it is way too late to be on tumblr

Peace. I’m doing IB at the moment and I’m in the first year of it. The subjects which I’m taking are Maths, Chem and Physics (HL) for the other SL subjects I guess I’m not going to mention them as they are not much important to me or in another words they are fine. So, if anyone here wants to have study group or anything like it with those subjects then you are welcome.
The purpose of creating a Tumblr account was basically to keep in touch with all of you in studies and help each other out whenever needed. Because this way we can make a change I believe and also we can improve ourselves.
As for me, due to some situations I’m finding it hard to keep myself going with those subjects but yes, I’m trying and pushing myself. I know there are a lot of you who might have felt that or going through that phase. I know its hard but don’t give up its never too late for anything.
Being new in Studyblr, I hope you all around me will help ans support and I shall do the same to you too.
I was inspired by these people and give a follow to them: @elkstudies, @sciencescribbles, @areistotle, @studygene, @kimberlystudies, @maxwellsequations, @studytip, @staypozitive, @lifeinatextbook, @academicheaux. Bless you all.❤

What you should do, right now
  • Aries:Go and get a glass of water. Drink it slowly.
  • Taurus:Have that snack you've been meaning to get. You're not a pig. Stop listening to Tumblr. You need to eat.
  • Gemini:Go to the toilet. Stop bouncing around and putting it off. You've been on this website too long.
  • Cancer:Your homework! You've been leaving it way too late and honestly you're not going to have time. You're smart but that's not going to last if you don't work hard.
  • Leo:Tell them you'll talk later.
  • Virgo:Close down that Word document if you're not in the frame of mind for homework right now. You don't need to stress. Relax! Tumblr yourself crazy.
  • Libra:Put down the computer, go for a ten-minute walk. When you come back inside you can do what you like.
  • Scorpio:Write down what you meant to write down earlier.
  • Sagittarius:TEXT THEM BACK. They want to talk to you, and you need to stop putting it off!
  • Capricorn:Go and give your parent or sibling a hug. It'll be a super nice surprise for them, seeing as you're always scorning affectionate physical contact.
  • Aquarius:Get off Tumblr. You have been on this goddamned website way too long. Leave it for now.
  • Pisces:Have a little nap. It'll do you no harm.

The gif is apparently too big for tumblr so if you want to see it animated with some fireworks lights you have to click the link and go to the original post on my page. ;-;

By the way, happy Chinese New Year! :>

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rec some of your fav fics with that trope please

only for you, sweet pea 😚(famous/non-famous where they have an online relationship without knowing who each other is)

the one i’m reading now is The Beautiful Game
→ or the one with football vlogging, food blogging, salsa dancing, late-night cooking, Brazil sightseeing, way too many bathroom encounters, the recommended amount of unnecessary pining, a bunch of staggering examples of bad stadium etiquette, a Balotelli shirt and a whole lot of snogging. girl!Direction

Thought the Song Was Sung 
→ Louis never auditioned for the X-Factor. Years later, Harry’s just another gay ex-boybander who lives alone with his cat… until Niall decides to take matters into his own hands and set up a profile for Harry on a dating website. 

never shut us down 
→ Tumblr!AU. Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love. (tumblr famous counts, right?)

if i could hold you 
→ Louis isn’t a fan of popstars. Unless the popstar has curly hair, green eyes, and is named Harry Styles. He really likes that popstar.

You’ve Been Lonely Too Long
→ Harry has everything someone would need to make them happy: money, fame, a stunningly attractive albeit fake girlfriend, a supportive family, good friends, and a cat. But maybe he isn’t very happy. Louis sleeps around and no, he definitely does not have a problem admitting to that thank you very much, but maybe he’s just a little tired of waking up alone in the morning with only a bowl of instant macaroni and cheese to comfort him. Maybe letting Zayn play matchmaker wouldn’t be such a bad thing. (haven’t actually read this one, but i’ve heard good things!) 

aaand these two kinda sorta fit in this genre, After Hours
→ Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are the bane of each other’s existences. Unfortunately, they’re already in love–even if they aren’t completely aware of this minor detail.

