it is weird

my teacher, glancing down my phone : great to know that kids these days still appreciate fine literature even if they’re on their phones! these e-books things are very revolutionary indeed

me :

me : literature yeah absolutely

my phone : /furiously/ SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMU- oh and is that fluff i see


throwback thursday: those plant scientists in the early 90s who were tryin to make a purple flower more purple for retail greenhouses by throwing more “make more purple” genes into the genomes but when the plants would bloom they would bloom pure white with no pigment, turns out that they accidentally discovered the plant RNAi virus defense (that wouldn’t be properly described in any organism until like 2006, when some other scientists would win the nobel prize for it) that was thinking the “make more purple” pigment genes they were inserting was a virus and was reacting to it by just rapidly destroying all the pigment genes in the plants’ genome, turning them white instead of purple lmao

I start to see that I have a lot of different personalities and they all come naturally to me. I can switch so easily between them. I have a different personality for every friend. But sometimes I dont even recognize myself.