it isnt that great but hey

@deepbluefeeling requested bluestar, which was a nice excuse to finish this sketch into a quick paint! bluestar and snowfur, in starclan together. in pink clouds. idk its sunset or something

got that strong sisterly love <3

Klance stuff

• Lance finding out Keith is ticklish and takes advantage of it while cuddling so he can hear him laugh.

• Keith teaching Lance hand to hand and kissing every bruise he made on his boyfriend and telling Lance he’s improving.

• Ever since they started sleeping beside each other, Lance makes it a point to wake up first so he can wake Keith up with soft kisses all over his face, neck and shoulders.

• Keith loves it but sometimes Lance’s stubble tickles him so he tries to hide in Lance’s chest or under the covers.

• Keith was reluctant and hella stiff when Lance first tried to give him a massage before sleeping. Now he loves when Lance massages him and Lance loves running his hands all over his boyfee.

• Lance loves it when Keith wears his clothes and Keith loves the look on Lance’s face when he sees him wearing his clothes.

• The first time they bathed together was in a bathtub because showering (standing naked together) was a bit too much. So they had fun with the bubbles and Lance scrubbed Keith clean because he is NOT gonna stand having a greasy sweaty boyfriend all the time. After that they almost always bathe together.

• Keith likes smelling like Lance’s shampoo and Lance loves Keith clean and smelling like his shampoo.

• Lance gets addicted to running his fingers through Keith’s hair but also grumbling how this mullet wouldnt even be this fluffy without his help.

•When Lance gets into his moods being homesick, Keith can always tell so he drags Lance off to the hangars so he can hold Lance near Blue. Blue’s comforting purrs and Keith’s warmth always helps.

• When they actually fight/argue for real Keith starts to get teary eyed because no NO he doesnt want to fight with Lance NO.

• Lance on the other hand hates it when Keith cries because Keith NEVER cries and knowing he’s the reason for it breaks his heart so they cool off and talk and cuddle and Lance kisses Keith’s face all over.

• Before they got together, Keith tries his best to bond with Pidge and Hunk like helping Pidge with her tinkering and helping Hunk with cooking (No) because he wants thier acceptance in dating their best friend.

• Pidge and Hunk laugh it off and assures Keith he doesnt need to do that because Keith’s already a-ok in their book. Meanwhile Lance was doing the same thing Keith was doing with Shiro.

• They’re still rivals even when dating and get into more silly competitions like who can carry who longer through the hallways or who can last longer in a kiss without needing air.

• When one of them comes out of the healing pod the other is always there with a blanket and a hug ready.

• Lance likes to roll the both of them up in a blanket like a borrito so Keith can never escape when Lance tickles him.

• The first time an alien tried to flirt with Keith, Lance short circuited and kinda just draped himslef all over Keith blabbering hey met my boyfriend? Isnt my boyfriend great? What were u and my boyfriend talking about? Have I mentioned he’s my boyfriend???

• After that incident Keith reminded himself to always stay close to Lance and be quick to shoot down any alien.

• Needless to say Lance had turned from ‘Wow they’re hot i wanna flirt with them’ to ‘Shit they’re hot gotta keep my bae close so he wont get taken away’

• Keith is touch starved. He always hold hands with Lance, locks ankles with Lance at the dining table, tightens Lance’s hold around his waist when spooning, hugs Lance from behind when he least expects it, buries his face in the crook of Lance’s neck when cuddling, lets Lance pull him to his lap even when theres plenty of space in the couch. Keith loves it. Lance loves it. Its a win-win.

• Sometimes they lay awake in bed just to stare deeply into each other’s eyes until Lance or even Keith breaks the moment with a joke/witty comment and they start laughing and hugging tangled in a sea of sheets.

• They’re a power couple the team didnt even know they needed and expected.