and We’re All Stars Now
 → Louis is a failing actor who can’t hold down a relationship. Harry is the worn-down vocalist of a world famous rock group. Zayn and Liam get stuck playing therapist whenever Louis has a relationship breakdown, and Niall just wants to stop this whole mess and get a pint. And the tabloids are threatening to tear them all apart.

summer is dumb love. summer is pool parties, deep rooted shivers, soaked towels wrapped around our shoulders. summer is your text tone as an alarm, because you always woke up way too early for me. summer is two month late birthday presents, rue 21, cheap colognes. summer is ‘i miss you’ and 'i need you’ and 'i love you too.’ summer is talking about the future. summer is tattoos. summer is stars, special treehouses, secret spaces. summer is talking about the universe until two a.m. summer is inside jokes. summer is cold drinks. summer is promises, backseat singalongs, bucketlists. summer is counting the days to see you. summer is wanting to kiss you. summer is dumb love. summer is memories. summer was our lives.
—  an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #2
They weren’t roses

It must’ve been late August.

I don’t quite recall, you see,
but it wasn’t too hot and
you were wearing
your favorite summer jacket.

We walked upon a dusty trail,
snaking its way
across a sheer endless valley
filled with
deep red shaded wild-flowers.

I’m afraid I’m unable to tell
what type of flowers they were
(you were always the
better biologist),
but if you’d
stare at them from a distance,
they gave off this strange and
orange hue;
an aura of some sorts…
maybe sprinkled with fairy dust?
I don’t know if they were real.

                                     Forgive me,
                                          I digress,
              they were just so beautiful.

It was all so beautiful.

To be there,
but mostly to be there with you,
feeling so light
our feet barely touched the ground,
and the only proof of our existence
the sensation
of our interlacing fingertips.

Together, we embodied happiness,
smiling widely
as we walked towards the horizon;
a journey that would last eternally.

It was a simple, yet serene scene,
nothing spectacular happened,
we were just so happy;
happy as can be –
as we
had been.

Oh well,
that’s what I recall from last night’s dream.

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

In occasion of her first appearance on screen on the 4th of February 1938 (I’m 2 days late, but whatever eheheh), here’s my homage to the first Disney princess ever, the sweet and kind Snow White (with a slightly more elaborated costume)

[sorry mom for having forced you to watch this movie way too many times]


i see a mistake but its too late to do anything about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Despite that, I’m really happy how this turned out!!!!! (the bottom one is transparent) and can you believe that’s the first time I’ve drawn a shark? it’s actually kind of… cute.

Inspiration strikes you in mysterious ways. I saw a clip in a music video from a funahus LP I haven’t seen yet, and it’s one of their old ones. Adam faces his fear of sharks >:3 After a little bit, when he sees the shark he’s like (ง •̀_•́)ง

View it on my DeviantArt


Hey everyone, I’ve got a new Commission Info sheet available now!

It’s been a while since I first posted a commission sheet so consider this an official reopening. Money has been tight lately and what better way to try and get some extra income than to make art?

If you’d like to order, please message me here on Tumblr, or send me an email:


Things I Will Draw:

  • Any humanoid character, be it fan art or OC.
  • Pokemon
  • Anthro characters* 
  • N S F W**
  • Simple backgrounds (will cost extra depending on detail)

*Will most likely be drawn in simplified Animal Crossing like style, though we can negotiate this
**I am comfortable drawing things that might be considered Not Suitable For Work, but not anything too sexual, this can be negotiated
(Please note: cleaned line art will be an additional +50% of the base sketch price, if you would like it, otherwise I’ll just color with the sketch.)

Things I Will Not Draw:

  • Sexually explicit content/ Full frontal nudity 
  •   (see disclaimer above, this can be negotiated)
  • Excessive or upsetting gore
  • Robot/mech/etc.  (I’m not good with machinery)
  • Complex backgrounds

To Order:

  1. Send me a message or email. Let me know what you would like drawn and provide any reference material needed.

  2. I will start the commission after receiving payment. Currently I only accept PayPal, my email is . For more information on how to send an artist money, here’s a good post: [X]

  3. I will keep you updated on progress. If the commission is for a gift, please let me know if there are time constraints and I will work with you to meet them.

