it isnt hard to fix

tearoffire  asked:

I find that sometimes I'm just depressed no reason no rhyme but when I'm like that I don't like to talk to people about it because it's sad to talk to someone who's depressed you know we just feel like we're bringing you down and we are because people don't like it when I'm depressed they want me to feel better there's nothing wrong with that but sometimes we just need to feel better on our own sometimes there's just no reason for it but sometimes there is it's nice to know people are there4u

Depression can manifest itself in all kinds of ways, and the hard thing is it isnt something that can get fixed or talked out of. Half the time for me I will know on some level that what I am feeling makes no logical sense that its irrational and patanoid, but when it happens I cant NOT feel it and no amount of trying to talk myself out of it changes it so talking about it can often be an excersive in frustration even when people are really trying to help. For me the best thing is usually to not be alone but to not feel pressured to “fix” things. That way I can have something to keep me grounded and hopefully distracted