it is ugly but i am super happy

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hey y'all..... someone reminded me of how in need of theyna content i am.... got any headcanons? help a girl out

  • they fight over who’s the butch and who’s the femme (all in good fun it’s a happy thing)
  • thalia making excuses to take far more trips to camp jupiter than are really strictly necessary. the hunters Know.
  • they share flannels
  • sometimes reyna steals thalia’s signature leather jacket and is like ;)
  • they’re an unstoppable duo at beer pong tbh
  • they’re super competitive with each other like it never gets ugly but they do very much enjoy having pushup competitions and races and sparring sessions
  • they’re both fascinated with each other’s hair!! reyna has never had hers short and thalia has never had hers long and they both rlly love running their fingers through each other’s
  • reyna’s dogs love both of them of course but the longer they’re together the more argentum seems to gravitate towards thalia (thalia wears a lot of silver and he’s biased towards her lmao)
  • god god god thalia in a tux and reyna in a little black dress
  • or thalia and reyna BOTH in tuxes Oh My
  • they’re actually quite good for each other because they both have pretty intense trauma in their life and seem to have mostly found the same coping mechanisms, so they get each other on an intrinsic level without having to unload all kinds of baggage
  • so many hot chocolate dates. so many
  • reyna loves all animals but thalia insists she hates cats until reyna actually adopts a cat one day and thalia begrudgingly falls in love with it
  • thalia like definitely insists on teaching reyna how to shoot a bow and arrow solely for the purpose of doing the move where she puts her arms around her and guides her. reyna is fully aware of this.
  • thalia is certainly going to end up with many tattoos and they never get matching ones bc thalia likes her’s to all be totally unique to her, but she and reyna do get complimentary tattoos. also she goes with reyna and holds her hand for the first one she ever gets. and one time reyna gets a secret one to surprise her with.

You can’t say something like that around these people omg

The cosmos aligned as I have been meaning to do this meme for a hot minute and it fit your sweet request!:)

I am super happy this blog helps you feel better. In all honestly that’s what keeps me going, knowing that I can bring a smile or two to someone out there with this wonky stuff. I also put a lot of thought into making them relatable, so I’m thankful that is working out.XD

Keep being cute!


okay so something I think about a lot is how Lin has been such a positive influence to so many people. Like. So Many. 

I mean, for starters, there’s obviously the theatre kids who can thank Lin for inspiring them and giving them something to be excited about and giving them something to bond over

You got all the actors whose careers have taken off thanks to Lin

You got poc’s all over America who finally have some quality representation thanks to Lin

You got LGBT+ people who can thank Lin for being such a good ally and for encouraging other people to do the same

We all have an insane amount of really good music to thank him for, from moana to in the heights to the ham mixtape

And then there’s all the people who have seen Hamilton and been inspired and felt proud of America and wanted to work to make the country better and start movements and make things happen

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT even if you’ve never heard of Hamilton or Lin, he’s basically the reason that Alexander is staying on the ten dollar bill and you get to stop seeing Andrew Jackson’s ugly ass on all of your twenties. 

Also Lin has done a remarkable amount of side projects to help various good causes and raise money for people in need so there’s all that too. 

IN CONCLUSION  i am super emo and i’m so thankful to be alive at the same time as Lin and I am so blessed to be able to say that I am one of countless others who has been changed for the better thanks to this man. 

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Um this is prob gonna sound weird but the way you draw foreheads actually makes me feel better since I've got a somewhat big forehead irl ;v; your style is rly cute!!

omg??? it’s 4 am here in brazil BUT I had to draw it. my new OC. ahem

she loves to match her nails and accessories with her ugly hoodies. she knows nothing about fashion. help her…

also anon, i would be super happy if you gave a name for her!! please let me know somehow ; o ; tysm!


list of favorites (15/50 female characters): Julie Taylor

“When I started high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of Dillon. I thought that every book I read was like a rung on a ladder that I built to escape this town that was all about high school football and nothing else. And now that I’m actually getting close to leaving, I’m starting to appreciate that I was shaped by my town, that I have different viewpoint than every other person. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m surprised by how happy I am to be from where I’m from.”

