it is too late at night for these feels

Too young

Last night i come home to find my roommate is still at work, his girlfriend fast asleep, and his daughter (10) up past her bedtime.

Daughter herd me coming up the stairs and greats me at the top wearing a rather tight One piece swimsuit which leaves nothing to my imagination. Now keep in mind she is at the top of the stairs blocking my path and I’m eye level with her young little camel toe.

I can feel my cock start to stiffen as I say hi to her and ask what she is doing up so late. As she starts to tell me how her dad’s girlfriend is sleeping and didn’t tell her it’s bedtime yet she casually reaches down and starts to rub herself right in front of me. Well this is more then my poor cock can handle it’s now full mast. The trousers tent if fully pitched and she is standing between me and my bedroom.

I managed to say it’s late you should get ready for bed just as we both heard her dad come in the door downstairs. I then took my chance to slip past her and retreat to the privacy of my own room, in a cold sweat thinking about what the hell just happened. She has never done anything like this before and I hope she doesn’t do this l again because she is only 10!

***Just keep the image in your mind and use that to get off and you’ll be fine! 👍🏻💋 ***

“Sometimes it gets hard to remember who I️ am to you when you’re so great with everyone. You just have this way about you, a sincerity lodged in your chest that pours over everyone you meet. There’s a special sweetness that comes out of every one of your smiles and every tease, no matter how innocent or unintentional. And I️ love that about you. I️ adore it, actually. It’s just hard to exist next to that essence of who you are. It’s hard to always feel like there’s a difference with me. It’s hard to feel like I’m special. But then there are those little nights of ours—never too late because you always need your sleep—when you say all of the right things. Not just to say them but because you mean them. And then I️ have to wonder how I️ could ever doubt you at all.”

“You really are.” 🖤


“Hey, Chase… did you get in okay?”

Kat had left the door unlocked for her nightly visitor. For the past few weeks – while her dad worked late in the city, finishing up the semester at the university – Chase had been leaving his house, claiming to be hanging out with friends, and sneaking over to Kat’s house. At first, it was just to keep her company while she was alone all night. The two of them had always been friends, but lately… lately, it had become something more.

“I always do. You look cute in pink, Kit Kat.”

Kat blushed. “And you know how I feel about you in blue…”

Chase smirked, enjoying their banter a little too much. “I sure do.”


I don’t believe for a second that this emo baby knows how to dress for a party.


“There will always be a door to the light!

I’m too often expected to keep quiet about things that are just too much, too loud. I can’t keep everything inside all of the time, and ink isn’t always as helpful as I trust it to be. Sometimes I need to scream.
—  🖤
Insomnia starters
  • "It's nearly two in the morning, what are you doing up?"
  • "I'm pulling an all-nighter."
  • "I can't sleep."
  • "I'm having nightmares."
  • "Will you stay awake with me?"
  • "Why am I still awake?"
  • "I should've gone to bed by now, but..."
  • "I don't think I can sleep after that."
  • "It's past midnight, why are we still up?"
  • "Do you normally go this long without sleep?"
  • "God, I wish I could just pass out right about now."
  • "I'm an insomniac, this is just normal."
  • "I work best at night."
  • "It's that late already! But it feels so early..."
  • "Can we stay awake together?"
  • "Everything is prettier when everyone else is asleep."
  • "I like being the only person awake sometimes."
  • "Is it too late to go to bed, or should we wait for the morning?"
  • "I can't sleep - I've tried everything."
  • "Let's get you some sleeping pills."
  • "You should really get some rest."
  • "I don't want to fall asleep without you."
  • "I'll stay with you while you're up."

Bother me

please bother me. always. even when you think you are too much, even when you don’t want to bug me with your problems or when you feel I shouldn’t care about what you have to say, bother me. bother me when it’s 3AM and you have to call me 10 times till I wake up and answer you. ask me over late at night to just sit with you and be there so you don’t feel so alone. bother me on your way to class so you can rant about how someone just cut you off and how you’re going to be late. tell me you are stressed, tell me you are worried, when you’re scared, when you’re lonely. send me endless pictures of your dogs and your food, bother me with silly things that made you smile or what stupid thoughts keep you up at night. bother me to be there for you, bother me to show you I care, because I can promise you I’m never bothered.


inspired by the time i randomly ran into goro at the subway bread store?? ? they r gay bcuz i said so (anyways im sleep deprived don’t judge me)

