it isn't easy being a cop

Which Lego you should fight
  • Emmet: Despite appearing friendly, this is a tough call. On one hand, Emmet would never hurt a fly. On the other hand, he's a hard working construction worker with unbridled passion. If you catch him off-guard, you'd probably win. Then again, why would you want to fight Emmet?
  • Wyldstyle: She's fast and athletic, so fighting her might not be the best choice. She won't go down without a fight. It's hard to sneak up on her, too. Try not to fight Wyldstyle.
  • Vitruvius: Don't fight Vitruvius. He is blind, but he will mess you up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • Unikitty: If you fight Unikitty, you run the risk of making them cry or making them lose their temper. Either way, it isn't worth it.
  • Bad Cop: Bad Cop is like Wyldstyle, only easier. You'd have a good chance against Bad Cop if he can't call in for support. Fight Bad Cop.
  • Good Cop: Do not fight Good Cop. For your own well being, do not fight Good Cop. You will lose. Good Cop has much more confidence and free will than Bad Cop. Beware Good Cop.
  • Lord Business: Fight Lord Business. He only relies on his drones to do his dirty work for him. Catch him without his resources and you have an easy victory.
  • Batman: I will personally buy you a $37 cup of coffee if you fight Batman.
  • Benny: Do not. Fight. Benny. He's survived with a crack in his helmet for over 8 and a half years. He personally broke the walls between different realms. He dismantled half of a room and built a spaceship with it in less than ten seconds. He embraces the powers of gravity itself. Do not fight Benny. You will lose.
  • Metalbeard: You should fight Metalbeard. He's a big mound of objects that is practically falling apart. He's slow, but he's very hearty. You can't crush his spirit, but you can dismantle him pretty easily.

anonymous asked:

I have a friend who identifies as a lesbian, but she has a boyfriend and has sexual feelings toward men and women and others. When I asked her why she identifies as a lesbian when she has these feelings toward men, she said "I just feel like bisexual is a cop-out. I know it isn't real, so it just seems too easy"

That’s an unfortunate attitude to have. It’s one thing to want to maintain her lesbian identity, which is an important thing for many people who use that label. But it’s quite another thing to denigrate someone else’s label. The ease of a label is irrelevant. I wonder if, perhaps, it was a struggle for her to come to terms with being a lesbian, so to consider another label would actually be difficult for her. But it certainly is not easy to be bisexual, especially with attitudes like hers floating around. We are quite real, despite being erased constantly. I’m sorry you had to experience that.

It absolutely infuriates me when people say stuff like ‘just call child services’ or ‘just call the police’

“Just ring child services” ah yes excellent so I can lose nearly all of my belongings after my abuser finds out I was the one who called or once they decide that I don’t deserve those things because they’re ‘theirs’.  So I can get moved out of the area I live and away from my friends. Some people have to go into hiding because of their abusers. And guess what? People will rarely adopt/foster anyone over the age of FIVE. Brothers or sisters? There’s no promise you’ll all be placed together. Do you have family members or friends who are associated with your abuser?  Well once you’re not there they might start copping it- for sticking up for you, or for not doing anything, or if they’re the ones that made the call, or maybe because your abuser just needs someone to blame

god if it was that easy we’d just call I promise you