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Aw!! I don't think you're ugly!! This blog definitely has to be one of my favorites, and the person who runs it too. You're someone who makes me laugh and I think that's really cute. You're super sweet as well, and your reactions are priceless!! It makes me really sad that you think that way of yourself :( This blog is just really great and I'm glad that I'm at least (a small) part of it. - Unborn baby anon

((I! Love! Compliments!!!!!!!!!!! I’m always negative about myself but that’s who I am. I love compliments though, makes me happy about how I’m alive. Mostly RoBul though. I cry about those two all the time))


This started off as a sketch of a scene from the latest chapter of NGJL and then got out of hand real quick. I’m sorry…this is super duper sad even for me…*throws feels everywhere*

March 2009 UFO Replies
  • Fan: Zhou Mi, are people really only attracted to appearance? I know that I’m not attractive when I’m fat, but I also have self-respect, and I like to make myself up to be pretty, so why does everyone laugh at me? You’ve seen me, am I really that ugly?
  • ZHOU MI: No, self-confident people are the most beautiful! You may have to endure different opinions, but the final decision belongs to you. True happiness is your own happiness, you don’t live to make other people happy! Only you.

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No but if Yato had the money, he would TOTALLY SPOIL YUKINE and that makes me emotional

He would and Yukine is v humble and would tell him to stop but he’s happy for the attention (embarrassed son) and just accepts the presents since he can’t really say no. especially if the present is hella ugly but yato thought it was super cute so he puts it on the “this is really ugly but yato got it for me and i am happy and wont admit how happy i am” shelf

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OK ALRIGHT SO–spn is something that has legitimately changed the course of my life. friends, support, someone to talk to–within this community, it’s everything that’s kept me pushing forward to work hard, and stay excited to continue on. to actually keep being passionate about the things i love

when i made god’n’gabe it was to see if i could do it. i didn’t think anyone would be as excited about it as i was. but i wanted to try, and the response you all gave was phenomenal. because i loved doing it, and everyone else loving it filled me with so much happiness. i mean, chuck and gabe have become my precious babies

and like, rich, and rob–the band too!!–became supporters of it, got GIDDY about it, which is another one of those things that, like, when you follow and respect someone’s creative work so actively for years, you kind of forget how they’ve become a day-to-day part of your life.

so all of it, accumulative, has become a huge part of who i am. and i’m not a super physically-emotionally moved person unless i really, truly love or relate to something, and while the show has made me tear up from time-to-time, it’s never been at a super high. and the end musical interlude actually made me cry. after the ep i listened to it and it just made me cry. like, shaky, ugly gross cry. but i felt happy. really happy.



As I started finding a random collection of papers will all sorts of my writings on, in all sorts of places, which eventually were piled together to create a thick stack, I decided that it was time to replace that not entirely good habit with something a little more organized and special. I say this because that is exactly what I am going to introduce you to: my notebook. 

Before I get you even more confused, let me explain what this so-called “notebook” is about. I would start describing this as my own little treasure, a little friend even, with whom I have held a wonderful friendship with for the last few months; it has kept me good company. By this point you might be thinking that I am talking about a diary or something like that, when in reality, I am talking about this one little book that holds more than just confessions of a hopeless romantic. 

The truth is, that at first sight, this indeed appears to be a diary, but the moment you open it you realize it is a realm of fantasy, containing all of those words written in black Pilot gel pen and cursive hand-writing that make up anything imagined, from four line poems, to 1000 worded articles, to fluky midnight sketches, to unrealistic plans, to never-completed “to-do” lists, and to pretty much anything that has ever crossed my mind and which for some reason I ended up writing or drawing down. I’ve gone from a stack of scrap, wrinkled pieces of paper filled in with ugly handwriting, to a stack of neat, lined papers tattooed with black ink; that makes me happy.

However, the reason to why I am sharing this with you, is because thanks to my “notebook”, I have been able to translate my ideas and thoughts into physically written words that have allowed me to discover things about my own self that I had never had the chance to discover before. Thanks to this Lil’ bud I have been able to develop all of my bizarre ideas, and have found something that is super fun for me to do at 1am when I can’t sleep or during road trips when for some reason my 3G doesn’t work.

Furthermore, I believe this is a habit I have not yet abandoned since it causes me much joy and pleasure to put into practice. This is why I want you to try, since I can guarantee that at least some of you expert, first class daydreamers or aspiring writers will love this. This is a concept which allows you to experiment with your own and come up with something that physically reflects who your character is. Whether it is an old composition book or a new one you specifically bought in that French papeterie you like,  you can make it into your own treasure, and fill it with content that makes you happy, and that is made so that it pleases no one but you. This way, you can store all of those ideas and thoughts that are worth keeping. Trust me, they will be genuine works or art; I have seen a lot of ☼Indie/Gipsy/Bambi☼ girls do similar stuff to this and their creations look so beautiful they make you smile every time you turn a page. Go ahead, take out your pencils, pens, notebook, imagination and start creating.

