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I’m glad we’re not getting a Season 2 this year

I’ve seen people disappointed about the movie, and wanting a Season 2 in October.

My perspective is… This is the BEST NEWS THAT I HAVE HEARD in this fandom, hallelujah.

The biggest enemy that Yuri on Ice has always had is its own success. When your show is basically printing money in DVD and merchandise sales, you can bet that the higher ups are breathing down your neck. Do more. Do it now. Do it faster. If you find a goose that lays golden eggs, by all means, make that thing lay as fast as it freaking can, and while you’re at it, can you make those eggs any bigger?

I have seen success absoutely ruin amazing shows/series/book series/etc. Over and over and over again.

This is particularly true when the show/series/book series has a strong romantic subplot, as Yuri on Ice does. That’s because often, in order to keep people who are invested in the romance invested, shows tend to do one of two things: 1. Keep people from getting together long after any reasonable person could imagine that they’d be apart, or 2. Add ridiculous drama to keep splitting them apart and then getting them back together.

I trust Kubo and Yamamoto. I don’t for one second trust bean counters. And I absolutely do NOT want to see someone splitting up Yuri and Victor in nonorganic ways just to keep some unnaturally stupid tension. Yuri on Ice was magical because it was made with love–every aspect of it–and every time the show surprised us, it was with how much more love was in the show than we’d ever imagined. But it is hard to manage that fine line between enough internal tension to move the story forward and that love that makes Yuri on Ice utterly magical.

When I heard details about the production, I could sense that love. They traveled to every venue, constructed the story around what was actually possible. The spirit of everywhere they went to pervades each scene. You can line up shots of where they were with anime scenes. The way they constructed characters, their skates, the music for their skates, how it all fits together to tell an overarching story about love in all its forms, something that is utterly compelling and yet lacks villains. Even details like putting the wedding rings on the right hand. This is storytelling at its very damned best, at every level, and I’m on my knees to it.

And you want them to do what they did in years for season 1 in a matter of months? It’s not possible. Not with the site visits. Not with needing to construct characters with respect and love. Not with commissioning music. Kubo was talking on Twitter today about visiting Mexico, and the idea of her taking Leo’s heritage as a Mexican American so seriously, and with such respect, in a time when Mexican-Americans are being absolutely vilified in this country, makes me almost weepy. That is what I want–that love, that respect for what they do.

The very, very worst thing that could happen to Yuri on Ice is for the second season to be made with money in mind rather than love. I would rather have no second season than to see someone push this show to become more “mainstream” (read: toning down the queerness, fuck that), or for them to not have the time to develop a story line that continues season 1 with the mastery and the love that made it so special.

The fact that they’re taking their time is the best thing I could have heard. We can get it fast or we can get it good. There’s plenty of media out there that comes out fast. There’s a reason this one was special. Everyone who wants something fast, well, there’s plenty of crap out there–feel free to be a fan of it.

Have a little patience, and trust the people who brought you this piece of genius, who have every financial incentive to take as much money as possible. If they say you’re not getting a season 2 this year, you better believe that it’s because they can’t do it well.

Two years may sound like an eternity, but a crappy season is the thing that actually lasts forever.

hush-city  asked:

Do you have advice on how to make a story more dark? Or even better, tips on how to tone down the darkness while still keeping the story intense and emotional?

I think I know what you’re getting at here. A story that has an intense, emotional plot, but doesn’t always take itself so seriously. I’ll admit I struggle with authors like Gillian Flynn because the intensity of her plots is already a lot to take, and there’s something in her storytelling that has you feeling even more disturbed. That’s great for some readers, but it’s certainly not my cup of tea.

Still, it’s a tricky ask to respond to, since you also mention making the story darker. So darker, yet less dark? Tough, but I think I got something for you.

Let your characters smile.

Even in the darkest of times, give your characters permission to smile, and maybe even laugh. It could be a slightly hysterical laugh or a desperate laugh, but it’s a laugh that’s let out in a moment of “Ah shit, I can’t believe this is actually happening right now.” 

Sincere smiles are also not too difficult to write. Two characters in a life threatening situation can make the other smile even with a simple “We’ll get through this together.” Or reflecting on a memory of better times, a funny story one of them may recall. Smiling gives us confidence that we can survive even the hardest ordeals, so allowing them that luxury will help lighten things up a bit. 

I also think this solution lends itself to the other half of this ask - to make things darker. 