• To Lance’s delight, Keith is actually a child at heart. Its sad that Keith grew up as an orphan and never expirienced the nicer part of being a kid but Lance makes him happy by giving him his first surprise bday party, his first Merry Christmas with presents with the whole gang, makes him decorate the odd blue tree they found with him. Keith’s smiles always wide and happy and genuin.

part 2part 3part 4

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Hey scotch, could a 20 year old who have shaky hands and isn't that great of a drawer still have a chance to be a great of an artist like you? or is it too late for lil old me?

i myself am a 20 yr old who have shaky hands and isnt that great of a drawer, so u definitely stand a pretty good chance

listen okay no les mis headcanon is ever, EVER gonna make me smile as much as the “leslie knope is enjolras’ mom” i dont care how cracky it sounds i dont give a shit i just want, a nice fic, where he brings grantaire home back to meet the parents and its full of LOVE and LAUGHTER because he was raised by leslie knope and ben wyatt okay?? like the minute they step thru that door enjolras is in his passionate Yelling About A Cause Mode™ discussing, grantaire isnt sure what because they keep yelling over each other, with his mother, and ben is summoned by the sound of his SON and his WIFE debating,,, something about the senate, he doesn’t know either, but he’s like oh hey hi, hi you must be grantaire, enjolras, enjolras, ENJOLRAS, care to introduce us, and enjolras is blushing and hes like, oh my god yeah grantaire this is my mother leslie and my father ben, guys this is grantaire, hes great and i love him, and im JUST VERY EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS

the community: [uses anti as a way to make jokes, edits and art. has a great time and bonds over this new creative outlet that we are all fully aware doesn’t actually exist and that jack has endorsed and is comfortable with]

some absolute tosser: hey guys i think you’re taking this way to seriously!!! you know anti isnt /actually/ real right? stop ruining jacks channel for everyone else and grow up





Third wheel cuddles

Originally posted by dolanslife

I was in the twins apartment waiting for someone to figure out something to do. Ethan was in the shower and Grayson was sleeping. They know I’m here because they told me to come over at this time. I was sitting on the couch on my phone when Ethan got out of the shower.  He was drying his hair with the towel and walked into the living room (fully dressed).

“Hey, I think I heard Gray yelling for you.” He said.
“Y/N!” I heard Grayson yell from his bedroom. I rolled my eyes and walked into his room.
“Yes grayson?” I asked standing in the doorway. He lifted up his covers and gestures for me to walk to him.
“Come cuddle.” He said. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

Me and the twins are great friends so cuddling isnt weird with us. I walked over to his bed and laid under the covers. He moved over, and laid his head on my chest, pulling me to him by my waist. I laughed at him and messed with his hair.

A few minutes went by of silence and us just enjoying each other’s company. He lifted his head and looked at me. He looked at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes and smiled at me genuinely.

I’ve always liked Grayson but never did anything about it. He’s always flirted around with me but also never did anything about it.

“Y/N, I hope this doesn’t make things awkward but I have to say this. I really like you. And not as just a friend.” He said suddenly. I wasn’t sure what to do, I just stared at him in shock. His face fell when I didn’t say any thing and he was about to get up. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to me, kissing him. He kissed me back immediately, squeezing my hip. We pulled away from each other and smiled.
“I like you too Grayson.” I said. His smile grew. He kissed me again.

“Finally!” I heard Etahn say from the door way. I hid my face in Graysons shoulder to hide my blush.
“But don’t think we can’t still all be friends, scoot over.” Ethan said. He pushed me closer to Grayson and they both cuddled into each of my sides. I laughed and wrapped my arms around them both.
“My boys.” I said making them look up at me and smile. Grayson kissed my cheek.

We spent the day together as usual, with me being the third wheel like always, until Grayson asked me on an official date. After that Ethan seemed to be the third wheel but he didn’t mind.

~{short but I thought it was cute}~


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Hey uh I'm not trying to hate or anything, I'm genuinely curious...why do you like Joesph? After I did his route I just can't bring myself to like him. How did you? (once again, just curious. Sorry if this seems rude.)

its not rude! uhh im not great with words but, i think hes a great dad, i think hes funny, charming, blah blah. i know most of the fanbase tends to uh, make him out to be manipulative and evil, i dont think he is and uhhh im sorry this isnt  a great answer but its 7 am and ive been up all night so, in conclusion,

Voltron headcanon/illness headcanon: when they make voltron and all link up and feel eachothers thoughts/intentions/etc they can kind of get a feel of eachothers status. But of course they arent a+ great at it yet- they all hust kind of get a vague uneasy feeling or feel tired.

