it isnt anymore

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having read this weeks action comics im just gonna retcon it all myself in my head. just gonna pretend that in this both n52 supes and rebirth supes are both well and alive and SEPERATE and everything isnt a mess anymore.

we’re going to retcon a retcon of a retcon of a retcon 

ur average comic fan life right there, man 

The Boyfriend Shirt returns

From literally episode one:

Seriously do these two even own their own clothes anymore or do they literally just share? I mean I’m personally cool with them just sharing but whatever

irish memes
  •  michael d, michael d, up on his bike-ldy
  • “gowan, gowan, gowan, gowan, GOWAN”
  • the dating section of the farmer’s journal
  • scarlet on your life
  • road frontage
  • sraithphictiúirs
  • “i’ll be back. don’t touch my pizza”
  • barrys vs lyons
  • The Sesh
  • “thanks, penneys”
  • “an bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas”
  • england’s difficulty is ireland’s opportunity
  • “léigh anois go curamach ar do scruidpháipeir, na treoracha agus na ceisteanna a ghabhann le cuid A”

tbh u know what i hate: the whole idea that you can’t really be a fan of a celebrity if you call them out on stuff. like, if anything, i think it makes you just as much of a fan as everyone else because you’re recognizing them as a normal, human being who does dumb/shitty things like every other person in the world. & while its DAMN hard to admit that someone you admire isn’t perfect, its super important to be able to humanize them too.


if anyone else needed more evidence that i should delete well here it is

  • someone with bpd: hi!! is it okay if you tell me when you won't be available to talk? it only takes 2 seconds out of your day and it'll give me a lot of relief and reassurance that you don't hate me/are ignoring me.
  • tumblr: that is the most DISGUSTING ABUSIVE thing you have ever requested from someone in your life!! people can't just give in to your demands all the time just because you have this MENTAL ILLNESS!! they have feelings and lives too!! dont expect somebody to tell you what they're doing 24/7 just because YOU GUYS can't mind your own business!!