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the single most fucknig frustrating part of riding is knowing enough to see your major flaws but not being fucking skilled enough yet to bloody fix em


I am entirely done !!! Here are photos I took tonight because I just couldnt wait, I wanted to try it on. I can’t express how happy I am with my work (I am not supposed to know how to fucking sew) and how good I feel in this cosplay ! I also can’t wait to wear it at Japan Expo (french con in july)

But the work isnt over yet, I have to work with @lisondeppcosplay because Sportarobbie needs to happen !

headcannon: after being launched into the stratosphere, summer and raven make eye contact in the forest

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Coming back to this post from earlier

It seems to me like a lot of season 1, particularly the first half, is very disconnected from the plot overall. Almost as if they weren’t entirely certain on the direction they were going to take. Because back then, we didn’t know anything about gems or Homeworld at all. We didn’t question why certain things were the way they were because we didn’t need to. There wasn’t enough information for the show to contradict itself with. But looking back now as we begin Season 5, we know A LOT about gems, gem history, and Homeworld. And from that I can clearly see that there are so many little things in season 1 (including The Bird and Beetles) that are so out of place.

  1. The gem shards in Frybo that can control armour. Back then, we knew nothing about gem shards so we just accepted that these were magic gem shards used for fighting. Put them in armour and you’ve automatically got yourself a soldier. BUT NOW we know that gem shards are essentially corpses. So you’re telling me that PIECES OF DEAD GEMS were used to control armour and were weaponised. Something that was shown to be evil through the use of THE CLUSTER. Not only that, but Gem shards lose all sentience and personality. They become nothing more than very very very very basic data inputs. They can juuust about form a limb, and just about move. That is all. But for some reason those gems shards didn’t take any form at all, were able to possess armour, take commands, and follow them out. And The Crystal Gems used them during the war? What?
  2. Fire Salt. Clearly shown to be dangerous to humans but not gems, pretty much confirming that it is something made for gem consumption. This makes 0 sense considering that gems do not need to eat, and I highly doubt that Homeworld has a restaurant industry. Why does this one example of ‘gem food’ exist? Why did Amethyst have it? There’s no explanation given for its existence at all. We’re just meant to accept that its just ~magic~ when magic is gone from the show and its a full on sci-fi now?
  3. The Scroll. I remember one of the crew pretty much confirming that the scroll is a piece of parchment that was basically drawn on by someone who had crushed up gem shards into a poweder and used them like a crayon. Not only is this morally fucked up, but WHO DID IT? Was it Homeworld? If it was, then why? Why just this one piece of paper? Why did it have to be destroyed rather than bubbled? Why was it able to escape and possess organic matter? Nothing about that scroll makes any sense whatsoever.
  4. The Shooting Star. This one makes a bit more sense, but its still out of place. Its supposedly a really really powerful bomb, right? Most likely used during the war. That’s fine. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering that they could just make a regular explosive, I dont see whats so special about the Star, but whatever. But the gems clearly wanted to use the star to destroy the Galaxy Warp in Winter Forecast. It was one of many possible futures that Steven saw. So why didn’t they? And to jump from that point, how were the gems able to form some kind of psychic circle to telekinetically hold the star in place; and then warp it without warping themselves? That was their plan. It didn’t work, but that was it.
  5. Steven’s aging ability. It seems like that ability was given to him purely for that episode. It was only used again in Steven’s Birthday, and even that’s debatable as its also implied that he’s not using his aging power but he’s just shapeshifting to look older. I don’t really see the point in Steven having that ability at all, even if it did make for a decent episode.
  6. The Hourglass/Glass of Time. THIS is the one that annoys me the most. Ancient gem technology technology that allows for time travel at will. TIME TRAVEL. What is stoping Homeworld, a colonial galactic superpower, from recreating this ANCIENT technology to go back in time and prevent the rebellion from ever happening? Why do they not make use of this? They could rule the entire universe with this power, but it just seems forgotten? In addition to that, why build it in a temple underwater hidden amongst many other false hourglasses, and if the wrong one is chosen then the whole place falls apart and regenerates in 100 years? Was that just to make it more ~magic~? What’s the point in any of it?
  7. The Lunar Sea Spire. The existence of the spire itself makes perfect sense. It was constructed as a hub for gems. Looks most likely like some kind of meeting place for the elites of Homeworld; something that Bismuth even talks about. Sooooo why is the statue necessary? Why did it have to be returned or else the tower would be destroyed? What’s the point in that, why would Homeworld design it like that? In addition to that, why are there statues on the Spire that resemble fusions with multiple limbs, when fusion is illegal on Homeworld?
  8. The Crystal Shrimp and other Crystal Orgnanisms. The Crystal Shrimp could be a whole bunch of the same corrupted gem, that could make some sense. It wouldnt explain why they’re very obviously covered in multiple gems, but whatever. Pearl talks about those things as if they’re a different species, and that they’re highly dangerous blah blah blah. And they even go after the sandwich that Steven throws for them? Why? Corrupt gems run on instinct, but why would gems have an instinct to eat? Which also raises the question of why and how Centipeetle ate in Monster Buddies, or whatever it was called. Lion is also seen eating some kind of lizard that’s clearly got gems on it despite obviously being organic in Lion 2. If they want to say that gem invasion/the corruption song/other gem related things interfered with the ecosystem and mutated some animals, then that’s fine. But they haven’t at all. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t Pearl have mentioned that at the Spire, and said something about Crystal Shrimp being mutated crustaceans or something?
  9. The Desert Glass. Confirmed to be a corrupted gem, but it has a lot of unanswered questions surrounding it. It seemed like Rose was using it for something to do with the Lions in Buddy’s Book. Considering that we see the Glass’s structures in the episode, and Buddy documents them as a landmark. Rose knows they exist, and didn’t do anything about them. So clearly she was using it for something. This one isn’t too bad because it could possibly still be answered, but it doesn’t seem relevant enough. I could be wrong though, the show isnt over yet so we might learn more about it, but still.
  10. The Geode. We know that this is also a type of bomb. Basically a thunder bomb of some kind; which kinda makes sense as a weapon but not too much. Its just another case of ‘why not just use an explosive?’ Even ancient gem technology clearly had advanced weaponry, as we see in the old ships, and the fact that a war was even possible. The Geode just seems really out of place in a similar way to the Shooting Star.

