled at him.

“Thanks, Jug. But honestly I can’t blame him. He had only ever known me like that and I don’t think he ever really wanted to be with me his whole life, I think he just felt obligated. Like it was supposed to be Betty and Archie Andrews, some kind of sick All American Dream. But I never want to be some house-wife, and he doesn’t want that life either.”

“So why would he propose, then?” He asked her. Betty let out a sigh before continuing.

“That is one thing I’m not really sure. His football career is really taking off, maybe he thinks it’ll gain good press? Good for his image? I honestly don’t know. All I do know is that he didn’t propose because he wanted to marry me. I could see it in his face. We haven’t even really been together in years. That’s why I walked out. And why would I want that? When, well, if I ever get married, I want it to be because someone loves me. Not just for convenience, not just because ‘that’s how it should be.’ I want to be someone’s only choice, you know?” She looked up to Jughead then, his brow was set in concentration as he really listened to her. She felt her heart flutter at the decency of this boy. He had brought her here for this, so she could let it all out. That’s more than anyone’s done for her in a long time. “Sorry, that all just fell out.” She laughed.

“Don’t be sorry, Betty. I’m just glad that you feel comfortable enough to speak to me about it all. Or to anyone, for that matter.” She squeezed his arm that was laced with hers in appreciation, and he looked at her and smiled.

“You’re a real gentleman, Jughead.”

“That’s me, Jughead Jones, all around good guy.” He was being sarcastic.

“Yeah well, this one won’t finish last.” Jughead wasn’t sure, but he could have sworn she was flirting with him. He stole a glance at her, and she was smiling up at him. “Seriously, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, gorgeous. So what’s next for you?” He asked. She thought about it for a moment.

“Well, I gotta find somewhere to live.” He nodded.

“And then?”

“And then I want a new job, I want to write about real things. Be a journalist. Not just writing columns in a magazine.” She hadn’t even realised she thought that until the words left her mouth. The beach really was bringing it all out of her, she thought. Or maybe it was Jughead.

“Okay, and then?” She tugged on his arm and laughed.

“That’s enough about me, what about you Mr Jones? You gonna serve me drinks forever?” As she said it she realised how horrible it sounded. “Jesus, sorry, I didn’t mean it like -”

“Betts, its fine.” He laughed. “And to answer you, fuck no. I’m writing a novel, if you must know.” She opened her eyes in surprise.

“What about? Oh my god, can I read it?” Betty was excited to leant that he wrote too, somehow he’d never mentioned it before. There were lots of things she was releasing about Jughead tonight, he was more than a pretty face.

“It’s like a murder mystery kinda thing. And sure, you can proof read the latest on our next date?” He froze at his use of word and quickly looked to Betty’s face to make sure he hadn’t crossed the line. She just had a quiet smile on her face, looking out to the ocean. She pulled her arm free from his, and for a second Jughead was worried he had read her expression wrong, before he watched her take off for the sea. She looked so carefree as she ran, hair loose, arms out. He couldn’t help being reminded just how beautiful she was, even more so than when she was sat behind the bar. Here she was open and carefree, and what he knew all along rung true. He really fucking liked her. “Betty!” He called as he took off after her, picking up her sandals she had discarded on her way. “Betty, what are you doing woman?” He could hear her laughing as he got closer. She had rolled up her black jeans and was knee deep in the ocean, twirling around.

“I feel so free, Jughead. For the first time in maybe my whole life? And looking out at this ocean, it could take me anywhere.” She stopped twirling then, and faced out towards the open water.

“You can go anywhere you want, Betty Cooper. The world is yours. Take it.” He called out to her. She turned to him and waved, urging him to join her. And she looked so at peace he thought “Fuck it” and took off his own shoes, piling them next to Betty. He didn’t even bother rolling up his jeans. When he reached her she pulled him in for a hug, squeezing him tight.

“Thank you, Juggie. This was exactly what I needed. It’s so good to get it all out.” She said in his ear. He could feel the goosebumps on his arm at his close she was to him. She pulled away and smiled the biggest grin he’s ever seen.

“Scream it out, if you want. Shed that skin.” She looked at him for a moment, ticking it over in her mind whether she should.

“ITS MY LIFE.” She screamed in his face. He flinched a little in shock, and then just laughed. “Oops, sorry.” She said a little quieter. He just shook his head.

“No, don’t be sorry. Keep going.”

“I MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS!” She screamed again.

“THIS WATER IS FUCKING FREEZING!” Jughead screamed back, laughing.

“I AM BETTY FUCKING COOPER AND I DO WHAT I WANT!” She was all smiles, her eyes glistening in the moonlight. Jughead wanted to reach out and touch her but she was in her element and he wanted nothing to stop that.

“IT’S MY FUCKING LIFE!” She screamed again.

“FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!” Jughead had to at least let something out.

“WHAT ARE WE DOING RIGHT NOW?” Betty burst out laughing, bringing her hands to her mouth to muffle it.

“YOU’RE LIVING” He screamed back at her.

“Almost” she whispered, in such contrast, before she grabbed his face and pulled it to her own. She kissed Jughead long and hard, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. And he kissed her back just as hard, snaking his tongue into her mouth along with his arms around her waist. And when they both decided to come up for air, neither made a move to let go of on another. Jughead bumped his forehead against hers, both of their breathing was heavy.

“I’ve been wondering what that feels like. Also, did you call me Juggie?” He teased.

“Me too. And yes, I did, it’s cute.”

“I like it.” He kissed her again lightly.

“So” She said, breathlessly. “What’s next?”

“We get out of this freezing ocean?”

“And then?”

Jughead just laughed, and hoped to god that whatever was next in his life involved Betty Cooper.

A Night to Remember (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Requested. You meet a stranger at a party with the same dilemma as you; neither of you want to be there. This stranger decides to take you somewhere for the ride of your life.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1,564.

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You’ve Got the Love

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“And you’re gonna be okay?” Rhodey asked for the millionth time.

“You mean you’re not tired of babysitting me?” Tony said into the phone, his voice straddling the line between teasing and razor-sharp.

“If anyone’s doing the babysitting here, it’s you,” Rhodey responded, and they both fell quiet. Tony pictured Rhodey on the other end of the line, sequestered off in some quiet corner of his mother’s house while his relatives laughed and danced in the other room. Sometimes he couldn’t bear to watch. Sometimes when they were together Tony would do the most mundane thing, like stretch up for a coffee mug on a high shelf or lean down to grab something off the floor, and when he turned back to his friend Rhodey was turning away, his hand over his mouth.

Tony, sitting in the quiet of his car as it idled in front of the empty Avengers compound, felt like he could finally understand that feeling, however superficially. New York had been on fire tonight, but he watched the people celebrate the incoming new year like a fish in a bowl. He had left the company party early, unable to stand it. Their happiness. Their easy companionship.

“Any New Years Resolutions, boss?” he asked, turning the car off. One thing at a time.

Rhodey, after a long moment, snorted derisively. “You know if either one of us make any we’ll never keep ‘em.”

“How about we keep it short term, then? Once we hang up, you put on your dancing legs and have fun with the family.”

“Yeah, okay. Only if you get out of the damn car and go inside. Go hug the bots or something, tell FRIDAY you love her.”

Tony swallowed hard. “Square deal, Rhodey-pie. Starting now?”

“See you next week, Tones.”

The call disconnected and he took the phone away from his ear. The lockscreen picture showing Iron Man, War Machine, and the Black Panther’s helmets stacked precariously on top of one another made him smile briefly, but it fell away with a sharp pang in his gut as he remembered the old version: Cap’s cowl, Thor’s winged helmet, and Iron Man’s faceplate, side by side.

That was a different phone. A different suit, a different team. 

A different year.

“Happy New Year, Stark. You made it,” he muttered bitterly to himself, then got out of the car.

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Often, you look back and remember an exceptional moment in your life, a moment that stood out from many others, one that you found yourself coming back to quite often: again and again and again. Some were as simple learning how to ride a bike, others were as extraordinary like climbing an mountain or winning a medal of the such. His, well it wasn’t as simple nor as extraordinary. It was a little bit of both. It was falling in love.

Together, Riley and Lucas, they were like summer rain. When you thought of summer rain, what did you think? Dreary yet refreshing both at once. It could keep you awake or lull you asleep. It was both beautiful, yet a difficult deal. It left a glow to the pavement, but an musk to the air. It was an in between. Just like the extraordinary yet simple things in life, and they were Riley and Lucas.

Let alone, Riley, she was considerably the sun. She was the warming rays against your skin, the warmth inside your soul. She was never incapable of making you unhappy. Riley was the best person, Riley was his person.

Lucas was the rain, the thunderstorm. He was beautiful potential masked into an aggressive disaster, incapable of controlling himself when it came to those he cared about around him. The thunder burrowed deep in his chest, rumbled deep inside and when those dared to hurt those around him, the lightening never failed to strike and when it did, it did hard, leaving leaks in your roof and cracks in your windows. Considerably, Lucas had been dangerous before new york. Before he met Riley, the calming influence of his life.

She was good for him. She made him have hope for himself in a way he never had in his life. Whether he was good for her, he could never tell. But when you think about it, if there was too much sun, eventually there was a drought, which he soon realized when he thought he’d been following his heart and kissed the blonde beauty in the skiing lodge by the fire place rather than the pretty brunette. The passion of the campfire before raged before him and it seemed, at the moment, it was a good choice.