Except Hunk and his touchy stomach. If another paladin is feeling queasy itll make Hunk puke. And hes quick to get the connection. Afterwards everyone wants to make sure hes ok but hunk zeros in on who isnt feeling well and is like “hey whats up do you need to sit down?” because he is so used to it but his team mate is unwell and he is already over it, but ‘dang you really dont look too hot, here wear my vest for a sec, ill get you some water.’

Allura is so proud, although she would have preferred a cleaner start to the more in depth connection.

Commenting- UM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS LIKE LITERALLY YES! THIS! I have never thought about the Paladins being physically linked bc of Voltron, and now I feel like a whole new world has been awakened! Listen, I can’t right now. This is absolute perfection! Thank you for sharing this! Man this is fantastic! I may write this actually! 

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Hey! Can you do hcs watching the three's favorite shows with them? I feel like that would be hella cute.

heck yeahhh that sounds adorbs

even handsoap

  • i was gonna say he probably likes something cute but fucker probably likes painting with bob ross which is the best shit
  • happy lil trees
  • evan doesnt even paint
  • he just likes watching bc 
  • v calming
  • thank u bob ross
  • so sometimes when evans not feeling 2 great u just come over and u two cuddle
  • and watch
  • and its good times
  • evan has probably apologized because wow this probably isnt what u wanna watch we can watch whatever u wanna watch but ur like 
  • dude this is calming af
  • it probably becomes a thing where whenever one of u is stressed or not doing too good that u two just get together and watch bob ross
  • and probably fall asleep cuddling honestly

jared kleinmeme

  • aside from the fact i have 0 ideas for a better dumb name for jared
  • probably likes something like parks & rec or the office or b99
  • (jared 100% likes b99 u can pry that headcanon away from my cold, dead hands
  • u have never watched one of the above shows
  • jared is… insulted
  • time to fix that
  • so one weekend u two basically end up chilling in his basement and marathoning that shit
  • or at least as much as u can get done before falling asleep
  • neither of u want to get up to get snacks or anything
  • ur both absorbed in the show
  • jared and u basically talk about the show all the time
  • everyone is like ‘do u two ever shut up’
  • no
  • its a good show
  • this is off topic but jared is also the person whos like ‘lets watch sharkboy and lavagirl and make out during the scary parts’ i s2g

conman murph

  • probably into stranger things
  • definitely into stranger things
  • u had been meaning to watch it but u never got around to it
  • so one weekend ur like ‘lets watch it’
  • ‘u sure’
  • ‘yeah’
  • so u watch
  • good shit
  • the two of u literally watch it in one day
  • its so good
  • ‘when will season 2 happen……..’
  • maybe one day
  • wait have u two eaten anything
  • …. no
  • gdi
  • u would probably still be talking about it over dinner and u just get connor basically just watching u ramble on about the show
  • its cute
  • u two have to watch more shit together since u get into it
  • u two get to cuddle while u watch shit and eventually u run out of snacks
  • neither of u care
  • ur both absorbed in the show
  • and connor knows almost everything thats coming and plott wists but he doesn’t spoil that shit
  • thank u connor
  • (he did threaten to once. u would have fought him)


is all i got

will solace headcanons

- was born in austin, texas

- he hates his freckles and he always talks about getting rid of them by using makeup (he’s not srs ofc)

- he has a habit of calling people “darlin’”, “sugar”, and “babydoll” so he usually goes through a list of names/nicknames before he gets to urs

- he //sucks// at archery, although he’s good with instruments and his singing voice isnt half-bad

- if he sees a dog on the street he’ll immediately scream “doggo” and run towards it

- he wears plaid like 24/7 but who cares

- he’s allergic to all peanuts, and some cats

- as soon as u start speaking he stares at u


- he hates horror movies like nO

- his favourite holiday is easter ofc (all the colours make him happy ok)

- he also has a smol obsession with chocolate chips

- he cant focus if the rooms messy/unorganized

- he’s bisexual, thank u very much.

anyways there you go haha :’)



all you need to do is be you
that’s all that matters

Winchester Wonderful

“Ughhh,” you whined, frustrated as you stretched your legs across the front seat of Dean’s impala. You leaned your head against the cool window. It seemed to ease your nausea as you watched the rain drops trickle down the glass.

