it just all intertwines to make the scene so much more beautiful and meaningful

♡ — au where yoongi is a rapper and a producer while jungkook is a music student trying to become a singer

“THE PLAN” (aka make yoonkook real)

The whole thing was a setup.

Jungkook sensed it the moment they arrived at the studio and the others weren’t there, except for Jin, who had a blush creeping on his cheeks. He was putting some bowls full of food - that smelled amazing - on the table Namjoon usually used to put part of his Ryan collection that normally stays in the producer’s room. However the plushies were nowhere to be found.

“Ah! The others are arriving… in a couple of minutes… Yeah. Hm. ” He had said, looking all nervous. “I’ve gotta run, yeah, I think I forgot to turn the oven off back home, you guys know how I am, right?”

If he was trying to sound sincere, he was doing a poor job. Jungkook knew Jin. His cousin was a little lost and scatter-brained, but never - ever - in the kitchen. It was his sacred place, he would never do such thing as leaving his oven on to leak gas.

“Are you kidding me?” Yoongi sounded annoyed. He probably sensed that something was wrong too.

“Ahhh… I’ll be back in a few, boys! Bye!” He said, already closing the door behind him with his coat halfway up his arms. They then heard a soft click from the door being locked.

Jungkook sighed and looked over at Yoongi, who was taking off his coat and throwing himself on the leather couch.

“They’re up to something”

♡ ♡ ♡

“Well? Do you think they believed it?” Hoseok asked, while practically jumping in the back seat Jimin placed his hands on his hips and tried to settle Hoseok down but failed, as expected.

“Not for a second. Yoongi didn’t buy my excuse, but whatever. The important thing is that they’re together, and alone, with the best cooking in the world. Everything is going as we planned!” Jin said while closing the passenger side door, and leaning to give the driver (his boyfriend) a sweet peck on the lips. “Now we just have to wait until they contact us. I’m pretty sure that Yoongi will be calling to ask what’s going on soon enough.”

Namjoon started the car and left the front of the building where the Cypher Studio was located. Their plan was as simple as it could be. Make Yoongi and Jungkook believe they were all going to meet and celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the studio, pretend that something came up and leave the boys alone. Jin had made some of his best dishes, brought some wine and had the stereo ready to be activated from his phone, set to play some playlist that Taehyung swore on his life that it was romantic. He hoped so.

No one could stand Yoongi and Jungkook dancing around each other anymore, saying that they were friends, when everyone could feel their sexual tension from miles. But it wasn’t just that. They clearly had feelings for the other but they acted like it was nothing. They would spend all night talking, absorbed in their own little world when all of them were around. Their touch would linger way longer than friendly acceptable and they kept staring like they were reading the other’s mind. It was creepy but, at the same time, it was beautiful. Namjoon had known Yoongi for years and he never saw his friend like that, happy, giving so many smiles and taking care of himself. The boy driving the car was praying that everything would work out and his two friends would acknowledge their feelings so they could finally be together.

♡ ♡ ♡


Where are you guys?



Oh, hey Hyung!

Hey?? Where are you, brat?
You guys were supposed to be here
Kookie and I are waiting for 40 minutes
Aren’t you guys coming???!!!


What the fuck, Tae?
What do you mean by “no”??

It means we’re not going!
Sorry, Hyung!

I knew!
I knew you were all up to something
What’s going on?

You’re a smart boy
You’ll figure it out

Shut up, Tae
What he meant is
Why don’t you and Jungkook just enjoy the night?
Jin-hyung left some food and wine in the kitchen
You guys can talk
And enjoy the night…

Smooth, Hobi-hyung

I can’t believe this
Are you guys seriously playing matchmaker with us??

If this is what it takes
To make you guys realize you should be together
Then yes, we’re really playing matchmaker
Good night, Hyung!

