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It’s almost October, which means it’s time for my favorite boys to get spooky! :D :D :D Prompto’s up first. Will get around to the other boys soon!

Very Good Bad Thing

A Fullmetal Alchemist AU inspired in part by this awesome artwork.

Shoutout to @butteredonions​ for brainstorming with me//lending me this au format and @demenior​ for beta-ing and giving me the title.

cw for animal death.

00. Shiro becomes a State Alchemist for the grant money.

Shiro does it because he wants to fly. He has dreams of soaring through the air, and draws out transmutation circle after transmutation circle, carefully plotting out ways to make it possible. But even with alchemical intervention, a human alone is not light enough to float unassisted, so he researches planes and airships. Planes are expensive, though. And becoming a State Alchemist involves money for any kind of research his heart desires, as well as access to the most well-equipped labs in the country. Eventually, his hunger to fly outweighs his desire to keep his research to himself.

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Thinking about bookmarks bc I have a ton of them and sTILL WANT MORE

anonymous asked:

Fake title: How about.... "15 roses means I'm sorry" ?

“15 roses means I’m sorry” : (after typing this, i’ve decided that this is a backstory for a story of mine….but not really)

Georgi bought 15 roses from the local florist when he progressed into the quarter-finals for the Grand Prix Final. A hop in his steps, Georgi wants to surprise Anya with flowers. That’s a given, right? You want to share the good news with the people you care about, and this was definitely good news to Georgi. He asks Anya to meet up with at him at the local coffee shop, and Georgi is sitting outside in one of his best outfits with his rose bouquet across his lap. Hidden and then he’ll whip it out and surprise Anya because she appreciates flowers if they’re part of a surprise.

Georgi is sitting outside for about half an hour before he calls Anya, asking if she’s okay. She doesn’t pick up, but she texts back that she’ll be coming later than expected. Georgi doesn’t mind so he waits. He orders himself hot chocolate and has a steaming cup of black coffee for Anya for when she comes. He asks one of the baristas if she can keep it warm for him. Another hour passes by, and Georgi is getting worried.

His roses have begun to wilt, petals dry and the stems have sagged under their weight. Georgi revives the flowers with a bottle of water and still waits for Anya. Did he do something wrong? Was she mad at him? Was she upset that Georgi didn’t go directly to her but instead, asked her if she could meet him at a coffee shop?

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Anonymous said to bonnytymepyrate:
Why do you say that one costume looks “18th century” when the Victorian Era is in the 19th century?

Because it’s very much more inspired by Rococo fashion, the neckline and sleeves stand out the most, and there is something of an implication of a stomacher in the center, though it’s all one piece, and while it cuts off as a crop top, the silhouette is still one that looks like it would extend to a more conical shape instead of the hourglass silhouette of the Victorian era. This also isn’t the only costume that has more of an 18th century influence either, and it makes sense to some degree as musically Emilie is more Baroque inspired and this is closer at least.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and All That Jazz

Archive Link

I was very much inspired by this video done by the BBC about the abandoned schools in St. Louis  and then my brain went to thinking, “Well… what DID happen to the school years later?”

So here we are.

(I’m really quite happy with this)

Thanks to @williamdewey and @jackie-sugarskull for looking over the draft!

      It is September again.

      School should have started a month ago.

      But there sits Jerome Horwitz, silent, save for the soft scuttling’s of termites and the gentle wind that rushes in through the halls, rustling the peeling paint in a way that almost sounds like a smoker’s wheeze. Strange, squishy things, fuzzy things, grow in the gaps between the tiles of the bathrooms, through the vents that hang in chunks above what remains of the drop-down ceiling, home to so many other faster creatures that worm and crawl.   

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Let’s talk about that love song playing in the bar

It’s called “Annie’s Song,” another John Denver song we can cry to post-movie. John Denver, before he died, wrote this for his wife at the time (Annie) on a ski lift in Colorado (as all artists get their inspiration). This is a very sweet, somber melody, which makes it perfect for reminiscing—and according to the Internet, it’s also a very appropriate post-breakup song.

In this particular instance, this song plays as over a downcast Eggsy, sitting in a bar alone and waiting for his martini.

When does this scene take place?

Right after Eggsy pleads with Harry, desperate for Harry to remember him, to come back not to only help save the world, but also be the man who remembers giving Eggsy that second chance, the love and care and confidence: “Kingsman needs you. The world needs you. I need you.”

