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People seems to forget that observations have truths to them. All these kids, men, and white folk always asking for sources, stats, studies…. Well sometimes they simply aren’t there. Because no one has researched it, no one has the resources to do so. For example, there was that oncologist who noticed that his male patients always had support of their spouses but female patients were battling cancer on their own. He researched it and found it to be true, that men don’t stick through their marriages to a terminally ill partner but women do. But these observation don’t always go on towards being full studies. Some questions will never get researched because there isn’t interest or any perceived value to it, it won’t get funded. And half the time when it does, y'all come back and be like “lol ofc that was true. Did we really need a study to prove it??”

None of that makes the collective observations/experiences of a group any less true. Like when your gut reaction is to question someone’s actual lived experience, you aren’t being critical. You’re simply lack empathy. So don’t try to act like it’s cos you’re some superior rational being.

  • Jaime: Have you seen Bart?
  • Tim: -without looks up from his laptop holds up a cheeto which vanishes in a second-
  • Jaime: Uh....
  • Tim: He got into my Monster stash, has yet to slow down.
  • Jaime: Shouldn't we call, like, The Flash for help or something?
  • Tim: Nah, this is the most work he's gotten done in ages. He already has all his homework for the school year done and is now tackling the RNA folding problem.
  • Jaime: The what?
  • Tim: -points at white board across the room- I don't know, man. You try to keep up with his thought process.

“ naomi misora … so it’s her. she’s the one from the labbmc, that’s right. “

“ ….no, the naomi misora i knew was strong. “

don’t touch me this scene broke me inside.

Inuyasha: sees a random demon that is probably 100x stronger than he is.
Inuyasha: fight me u weakass shit

he’s basically like Steve Irwin with anger management issues.