“Would you quit with the friggin’ whining? I almost feel bad for you.” Dean said with a playful smile.

“Oh, shut It! You wouldn’t last 5 minutes as a girl,” You snapped back as you reached for the pack of smokes in your pocket.

It had been the longest of days. You and Dean had been riding for hours to follow up on a werewolf case. Sam and Charlie were already there, waiting for your arrival. You were excited to see Charlie again, you enjoyed her. She also seemed to share the same kind of relationship with the boys as you did.

You’d been hunting with Sam and Dean since Bobby passed about three months ago. With Bobby being an old family friend, you’d known him most of your life. The last time you called to check in, it wasn’t Bobby that answered - it was Sam. He informed you of Bobby’s passing and offered to help with the case you were working on. You happily obliged, having only heard of the Winchester boys. The three of you had stuck together since.

Sam had become like a big brother to you. Dean, on the otherhand, treated you the same as Sam, but the two of you weren’t as close. Dean was overwhelmingly attractive and funny. He had an odd charm that no one could seem to resist. Literally, no one. Everytime he went into a bar, he was surrounded by women. They would follow him around like a hungry flock of chickens. It annoyed you most of the time. Dean had made passes at you before - or perverted jokes - but you assumed it was just his nature. Nonetheless, you had a job to do- kill bad guys. No time to worry about Dean.

It was getting late. You knew the DIY toilet paper pad you had thrown together at the last gas station was in need for a changing.

“Can we pleeease stop? I’m so tired.” The impala was nice to ride in, but sleeping in it was out of the option. You had been cramping all day and stretching out in a bed sounded amazing.

“No, (Y/N). If we stop, it will just take us lon- -”

You give him your best pouty face.

Dean rolls his eyes. “Fine. But only cause im tired of hearing your friggin’ whining. And you owe me a slice of pie.”

Though he tried to hide It, Dean was a pushover. It was one of your favorite things about him.

He pulled into the next motel parking lot. Getting out of the car, you looked down and a wave of embarrassment flooded your face. The DIY pad from earlier did not hold up and the evidence was visible for everyone to see. You turned to Dean, who was already standing outside the passenger door.

“I.. um.. I..” you stuttered, humiliated.

Dean slid off his leather jacket. “Here, tie this around your waist.”

You quickly take the jacket and do as he says. He really could be so sweet somtimes. And let’s be honest, you loved that jacket. With an aching pelvis, you tried to keep up with him as the two of you walked into the motel. For some reason, this monthly go-around seemed far worse than the others.

“One room, two beds.” Dean said to the woman at the front desk. She was a pretty brunette who was undoubtingly banging Dean in her mind with the pathetic, lustful look she was giving him.

“Bitch.” You mutter under your breath. Her eyes dart towards you as if she didn’t even notice you had been standing there. Figures. You give her a big, smartass smile.

“The only room we have left only has one bed, sir,” the lady replied, annoyed.

Dean shoots you a look.

“We’ll take it,” He shrugged.

You and Dean sharing a bed? That’s a first. You hadn’t shared a bed with a man in months. Well, besides that time Sam fell asleep on the couch next to you. But that could hardly count, it wasn’t even a bed and his feet were in your face the entire time.

As soon as Dean unlocks the door to the room, you head straight for the bathroom. You spend a few minutes cleaning yourself up and changing clothes. As you finish, you turn to the mirror and scrunch your nose at the sight of yourself. You had lost weight during the three months you had spent on the road with them. Your legs were small and pale but they were nicely toned. There were cuts and bruises peaking out from under your little grey cotton shorts. You had bags under your eyes and your hair layed a flowing mess down your shoulders. You sigh and begin to finger brush it, pulling it into a long braid that hung loosely over your shoulder.