♡ ♡ ♡

Groaning, Yoongi threw his phone on the couch and turned to look at Jungkook, who was sitting at the piano, softly touching the keys almost like he was afraid of the sound. He took his time staring at the boy. He was dressed like he always was; skinny jeans, a sweater that is clearly too big for him and the damn timberlands he insisted on using every freaking time. With his hair looking like a planned mess, in the strange yellow light of the studio, casually playing the piano, he looked like a model. Yoongi didn’t know how that was possible, how could the boy look like he was at a fashion shoot all the time. Like he knew that Yoongi was thinking about him, Jungkook turned around and smiled, showing his bunny teeth and closing his eyes.
Yoongi never stood a chance.

He should have known, from the beginning, since the day that Jin-hyung called to invite him to a special welcome dinner for his little cousin that was moving to Seoul to study music. The boy had a captivating personality and boyish smile. He looked like he was really naive and shy, but as soon as he was comfortable, he would become playful and touchy. He was smart and good at nearly everything. But, above all, Jungkook was passionate about music and that really did a number on Yoongi, himself being a music lover since he was little. And then, when he sang for the first time for the older, with a sweet voice that could reach amazing tones, apparently, it reached Yoongi’s heart too.

Maybe it was the long periods of time they spent together, maybe it was the way Jungkook was always up to eat tons of lamb skewers, or maybe it was the way that he seems to really get Yoongi understand him like no one else could. He knew when the older boy needed to chat about random things like new music equipment and anime, or when he just needed the company, just needed to know that Jungkook was there for him. Whatever it was, Yoongi knew he was too far gone, his feelings for the boy with the bunny smile too obvious to pretend they weren’t there.

Smiling back, Yoongi got up from the couch and headed to the piano, sitting with Jungkook.

“This is one of my favourite songs, and I never showed it to anyone… Until now” he heard Jungkook let a little-surprised sound before he started to play the notes he knew too well. “It’s called I Need U

♡ ♡ ♡

The song was a beautiful mix of delicate and melancholic, while still sounding a little happy.

Jungkook felt mesmerized every time he heard Yoongi playing and he allowed himself to really watch him. The older never looked so angelic as he looked when his fingers were sliding over the piano keys like it was the most natural thing in the world. He looked at his face and he had his eyes closed, looking so peaceful and… passionate. It was overwhelming and it felt like Yoongi was showing his soul. Jungkook felt warm inside. Looking at Yoongi’s face and hearing the song felt like it was too much. This was, probably, the most beautiful scene Jungkook has ever seen. Even if it wasn’t the first time he listened to him playing, he still needed to catch a breath.

It was like every time he was with Yoongi, he had to force himself to breathe. He would constantly catch himself staring at the pianist, getting lost in his moonlight-kissed skin, his lazy eyes and his lips, that looked oh-so-soft, that these days seemed to be a constant theme in his dreams… And before he noticed, his face was almost purple, both from embarrassment and for the lack of oxygen.

When the music came to an end, the notes slowing fading, it was like the melody still remained in the air. Yoongi took a breath, his hands still ghosting over the keys , like he refused to part ways.

Like it was the most natural thing to do, Jungkook slowly took his hand to the piano, his fingers brushing onto Yoongi’s and softly caressed them, like some sort of “thank you” for the song. The boy felt like the warmth he was feeling inside was spreading through his whole body, contrasting with Yoongi’s cold hand.

“Jungkook-ah…” His name sounded like a breath, a whisper.

He waited for the older boy to complete the sentence but he didn’t. Instead, he moved his hand, their fingers intertwining into a loose grip. Jungkook felt Yoongi’s thumb slowly move like he was drawing something on the back of the boy’s hand.

It felt oddly normal to stay like this, even though they had never held hands this way before. Sure, they touched each other’s hands once or twice but it never felt like this. So personal, so meaningful. It felt right.

Jungkook already had some plans in his mind, about how to approach Yoongi and tell him about his feelings, maybe ask him on a date or at least make his intentions a little more clear, but while holding the older boy’s hand, he figured this was as good time as any.

“Hyung, I…” his voice cracked a little, He couldn’t hide how nervous he was feeling, even if he tried. Hearing his name, Yoongi looked at Jungkook, their hands never parting.

