it iz

The Types as Last Words

ESTP- Hey, watch this!

ISTP- See? Who needs instructions?

ESTJ- I told you I was sick.

ISTJ- Don’t point that thing at me!

ENFP- Bet you I CAN!

INFP- Aww, it’s just a big kitty.

ENFJ- Why can’t we all be friends?

INFJ- Look out for what?

ESFJ- I’m probably going to regret this.

ISFJ- Be careful not to drop that.

ESFP- Just one more.

ISFP- No, they’re totally harmless.

INTP- Trust me, the physics say it’ll work.

ENTJ- That is absolutely not going to work.

ENTP- Eh, it’ll be fine!

INTJ- Huh?

Doğru olan şeyi yaparken korku hissetmemelisiniz..

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Rosa Parks Hakkında: ABD’nin güney eyaletlerinde siyahlarla beyazların farklı kapılardan otobüse bindiği 1950’ lerde Rosa Parks, Alabama’ nın Montgomery şehrinde bigün otobüse bindi. Basit gibi görünen bu olay daha sonra Amerikan tarihinin en önemli sivil haklar mevzuatının tekrardan ele alınmasını gündeme getirdi. Çünkü Rosa Parks, o otobüste bir beyazın, beyazlara ayrılan yerde yer bulamayınca siyahlara ait bölümde Parks’ tan kalkıp kendisine yer vermesini istemesine kalkmayarak karşılık verdi. Şoförün uyarılarına rağmen yerinden kalkmayan Rose Parks tutuklandı ve hapse atıldı.

Bu olayı protesto eden siyahlar bir yıldan fazla otobüslere binmedi ve her yere yürüyerek gitti. Bu kararlı eylem sonrasında Amerikan Federal Mahkemesi, otobüslerdeki bu uygulamayı yasakladı. Alabama’da beyazlar tarafından taciz edilen ve kuzeye taşınmak zorunda kalan Rose Parks, 1999’ da Time dergisi tarafından 20. yüzyılın insan hakları savunucusu seçildi.

what the fuck is 2x08

What happened tonight with r / izzy in 2x08 was disgusting. i don’t see how ANYONE can ship that. although i don’t want to demonize Iz bc it is her addiction, but she FUCKING FORCED Raph to bite her. she took away his consent, she betrayed him, she took advantage of his initial kindness and sacrifice. she fucking USED HIM!! i’m appalled by this shitty ass sub plot both for the sake of Iz and Raph. Iz deserves better than this tacky drug addiction. Raphael Santiago deserves better than being thrown into a weird ass ‘relationship’ and being abused more or less and forced to do something against his will. had something like this happened where it was a man doing it to a woman, people would be furious. don’t let double standards get in the way of this. Raphael fucking Santiago deserves better than this bullshit writing, he deserves a break and he sure as hell doesn’t need a relationship with a woman to be relevant… let alone a woman who took advantage of him TWICE.

morning?  - not by a long shot - tho maybe in australia or manila - scuze me while i check - maybe - u could sing along with vanilla ice milli - or lip in sync if u wanna

back - it iz - so tech nick of time lee - the morning ode - to a kitty - is still intact- it wuz early - the usual after - and the rain may never end - and laundry - unpoet coffee - we played some more - and she settled 

i took a nap - longer than a usual night sleep somehow


i have the strangest feeling

i think im awake

and rested 


gonna have some coffee

Current apartment argument: how many pairs of shoes do you need.

I am on team “5 max you only got like one pair of feet” with my other roomie.

The other two are team “the limit does not exist you fool”

We are an apartment divided.

i’m loving that tiffany pollard iz on my dash more now because of the

gif i’m seeing people talking about the other shows she did and while most of them were atrocious irt human ethics & morals, she was an icon in every last one