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Good Girls
5 Seconds of Summer

Preference #12: Good Girls are Bad Girls (5 Seconds of Summer)

A/N: I got a small idea when I heard the studio version of this song which is amazing btw and it took a while to figure out four parts since I only had two from the beginning.

I also changed it all up a little bit and wrote it in first person, something I only do in fics. I hope it works out.

Anyway, I really hope you like this xx

Calum: “‘But she sneaks out the window to meet with her boyfriend, […] good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught”

I can hear my parents’ voices from the kitchen, and I know that they won’t hear when I carefully push my window open, dressed in my boyfriend’s favourite outfit on me. We’ve been hiding from my parents for over two months now, and I only see him during the days when my parents aren’t around. And whenever I decide to sneak out and go to his house during the evenings, I do that a lot. My parents think that I’m such a good girl, but they haven’t seen the real me. They have only seen the girl who’s going to Harvard soon, the girl who studies for hours and never steps a toe out of line. I sneak out of the window, my feet landing quietly on the ground as I land. I run a hand through my hair and duck under the kitchen window as I sneak past it. “[Y/N]?” I hear a sudden voice behind me. Shit, my brother has caught me. Why didn’t I think of that? The one time he’s at Luke’s for a bit longer than usual, I decide to sneak out. Fuck. I turn around, faking a smile. “Hi, Cal.” I bite my lip nervously, awaiting his reaction. Calum just stares at me, his jaw slightly dropped. “Where are you going?” he finally manages to say, his eyes going up and down my body, his eyebrows raising when he sees how I’m dressed. I decide not to lie, that’d be unwise. “To see [Y/BF/N].” Calum chuckles. “[Y/BF/N]? The guy dad scolded you for an hour for going on a date with? The guy mom said wasn’t good enough for you? The guy that they forbid you to see ever again? That [Y/BF/N]?” I smirk and nod. “Yeah, that [Y/BF/N]. We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months.” Cal shakes his head. “Who would’ve known that my baby sister, daddy’s little girl, would be such a bad girl.” I laugh. “Don’t you know that good girls only are bad girls that haven’t been caught yet?” “Yeah, whatever sis. See ya.” Calum starts to make his way to the front door, but I call his name. “You’re not gonna tell mom and dad?” He shakes his head. “No, the guy seems to mean a lot to you if you decide to sneak out to see him. Just know that I’ll kick his ass if he hurts you.” As I smile, he winks at me. “Don’t get caught, then you’ll be in big trouble.” “Don’t worry. I’m a good girl. And good girls don’t get caught.”

Luke: “I swear she lives in that library […] in the back of the room, where nobody looks, she’ll be with her boyfriend, she’s not reading books”

“I’m off to the library!” I shout to my parents as I grab my bag and my keys, eager to leave. “Have fun!” my mother replies from the living room. I hear my father telling her, “she barely leaves that place, it must be a perfect place to study”, as I almost jump out the door and hurry down to my car. I drive just under the speed limit all the way there, I’m already late. I’m meeting my boyfriend here. The tall, blond, blue eyed boy that somehow made me go out with him, concidering I’m known as the school’s good girl and he’s the complete opposite. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. Truth is, that he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve had the privelege to meet. Sadly, my parents wouldn’t approve of him, so we’re keeping our relationship quiet until I’ve finished school, then we’ve decided to run away. As I enter the library, I can see him leaning against one of the book shelves, looking as hot and bad boyish as ever. I bite my lip as I walk up to him. “Hi,” I smile, putting a hand on his arm. “Hey,” he replies and grabs my shirt, tugging me closer to him. I look up at him, he’s probably a foot taller than me. I stand up on my tip-toes and whisper in his ear, “How about we go to the back?” I can feel him smirking as his hand moves to mine, pulling me to the back of the room and in between to shelves. No one’s ever back here, the books are boring and doesn’t contain anything useful. As soon as we’re out of sight, Luke backs me up against one of the shelves, his body pressing against mine. His hands fall to rest on my hips, and he presses his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. My fingers automatically go up to tangle themselves in his hair, and they stay there as his lips moves from my own to my neck, leaving kisses everywhere. He knows that he can’t leave marks, no matter how much he wants to. I feel him smirking against my skin as a low moan makes its way out of my mouth. He pulls away and rests his forhead against mine. “Soon,” his dark voice tells me. “Soon.”

Ashton: “She said to me, forget what you thought, 'cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught”

If you looked at Ashton and I, we’re the good couple. People call us adorable, they call us cute. We both study a lot, we have high grades and we’re probably the most flawless students at this school. At least, that applies for Ashton. I mean, all of it applies for me too, but I have another side, too. The side of me no one knows about, not even my boyfriend. He doesn’t know that I go to parties every weekend when I’m not with him. He doesn’t know that I sneak out to hang out with what he would call “bad people”. He doesn’t know any of it. At least, that’s what I thought. Today he’s been slightly … off. He hasn’t been his usual, happy self, and it’s starting to worry me. When our last class is over, and we sit in his car in the school parking lot, I open my mouth and ask what’s bothering him. “Nothing’s bothering me,” he replies shortly, though he doesn’t start the car. “Please, Ashton,” I snort, rolling my eyes. “I know you better than anyone, something’s clearly bothering you.” Ashton turns to look at me. “What are you hiding from me? I thought we were honest with each other. Told each other everything, like couples do.” My eyes widen. Does he know? I bite my lip nervously. “I thought you trusted me,” Ashton sighs, looking away from me. I quickly reach over and place my hand over his. “I do trust you, Ashton. There’s just some things that I’m scared will come out if I tell anyone.” “What, like how you party every fucking weekend?” Ashton jerks his hand away from mine, making me jump slightly. Both at his choise of words and his actions. “Do you know how it makes me feel, knowing that you’re out there by yourself? I know that other guys are looking at you, and they do it even more when you go all 'bad girl’ and shit.” I can’t help but smile as I crawl across the front seat so I’m seated in Ashton’s lap. I take his face in my hands, lifting it up so he’s looking at me. “Hey,” I say. “Don’t worry about the other guys. I can take care of myself. I’m a good girl.” “Not as good as you’d think,” Ashton smirks. I shake my head, chuckling a little. “I’m a good girl until someone catches me. Then I’ll be a full out bad girl.” I lean down and whisper in his ear, “Good girls are bag girls that haven’t been caught.”