While gazing into Yoongi’s eyes, it was hard to get his month to work and say the words he wanted to say for so long, to ask for the things he craved so much, things that made him lose countless hours of sleep. But Jungkook couldn’t and wouldn’t let this chance slip away.

“Hyung, can I kiss you?”

Yoongi blinked a few times but didn’t seem like he was shocked, as Jungkook had imagined he would be. He just kept staring at the boy, like he was seeing into his soul, until he let a hard breath leave his lungs, his voice sounding a little strange. Almost desperate.

“God, Jungkook-ah… Just… Yes. Yes, please.”

And as soon as Yoongi said the words, Jungkook moved closer, their face mere inches from each other. Yoongi’s hot breath brushed against Jungkook’s face and both held each other’s gaze, like repeating the question, just to be sure. They were so close, their noses almost touching , when Jungkook finally gave in and closed the distance between them.

The young boy couldn’t help but let out a little whisper, as soon as he realised that yes, Yoongi’s lips were just as soft as they looked. Maybe more. Jungkook felt that his fingers were no longer intertwined with Yoongi’s, but soon enough he found out why because he felt the pianist grab his sweater and pull their bodies even closer, their lips never parting.

Yoongi pressed his lips against Jungkook’s, softly, before tracing the boy’s bottom lip with his tongue. He let go of the boy’s sweater, just to let his hands move to the back of his neck. Jungkook reacted taking his hands all the way to Yoongi’s hips and holding him in the place like he was afraid of the older boy leaving. Even in the awkward position, they kept kissing and breathing on each other’s lips, their tongues slowly touching every now and then. Jungkook craved for Yoongi’s lips, like he never wanted anything in his life. He tasted like coffee and warmth, and Jungkook felt addicted, a sound of contentment leaving his lips without him noticing.

They broke the kiss reluctantly to catch a proper breath, feeling like they had been kissing for hours, but their bodies remained close. Their lips were still touching when Jungkook murmured on the other’s lips.

“Kiss me again. Please kiss me again”

Yoongi didn’t have to be asked twice, kissing the boy with desperation, all the want and longing he had felt for so long finally being paid, with their lips locked together and their tongues caressing the other. It felt like heaven and Jungkook was feeling dizzy from happiness and want, a shiver running through his body like there were sparks dancing all the way down his spine.

Nothing had ever felt this good.

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Group: 24K
Member: Cory
Word Count: 1816
Genre: Fluff ft. some veeeerrrry mild angst & suggestive smut.

You swallowed, simultaneously nervous and angry. You weren’t a confrontational person, and it wasn’t often you found yourself in an argument. But here you were, red faced with fists clenched as you looked at the guy across from you. You thought back to the first day you met him, almost a year ago, at your cousin’s birthday party. 

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Hello ! I have a question that I'm curious about (: A lot of people want Daryl to be with someone but realistically speaking do you honestly think he is emotional capable? Would he be able to show affection and to what extent? I think it would be really difficult for him but what do you think?

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The Get Down (a review)

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this series to drop on Netflix for over a year now. I found out about it through looking on Justice Smith’s wiki page and found out he would have a part in the show. I enjoy his style of acting and said I would try to follow his next project.
I awaited project announcements and there weren’t too many promotions outside of general YouTube ads but I was still stoked.
Then slowly, as the release date began to approach, more casting was revealed and the hype picked up pace.
Then, August 12th hit and Pt. 1 of The Get Down dropped.
I was honestly shocked.

This show exceeded every expectation I had.

Needless to say, I’m going to be spoiler free, this has it all. Action, comedy, tragedy, romance, even a little bit of sci-fi, music, and most importantly, representation for many different groups of people who don’t have a voice.

Great casting with young faces, new and familiar. The chemistry works well between each character and their own interpersonal relationships.
Also, almost every character has an arc that remains stable but continues to intertwine with the main plot.
The wardrobe/style team need awards and an infinite supply of cake because DAMN. The style of the clothing is so spot on, especially with how they’ve styled the hair/make up of each person? It’s not overdone or fake.
In conjunction with the styling of the cast, the location AND camera work make everything seem extremely authentic.
Everything from a broken brick to the vibe of a late 70s sidewalk view feels so real.
It’s like I’m diving into the 70s.
And the writing? My god. The dialogue is so well done. There are also a few monologues that had me tearing up or left me inspired as well.
Every character really does play a large role, even if they are not a principal or main part of the cast. Each character ties the whole story together.

