it is very ugly ok omg

NaruSaku and SasuKarin false moments



Sakura crying for Naruto’s “death”. Yeah... right
Wait a second , not supposed here that Sakura should be remembering Sasuke?
Mmm, go shopping together...

Naruto gives her a flower.  It’s not a big deal. FILLER 

Sure, Naruto confess that he loves Sakura, but in FILLER

¿¡Sakura blushing for Naruto!? Pierrot does not even believe this.


OMG. NO AGAIN. This is a plagiarism of SasuSaku, chapter 33.

OK, OK is only filler

WTF!? This is like a prince save his princess, but calm.NOT CANON 

“The story of a hero I love”. WTF AGAIN! From Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Ending. This is very ugly, so NOT CANON

For the first time in the history of the series, Sasuke worries and save Karin ,but in the FILLER.

Sasuke hugging Karin, hah, NOT CANON

Karin touching the face of Sasuke and tells her “genuine” feelings. LMAO. SO NOT CANON.


And I ask myself , why NS / SK do not hate Studio Pierrot,  if they gave them false hopes and were deceived?

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I'm kinda late but you are certainy not ugly??? People are beautiful, all of them? I can probably say 5 things about every person I see that makes them beautiful? And the thing about your friend is the silliest thing ever, shooting a model for the very first time and then probably someone he doesn't know and is comfortale with must be pretty stressfull! And shooting with friends is the funniest thing ever and with you they can have fun and make jokes and with a model they can't! YOU ARE AMAZING!

omg it’s ok i was just bein a poop!!! my friend shoots with a lot of people but he did end up having a lot of fun with the model and i’m happy for him :) i’m over it now i’m just rlly dumb hahaha but this is really sweet thank you ❤️