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Can you do a famous malec couple au? Please

okay so full credit to @achilleanragnor​ for helping me get started on this because famous was too big a window for me and then this happened

  • okay so magnus is the troy baker of video games
  • honestly like, has there been a well acted game in the last eight years that didn’t feature a magnus bane voice line???
  • (the answer is probably no)
  • he’s had one or two small roles on tv, just on little shows and things but his home is voice acting, because that’s what he loves doing
  • he loves trying on new people, trying out new personalities, new faces
  • he also adores seeing all the production teams do their magic
  • anyway yeah magnus is super famous in the gaming community, been to awards shows, the whole works. nerds faint in his presence. especially at comic con
  • and then there’s alec
  • alec who his parents wanted to go to law school but he started acting in a theatre group instead and found he loved it so much more
  • alec who was at law school when he got the call for an audition for a superhero movie
  • alec who gave up law school when he got that dream call, much to his parents displeasure
  • (izzy and jace were proud as hell though)
  • he’s had a lot of pretty big roles - superhero movies, cult sci-fi, a fantasy show everyone seems to love
  • honestly alec doesn’t think he’s famous, no matter how many people sneak pictures of him on the subway
  • izzy and jace have to remind him of that alone because he’s always like “no, they’re not looking at me, are you crazy?”
  • especially when he’s out with jace, because jace is this crazy good musician and of course they’re looking at you
  • anyway alec got asked to do a little cameo role in a big rpg game and he kind of loved it??? which was a surprise because he really didn’t expect to
  • he goes to visit jace one day and jace is playing it because “dude, it’s your game of course i’m playing the shit out of this just to see what you look like”
  • jace is impressed, but alec ends up in bliss listening to the main character talk, who is played by, you guessed it, magnus bane
  • he doesn’t really think about it much though, and moves on until his agent asks if he liked the game thing
  • because this big epic adventure game is looking for some stage & tv actors to do their newest story
  • and alec reads the brief and damn it’s a good story
  • so he goes for it and he gets it
  • and it’s not until the production staff start talking to him that he realises it’s a full motion capture game
  • which is new but he’s still excited to get going, because it looks like a fun game, and there’s a full gay romance, which is really important for alec
  • he wants to do it right dammit!!!!!
  • anyway he gets to set the first day and surprise surprise, guess who alec’s love interest is?
  • anyway alec spends half his time being in awe of magnus’ amazing talent, and the rest trying to wipe the drool off his chin because the only person that can make the ridiculous motion capture outfits look sexy is magnus bane
  • so they spend the next few months filming this game, with alec falling a little bit more in love every single day
  • until finally they get to the end of the game, and the climax of the love plot, when in the heat of danger they share a passionate first kiss
  • and honestly alec forgets he’s acting until they get to that scene, when the production crew says they can kiss if they want but they don’t need to because the motion capture comes out weird anyway and the outfits will probably make it awkward
  • only just as magnus is about to pull away, alec leans in and kisses him for real
  • so when the game comes out and the two of them play it together on date nights, magnus is all “can you believe out first kiss has been immortalised in a video game?”
  • anyway they go out together and the fans all love them
  • their comic con panel involves so many “what happened on set” things it’s hilarious
  • they’re basically the power couple of video games and it’s beautiful
  • they get to accept a bunch of lgbt awards together and blow up the internet
  • and they all lived happily ever after
  • (including their video game characters)

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who are your favorite gymnasts?

The super talented ones that were born for this sport like Vika. The ones who put what they have to good use in a smart way and make it work like Sanne. The ones who never give up like Vanessa. The ones who had major setbacks but came back stronger than ever like Aliya. The ones with crazy power like Sae. The ones with beautiful lines like Bailie. The ones who know how to sell a choreo like Jiang Yuyuan. The ones who know how to hold a team together like Lari. The ones with incredible toe point like Flavia. The smol powerhouses like Wang Yan, and the tall, floaty kind like Nina. The ones from small gym countries that amaze you like Tutya, and the ones from big gym countries who get overshadowed by the amount of other talents like Christina Desiderio. The ones with pretty ballet choreo like Grishy, and the ones with crazy choreo like Axelle. The veterans like Cata, and the newcomers like Marine Boyer. The ones who had surgery 23857 times but still aim for a comeback like Gabby Jupp. The consistent ones you can count on like Kyla, and the ones who rarely hit but damn when they do it’s beautiful like Noemi Makra (and I just realized that a lot of my faves fit in this category).