If every part of your story is dark, it becomes difficult to draw attention to the real high stakes moments. At least, I think so. When we see characters smiling and laughing and having a good time in other contexts, it becomes sobering when that character can no longer laugh, or even crack a smile. It makes you sit up and think: “Wow, this is serious now.” 

So maybe this is a really simplistic suggestion for such a complex question, but I think if you inject those moments when characters are happy, even just for a brief second, it becomes more authentic, and less “dark for the sake of dark.” I think it could strike just the balance you’re looking for. 

I hope that helped!


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I don't know if you've answered this before, but what animes have you seen? Manga you've read? Or both that you have tried and just couldn't get into? :)

Friend, I have been watching anime and reading manga for so many years that I can longer keep track of them all. But I can give you a short list!

- Horimiya (my absolute favorite right now)
- Fullmetal Alchemist (the greatest story ever written)
- Inuyasha
- Kodocha
- Dengeki Daisy
- Fruits Basket
- Saint Tail
- Your Lie in April
- Akatsuki no Yona
- Kuragehime
- Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko
- Azumanga Daioh

- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- Darker Than Black
- Tamako Market
- FLCL (all-time fav)
- Digimon Adventure + Digimon Adventure 02
- Trigun
- Outlaw Star
- Tenchi Universe + Tenchi in Tokyo
- Cowboy Bebop
- Nagi no Asukara
- Cardcaptor Sakura

Series I Couldn’t Get Into
- Fairy Tail (followed it for a while, but the fan service got so ridiculous that I couldn’t take anything seriously anymore—fatal for storytelling)
- Ranma ½ (would have been better off if it was 20 volumes shorter)
- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
- Wolf Girl and Black Prince
- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (though it may have been bad timing and I’m willing to give it another try)
- Taiyou no Ie
- Vampire Knight
- Hibi Chouchou
- Ao Haru Ride
- Itazura na Kiss

…I’ve read/seen and rejected way more than this, but for now, that is a sample.

okay this is entirely a random and personal rant but like

if Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars series can handle nonsexual nudity in a story set in 1867 and published in the 1910s what the hell is the excuse of current SFF to keep using metal bikinis? Dejah Thoris and Thuvia and a lot of other Martian women just… didn’t wear anything that could be described as “clothing”, and yet our hero John Carter doesn’t sexualize them, doesn’t take them less seriously because they’re not dressed, and treats them with respect and care

I don’t get it. At all.

(obligatory caveat: Burroughs’s work has a lot of other problems inherent in early pulp sword-and-sandal style planetary fantasy? some examples of racist tropes, some sexism, etc. But “scantily clad incredibly hot alien princess” is not a storytelling device he does a lot with - despite Dejah being nude for the entirety, really, of her time in A Princess of Mars, I forgot she was naked. That’s how little it was brought up.)

Edgy media

I’d love to talk about this subject, since it’s somewhat related to BBR, too. It started out as such, and even though it became much less twisted and grim with time, it still has a fair share of fucked up things.

I’m not gonna lie, I have a soft spot for spooky and twisted tales. I’m sure many of you do. However, as it is with any genre, it requires effort to produce something likeable and timeless, something that’d stick with people. And unfortunately, most “edgy” media, especially adaptations, don’t bother with that.

Here’s the easy cheap list for making a “dark” “adult” story:

  • blood
  • swears
  • sex
  • complete misanthropy

And you’re all set, basically. And the funniest thing is that the first three things aren’t guilty of ruining the story for me, it’s the fourth element that everyone insists on so much.

(to be fair, this was the very first doodle and I immediately cringed at myself, but it still shows that a sexy anime chick with a chainsaw was the first thing that came to my mind when I thought “twisted Dorothy”)

(now a pentagram for a map is where the real edge is)

So here’s a good question to ask yourself: why does your story need this edge?

Do you want to explore creative visuals with it? Do you want to shock and offend those who deserve it, to make a useful commentary? Do you want to show that there’s always the sparkle of hope and humanity even in this grim and gritty world? Do you want to present some kind of sick, sad, but truthful moral? Do you just wanna go all out with the exploitation genre and deliver some tongue-in-cheek entertainment this way?

Or do you just want to follow the “sex and violence sell” route? Do you want to offend people just for the sake of it, because you feel superior? Do you want your story to be devoid of joy because you think that good endings are too mainstream? Do you make your protagonists immoral douches that suffer no consequences because you think they’re cool? Do you take what should’ve been black humor way too seriously?

