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URL : jthorburn
My name is Jen, I’m from Massachusetts, 17 and gay as all hell.
I love softball animals and things like that.
I love talking to people and I’m looking for people who live around the MA area to chat with and maybe be something more. So hit me up :)

soft asks

i wanted to make one of these things! reblog so your followers can send you a letter.

a - what color are the walls in your bedroom?

b - do you sleep with the hall light on or off?

c - favorite pastel?

d - thoughts on sand?

e - chocolate milk from the bottle or mixed from syrup?

f - moon or stars?

g - butterfly kisses or eskimo kisses?

h - sweater weather, coffee/tea, beanies, and little pumpkins aesthetic or late night driving, neon lights, gas stations and favorite song turned up aesthetic?

i - what color is your favorite blanket?

j - favorite constellation?

k - emoticon heart <3 or emoticon smile :) ?

l - fairy lights or tea candles?

m - aliens or ghosts?

n - sunrise or sunset?

o - what colors do you associate with each of the main school subjects?

p - name three cartoon shows that you liked as a child.

q - flannel shirt or fleece jacket?

r - shepherds or magi?

s - hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme or little boy blue nursery rhyme?

t - name a fictional character that you would describe as soft.


musical theatre challenge: (5/10) shows  ↳ come from away

You are here, at the start of a moment, on the edge of the world. 

Where the river meets the sea. 

Here, at the edge of the Atlantic, on an island in between there and here.


Chat got your tongue, LB?

The Bubbler / Le Bulleur
Lady Wifi
The Mime / Le Mime
Stormy Weather / Climatika
Princess Fragrance / Princesse Fragrance
The Gamer / Le Gamer

(I vaguely remember someone requesting a collage of Ladybug’s “done” face months ago.  Uh…better late than never?)

Mr. Pigeon / M. Pigeon


When you gain an army of new followers overnight.

The Bubbler / Le Bulleur


When you realize you have nothing new to post because you’ve been on hiatus…


tonys 2017 | best performance by an actress in a featured role in a musical nominees


Get a partner who will break the laws of physics with you.

Stormy Weather / Climatika