Him and Riley, they were better off as friends. Nothing more than a middle school fairytail, a middle school love. Everyone knew that it was quite rare that you’d end up with your first love, that if you didn’t chose your cards correctly, everything could end badly and you never spoke again, but it seemed that either way he chose he ended up playing his deck wrong because when he and Maya became a couple, things only went south.

At first, they seemed unstoppable. They were the couple that everyone wanted, filled with nothing but underlying passion. Soon, they were skipping class to make out in closets and it wasn’t before it got around. Pats on the backs and praise from his team, and giggles from the girls in the hall as they passed them. They were raging now, the fire below their feet, raging brighter than ever. Riley deemed herself clueless, but eventually, those bright smiles became noticeably fake ones and excuses were made to miss the group’s afternoon hang outs.

Lucas found himself bothered by this, missing the familiar warm brown eyes of the girl that first caught his eye on the subway it seemed so long ago. Days passed by then weeks with nothing from her, and the honeymoon phase began to die down. Kissing began to be replaced with disagreements and arguments, one sided jealousy, and frustration. Lucas began to become more disinterested by the moment and he just wanted to see Riley. Nothing was the same without her, pretending could not even fix this situation.

A Friday afternoon is when he knocked on her window. A Friday afternoon she let him in but gave him cold shoulder. A Friday afternoon the two got into an argument. “Lucas…. you changed.” She’d yelled out when he asked her why she was never around anymore. He didn’t get it; he asked her how. “You skip class. Your grades are slipping. You just… don’t care.” “People change, Riley! Don’t you get that?” He asked her. “No, Lucas.” She laughed bitterly. “You never changed. You’re the same Lucas you were in Austin. You let the flames engulf you but just remember when you’re caught up in yourself, that even you can parish in your own flames”

He wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but it did stick with him. In fact, it all did. Two months later, his parents decided to move back to Austin and for whatever reason, he couldn’t tell, he volunteered to go along. Two months later, he left a note to Maya, breaking up with her. Was it the mature thing to do? No. But he didn’t care about mature anymore. It wasn’t long before he was back where he grew up. Older, but in the back at the start, the start he tried to get away from, and once again it came back to him. “Even you can perish in your own flames” and suddenly, he understood.

He quickly reverted back to old habits while gaining new ones, too. It was far too easy to let the darkness pull you in, far too easy especially if you no longer cared. Soon, weeks of school became early vacations, parties became a weekly ordeal, it was afternoon shots and midnight highs. No longer did he care to live, no longer did he care if he died. Sometimes he hoped that he did. How cliche to think that Riley Matthews had been his savior.

But he didn’t know that until it’d been too late. No one night stands would ever change that, no girl would ever have been different. It was Riley. It’d always been.

He was seventeen now and it was surprising when it rained that summer and even more surprising when she showed up at his door that same evening in a trench coat, a floral dress, and drenched brunette hair. But what was not surprising is that he welcomed her in and the connection ignited once more, a summer rain concocting more than just outside. The two laughed and Riley shared stories about the group, and how each one had been. Although he was interested about each one, he was more concerned about the girl who was here; why was she here? It took a painstaking moment before he got the courage to ask.

“You probably weren’t good for me but I think we can both agree on one thing,” she said quietly. “We’re not the same without each other.”

The two spent their time talking and he learned about Riley, about how she was fine, about how she had a boyfriend now, about how things were really looking up. “How are you?” She asked him. “I’m fine.” It was hard to meet such familiar warm brown eyes and list off all the reasons why he was not.

She fell asleep on his shoulder while watching Poltergiest (the orginal) Subconsciously, she grabbed onto his arm when something scared her, and again, he’d reassure her it was okay. It wasn’t exactly satisfying, but it was enough, enough to make him feel like his blood was on fire.

The whole damn Saturday afternoon they hung out at a carnival not too far off where there, a man tried to flirt with her. Before he could react, Riley took his hand and squeezed it, declaring them boyfriend and girlfriend and to go fuck off. Riley Matthews did. Even though she had been serious, he could still hear that same middle school girl it seemed he’d met only just yesterday and he tried to refrain himself from laughing. But one thing that impressed him for sure: no longer was Riley willing to take any more shit, at least not like she used to.

Wednesday, had dinner together outside and once more, riley was commenting about how beautiful they were. Papi Joe took it upon himself to make a comment that lit Lucas’s cheeks on fire. “Lucas don’t care. I think he’s too busy looking at you.” She looked at him and smiled. “Oh.” But that was all that’d been said, that was probably all she would ever say.