Michael: “She’s a good girl, a straigh A-student”

A lot of people would say that the library is the best place to study, or your own room. I don’t really agree. My favourite place to study is a local café, where I can order a cup of coffee and connect to their wifi and just sit there for hours and study. There’s noises, but not too much, but it isn’t too quiet either, which makes it perfect. So, as usual, I go there after school. I order my usual coffee and sit down by the table I always sit by. I pick up my laptop from my bag and begin to do my homework. Just another Wednesday. I’ve just plugged my earplugs in when I hear the chair opposite me being pulled out and someone sits down on it. I look up, only to face no other than Michael Clifford, probably one of school’s most attractive boys. He’s my complete opposite, to say the least. I don’t think he attends that many classes, nor do I think that he cares. He parties on Friday nights while I stay home and read. I raise my eyebrows, my eyes meeting his green ones. “Can I help you?” I ask, tapping the table with my fingers. Michael just smirks and leans forward. “I’ve noticed that you spend a lot of time here.” I chuckle. “Have you been stalking me?” He shakes his head. “Nope. I just notice things. Now, to my point.” He bites his lip, should I say nervoulsy? “My friend Calum is having a party this Friday, and I’d love it if you were there.” I laugh, the idea of me at a party amusing me. “Not a chance.” “Why not?” “Because parties aren’t my thing. I don’t do parties. Besides, why would you want to take me? I’m a good girl, and you know it. Everyone knows it. I’m the girl at the top of class, the straight A-girl, the nerd. Why would you want to bring the good girl to a party?” Michael chuckles and leans over the table, his lips brushing my ear and his hot breath tickles me as he whispers, “Because I want to see how bad a good girl can get.”

“Wait, how long has it been since we last saw each other?” Blake asked, rolling onto her stomach so she could look straight at the screen. On the other end, Yang frowned in thought, lower lip tucking out.

The scroll’s screen jumped a little as Yang picked it up, going over to her calendar she kept on her bedroom wall. “Hmm. Three weeks, I wanna say?” Her finger jabbed the paper, one of the dates encircled in red marker. “Yeah, when Ruby came home.”

That didn’t sit right at all. “Impossible.”

“I know, right? Feels like less since we talk all the time.”

There was no excuse for this. Sure, Yang lived above the Lounge on the other side of town, but that was still only a 45 minute drive. Had they really not seen each other in the flesh for almost a month? Even Weiss made sure to schedule lunch dates and drinks with Yang at the Lounge. Blake was slipping up. “Hold on,” she said, sounding grim as she turned off the call.

After a brief check in with Weiss to let her know where she was going, Blake strapped herself into her car and drove over just barely under the speed limit. Not much long after, her leather gloved knuckles rapped against Yang’s door with an insistent thud.

Yang was already laughing by the time she opened the door, having peeped at who it was through the spyhole at the top. “Oh, Blake,” she said, grinning helplessly and pushing her blonde bangs out of her face. “That wasn’t a passive aggressive dig to come over immediately! Now I feel guilty.”

“I’m the guilty one,” Blake said, feigning a stern, stoic face. “Ma'am, I’ve come to your house at this awful hour to ravish you until you find it in your heart to forgive me for this grave oversight.” Stepping in, she kicked the door shut without a second thought, yanking her girlfriend close by the hips to tilt her low in a fierce kiss.

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Tentoo/Rose. Tell me how you think everything shakes down after JE? Bonus points for kissing.



It had been three weeks, and there still hadn’t been a repeat of what happened on the beach.

The Doctor hadn’t said it again, so neither had she. He kept his distance, as far as their mouths were concerned, and therefore so had she. They moved out of each other’s way in the flat, as though they hadn’t spend two years on the TARDIS invading one another’s personal space every day. The centre of the sofa was no man’s land, with both of them bunched up in opposite corners while they watched telly, or talked, or planned where they would go once the Doctor’s passport arrived in the post.

Rose wasn’t worried, really, about the space between them; it was infinitely better than being a whole universe away from him. And he still laughed with her and made stupid jokes, and looked at her the way he’d always looked at her. They just needed to get used to each other again, properly, and used to the idea of this new life they had in front of them, before they could get that comfortable ease with which they’d casually touched and held hands back into their lives.

Rationally, she knew this was just a transition period, that they would work things out eventually. And she needed this time, too - it wasn’t just the Doctor who had to deal with idea of being stuck here, in Pete’s World, for good.

But she couldn’t help but wish he’d close the gap between them and do what he’d always done; comforted her not with words, but with his arms around her, holding her tight against him.

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