I know not everyone can afford to buy right now, but I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word for me. Thank you everyone! :D

power outage || I mean, guys, what. 

|| Sappy part, feel free to ignore || I’m almost a year in since I converted my old Jedikiah Price blog to Lincoln (March 4th, holy shit), and I’m at 1502 followers? I realize I am incredibly blessed and lucky to have so many people following me and my muse, even though as of late I have been indecisive, posting crack, and not doing much in the way of real roleplay. I apologize profusely for that, but thank you all for sticking with me. I’ve been adjusting to working 45+ hours a week on average as well as trying to keep my social life in a place where I haven’t become a hermit, and Tumblr RP has suffered for it.

Thank you for being here with me through all of the revelations and plot twists surrounding Lincoln, for letting me drop threads and post too much ooc and being a total airhead with everything. And, honestly, thank you for sticking with me through a lot of shit.

I really appreciate it.

PS: Shout out to the personal blogs who are here and come at me with discussions about Lincoln. I got a lot of you, and I am terrible with URLs, but you are all fabulous.

The following ‘bias list’ is simply a shout out to the people who have stuck with me, first started talking to me before Lincoln even appeared in the show, roleplayed with me, fascinate me with every thread regardless of it being ours and/or always willing to love me and let me love them. I appreciate you all. 

[As said previously, I am terrible with remembering URLs and I did try to put everyone who I could remember. So, I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.]

Thank you.

                                         ★ bias list ★

@shotgunaxecombo ϟ @pyrosebay  ϟ @tectoniics ϟ @narcissisticfanger ϟ @morethan084 ϟ @americanwerewolfinspain ϟ @tremoriisms ϟ @tomorrowtechie ϟ @foundlimbo ϟ @inexperiencedchosenone ϟ @queencvak ϟ @shpixn ϟ @itsnotflirting ϟ @citadelcharlotte ϟ @ofalphasandanchors ϟ @priimadonnacomplex ϟ @dear-indies ϟ @ofscifi ϟ @agentmorse ϟ @formerfirstson ϟ @absterdraws ϟ @frombrokenplaces ϟ @noplaceforemotion ϟ  @unaugmentedmonkeyscantfly ϟ @alleyspat ϟ @morspossidco ϟ @directorofsass ϟ @mayiisms ϟ @blinkerazer ϟ @unbeliiever ϟ @elsaofarendelle ϟ @wereyoulonely ϟ @pastyfitz ϟ @psychotiicjackass ϟ @xwardfire ϟ @ofsurgery ϟ @deranged-lestrange ϟ @084-connordean ϟ @fiivealarmfiire ϟ @inhxmancrystal ϟ @ex-skydiving-scientist ϟ @jesslynshepard ϟ @elenaishuman ϟ @ivegotbrawnandbrains ϟ @goddessandwarrior ϟ @neverwholelahey ϟ @whydoyouthinkileft ϟ @mcthermurder ϟ @outlawiism ϟ @caro-comedentii

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I just published a rad new book about two women falling in love in the Jazz Age. One of the main characters has an invisible illness, another is asexual, and a third is bisexual. Would you possibly be interested in reblogging a post about it? Thank you so much! If so, here’s the link:

this is probably way too late but better late than never! Look everyone a book! It sounds cool!

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16, 22 (Tumblr friend one because there's 2?) 24 and 44? (:

16:What song are you currently listening to? - Nothing right now, no Radios allowaed at work. On my way here i Listend to  Bullet for my Valentine - Venom

22:Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in Person? - YES! ALL OF THEM! Especially: @ac1d-burn @painkiller08 @otherius @moon-the-feral-druid (yes i want to meet you too) @indiestorey @rasa98

24:How many pillows do you sleep with? - 2 normal Pillows and one to cuddle with

44:What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately? - I’m Always obsessed with Bands xD But atm there will be Sabaton, Bullet for my Valentine, Subway to Sally and Amon Amarth

Thank you for the Asks^^


2:How long have you known your best friend? - I know him since i think 4 Years? I’m not sure ^^

