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Emma, I saw you reblog a post about Louis renting love actually. What's the story behind it?. I haven't seen that before xx

Sure! Okay, so back in 2013, Louis went into a gas station in Houston (where they had a show earlier that night) and bought Love Actually. Now, Harry has said more than once that Love Actually is one of his favorite movies, so honestly, we probably could have guessed that Louis was buying it to watch with Harry anyway. They wanted to give us some more ammunition for that headcanon though, so a few hours after Louis was spotted purchasing the movie, Harry tweeted the following:

Those are lyrics from “God Only Knows,” a song that is featured in Love Actually. So basically, Harry and Louis had a date night on the tour bus where they watched Love Actually. #Confirmed


ceasefire (chapther 4) by hollycomb

“You’re clearly not. What happened?”

Kylo shakes his head. How can he explain? What good would it do to try?

“I shouldn’t have come in here,” he says, pulling himself to his feet. “That’s all.”

“Your old room.”

When Hux says this, Kylo realizes he’s seen this room already. Hux poked around in here when Kylo went to town, that second time. Kylo turns and looks at the room again, seeing it as Hux must have: the little bed, the folded quilt, some model starships lined up on the dresser, a framed poster of Ben’s favorite holofilm on the wall over the bed. It was some stupid action movie about smugglers and space pirates. Han had spent the whole thing whispering to Ben about the inaccuracies. Enraged, Ben had insisted that the inaccuracy was the point. That the artistic commentary on smuggling was more important that the accuracy. Han had given him such a look. Leia had laughed, had claimed to agree.

Casi hago llorar a mi maestra con esto. Yo sé que está largo pero espero algunos buenos lectores lo lean: Cortazar said “Everything can be killed except nostalgia, we carry it in the color of our eyes, in every love affair, in everything that deeply torments” Nostalgia, is, for me, that pain and happiness that comes of remembering the good times. That suffer of thinking in the things we lost. Nostalgia is that feeling when we need something or someone and is not with us now. When what makes us happy isn´t there anymore, it went away and leave us there incomplete, and everything changes. For example, I´m nostalgic of those days I used to spend with my boyfriend, just laying on the couch. I loved to hold him tight, watching a movie and fall asleep in that way. I think it´s obviously that almost all the people is nostalgic of their childhood. It´s the best time of our lives, when all we have to be worried about was the school and not to lose our toys. And I can´t say that i´m nostalgic of that, because I can´t remember it. But I don´t feel nostalgia of the huge moments like weddings, birthdays… I just don´t. I´m nostalgic of the little things, like just of hearing a “i´m proud of you” of my parents, that feeling when I hold the hand of my boyfriend for the first time and when I saw him in the eyes and realize that I was falling in love, deeply… those little things that ended being the big ones. I think that we’re almost all more nostalgic of the first and the last time that the things happen. The first time that we went to that special place, the last moment we spent with that person that now is gone… We´re too nostalic of the opportunities we lost and the posibilities we let go. And, to finish, i think that nostalgia is something that we have to be careful about. Is not good to be carry away by the nostalga and forget about living. Because, just like Stephen Chbosky said: things change, and Friends leave. Life don´t stop for anybody.
Support equality? Please read!

I decided to open a blog dedicated to pro-equality quotes from tv, movies and more! 

The blog is a humorous pro-equality page for entertainment and empowerment reasons.

The idea is to take quotes from TV and films, and show them as they are, regardless of their original context, what happened a about to happen.
We don’t try to present only quotes said by characters who support equality. The quotes should:

1. entertain us

2. empower equality in various different ways.

The target audience: feminists, lgbt+ and everyone who supports equal rights for everyone. 

Did you like the idea? Great! Reblog this post, follow us and send us your own screenshots! Be patience, sometimes it takes us time before they are uploaded. We’ll credit you, unless you specify tell us that you want to remain anonymous.

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Introduction to Star Wars

So, the kiddo decided she wanted to watch Star Wars. Not the new one mind you. No, our girl is a purist. She wants to watch them from the beginning and then see the new one in the theater. I swear I thought Nick was going to burst from happiness. However, I know my kid. So, I thought a little preparation was necessary.