It took me a while to realize that the twisted stories I enjoy are likeable for a very obvious reason. They have likeable elements. Well, duh, you say. But I’m serious, how many times have you encountered an edgy story, absolutely devoid of enjoyable and relatable characters, entertaining plot elements or somewhat creative visuals? I can hardly count those.

In the end, the amount of 18+ material in your story doesn’t matter. It still has to follow the rules of storytelling that’d strike a chord with the audience. Characters saying “fuck” every second doesn’t automatically make your story more adult. Graphic deaths don’t automatically make it more intense. Most sex scenes in the movies are awkward and boring.

All this stuff may sell your content, but to a specific group of people I personally wouldn’t want to pander to. Part of that group doesn’t even know any better, because they keep being fed the same garbage over and over. You need to try harder than that. Your audience deserves better.

How to create awesome story ideas?

Writers are dreamers.

And as we write, we want the whole world to be enchanted by our story. It’s not just about being famous. It’s not just about money. It’s not just about recognition. Basically, we write dreams so readers can dream with us. The strongest force to push writers will ever be the passion for dreams. To be honest, storytelling is the best job to ever exist. Like… we seriously take people out of reality.

Originally posted by ikenobo

However, here comes the hard part of being a writer:  Coming up with new cliche-free ideas.

Because, look around. It feels like all good stuff have already been written, or drawn, or animated, or filmed. How can you write an original love story? Or an original alien invasion sci-fi? Or an original superpower fantasy? Not to mention all the times you found yourself trapped in famous stories, afraid you’d never be able to write something as complex and amazing. Sometimes, the fear of start writing anything is bigger than the passion for dreaming. If you have ever felt lost and blocked enough to doubt yourself as writer, this article will help you.

Originally posted by horrorsoflife

Every writer struggles to come up with ideas. Thinking takes time and effort. So, there’s nothing wrong with you, don’t worry. What’s probably wrong is the creative process you are using. 

Let’s say you decide to write a fantasy book, but have no idea what the story will be about. So, you overdose yourself in watching fantasy movies and reading fantasy books. You probably also search for fantasy-inspired pieces here on tumblr and cries listening to Harry Potter soundtrack. Then, after weeks of “research” you have as many as zero ideas for your book.

Originally posted by emzie-boy

Well… no wonder you can’t find your story. This process is killing your creativity. You will never find your story in someone else’s movie/book/art, because it’s not there.

Before we start, close or delete every reference from other stories you have been collecting. We won’t need them. Don’t listen to any soundtrack for a while, don’t write any fanfic, don’t search for fanart. They are not inspiring you. They are blocking you. So, goodbye Harry Potter soundtrack.

Let me show you the “easy”, fun and super insightful creative process. Get ready, here it goes…

Originally posted by aftoiasis

You HAVE to come up with ten story ideas EVERYDAY. It doesn’t matter if they are the top ten worst ideas ever, just write them down.

Open a notebook (or a digital document) and write the first ten story ideas that you can think of. Don’t research, don’t overthink, don’t erase ideas, don’t skip a day. At the end of the week you will have 70 ideas. Maybe 68 will be terrible, but 2 will caught your attention.

Then, repeat this process for the rest of your life.

Don’t ever stop creating 10 stories ideas per day, even if your are already writing or editing a book. This creative process is fun (because you have no obligation to create one genius idea after another), easy (because you can create the most absurd ideas just for fun) and insightful (because one of these absurd ideas might be the story you have been looking for).

So, give yourself ten story ideas right now. 

Writing is supposed to be natural, like a dream. And I hope we can all dream together.



Minhyuk’s obsession with V App might be a tiny bit unhealthy…. ~(-◎ω◎)

Sorry for disappeared for a whole week no one cared tho ,I got this idea for a comic that was supposed to be a 4koma but somehow ended up being this huge 4 pages thing ಥ_ಥ

I probably will finish the rest of the group portraits by the end of this week and next week? Probably ??

DISCLAIMER: This is not 100% accurate of how Monsta X’s dorm look like, since there are limited information and references of it (I based it mostly from their V app live Welcome to our home and eyedoll ep 1, rewatching No Mercy would take too much time and my drawing speed alone already took long enough) and I need to make adjustment so that it’d be easier for storytelling purposes. Also, I love all of MX members the same with exception of hyungwon being my bias, this comic is totally not supposed to be taken seriously so please don’t take it as I’m dissing any of the members ;v;;;;

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Super random but I heard "Dirty Laundry" on the radio recently for the first time in forever and I feel like it would be such a cool live cover for Tay, especially if she tied it in with "Blank Space" somehow since they have a lot of thematic similarities. Also especially with the rock vibe she used on the 1989 tour for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

God I used to be such a Carrie Underwood fan but I have completely missed out on her last album Storyteller. Seriously I have all her albums but just blanked on this last one. Guess I should take a listen? 

