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Hello everyone!! It’s my first follow forever and I just want to say thank you for all the support I’ve gotten since I began writing! Everything from your messages and asks, to your likes and reblogs mean the the world to me, and I want to thank you for helping me reach my goals! Again, THANK YOU!

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upstairs on the roof, where the sounds of the party were muffled and the lights were low, the echoing laughter from downstairs the only thing cutting the sound of the wind and of new york city itself, alec found him. magnus was standing at the roof’s edge, a glass of whiskey in hand, silhouetted by the skyline and he looked just as handsome as he had a couple of hours ago.

he had looked gorgeous then in the low lamp light as alec smoothed his fingers over his lapels and straightened his tie. he had been giving alec an incredulous look as he asked yet again what it was that alec had planned. and for the hundredth time that night, alec had only leaned in to peck his lips and whisper, “none of your business.”

now, in the same dark navy suit, the velvet fabric catching the soft low light, magnus looked just as good, bringing the sparkling glass of whiskey to his lips to take a slow sip. alec smiled to himself, stepping closer and sliding his arms around magnus’s waist as he gently pressed their cheeks together. instantly all of the stately control that had been hanging around magnus’s shoulders melted just a little bit, as he relaxed into the touch and let their heads rest together.

“happy birthday, mr. lightwood-bane.” alec whispered, right there against his skin and immediately magnus’s lips spread into a huge smile, his free hand dragging over alec’s forearm. after a moment, magnus turned his face to catch just the edge of alec’s mouth in the softest, warmest kiss.

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booksrockmyface  asked:

Hey, y'all! My birthday is April 28! I would really love something fluffy. Really into fake relationships at the moment. Any rating will do! :)

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Happy Birthday @booksrockmyface! We hope you’re having a fantastic day and just to make it extra sweet, @finnicko-loves-anniec has crafted an extra delicious slice of Everlark, just for you!

“Out!” The door hit her in the shoulder as she pulled it open. Katniss ignored the pain. “I said out!”

Gale brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, his fingertips skimming along her cheek as he did so. She pushed his hand away. “Come on, babe, let’s talk about this.”

“You can ‘talk about this’ with your other babe.” Katniss hated air quotes with a passion. Right now, she hated him enough to ignore that. “I said out.”

She heard a door squeak down the hall. Lazy shits in management had promised to fix that months ago. Katniss glared at the man who had dared to poke his head into the hallway. “Not you, Mellark. You stay in.” He didn’t budge. Was nobody listening to her today?

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sewbergamzee  asked:

Hey Weii! I just felt the need to add the the huge amount of messages you will probably be getting today and tell you and your wonderful star-eyed creation Blublu happy birthday! I'm so happy that I met you and get to call you my friend! I'm sending you love from across the world--feel the love Weii! <3

Hey Sewber! I keeped you for the last birtday ask I’m gonna reply.

(do you think nabiki will think it’s another reason to divorce from you? I wonder. Hey Nabiki, I know you’ll read this. I’ll just let you know that you’re freaking special too *smooches* @mycutecard )

ANYWAY. I FEEL YOUR LOVE. SO MUCH. I felt the love of all my specials friends SO MUCH today. And I cant thanks you enough for what yall have done!

Look. An other awesome special friend ( @kuraiscreatures -sensei) got me this today and I made some of your awesome figures posing on it.

That was the best birthday ever, thanks to yall. Thank you so much. ♥

and I saw that you throw at me some caffeine, thank you so much for that too Sewber! You’re always so supportive to me! I hope I’ll be able to throw enough love at you everyday!



280417 | 50 shades of komaeda
happy birthday hope boy!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

collabed with @anevoice@stepde2014 and @ellianwarner from DRamino! 

guess who drew who ehue :3c

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Thank you so much sweet you  ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Wow you make me feel worth it to just exist by saying that TSS XD

I love ya gurl!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO BE MY FRIEND *hugs*

pteradragon  asked:

Hey I just wanted to say Happy Birthday!!!! You are really fun and sweet and it's lovely to know you! Your art is so lovely and makes me smile! Little blublu reminds me to keep hopeful regardless of difficulties. I hope you've had a lovely day! <3 Love ya dude!!!

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*hugs tenderly Ptera*

Ptera, IS2G, you’re the dearest! Thank you so much for the wish! SINCE THE DAY ONE I meet you, you’ve always been SO INTENSLY ADORABLE AND NICE, like, it’s overflowing from you. You’re so friendly and deeply respectful. I really like you and I wish we were able to talk more time to time!
I do know that if we don’t it’s because of me, cuz I’m always busy but aaah I really wish I could talk to you more often!

My day was awesome, thank you so much for everything! Keep going the way you are cuz you’re the best *hugs*