Now, the music. I guess that would be the hardest part to translate over to a new audience. The beginnings of hip-hop intertwined with the peak of disco to our generation with all sorts of newer, experimental music.
Honestly? Sensational. Lyrically, some of the best I’ve heard. Especially considering half of it is freestyled during the show.
You can feel every word impact you in a different way that comes from the characters’ lips.
And the music always fits the scene or the theme of that particular episode.
The music never really misses a beat.
Zeke has the most sick bars but his own style and rhythm, as the audience finds out later though, every character brings their own style to the table.

And as far as exceptional performances?
I would say all but I just have to highlight a few(from the main group):

Justice Smith (Zeke): the reason I followed the production and release of this show. He delivered, most definitely. Don’t sleep on him. This is the beginning. A real impact in the show on and of screen and such a nice guy. His performance left me speechless because he can be so immersed in one thing that you forget he has 7383929372 other events going on but he eventually problem-solves and has time to do most things flawlessly.

Shameik Moore(Shaolin):
If you’ve seen this guy in Dope, you already know he’s dope (I’m sorry, I had to). BUT, what you may not have been able to catch as much is this guy’s versatility to play a character. Both verbally and physically. Not much to spoil but he does A LOT of moving. I’m physically exhausted after an episode of just watching this guy move. Jeez. Amazing performance and each time he interacts with a new character, it’s intense and meaningful. Wow.

Herizen Guardiola(Mylene): fresh face on the scene. Gorgeous, angelic, graceful with ambition and drive. She’s so refreshing to watch and has a lot of moral fiber that drives her character so far. Additionally, her singing voice is beautiful, wow. She’s new but I see many new opportunities coming her way soon enough. Plus, her Spanish makes me cry happy tears. YAS. Don’t sleep on her either. She’s blowing my mind.

Jaden Smith(Dizzee):
All I can say is, Jaden is playing himself. They wrote Dizzee for Jaden. I see Jaden on that screen and I am so HAPPY about it. He was born for this role and I love what they’re doing with his arc. Jaden is doing the damn thing. Also, if you download the soundtrack or if you’ve listened to any of his solo music, this guy is very much a triple threat.
Plus, as I’m seeing from the brand new gifs/photo sets on tumblr, he’s becoming the heartthrob of the show.
@ WRITERS, MOVE HIM TO PRINCIPLE CASTING. Right now, he’s marked as recurring but I don’t think that will last. He’ll be a main soon enough.

Other casting notices (not as in depth)-

Skylan Brooks(Ra-Ra): reminds me of every friend that had something important to say but got slept on. LISTEN. TO. HIM. He always has the best interest at heart. Plus, his facial expressions give me life.

Stefanée Martin(Yolanda): so sweet, so pure. Loves everybody. She reminds me of a fun aunt. She’s not the mom because she likes to cut loose but at the end of the day, she has everyone’s interests at heart.

Tremaine Brown Jr.(Boo-Boo): the little brother I always wanted but I know I’d probably get annoyed with because he’s always hype and ready to go. He’s so much fun and brings life to the crew.
Plus, he probably roasts people the best, next to Zeke. Love this dude.

Shyrley Rodriguz(Regina): she is ruthless and won’t let any damn body tell her what to do. She has fun, bad af, but she’s a softie on the inside. She loves her friends. Give her love.

I don’t want to spoil anything but watch for every little detail that may seem insignificant because it will definitely show itself later on.

Overall, 11/10 for this show. The only thing I could be nitpicky about is some of the driving scenes were a bit awkward and I wanted more backstory on some of the main characters but hopefully, that’ll be what Pt. 2 is for.
Everybody get on Netflix and watch this damn show as soon as you can.

