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the single most fucknig frustrating part of riding is knowing enough to see your major flaws but not being fucking skilled enough yet to bloody fix em

headcannon: after being launched into the stratosphere, summer and raven make eye contact in the forest


Hi guys! An April Favorites video for you all! (yeah yeah april isnt over yet but I mean it’s close enough right?) find my youtube under Sarah Elisabeth!


Training before the match (29.10.2016)

Congratulations || Soulmate!Seungcheol [Prologue]

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GENRE: angst/fluff, soulmate!au, non-famous, trains, oneshot

WORDS: 422


BLURB: A boy, a girl, and the moments between them.

A/N: Based off this song. Pls love Day6

In this world, when one touches their soulmate for the very first time, time will stop and identical soulmate marks will appear at the same spot on their skin. The minute-hand ceases to move and the world freezes around them. The soulmates will be locked in their own little time bubble, free from the interruptions of the outside world and free to finally catch-up with each other after months or years of separation. It is the time for them to learn to love.

Different souls use the time differently.

Some stay in the bubble for a second, shocked out of releasing their touch to find that the world had stayed much the same and no one had even noticed their disappearance.

Some stayed for much longer, so caught up with each other that when they finally let go, they realize that years had gone on without them and they were now well into their middle years, having dropped out from history entirely.

One couple had decided that this delightful pause gave them good time to play practical jokes on people in the train they were on. They never let go, not once, as they went about the day that would mark itself unreally from the rest.

The then young girl had found such fun in what they did that she wrote them down on a list and vowed to give it to her own daughter one day, in hopes of her little girl finding that same kind of love.

Things to Do When You Meet Your Soulmate on the Train to the City

1.      Firstly, look out for him. He could be on the track, in the crowd, in your car… Don’t stop looking until you’ve found him.

2.      Look out for all the little things he does. Can you believe that your father had donated his only pair of shoes to this little boy he didn’t know at one of the stations? It was the kindest thing I’d seen anyone do. It is these little things that will make you fall for him.

3.      Draw matching soulmate signs on the arms of a couple on the train – you never know, maybe they were meant to be together and you had just helped them strike up a conversation.

4.      Tip over all trolley lady’s drinks over.

5.      Take a walk in the woods.

6.      Swim in the lake.

7.      Fall asleep together.

8.      Talk late into the night about your problems and know that you will never have to face them alone, ever again.

9.      Get in lots of trouble together.

10.   Kiss under the stars.


I feel like before we all jump on Noora for talking to Yousef (which is all they were doing. Everyone please chill), we have to take into consideration that Noora probably isn’t interested in him. As said in the beginning of the episode, Noora is still under the impression that her and William are going to be okay. She said it would always be them. Our girl Noora is a loyal girl, so unless she found out something about William without us noticing, I doubt she would start flirting with another guy or show interest in him. Also, in the case that she does know that her and William are over and we just don’t know it yet, she isnt the type to rebound. Noora would understand that she needs to heal from the relationship before she can start a new one. What I think happened was Noora was sitting by herself because the girls had left her, and she doesn’t really enjoy her. Yousef probably saw her, and being the gentleman I’m assuming he is, decided to talk to her to make sure she was feeling included because he is a nice guy. BAM.

Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)
Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)

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This one just ment alot to me… I felt so special that i got asked this… i hope its good enough. And i hope you get better and are Cancer free! Stay Determined!

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*Roxy casually sat down on the tied down nagas tail* TG: I understand that this is a magic!anon, but since you're a naga, couldnt you just relax your body and slither on out? TG: Of course, it would be easier if i were to sit somewhere besides on top of you, but the m!a isnt over yet so I cant let you go just yet. TG: Care for something to drink while were here? *she took a sip from a water bottle before offering it to her alternate universe self* (@ask-roxyenglish)


su critical people go on about the stupidest things

wow!! a show that isnt over yet hasnt picked up on a plot point the second it was hinted at??? obv they arent keeping track of shit!!

meanwhile bismuth’s bubble appeared in season one and didnt get expanded on until last year (was it last year? i have no concept of time)

its almost like… the story isnt over yet!!! gasp!

oftd featuring. tezri propie