The idea of sleeping next to Dean floods your mind. You’re suddenly nervous and butterflies fill your stomache. You think of the dreams you’ve had about him - though you’d never tell. Softly kissing your thighs, his warm, steady breath on yo- -

There was a knock at the door.

“You okay in there? Dean’s voices rips through your thoughts. He sounded concerned. It was.. comforting.

“Yy.. yea. Just getting dressed.” You replied shakely. As you turn for the door, you look down at your baggy t-shirt. You sigh, take it off and toss it on the floor. Confidence struck and you grab your black Led Zeppelin crop top that Dean had once called “freakin’ badass” out from your bag. It came just above your belly button.

As you exit the bathroom, Dean is already on the bed, sitting against the head board, watching the television. He turns to you, wide-eyed. You watch his eyes dart from your braid to your bare stomache. His stare follows you across the room. You walk slowly towards the bed, moving minimally. Your cramps had worsened.

“You look… different. I’ve never seen your hair like that before.” He said quietly. “Or those shorts,” he said even more quietly, as if he were speaking to himself.

You smile to yourself as you crawl into the bed. It was soft and the sheets were cool against your skin. You tossed and turned for a bit, trying to get comfortable. Eventually, you curl into a ball, facing away from him.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” He asks, concerned.

“Honestly, being stabbed isnt this painful. Where’s Cass when you need him?” You say, jokingly.

Dean looks to the ceiling, “Hey Cass, I need you man, I’ve got a damsel in distress, here.”

You both laugh. He turns to you, “I could rub your back.. if you’re alright with it? I’ve been told I give great back rubs,“ he says confidently as he cracks his knuckles, eye brows raised.

“Okay, prove it,” you say sleepily with a small smile.

Moments later, you feel his fingers start to trace your back. You stiffen. You feel his warm hand glide down your side. A wave of goosebumps flutter down your torso.

“Is this where it hurts?” He asks with his hand against your lower back.

“Mhm” You hum softly.

He begins to massage you. His hands felt so good, warm and rough in all the right places. Up your back and then back down again. He scoots closer to you, your bodies are almost touching. Your muscles begin to relax. His breathing starts to shake. You feel a light push at your behind. He is erected. Your body goes stiff as your nerves start to run wild.

He quickly moves away. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t mean for that.” His face glowing with embarrassment, he looks away from you.

“Don’t be sorry,” you say softly. “I want you too.”

He turns to you and slightly cocks his head, surprised. The redness in his cheeks fade and the corner of his mouth forms a half-smile. “Baby, you’ve only ever told me that in my dreams.”

You smile, flushed. Dean Winchester had dreamt of being with you.

You take his hand and place it on your lower abdomen. “It hurts here,” you whisper.

He embraces you and begins pushing gently, relieving the pain from your sore muscles. Without realizing, your hips begin to slowly rock back and forth, his follow simultaneously. He covers your neck and shoulder in gentle kisses. His lips are incredibly soft, sending chills throughout you body. He slides his hand into your panties and his long finger grazes your clitoris in circular motions. He lightly taps it and you shake with pleasure. His breathing rapid and heavy. You open your legs to welcome him and he slides his finger into your center. You gasp loudly as it slid in and out. You were soaked. You hear the cling of his belt as it hits the floor.

He turns you around and pulls you to the edge of the bed. He stood in front of you, completely naked - with only the light from the television, shining beautifully on his body. He was gorgeous. Shoulders broad, full of masculinity. Each muscle perfectly defined and his tattoo gleaming. He was mesmerising.

“I want you, (Y/N).” He whispers in a deep, yearning voice. He grasps his penis, admiring your naked body. “Can I have you?” He breathes.

“You dont mind that I’m on my..” you asked, worried. Your insides are aching with anticipation.

“Not at all.” He whispers as he leans in.

He slides into you, sending tingles so far down your thighs, you can feel it in your toes. With every thrust, you clench. He was exquisite. He holds you tightly with his right hand at your shoulder, tugging on your braid. His left hand massaging your breast as he breathes into your neck and kisses your collarbone.