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How is Stephen Amell an ugly cryer? How does one make crying look pretty?

It wasn’t an insult, Anon. :) 

In my experience, there is such a thing as extremely ugly criers and extremely pretty criers. Being an ugly crier doesn’t mean that a person should be qualified as ugly at all. It’s just how they cry, and there’s no changing it. Here’s how I think of it:

Ugly criers’ faces get red and blotchy and scrunched up when they cry, shuddery breath and frogs in the throat and headaches after. I for one am a hideous crier. Seriously, if I really get going, it’ll take an hour with a cool washcloth and happy thoughts for my face to look semi-normal again. I get super red. It’s bad. 

Then, there are the pretty criers. Pretty criers’ faces don’t change much as the tears artfully overflow from their eyelids and trickle gracefully down their cheeks. Whenever I think of pretty criers, my mind goes to two people:

Gillian Anderson, The X-Files

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

I swear, they’re almost prettier crying than not crying. When they cry, it’s artistic and beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Interestingly, both of their co-stars are actors that I would qualify as ugly criers:

David Duchovny, The X-Files

Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

There’s no dignity or artistry in those tears. That’s just flat-out ugly bawling. Their faces contort and get red and blotchy. That’s just how they cry. 

Now, I think that Stephen Amell is very pretty when he’s tearing up so his eyes get all shiny and he’s a bit flushed. He doesn’t have tearing up with dignity mastered as well as David Ramsey - who I think is Arrow’s prettiest crier - but he looks okay when he’s just tearing up. It’s when Oliver is actually crying or on the verge of crying that he becomes an uglier crier. Case in point:

That’s not pretty crying. 

To keep it in the Flarrow-verse, I think that Grant Gustin is a very pretty crier. I don’t begrudge him this in the slightest, considering how often Barry was called upon to cry in Season 1.  

Gillian Anderson, Jensen Ackles, and Grant Gustin look like they could be paintings when they cry. David Duchovny, Jared Padalecki, and Stephen Amell look like they’re unwell. There’s nothing wrong with either type of crying, and I’m such an ugly crier that I couldn’t judge anyone even if I wanted to. Ugly crying actually hits me harder on TV because it seems so realistic. I called Amell brave in my original post because he’s in showbiz, and showbiz places a premium on how performer’s attractiveness. Ugly crying can’t be fun. 

Anyway, there’s no shame in ugly crying. It’s not like we get to pick how we look when we cry. To me, ugly crying doesn’t mean that a person is unattractive in the least; it just means that they look pretty messy when they cry. It happens. 

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hi, I'm sorry that this is a silly question, but I was wondering if you have any tips about self esteem? I've just always felt terrible about my self, the way I look, the way I act, everything. and it doesn't help that my friends don't like me anymore and I feel so unwanted and ugly. I'm really sorry, but do you have any advice? thank you so much!

not at all a silly question. i’ve had self esteem issues before, im guessing 98% of humans have, so you’re in good company. there are a few things that help me.

remember that your perspective is everything. not your friends’ perspectives or your family or crush’s perspective. your perspective. try to go a week without complaining. make a list of things you like about yourself. maybe do the 100 days of happy thing. i try to be super positive on this blog and thats not always how i am in real life but its helped me a lot i think in how i deal with things/conduct myself in real life.

you can always find negative things about yourself. everyone can because no one is perfect. but if you focus instead on your strengths, you wont get bogged down in self-pity. it’ll make you a lot freer. freer is a weird word. 

other people form their opinion on you based on incomplete information. you know the most about yourself. if you form your opinion of yourself based on others’ opinions of you, you’re gonna get let down. its so toxic i cant stress that enough.

try exercising. go on a run a couple times a week. maybe join a yoga class. it doesnt matter what. exercise relieves a lot of stress and ya might see results. 

another helpful source of confidence i have is my God. if the Creator of the universe and nature and everything loves me and knows the number of hairs on my head, thinking my teeth are crooked becomes less of an issue idk

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Am I the only one who noticed how in the Brick Hugo describes characters as ugly when they are unhappy, but beautiful when they are happy? I think this might also be a part of R's description as "frightfully ugly," since he's super depressed. Also Eponine was described as a pretty child, ugly when she met Marius, and prettier after she fell in love with him.

Naaaah you’re not citizen!! There are some great posts about it out there, but I sadly cannot link you because I can’t find them :/ 

But yay that’s a valid theory!!