Late joke is late -.-;;; the original thought was to just make a simple doodle over the day but I ended up taking this way too serious and well, yeah. I got the idea after a conversation with @ashethehedgehog in january so it’s way overdue!  

okay, so this is basically the awesomeness that is the puzzlegang, which is basically the three most amazing people you might find here on tumblr, which is basically four different versions of Yuugi and Yami when you include me to the epicness XD

first we have @ashethehedgehog as S0 Yami. Because she’s totally S0 Yami, no one will fight that statement XD and she always tries her best babysitting us and making us go to bed in decent times, especially we northern dorks ^^;;;

then we have @ginrou as S0 Yuugi, saying they don’t want to in japanese (”iya da!!”). Seriously, they are just too precious for this world, just like Yuugi ;w;

@pancake-with-a-blog is truly my DM Yami, and is way better at getting in bed in decent times, but on the other hand wont do it unless I join XD such puzzle fluff  ♥ ♥ ♥

And then there’s me, as DM yuugi, having way too much fun playing games and thinking sleeping is overrated lolz! XD 

It’s trivial, it’s cute, it’s silly, it’s kinda out of character and somewhat stupid…. Have it!   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Page 46

New page! Better late than never! (Or next week. I wouldn’t make you guys wait too long.)

I had a great time PAX South this year, which was the reason for the delay. This was my second time down there and it was a ton of fun. I got to play a good mix of tabletop and video games (although most video game demos were WAY too busy for me to bother with until Sunday afternoon).

I got to play a video game card game that I promptly forgot what it was (sorry, those aren’t really my deal), and some smash-em/shooters that seemed alright. I was really impressed with the art style of a game called Stories, but I can’t seem to find a link to it, since Googling “Stories Video Game” unsurprisingly doesn’t yield any relevant results. Also, Stories dev team, if you’re reading this, you’ve gotta cut down that intro for the demo. It was like five minutes of listening to someone read what was onscreen. There’s a lot happening at cons. I almost walked away like five times.

I also got to play some Pathfinder Society, which I hadn’t done before, but was a lot of fun. Playing tabletop stuff with people I don’t really know was a new experience, but I think I might have to do some more of it in the future. I had forgotten how complicated Pathfinder is compared to 5e, though, I may have to check out the Adventurers League stuff instead.

And, as always, it was a blast to hang with my friends down there. It’s good to have super cool fun awesome talented people as your buds. 

See ya next week!

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ok like not tryin to get u mad here or anything just trying to understand literally why do twitter rps use tumblr to promo and stuff like why cant u just use twitter .. its a twitter rp so .. why is tumblr involved ?? there r plenty of ways u can promo on twitter ? do u see where im coming from like idk im just tryna get it

ok honey bunny …. tell me how people can Apply , where they can read the Plot and Guidelines , answer questions , where i Can keep the faceclaim and character info updated . Sorry But

Important update

Blah. I hate doing these things.
So, although I hate to say this, I have to be hospitalized soon (I think tomorrow) due to my poor mental health and some other things going on. I don’t want to go too much into it, but depression is a butt and I haven’t been doing the most healthy things lately.
They don’t allow you to have a cell phone in there or any other electronics,  so my Tumblr will be inactive for a week or more, because I won’t have any way to access it.
I promise that as soon as I’m out, I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule.


my tumblr isn’t working and shuts down when i try to submit it so ill just post it. so; im sorry your forehead is fucked up but at the picture i drew this from it wasnt in frame so i just put your url there. and those black dots were an accident but the kinda look like stars if you look close enough so i kept them (and it was to late to remove them). and you look way better than it looks on this picture IM REALLY SORRY @lamapalooza

Yep. My new obsession is Undertale. (Told you I’m always late to the bandwagons.) Don’t judge me.

I died to Muffet way too many times on my first run. She’s still one of my favorite battles and themes, though. 

I should also say now that if you haven’t played Undertale yet/don’t like Undertale, you should probably set your Tumblr filters accordingly. I plan to post much more Undertale art, with appropriate tags of course. Everything will be tagged #Undertale, and possible spoilers will be tagged #Undertale spoilers.