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clexa and ranya wedding night sex?


like alright imagine the grounders have their own version of a wedding and marriage, and that Clarke and Lexa sort of combine that - they have a big celebration in Polis, a 3-day feast, the works, but the thing is that grounders don’t really do vows in public, but in private; but they have an Ark-ish ceremony where Kane officiates and Abby cries and they say sweet vows of forever and love to each other, and it’s a more private ceremony with just their loved ones before they go out to the wedding festivities

but then that night? when they’ve come back, they’re alone, and Clarke really just wants to sleep because she’s exhausted, but Lexa stops her and says she has something she wants to say

and she kneels again like she did when she swore fealty, except this time, nothing is left unspoken; this time, she takes Clarke’s hand, and she says her vows. but they’re not the same vows she said in the forest when there were lanterns hanging over their heads and they had all eyes on themselves; no, they’re not even in English, Lexa speaks her vows in the language of her heart, in the language she was born to speak, in trigedasleng. and it’s the language of her soul, she may be able to speak sweet loving things to Clarke in English perfectly fine but just the slightest ‘you’re beautiful’ in trig has her choking because the language has more of an emotional weight for her, it’s far more intense, and up until then she’s only ever been able to choke out short phrases like ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘i’m yours’

but she’s never said ‘i love you’ in trig. she’s tried but each time she’s choked up, but she’s practiced for this, in front of the mirror, for months.

and it’s there, when they’re just alone, sleepy and tired, that Lexa finally says it. her tongue forms the words and they fall from her lips like water, but the feeling in her chest is so intense she starts crying - but she stays strong, she keeps talking, she tells Clarke everything that she feels for her, Clarke speaks trigedasleng fluently by now so she understands. and she cries too, because Lexa’s crying, and because what Lexa is saying is so beautiful; and when Lexa’s done, Clarke pulls her up and hugs her, so tight, she’s sobbing now, and then she just murmurs ‘i love you’ in trigedasleng, over and over again, she already spoke the vows of her heart in the forest in front of their loved ones, but Lexa didn’t truly say her vows until then, and honestly they don’t even have sex that night

they just go to bed, kiss and laugh, they’re in no rush, they have the rest of their lives to have sex, for now they’re just overwhelmingly happy to just be with each other and just love so hard it almost hurts

dear budding freelance writers

first off: i’m not a lawyer. this is all accurate to my knowledge but i’m not formally educated or trained in most of this, i just work around it and pick some stuff up

look i’m currently suffocating under crushing debt so i was like ‘hey i’ll see if there are any magazines taking submissions’ cause i may or may not get chosen but at least its something i’d be doing anyway and timelines and genre restrictions never hurt a girl

i ended up on this page (upwork) looking for “ghostwriters” and it’s laughable to downright insulting.

such as: “Hello, I produce [REDACTED]. So if you are looking for a recurring job as a freelance writer you came to the right place! Here is what I need: Someone who can be a good researcher. Don’t plagiarize. All books are run through plagscan and copyscape. They need to be 100 percent original. Timeliness - The faster you produce these (with quality) the more jobs you will get. This job will be recurring if you do a good job. I will pay a maximum of $10 per 1000 words. Lastly, by accepting this job, I will own all the rights to the book. This includes characters, places etc. I own all the rights. Thank you!”

there were SO MANY OF THESE. look. i work in intellectual property for my day job. so here’s the thing: if you, a creative, does a “work for hire” agreement, like the one above, that means anything you produce under this agreement does not belong to you. you have effectively “sold” your intellectual property aka the story and all is defining characteristics - people, places, plot.

WORK FOR HIRE AGREEMENTS ARE NOT BAD! i see a lot of pushback against them on tumblr which is baffling to me because in the real world they’re how many creatives make money - by selling their creativity. with tv shows, for example, their characters and plots and what not do not belong to the creator of the show. they belong to the network of the show because they paid for them. writers of episodes don’t own the creative content of those episodes - the network does. because the writers are “work for hire” aka they’re getting paid specifically for their creative content.

work for hire agreements are usually the most advantageous when the payer is hiring the creator for the execution of a project rather than the creation of it. for example: hiring a writer to create a story out of a detailed outline, or an artist to draw something under strict specifications. the more creativity aka intellectual property the creator must generate and ultimately sell the rights too, the higher the pay should be for the work. (should. i’ve seen instances where pay is less but something else is gained - like different rights or credits - and that’s equally as acceptable as long as it’s what the creator wants. the creator should gain something equal to the value of what they are selling. obviously)

so the idea that $10 per 1000 words of pure original content is in any way shape or form acceptable is absolutely ridiculous. most literary magazines, which pay way more, get some form of publication rights but you the author retain all ownership rights. they’re not paying you for your intellectual property, only their right to display it without you suing them for infringing on your rights as a creator and owner of original content.

know your worth. know your value. i don’t know how many of these ridiculous ads actually get takers, but please do not answer any of them.

your ideas and writing and talent are worth more than pennies


I should not seem a part of it.