Thursday night she found the bag of marijuana he kept in his room, careless from the night before. He’d been out, shopping for his grandfather, and she stayed behind, but it wasn’t for long because now her bags were packed and tears were in her eyes and she held it up to him. “Lucas! This is what you do now?” She yelled at him, she cursed at him, but he didn’t care. His only concern was her leaving before she was due, before he could say anything.

“Why?” She’d asked. “Why do you do it?” When it came for his chance to admit everything that he held back, the only thing he managed to choke out was, “I don’t know. But please don’t go” And once more, he was surprised when she didn’t.

Friday evening the two spent the night outside near his favorite lake as a child. It was away from everyone and everything, a spot in which he liked to be when he couldn’t even handle family presence. It was here that in the mist on conversation, he declared his love for Riley Matthews. She only stared at him and said nothing, but that said it all. friends is all they’d ever be.

Saturday night was once more another argument, but he dared to turn it on her. He had no reason to be upset for her no longer having feelings for him; he didn’t deserve her, and it didn’t reduce his pain.

“What is wrong with you?” And that is the moment he admitted what exactly was wrong with him. How she was right. How he was perished. Vulnerable. A little boy again. Absolutely vulnerable.

She took him in her arms and held him. “Riley, just tell me, do you not have feelings for me at all?” He asked her quietly once he pulled away, although he still hovered near, able to smell the scent of vanilla radiating from her skin. She stared at him. “I can’t tell you that, Lucas.” She murmured, although she made no move this time to pull away, so he made his first. He crashed his lips against hers, a perfect their lips in usion with one anothers and soon it became more than that, clothes on the floor, are you sure’s, before sealing their love, needing each other, but of course it was more than making love, that was one thing for sure because there was one thing everyone knew:

Riley and Lucas were summer rain. Without them, there was a drought. They needed each other the way that the world needed them. They talked like best friends, but of course were lovers. They were inevitable. Exceptional. A love story that not even now thirty year old Lucas could forget.

—  They are inevitable

Author: awkwardmomentsintimeandspace
Rating: All ages
Tentoo x Rose
Summary: Tony asks to take the Doctor (Tentoo) to school for Show-and-Tell
Words: 1,970
A/N: This was inspired by this head cannon that I sent to hardythehermitcrab  Thank you so much to gallifreyslostson for giving some feedback on a question I had and to rudennotgingr for looking over the first parts for me and allowing me to vent to her! All mistakes are still mine! 

            It had been almost two months since Bad Wolf Bay 2.0. Two exhausting, confusing and emotional months since Rose and the Doctor had been brought back to Pete’s World. Two months of talking at Rose’s kitchen table over midnight snacks and getting to know each other again. Two months of playing with Tony at the park.  Two months of laundry and grocery shopping and bills and work schedules. After everything she had seen traveling with the Doctor, Rose had always thought she would never be happy living on the slow path but she had never felt more settled or been happier than she was right now.

            Rose shouldered open the front door to their London flat while balancing a bag of chips in one hand and holding her work bag in the other. “Doctor, I’m home!”

            She dropped her bag by the front door and toed off her shoes before heading into the kitchen. She heard the Doctor make a noise that she assumed was a greeting but as he hadn’t actually said any words, she couldn’t be sure. She dropped the chips on the counter and headed into the living room where the Doctor was seated on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table. His new sonic screwdriver was clenched between his teeth while he twisted the wires of a walkie-talkie together.

            Rose plopped on the couch next to him, removed the sonic from his mouth and kissed him on the cheek before asking, “What are you doing to your walkie-talkie?”

            “Tony and I were picking up some stray signals so I’m adjusting the receivers so we don’t get any interference.”

            Rose had been telling her little brother stories about the Doctor since birth so it came as no surprise that immediately after having met the Doctor, Tony became enamored with him. It also came as no surprise to any of them that the Doctor got along famously with the hyperactive and rambunctious 5-year-old because well…sometimes he was one himself. They went to the park together, did science experiments together and had matching converse. Tony had even asked Jackie for a tube of hair gel so he could do his hair like the Doctor’s.

            During one of the Doctor and Rose’s weekly visits to the Tyler mansion for dinner, the Doctor had put Tony to bed and began telling the boy one of his stories. The next day, the Doctor had delivered a modified long range walkie-talkie to the Tyler mansion so that he would be able to tell Tony bedtime stories any day of the week.

            Rose smiled and shook her head. His relationship with her little brother was one of the many things she adored about this Doctor.      

            “Speaking of Tony, I talked to Dad today while I was at work.” Rose said  apprehensively. “Next friday is Tony’s day for show-and-tell.”

            “Oh, fantastic! What is he taking,” the Doctor asked excitedly as he plucked the sonic from Rose’s hand and continued working on the walkie-talkie.

            “Well, he told Dad that he really wants to take you.” Rose looked pointedly at the Doctor to gauge his reaction.

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