P.S. Let the fan art begin. I’m READY.

Wherever You Will Go...

Hello Beasties!  What a fantastic episode to come back with after the long hiatus!  We will discuss “Beast Is the New Black” but first we’d like to talk about the ratings. Monday night’s ratings were the best of the season!  We raised the demo and the number of viewers!  What a great way to start off the last six episodes of Season Two!  Let’s keep it up and continue to watch LIVE!  Also, stay active on Twitter, Facebook, tvtag, and other social media outlets! Now for our review!

What We Liked:

  • Catherine sprung into action right away after Vincent was arrested.  She was back to Catherine on a mission. No one was going to get in her way when it comes to Vincent.  She fought her way into the precinct just in time to save Vincent from fully beasting out while the nurse in the precinct tried drawing blood.
  • THE HEARTBEAT. We’ve touched on this in previous episodes but Vincent hearing Catherine’s heartbeat is always a special moment.  For him to be able to calm down just by knowing Catherine is nearby is just beautiful.  It makes their connection that much stronger.
  • The strip search with Vincent. Just going to leave that to your imagination… ;)
  • Vincent was very determined to take responsibility for his previous actions.  He wasn’t willing to let Catherine and JT put themselves in danger for the sake of saving him. 
  • Kudos to Austin Basis on his performance in this episode. His ability to evoke a plethora of emotions was outstanding. JT went from being witty and quirky with Tess in the beginning to being downright angry after Vincent escaped to showing his vulnerable side in front of Catherine when Vincent didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.  This episode proved why Austin Basis should be in every episode from here on out.   
  • Kudos to Jay Ryan. There are so many layers to Vincent and Jay is always spot on in his portrayal.  His ability to show emotion and at the same time not show emotion at all when Vincent is trying to hide his feelings is incredible.  The writers have given him a lot to work with this season and the character of Vincent has evolved.  Vincent has been on quite the journey this season.

  • Every scene between VinCat was magic.  They were able to have some lighthearted moments even in the darkest times. They weren’t going to let the outside world affect the love they have for each other.  Vincent and Catherine showed a lot of vulnerability when realizing how many odds they have stacked against them.  This came through during the impromptu shower scene.  Vincent wanted to have one more night with Catherine to express just how much they love each other.  Just a note, if there’s going to be another shower scene, please make it clothing optional…  ;)

  • Vincent calling Catherine his gem was one of the most beautiful scenes of Season Two because she keeps his humanity intact.  With this, he is admitting he really can’t live without Catherine.  She is his lifeline and his reason to keep fighting.
  • We like how there is a start of a more meaningful relationship between JT and Tess.  Both JT and Tess were able to express their fears and what they want out of their relationship.  Looking forward to more scenes between JT and Tess.
  • We liked Ted Whittall’s portrayal of Agent Reynolds.  There is a love/hate aspect to his character.  Tough to see what his true motives are, which makes him a great villain.  It is obvious he cares for Catherine as her father.  He is trying to protect her but is doing it in the worst possible way, which is hurting her in the end.
  • We loved how humor was intertwined in every scene even under terrible circumstances.  We have a feeling humor will also be prevalent in the upcoming episodes.

  • The tender moment between Catherine and JT.  This is just a testament to how far they have come since Season One.  They have a deeper bond and an understanding.  They have a friendship and have been through so much together.  
  • We were completely shocked when Catherine was kidnapped at the end of the episode.  It’s clear Vincent will find a way to rescue Catherine.  We think it’s leading into a very strong story arc for the rest of this season and leading into Season 3.
  • Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin.  Another beautifully written episode.  Their writing is the epitome of romance, especially when it comes to Vincent and Catherine.  We hope that even though they are consultants for Season 3, they will be able to bring their writing of VinCat to the table.  Every episode they write is truly special. 

 What We Didn’t Like:

  • “Beast Is the New Black” was such a strong episode and there wasn’t anything we didn’t like! One of the best episodes this season!