That’s all I can think of for now, and I’m stopping because this post is extra long. Feel free to add more if you can think of things, and let me know what you think. I really feel like season 1a feels weirdly disconnected from the rest of the show, but it might just be me.

Four plaid looks in a row- two of them being matching top/bottom looks and two of them having the plaid top tied in a knot up front since she can’t wear one one shirt without showing off her stomach or boobs. A damn nightmare. Can someone get Bella and Elizabeth a creative bone. Like it’s literally the same look four times in a row… She’s even wearing the same exact pair of heels she did three days ago in a different colour.

Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)
Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)

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This one just ment alot to me… I felt so special that i got asked this… i hope its good enough. And i hope you get better and are Cancer free! Stay Determined!

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Training before the match (29.10.2016)

Congratulations || Soulmate!Seungcheol [Prologue]

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GENRE: angst/fluff, soulmate!au, non-famous, trains, oneshot

WORDS: 422


BLURB: A boy, a girl, and the moments between them.

A/N: Based off this song. Pls love Day6

In this world, when one touches their soulmate for the very first time, time will stop and identical soulmate marks will appear at the same spot on their skin. The minute-hand ceases to move and the world freezes around them. The soulmates will be locked in their own little time bubble, free from the interruptions of the outside world and free to finally catch-up with each other after months or years of separation. It is the time for them to learn to love.

Different souls use the time differently.

Some stay in the bubble for a second, shocked out of releasing their touch to find that the world had stayed much the same and no one had even noticed their disappearance.

Some stayed for much longer, so caught up with each other that when they finally let go, they realize that years had gone on without them and they were now well into their middle years, having dropped out from history entirely.

One couple had decided that this delightful pause gave them good time to play practical jokes on people in the train they were on. They never let go, not once, as they went about the day that would mark itself unreally from the rest.

The then young girl had found such fun in what they did that she wrote them down on a list and vowed to give it to her own daughter one day, in hopes of her little girl finding that same kind of love.

Things to Do When You Meet Your Soulmate on the Train to the City

1.      Firstly, look out for him. He could be on the track, in the crowd, in your car… Don’t stop looking until you’ve found him.

2.      Look out for all the little things he does. Can you believe that your father had donated his only pair of shoes to this little boy he didn’t know at one of the stations? It was the kindest thing I’d seen anyone do. It is these little things that will make you fall for him.

3.      Draw matching soulmate signs on the arms of a couple on the train – you never know, maybe they were meant to be together and you had just helped them strike up a conversation.

4.      Tip over all trolley lady’s drinks over.

5.      Take a walk in the woods.

6.      Swim in the lake.

7.      Fall asleep together.

8.      Talk late into the night about your problems and know that you will never have to face them alone, ever again.

9.      Get in lots of trouble together.

10.   Kiss under the stars.