it isn't even the greatest album!

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hey! your end of contract/PR obligation post is pretty spot on - in TV - even after the ten eps are delivered the obligations continue to promo but they also continue to promo even if the show isn't picked up for a new season - like it;s just the deal w no contingencies and you're guessing right that 1D probably had no contingencies built into -like going on a break - not touring MITAM. I wonder though,and this comes up often- do u think a greatest hits album was included. possibly at 2016 xmas

I’m glad I’m not too far off. I’m just extrapolating what seems reasonable to me, and it’s always nice when someone who knows something weighs in, so thanks for that. I just think they’re in some weird limbo promo period where they can’t quite escape but they’re aren’t totally limited. I guess the main point is when this limbo ends, and that I don’t know of course.

I’m not sure what’s up with the +1. I see three possibilities, in descending order of likelihood: (1) it was reported wrong in the first place and doesn’t exist or the contract really started with MM so everything is delivered; (2) there will be a greatest hits released, probably late 2016 as you say, or (3) Zayn’s negotiated exit deal somehow transferred the obligation to him. I’ve discussed before why I think (3) is unlikely, but others disagree and there’s no way for us to be sure who’s right at this point. I hedge on a greatest hits release because of the smear campaign and constant touting of a breakup/doesn’t know what’s going on from Simon, but that could be trying to set up a surprise release of a greatest hits – one last gasp from the now-defunct band! get it before it’s all really over! check out the never before heard demo tracks or an unheard song! Or, it was misreported or we misunderstood the reporting. I honestly don’t have a clue what will happen there. And if it is released, I don’t know what kind of promo obligations the guys will have. I guess we’ll see.