“Can I come?” He asks, desperately.

“Please,” you whine.

He thrusts himself deep inside you, throwing his head back. You come undone, melting rymthematically around his pulsating erection.

Your head is spinning and you are light-headed. The rush slows and you slowly come back to reality and his body relaxes on top of you. A small flutter beats through your chest and sends goosebumps all the way to your feet. Your body is relaxed and heavy and you are the happiest you’ve felt in ages. Calm, safe and secure.. held tightly in his arms.

The hotel room smells of heated sex, the air warm and thick. He looks up at you and the corners on his lips curl into an innocent, sleepy smile. His hand cups your chin as he gently kisses your forehead.

“So, you up for some pie?” He asks, bright-eyed.

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important quetions
  • Kirishima: bro, you think Bakugos gay?
  • Kaminari: IDK bro, I know how you could find out though!
  • Kirishima: HOW?!
  • Kaminari: go up to him and say, you gay bro?
  • Kirishima: no.
  • Kaminari: or... you could ask every one else in our class what they think.
  • Kirishima: Yes!!
  • Kaminari: I was kinda kidding.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Hey Jirou!! Do you know if Bakugo is gay?
  • Jirou: why would I care and why do you ask?
  • Kirishima: Just curious.
  • Jirou: I dont know. He dosnt really seem that type.
  • Kirishima: what type?
  • Jirou: you know the gay type.
  • Kirishima: There are different types of gay? What type am I?
  • Jirou: You'er... OOHHH that actually makes a lot of sense.
  • Kirishima: What does?
  • Jirou: Im just gonna go away now.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Yo Midoriya! You'er close with Bakugo right! Is he gay?
  • Deku: Kacchan?
  • Kirishima: Yeah! him!
  • Deku: well I went to elementary school with him and middle school and I dont think hes ever liked anybody, boy or girl, that I can think of.
  • Kirishima: Ever?
  • Deku: nope. why do you ask?
  • Kirishima: No reson!
  • Deku: Oh!... I am so sorry for you, Im sure you'll get over him soon, if you'er lucky.
  • Kirishima: Why do you say that?
  • Deku: No reason
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Kouda! you know Bakugo right? very angry very spiky? do you think he's gay? you know into other guys?
  • Kouda: ...
  • Kirishima: right thanks
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Todoroki! My man! Blasty McSplode gay? is he?
  • Shouto: Did that sentence make any sense to you, because it didn't to me.
  • Kiri: Bakugo. Is he gay?
  • Shouto: See that made much more sense. I don't know.
  • Kiri: Great.
  • ...
  • Ida: I don't approve of inter class relationships!
  • Kirishima: I just asked wether or not you knew if he was gay!
  • Ida: *disapproving look*
  • ...
  • Kiri: Hey Sero! you'er close to Bakugo right?
  • Sero: He once used me as a means of transportation. Is that what you meant?
  • Kiri: Did he seem gay to you?
  • Sero: out of every one part of that horse? no he was not the one setting off my gaydar. you were there to.
  • Kiri: true.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: hey Tsuyu!
  • Tsuyu: YES.
  • Kirishma: I didnt ask you anything yet.
  • Tsuyu: I dont care just yes.
  • Kirishima: Cool thanks.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Excuse me Uraraka?
  • Uraraka: Yeah?
  • Kiri: You are one of the few people Bakugo possibly respects.
  • Uraraka: I am?
  • Kiri: Yes. Do you know if he's gay?
  • Uraraka: Do you want to ask him out?
  • Kiri: Why would you think that?
  • Uraraka: I can see the appeal, hes loud and strong and his abrasiveness is weirdly admirable, not to mention when hes not scowling hes not bad looking. I think you should go for it whether you think hes "gay" or not!
  • Kiri: ... Thanks Uraraka! To be clear you'er not interested right?
  • Uraraka: No. maybe if he wasn't an ass to my best friend, maybe if I didn't other have interests. *glances at Tsuyu*
  • Kiri: cool
  • ...
  • Kiri: Yo Momo! you'er VP is Bakugo gay?
  • Momo: *in a state of mental and emotional breakdown due to many things* YES HES GAY IM GAY YOUR GAY EVERYONE IN THIS DANMED CLASS IS GAY EXEPT FOR THAT GRAPE HEADED MOFO.
  • Kiri: Are you OK???!!!
  • MOmo: NO! im sorry.
  • ...
  • Tokoyami: Iv already heard. My answer is just go ask the guy himself, and possibly activate your hardaning before hand.
  • Kirishima: Great advice Birdman!
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Hey Shoji, you have great ears, have you possibly herd any clues to Bakugo's sexuality.
  • Shoji: ... Kirishima, if this is a very convoluted way of coming out to the class...
  • Shoji: Then ask him.
  • ...
  • Kaminari: So did you get any answers?
  • Kirishima: Nothing helpful.
  • Kaminari: I think the only person who's sexuality is now known by the entire class is you.
  • Kirishima: I dont care.
  • Kaminari: Actually the one person who isnt aware is probubly Bakugo.