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  • Yang:Hey guys, I just rented a movie for us all to watch tonight!
  • Ruby:Yay! Team movie night! Thanks Yang- I'm gonna go tell Weiss! *happily skips away*
  • Blake:Did you at least get something that Ruby can watch? I don't think we need another incident like the time when you gave her my "Ninjas of Love" book to read.
  • Yang:Relax Blake- totally gonna be PG-13.
  • Blake:Alright- I suppose this could be fun.
  • 2 hours later:(Team RWBY is watching the movie)
  • Blake:*cringes at some explicit banter between the characters* Yang, are you sure that this is appropriate for Ruby?
  • Yang:... Huh? Oh, yeah it's all good Blake. *refocuses on movie*
  • Weiss:I don't even feel like this is appropriate for me.
  • Ruby:I don't get it- what's going on? What are they even talking about?
  • Blake:Don't worry about it Ruby, it's not- *movie hard cuts to the main characters having hardcore sex*
  • Ruby:AGH! WHAT IS THAT?!?
  • Blake:Damn it! *covers Ruby's eyes* Don't look, Ruby! Yang, you said that she could watch this!
  • Yang:C'mon, it's not THAT bad!
  • Ruby:Oh god, the sounds! What's happening?!
  • Weiss:*covers Ruby's ears* Yang, you traumatized your sister, you idiot!
  • Blake:*glaring at Yang* You're so dead.
  • Yang:Um... Oh, look at the time- I'm late for... Ugh, something. *bolts out the door*
  • Blake:YANG!
  • Ruby:*shaking at the horrible image that was just burned into her memory* How do people even bend like THAT?!? Ugh, I think I'm gonna throw up...
  • Blake:*cradles the mentally scarred Ruby* I'm murdering Yang for this.
  • Weiss:I'll help.

Okay, so I was thinking about this today. When I was probably 7, shortly after the 4th Harry Potter movie came out, I wrote what I now realize to be my first fanfiction about Harry and Hermione at the Yule ball, which is weird because now I don’t like that pairing. I drew that picture at the time, I redrew it so it made more sense. I still sort of remember the outline of the story, I wish I would find it… Also, I don’t know why I though a shrub with floaty orbs was a romantic hang out…

there’s nothing quite as frustrating as being ace/aro and finding a series/movie/etc that you really like that has little to no romance at all, which is a fucking rarity in and of itself, and knowing that, despite this, 99.9% of the fan content is still going to be focused on the romance anyway, even tho that’s not what the series/movie/etc is about in the least

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What I find weird is that ADHD is very common, yet there's barely any canon representation that shows the character living with it. I remember being little when the percy jackson movie came out (won't rant about how bad it is) but I remember the mom telling him to take his add meds and i was SO happy because that was around the time i was diagnosed, and then a character was like me. i cant remember any other character canonly having a moment like that. and it makes me sad.

same….but may i introduce you to stiles stilinski

Some days I think about my life as a movie reel. A good war story where my hands are shields & my body an arrow strung through for pulling. Maybe dark comedy where everyone knows terrible things about me & all of them are true. Or an old-school horror, all glittering midnight streets where the ghosts of what we were still demand redress.

I think mostly I am crime noir. A mind prone to suspicion & a gun turned in on the self. Hands veined under filmy water, always scrubbing for shame. A mouth drawing near to the girl with sad, dark eyes. Close enough to kiss, but never close enough to promise the future can ever be changed.

“Guided Imagery” Concept Phase 2013

“One of the primary entry points for J.J. was the question: ‘Who is Luke Skywalker?’–as if being asked by somebody in the movie who doesn’t know. And that gets right to the point of, what is Star Wars now? Who is Luke Skywalker? Is he still in the game? Is he still with the Force? What’s his role? What’s happened since then?” – Carter

The Art of the Force Awakens

Something I’ve gathered from the art book is that there is something really dark about Luke. All the artwork for him is troubled and unsettling.

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Offered Movie and Book Deal.

A French-Canadian writer and independent film creator, Jacques Arnaud, has expressed his interest in Dylann Roof stating, “The events that have taken place in Charleston are nothing short of an American tragedy. The murderers of those nine individuals in their house of worship were only a sign that racism in America lives. Despite the horrific event in Charleston, I believe that the worlds needs to know Dylann Roof. They need to understand his reasoning behind his actions. I believe that by authoring a book about Roof, the world can understand why tragic events such as the one in Charleston, happens and what needs to change to prevent further events. I also want to create a film about Dylann Roof to help the world visualize who he truly is.”