That’s it for our review of “Beast Is the New Black!” Hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as we did. Make sure to watch Beauty and the Beast LIVE on Monday at 9/8c on the CW! Continue to spread the word so we can keep our ratings up!  Stay active on all social media outlets and stream the episodes online!  Reblog and share!  Look for our review of “Cat and Mouse” next week!

Peace out, Beasties!

Lindsay and Elle =)

Preference #9 - When it Snows

Request: Can you make a fanfic with the reader x Dean where they play in the snow and a bunch of fluff.

A/N: hope you didn’t mind that I turned this into a preference, anon :) x



When you and Dean wake up to discover it’s snowing, Dean doesn’t rush outside like a child, or throw the curtains open. He only pulls you into his arms if you aren’t already in them (which is extremely unlikely) or holds you tighter within his grasp. You tell him that you don’t get to see snow very often, so you don’t want to pass up on this rare opportunity, but he mumbles something along the lines of “can’t we just stay in bed, baby?” into your hair, neck or whatever part of your body his face is nuzzled into. Without fail, you always try and resist this, but Dean is a very strong man (in more ways than one, you’ve come to discover), so you always lose. It’s not that you don’t like cuddling up with him; in fact, it’s your favourite thing to do. You just want to see the fleeting, pure white snow before it’s gone. Eventually, you manage to convince him to go outside with you. He often grumbles about it while he’s getting dressed and putting on his coat, but when he’s actually out there with you, he loves it. He has made a habit of picking you up and spinning you round while it snows, watching you throw your head back in laughter. Sometimes he gets so caught up in gazing at you that he goes off balance, and the both of you tumble to the ground. You usually make no effort to get up, though, pressing your forehead to his or kissing him till you feel even more numb than you did before.


One of you and Sam’s earliest memories of the two of you as a couple is the both of you going ice skating in an artificial rink. Sam might not usually show it outwardly, but inside, he’s a fairly sentimental person. In consequence, it has become your tradition to go on an ice skating trip whenever it snows; in a proper, natural area if possible. In some ways, winter is the best time to be in harmony with nature… Or, so Sam tells you as your gloved hands hold on to his arm while you slide haphazardly around the ice rink. You laugh, and tell him he’s a dork, but you love it. Part of your ice skating tradition is to do all the cliché things newly brought together couples do at these events: holding on to the other person’s waist so they don’t ‘fall over’, regardless of the skills the both of you possess, tentatively intertwining your fingers with his while skating around the area, getting hot chocolates afterwards… The whole deal. At some point when you’ve both exhausted the ice skating plan, a snowball fight will ensue. Much like the paintballing scene in 10 Things I Hate About You, the fight is full of laughs and fun, not malice or cruel intentions like when a kid would chuck snow down your back in school. Finally, to wind down a little but still not leave the snow behind you, you and Sam team up together to build a snowman. You’ve made a habit of calling every snowman you make ‘Gabriel’ - his nose isn’t exactly on the small side…


Castiel has certainly witnessed many a winter in which snow has fallen. However, this has only ever been from afar, until a few years ago when he was planted on earth, as such. You’d think this would make him curious to experience all the typical things people do when it does snow, but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, Castiel is so in awe of the snow that he cannot bring himself to do anything but watch it fall, and afterwards stare at its beauty as it lies still on the ground. Every time it snows, Cas takes you with him to watch it. You get hot drinks, seek out a fairly empty park, seat yourselves on a bench that won’t make the bottom of your coats too damp and sit, content, in silence. He is never too cold, he always comes completely prepared: a scarf, a pair of gloves, a hat… The whole deal. At least, if he ever is too cold, he doesn’t say it. You know better than to think his pride bars him from doing so; rather, he is so absorbed in his personal thoughts that the temperature of the body he’s in seems like something that doesn’t matter, something in the background. Cas always tells you a meaningful analogy or observation he has about the snow arriving and leaving as quickly as it came. Your personal favourite of the ones he has come up with is his idea that when the snow comes, it cleanses everyone, purifies them, regains their innocence and returns it to them. He sees how different people act around snow, how carefree and joyful they seem. You can only hope it has the same effect on him.