[Jalec Week - Day Seven: Own Choice]

Arranged Marriage Starters
  • "I can't believe I am marrying THEM."
  • "I want marry whoever I want!"
  • "You're not as bad as I imagined."
  • "No. NO! NO! NO! I am NOT getting married to YOU!"
  • "If you touch me I swear you will not live to regret it."
  • "This isn't quite what I expected."
  • "So... now what do we do?"
  • "I don't think I could have dreamed of anyone better."
  • "Let go of me!"
  • "You want me to marry THEM?"
  • "You can't make me go through this."
  • "I want to marry for love, not because I have to."
  • "I don't want to marry them. I want to marry you."
  • "Take me away from this. I can't do this."
  • "Will I like them?"
  • "What do they look like?"
  • "You can't keep me prisoner like this!"
  • "I don't care about your precious alliance."
  • "This is strictly business."
  • "I will never love you."
  • "Wow. I can't believe I'm marrying them..."
  • "I think I fell in love with you anyway."
  • "I would rather die."
  • "You can't make me love you."
  • "I love someone else!"
  • "Perhaps we can make this work."
  • "You're not my type."
  • "I'm nervous."
  • "I don't care if they like me or not."
  • "This is stupid. I don't want to do this."
  • "So you just sold me off to the highest bidder..."
  • "I can't believe how lucky I am."
  • "I paid a good price for you."
  • "You will have no children with me."
  • "So, we're doing this?"
  • "They are more magnificent than I could have possibly imagined."

Okay, here’s the thing, fuck all writing advice that tells you how to do your story or write your scenes, because guess what! THEY ARE NOT THE ONE’S WRITING THE STORY!!! I can not stress this enough, you are the one with the vision for how YOUR story is supposed to go. Only you know how to tell this story. Only you. Fuck anyone who’s like “Prologues are bad, blah, blah blah,” “Don’t kill your main character off early, I feel cheated, blah, blah, blah” or “Starting off with a dream sequence makes me feel like I’ve been lied to” GUESS WHAT ASSHOLES THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE, WE WRITE THINGS TO INVOKE A FEELING, BE IT GOOD OR BAD, ITS A FEELING TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE CHARACTERS FEEL DUMBASS

if you’re ace and you think that invalidating aces is okay then i need you to take a damn step back because we now have people who - despite years of relative peacefulness - have begun to become uncomfortable with their identity, have felt MORE isolated despite the kinship they had found before among other aces. 

if you’re ace and you are siding with the same people who send threats to ace people and who post vile things in the positivity tags, then know that you are endangering all aces, especially those who are already vulnerable among us, such as minors, abuse victims, and mentally ill people.

if you’re ace and mostly talk about being ace in the context of “i’ve never been oppressed specifically because i’m ace,” then kindly fuck off. now 90% of talk about a-spec people is related to this ~~discourse~~ rather than actual productive conversation. 

before all of this mess really took off, most ace-related blogs were places to vent, figure out identity, and find ways to love your identity. when it became clear that our growing size was giving way to issues with being intersectional, we were able to start addressing those issues.

now with this mess being so pervasive, we can’t even focus on things that actually matter. so if you’re ace and you want to be making more posts taking back all of the progress that we’ve made, then you need to keep those posts in a private place where no one has to look at it, and only talk about asexuality when it is productive and/or uplifting aces. stop pointlessly shitting on ace people 2K17

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I wish you would write a fic answering the question "what exactly are dragons?" The answer isn't what you might expect. (Any fandom.)

I was thinking about this all day at work. :D

“What are those?” McCree yelled, flattening himself against the side of the building as the two giant, blue spectral forms rushed past him, shrieking and wailing. The Talon operatives in their way crumpled to the ground, and McCree stared at their lifeless bodies, which until recently had been shooting at them.

“They are my power,” Hanzo replied quietly from behind him. McCree turned to look at him, seeing the blue glow fade from his tattoo.

“Damn,” he replied softly, and whistled. “They’re something else.”

“What are they, really?” McCree asked later on, as they returned to the base. Hanzo was sitting next to him on the carrier, silent and thoughtful.

“They represent morality,” Hanzo replied. “They are not a threat to the team; they trust who I trust. You need not fear them.”

“I don’t fear them, I–” McCree stopped. “They were just really pretty, is all.”

Hanzo chuckled. “I suppose they are.”

“No, really, what are they?” McCree asked a few days later when he found Hanzo on the couch in the common room, his arms full of blue dragons. He seemed to be stroking them like they were cats; McCree could have sworn he heard purring.

Hanzo glanced over him and smiled softly, shifting over a little to let McCree sit down next to him. “Would you like to touch them?” he asked.

McCree nodded and stretched a hand out, a little fearful of what he’d find. “I thought they were spectral,” he said, and was surprised when his hand met soft flesh covered in warm scales.

“They usually are,” Hanzo said, “but they are able to manifest physically when they want.”

“They’re beautiful,” McCree breathed, and laughed softly when he scratched one of them under the chin and it leaned over to him, batting him gently with its paw.

“They are my friends,” Hanzo murmured, as wide a smile on his face as McCree had ever seen.

McCree woke late at night to find Hanzo had left his bed and was sitting on the floor in a meditative position. Though there were no lights on, the room was lit up by the blue glow of the dragons. They shifted and coiled around Hanzo as he knelt on the floor, lost in thought, and McCree simply watched for a few minutes, loath to interrupt.

“I know you are there,” Hanzo said softly, and McCree smiled.

“Can’t hide anything from those two,” he replied. “Do they help you meditate?”

Hanzo nodded. “They are my spiritual guides.” He opened his eyes and looked up at McCree. “They guided me to you.”

McCree smiled so wide he thought his face might crack. “You better thank them for me, darlin’.”

“I already have,” Hanzo said, his smile matching McCree’s.