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Im 17 and a junior in hs, when I was younger I always wanted to be an olympic athlete, I like running even though im not athletic. I moved states I was put in a gym class for athletic kids and would always be last and made fun of for being slow. My gym teacher was very encouraging and inspirational, and I remember later doing 74 sit ups in class, despite the pain I did it and it felt awesome and I kept pushing myself and became more fit. But I hit a Depression Session and let myself go. (1/2)

(2/2) I kept looking at all the athletic kids in hs and kept thinking “why the fuck cant that be me” and since sports teams on hs are pretty much made for athletes and shmuks like me would suffer there, I never bothered. But you’re inspired me to get back up and lose these baby muscles! Thank you for helping me find faith in myself again.

dont give up friend!! you got this!! im rooting for you :))

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hi just here to tell you that your improvement is stunning; it's absolutely amazing how you improved so much in just five months. it really shows how much effort you put into your art, and it's very inspiring, especially to me at this time of my life. thank you for blessing timeline with your art, and i'm looking forward to seeing more of it ^^)9

Aaaaah thank you so very much! I’m amazed that my art and effort has touched you, I hope you have a lovely evening 😊❤️

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Thank you for all the great advice you give. You're very inspiring and so accessible and helpful, it means a lot. You remind me to keep working hard, because maybe someday I'll make it too. Thank you.

I’m always glad to offer advice when I have it and thrilled to hear it’s actually helpful. However, I’d also like to just gently warn you against thinking I’ve “made it.” Getting one book printed doesn’t remotely mean you’ve “made it” in publishing terms. (For example, if you get that first book published and it doesn’t do well, you may never get published again. Just because a publisher liked your first book is no guarantee they’ll like the second. A first book may get great reviews but not sell. And so on and so forth.) So I want to dispel the illusion that I’m any more successful than I actually am, and the illusion that once you’ve got that first book deal you’re set for life–because that’s a mistaken notion to which way too many young writers get attached. Definitely keep working hard and working towards those lofty goals, but don’t be idealistic. That’s a great way to set yourself up for disappointments down the road.

under a new moon : covers

I made these covers and edits for the lovely @lusterrdust , she is such a goddess, I fucking love her to the moon and back! And of course I adore her new work, under a new moon, which is a bughead mermaid au. Ya’ll have to check it out!

(this one ↑ was made by: mermaids_luv on instagram, I just put the title on it but I hope you like it!)

Well, that’s it. I hope you like them and that you stay inspired because your story is very good.

I love you!

S4 #FannibalSelfRec

Filling in @hannibalficwriters self rec prompt, simply to cheer myself up since today is doom-y and gloomy.

The First Cold Day of October

A few weeks or months after surviving the Fall, somewhere up North, Hannibal and Will are carving a present for themselves. Until one day, they feel the first cold day of the season.


1. What does the piece mean to you?

I had, until recently, completely abandoned writing. I had half-started some series/ideas more than a year ago, but due to time I eventually gave up. After some unbelievably inspiring chats with @pragnificent​, I started very meekly to post a few ideas, here and there. This piece is the first “original” concept I explored in a non-draft format in over a year, and it has been absolutely massive for me.

Apart from it being monumental because I actually wrote it down, it is important to me because it deals with chronic pain. Which is close-and-personal. But also it is one of my more light-hearted Will and Hannibal stories; I am happy with where they are, in relation to each other, even if there are moments of struggle, consent issues and other unpleasantries. I adore them together in this fic, because they are still raw and potentially dangerous to each other, but they are willing to listen and act in whichever way makes the other happy, in the end.

2. What was your favorite line in your piece/what was your favourite comment that you’ve received on the work?

Oh boy!

Will’s eyes focused on him. A gentle serenity eclipsed the frown. “You have been good. I never tell you that, but you have been so good since.” The thought broke.

“Since when, Will?”

“Since we eloped.” He allowed a smile, and Hannibal could feel the sun kissing his skin in the middle of the cloudy Autumn day.

It is more than one line, but fuck me I love them.

I LOVE all comments, adore treasure and hug them close, but I think Somethingeasy’s resonated with me in about every single level.

3. What are you most looking forward to in Season 4?

I… actually wrote a meta about that. Hannibal S4, Relative time & Relations, and this is my ‘realistic’ approach to S4. When it comes to entirely emotionally driven, Hannigram progression of forgiving one another and healing, tentatively, mind and body, slowly and occasionally painfully but always in love, well this series is where I put all my hopes and dreams in:

I hope this was not too self-indulgent! This is the story link: AO3

In any case, thank you for bearing with me, and for every kudos, view and comment! And now back to writing…