it isnt any of those things really though

kaskyy  asked:



  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

they both did. they were peep jousting. the whole house smelled like burnt marshmallow for a week and they went through $50 worth of rematches, but kakashi ended up victorious. gai swore revenge when the halloween peeps came out.

  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

cats??? dogs more like it and kakashi never can keep track of where they are even though theyre his responsibility. pakkuns ends up taking charge and keeping all the dogs in safe parts of the house

  • who breaks the most phones

gai because he keeps forgetting where he puts it down and always breaks them in exaggerated and comical ways like flipping them through a window or pouring a pot of water on them or something. kakashi doesnt know how he manages to do it but is somewhat amazed

  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

kakashi somehow managed to get gai breaking one of his phones on video and it goes hella viral. 

  • who dies first

they never die they are ETERNAL

  • which one I could see as being lactose intollerant

kakashi honestly he doesnt think its such a big deal but gai brings home ice cream one night as a special treat and kakashis like “oh sorry i cant have any im lactose intolerant” and even though it isnt that bad gai makes a fuss over him and gets really into alternative recipes and stuff and kakashi quietly thinks its sweet

  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

both of them honestly theyre huge awful dorks but they keep humoring each other and secretly help each other get better at those things with challenges and training

  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

gai, but he’ll kick himself out of bed because he feels bad about accidentally waking kakashi up in the middle of the night, so when kakashis seems like hes having a bad night gai will catnap and check on him periodically to make sure that he gets some sleep 

  • who uses the computer most

kakashi, only because gai cant figure out how to use one to save his life. neither of them uses a lot of technology, but whenever kakashi does something like placing an order online or looking up directions gai gets excited about how Modern and Cool kakashi is for doing this! gai still has a bunch of paper maps laying around and uses them to navigate.