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Hey no offense youre a great and I love your art, but Ive scrolled through all your art before and havent found a single white person, other than maybe Barry Bluejeans and yourself? Unless my memory has failed me? Diversity's really cool and representation totally matters but this just isnt realistic at all. Of course I probably have no room to speak here because im not poc, but maybe try and take a minute to look at your content. Have a nice day/night!

watch me eat realism for breakfast mfer

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Hey im super new to the fandom but i was just wondering... Why is there so much hate towards maddie? I can see how she has not so great views but to me she seemed a lot like Cliff in the sense that she isnt so bad that she can't change. Is it bc she doesnt like mitch? Bc as much as i love that boy i can understand why people wouldnt like him irl. Is it bc she has a crush on Jonas? Why do they hate her so much? I would hate Carmen more who doesnt even remember Jonas's name right...

(Sorry for not answering anything for days I haven’t been feelin it)

But uh, as for Maddie Hate goes out there are usually split between two reasoning

1. (The reason why I don’t hate Maddie) obnoxious voice: she has a crush on Jonas and he deserves to be with Mitch and insulted Mitch and AHHHH

2. (The reason why I personally don’t like Maddie as a Person *and hopefully others do think this way*)
- It’s been shown that she doesn’t really care abt Jos wellbeing as much as she cares about her image on Jonas despite having no say in who he can be. (Though this isn’t really a big deal for me just sort of a thing that was pointed out)
- Puts down other women for how they dress and act. Has a standard for how women should Be and judges them when they don’t meet that standard. Actually has this judgement on Everyone.
- (and this ones the big one for me) IS HOMOPHOBIC!!!! MADDIE IS LITERALLY HOMOPHOBIC Like idc if you are the nicest person in the world, if ur homophobic obv ur not all that nice and I have bad feelings towards you. So homophobic is a big Big deal.

(Also as a note: maddie is no where near my “most hated” character or w/e)

EDIT: shit i never talked about the cliff thing okay so, cliff is,, not really smart and didn’t really think twice when he was raised in a homophobic environment. He’s sorta like a sponge and just believed whatever kinda stupid shit he heard UNTIL mitch told him otherwise. (Also him not really liking Jonas after Mitch told Cliff off has nothing to do with Cliff being homophobic but Cliff being like “wehh nerds in our group”) so he has the ability to change!! IF taught he will willingly change that shit around right OKAY so now to my other point. Maddie is homophobic and Knows It. She has a Standard on people and she dislikes gay people for their “improper lifestyle.” While apart of me wants to believe she can change and HELL maybe she can, shes still at that point of Knowing she doesn’t like gay people for a Reason while Cliff is just kinda stupid and repeated whatever his parents told him Until he was told otherwise. It’s 3 am so I’m not sure if any of that made sense but yea ANOTHER EDIT: That’s not to say Cliff is an “innocent baby uwu” either. He’s pretty fucked and I’m not forgiving him for what he’s said but he has a much higher ability to change and develop as a character