it is what my life has become

You know what really breaks my heart?

That Yoon Bum already has a shitty life. Then he mets Sangwoo and he falls for him because he saw this beautiful, easy going, charming boy who seems to pull everyone towards him, so enchanting. Yet the reason he really fell for him was because of his kindness.

And then Sangwoo turned out to be the complete opposite of that, becoming the person who hurt him the most. 

This boy might have several issues, but he only ever wanted someone who would treat him right.

I’ve become afraid of writing. I don’t want to read my thoughts because I know it will terrify me to the point that I’ll be able to see how vulnerable my parts are and how ironically cynical and gullible my heart is. I cannot afford to discover that all this time, I’ve always been a lonely person; that no one has ever bothered to make me feel beautiful, worthy to keep and good enough, all at the same time. I am afraid to compare what I am to the person I’ve always wanted to be. But that’s what I’ve been doing. I always hope I’m enough, not to everyone, but even to one person only because that’s just what I’m waiting. I’ve always waited for someone to tell me I deserve all the stars in the sky even if I don’t shine as bright as the falling star.
—  blended-veneer 

i actually don’t hate you right now
i actually don’t hate you right no
i actually don’t hate you right n
i actually don’t hate you right
i actually don’t hate you righ
i actually don’t hate you rig
i actually don’t hate you ri
i actually don’t hate you r
i actually don’t hate you
i actually don’t hate yo
i actually don’t hate y
i actually don’t hate
i actually don’t hat
i actually don’t ha
i actually don’t h
i actually don’t
i actually don’
i actually do
i actually d
i actually
i actuall
i actual
i actua
i actu
i act
i ac
i a
i l
i lo
i lov
i love
i love y
i love yo
i love you
i love you s
i love you so
i love you so m
i love you so mu
i love you so muc
i love you so much

The one thing I expect from Victor next episode is that he doesn’t wear gloves at the rink so that everyone can see the Ring™. If you pay attention, so far he always had gloves on during competitions. Even during his afternoon in Barcelona with Yuri, he wore gloves the whole time, but he never put them back on after being offered the ring, not even the day after.

He would totally brag about it.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: phoenix wright and miles edgeworth are literally the gayest characters I have ever seen like what straight man says to another straight man that he causes him "unnecessary feelings?" what straight man who isn't harboring any latent homosexual feelings for his childhood friend actually switches his major in college for the sole reason of meeting back up with his childhood friend? what kind of straight man charters a private jet in the middle of night to a country halfway across the world for another man? what kind of straight man pulls every string he's got to pull to get another straight man his badge back when only a few years ago he was saying that he never wanted to see his face again? what kind of straight man fills in for another straight man in court and arranges for a judge and prosecutor of his choice despite knowing how much trouble both of them could get into? what kind of straight man defends another straight man for two murder charges that seem like open and shut cases with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever even after being told by the aforementioned man repeatedly said he didn't want his help? what kind of straight man is so upset and distraught by another straight man's apparent suicide that he doesn't even want to hear the man's named mentioned? what kind of straight men have so much canon courtroom flirting that it is literally ridiculous? what kind of straight men's dialogue consists largely of the men just sighing and mutter each other's names repeatedly? what kind of world are we living in where we are still debating about phoenix wright and miles edgeworth's sexuality when they are so blatantly, obviously, painfully gay for each other?
Stay close to me, don’t go!

I have just realized something that has blown my mind! In Yuri on Ice episode 9, when Vicktor and Yuuri reunited at the airport, Yuuri asked Viktor to take care of him until he retires (there was a translation error in that scene; for more info read this post until the end). Yuuri didn’t ask Viktor to be his coach until retirement, he asked him to take care of him, in a personal relationship, not in a professional one. That’s why Viktor said it sounded like a marriage proposal –though both understood and reacted to the whole situation differently. These two need to seriously improve their communication skills because all their misunderstandings happened for not expressing openly what they really wanted. Everybody has thought that Viktor telling Yuuri that he wished he’d never retire was beautiful, but that was the exact moment Yuuri realized he had no choice but retire.

This is going to get really long, so read more after the cut. (Also, I had screenshots ready for this post, but Tumblr decided to be a jerk about it and didn’t let me upload ANY of them). 

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