When I was younger, I was better at hiding my emotions. And when I’m asked why that’s not the case now, I say that it’s because waterfalls get louder when they reach the bottom. I’ve reached the point where I’m crashing, crashing into pointy rocks that sharpen my fall instead of break it. So I’m just hoping to level out soon, maybe as a creek or river could. I don’t want to keep falling forever.
—  Fallen. 🖤

soft!sewoon for anonymous 💫

I’m tired of not managing to say the right things at the right time. One would think that it’d be easy. Just open your mouth and let the words come because there’s no way that what you feel could be wrong, right? I wish.
—  🖤
Cute Shit Boyfriend!Peter Would Do
  • “I know this is kind of dumb but Aunt May still has Uncle Ben’s class ring and I want you to have mine.”
  • Warms up your hands for you when they’re cold.
  • Lets you use his headphones when you forget yours at home.
  • You catch him staring at you and call him out on it
    “Sorry, you just look really pretty today.”
  • He adds some of your favorite songs to his homework playlist
  • Calls you in from the other room just because he wants to give you a hug
  • He flops himself down on top of you on the couch after putting a movie in
  • Then he falls asleep like that and you’re trapped but you’re not even mad
  • Kisses you on the cheek when he greets you in the morning
  • “Aunt May said I had to clean my room before I go to your house but she didn’t say you couldn’t come over here while I cleaned will you please please please come keep me company?”
  • Texts you links to videos he thinks will make you laugh
  • Plays with your hair while you’re cuddling
  • Refills your water bottle for you when it starts getting low
  • ‘Accidentally’ leaves his hoodie at your house
  • Smiles when you’re wearing it the next day
  • Buys you a Spider-Man poster as a joke but you love it and hang it up immediately.
  • Lets you have the last slice of pizza
  • Rubs your shoulders when you start getting really tense and stressed while doing your homework
  • Makes you your favorite dinner when you’ve had a bad day
  • Plugs in your phone for you when he notices it’s starting to die
  • Reaches over to randomly doodle a little heart on your hand when you’re sitting in class together, then turns back to his work without saying anything
  • Buys you a book that you’ve been really excited about coming out before you have a chance to go to the bookstore
  • Then doesn’t complain when you spend all night ignoring him in favor of reading
  • Helps you put on your jacket
  • Goes out to get you chicken nuggets just because you really wanted some
  • Dances with you like idiots when you have too much energy
  • Sends you pictures of dogs he sees out in the world
  • Comes over late at night when you’re feeling sad just to give you a hug
  • Is just generally the sweetest boyfriend ever wow I’m having too many emotions

((…beware? bewarb? it’s certainly not ‘bendy’ anymore.))

  • El (whispering): Guys, can I tell you something?
  • Max, Will, Dustin, and Lucas (leaning in): What is it?
  • El: I think Mike is another one of Brenner's test subjects! That or he got taken over by the Upside Down darkness or something!
  • Dustin: Pfffffttt, that's silly!
  • El: I'm being serious! Haven't you noticed anything...strange about him lately?
  • Will: Jane, we've known him for years. Trust me when I say that whatever weird thing is happening to Mike, I'm pretty sure we've seen stranger things *winks at camera*
  • *Mike enters the room and rests his chin on El's head*
  • Mike (to El): Hey, I've been looking for you! I called and set the reservation at the diner for date night. Also, Steve can drive us-
  • Mike: ...
  • El: Told you guys! Oh and Mike, make sure to tell Steve about my dad's curfew, he doesn't want us out too late.
Why the Zodiac signs were late

Aries:  I had to shower and I got caught up singing

Taurus:  I had to grab some food.  I’m not myself on an empty stomach!

Gemini: I had to stop by this one-day sale. Don’t give me attitude I got something for you!

Cancer:  I saw a cat crossing the highway, had to pull over.  I actually found it a forever home too!

Leo:  I was getting ready and kept changing my outfit. I wasn’t feeling the one I picked out last night.

Virgo: I’m not late. You started early.

Libra: I saw a hot chick and I started talking to her…  

Sagittarius:  Oh I forgot to push my clock forward (some BOGUS lie)

Scorpio:  I had to hook up with someone(s) and these things take time, ya know?!

Capricorn:  I had a meeting run long. Closed a huge deal.

Aquarius:  I was 3 hrs early and fell asleep in my car.

Pisces:  I never even remembered we were meeting so you’re lucky I’m even here.