it is weird

Story time! I was walking around my local thrift store when I found this doll in the kids section of the store. in plain site. “What’s so great about him?” you may ask. Well Billy is one of a few anatomically correct (and well hung I may add) dolls made for a gay audience. Also the fact that I bought him for $5 even tough he sells for $200 online. I wonder who saw this and thought he belonged in the kids section.

Admin’s note: Holy shit I haven’t seen one of these since I lived in Key West.  There are collectors for these if memory serves.

Humans are Weird: The Doorway Effect

You know, when you walk into a room and immediately forget what you were doing, what you needed, etc? And then maybe sooner or later, maybe after youve left the house, or while youre still in the room, or maybe about 5 minutes later; you remember what you were going to get/do. And the fustration after youve left something to. Its not uncommon to hear My Mom, or My Dad, or anyone say ‘fuck’ when theyve realized theyve left something they needed. Said ‘fuck’ varies in tone and voume depending on how important said item was. From saying fuck under the breath or screaming out fuck in anger

Untitled Sanders Sides Fic

      So this is a little one shot that my Discord friends wanted, based on a prompt that I wrote.  Just a small drabble.  

Word Count: 652

Triggers: Small cameo of deaf child, Insults in french

   Thomas knew his sides had the ability to learn things he didn’t, case in point, Roman’s ability to speak Spanish, and basically anything to do with Logan.  He knew this, but why was he so surprised that Anxiety had learned ASL.  But as he watched the darkly clothed side sitting cross legged across from the twelve year old Fander, and having a conversation in ASL, he wondered why.  

           “I didn’t know he knew sign language.”

           Thomas jumped slightly and turned to look at Logan, and the other sides, taking in their surprised expressions.  Roman’s eyes were practically bulging out of his skull, not a good look for him.  It appeared that the girl has said, or technically signed, something funny, because Anxiety threw his head back and laughed.  Not the cocky smirk, or occasional snort that they were used to, but a full on laugh, that was bright and happy.  

           “D’aww!  They’re so adorable!” This exclamation came from Patton, who was smiling.  
           “Adorable is one word for it,” Came Logan’s reply, as he adjusted his glasses. “I would say this is surprisingly out of character for Anxiety.”

           Thomas wrinkled his nose at this, “But do you guys know Anxiety that well? I mean, you don’t even know his name.”

           Roman looked as if was about to say something, but instead shrugged, “You’re right Thomas, but the Emo Nightmare is so darn secretive.”  All the sides nodded at this.  

“He doesn’t make getting close to him easy at all,” Patton sighed.

           A woman came up and tapped her daughter on the shoulder and the girl looked up at her.  The mother signed a few things and the girl sighs, before standing up and waving to Anxiety, who waved back.  Anxiety then pushes himself off the ground and walks towards them, brushing off the dirt from sitting.  

           “Hey guys,” He calls out, his voice light in a way they had never heard.  “Why are you staring at me?”

“          You speak sign language?” Came Roman’s question, and Anxiety jerked around to look at him

           “Oh uh, y-yeah? I guess?” He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.  

           Logan tilted his head and again pushed his glasses against his nose again, “What made you decide to learn?”

           “What is this, twenty questions?” Anxiety muttered, but sighed and answered, “I was bored one day, and though it would be fun, it’s how I learn most things.”

           Patton decided to take advantage  of Anxiety’s more relaxed mood, and asked, “Ooh, what else do you know?”

           “Eh, I learned French a year ago, Latin the year before that, and I’m working on Italian, why do you want to know?”

           “You’re a polyglot?” questioned Logan, “I’m surprised.”

           “I know big words too!” Patton said complacently. “Hilarious, octagon, squishy……”

           “Wait you speak French?” Roman wrinkled his nose.  “Can you say something in it?”

     “Sure.” Anxiety smirked, before the soft syllables of French rolled of his tongue, smooth as butter “Peu de morceaux d'eau de toilette, moisissure, moisissure, baguette de la semaine, qui ne peuvent même pas être confiés pour attirer leur poids dans n'importe quoi.”

           Patton sighed with a smile on his face at the beautiful language, “It sounds so pretty! What did you say?”

           “I called him an under cooked, stale, moldy piece of toilet water soaked, week old baguette who can’t even be trusted to pull their weight in anything.” This was said with a smirk .  

           Roman shrieked, “Oh no you didn’t Devil in Emo clothing!”

           Anxiety just smiled an evil grin and spoke again in another language, but by his tone they could tell it was insulting.  He kept his grin on his face before he broke down in laughter, the others joining him. Roman finally cracked and started laughing as well.

           Eventually when they finished laughing, Thomas looked at Anxiety, “So, what did you say?”

           “That’s for me to know, and you to find out.”