(Over the Garden Wall spoilers):

I think one of the things that makes this show so haunting is that we never get to see how Wirt reacts to his time in the Unknown after the fact. Even the ongoing comic series that takes place after the show somehow manages to avoid this one. So because the question isn’t answered in an easy way, we’re stuck with it. We’re the ones who have to try to grapple with what we’ve been through here, not Wirt.

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Hi there! Do you have any advice for writing a scene you have no idea how to start in a way that feels right? I've started a few stories and people who've read them like them, but I have no idea how to write the next scene... Thoughts?

Hello writerly friend~

I have two solutions for you. One comes from Pixar and the other comes from yours truly c;

Pixar released a while back its 22 Rules of Storytelling (and its GOOD). You can click on the link to read them all— it’s all gold. I love them. But, if I had to pick one of the lot it would be #9, which so just happens to deal with what you are talking about:

#9: When you’re stuck, make a list of what WOULDN’T happen next. Lots of times the material to get you unstuck will show up.

It seriously takes me 0.1 seconds to realize what needs to happen next by using that method. It’s so simple, and yet so effective.

But, it may not always work. In a character-driven story, #9 may possibly take away from the scope of the book. It’s in situations like that where I use my personal method:

Don’t know what needs to happen next in your story?

Ask your characters.

I know it may sound like a hippie thing to say— but I mean it. Ask your characters what should happen next. You don’t have to follow it to the letter (we seldom get things exactly how we want them to happen). But it will give you insight— it will tell you what your characters are expecting to happen next.

And if you know their expectations, you will get better options for flipping the tables on them, along with twisting knives :D

I hope this helps!

Keep Breaking Hearts & Writing~

Warner clearly felt a three hour movie was just too long for a mainstream theatrical release, and the length indeed would’ve reduced the total number of daily screenings by 1 or 2 showings, cutting into per screen average box office. In addition, the extra footage is overwhelmingly non-action scenes, so there was probably also some concern that the film needed to get to the action set pieces faster. However, it’s also clear that audiences rewarded a two hour forty-five minute Batman movie — The Dark Knight Rises — with more than $1 billion in revenue, so an extra 15 minutes to completely explain plot points and develop character doesn’t seem like all that much more to ask in hindsight.

I have trouble taking seriously the claims that it’s some sort of cinematic sin to require three hours to tell a story in this case, when plenty of other movies have taken nearly that long or longer and been praised to the point people defend them by literally arguing “arbitrary time limitations aren’t a valid argument for criticizing storytelling, if a story needs longer to unfold then the judgment should be based on content rather than stopwatches” and so on. If we can accept The Dark Knight Rises needing 2.75 hours to tell its story, then where exactly is the logic in saying 3 hours is somehow absurd and unacceptable?

It’s also true that, despite being half an hour longer, somehow the film actually feels faster overall. The pacing is improved, for one thing, and I think that makes it flow by in a different way that reduces the sense of passing time. In addition, since it engages us more in the characters and unfolding mysteries, our more active participation likewise makes the time go by faster. So adding 30 minutes doesn’t really harm the viewing at all, and in fact makes it better.

As for how the longer length would’ve cut down daily screenings, in the long run the improved reception would’ve probably meant a larger overall audience for the film, longer legs, and more repeat viewings. I think the final box office tally would’ve been closer to the $900+ million mark if the Ultimate Edition had been released as the theatrical cut. Perhaps it could have a few scenes trimmed, including some of the violence edited down in Batman’s scenes (notably, the car chase), for a final runtime under three hours while helping removing the issue of “did Batman really kill those people?” aspects that tainted some of the discussions as well.

Thus, while I still loved the theatrical version and I understand the reason it was shortened, I think it was a mistake to trim it so much and I believe it harmed the film’s reception.

The more positive reception for the Ultimate Edition should provide some added good buzz as we head toward the release of Suicide Squad in August, and it comes amid a flurry of positive buzz about Justice League in the aftermath of set visits that helped win over — even if only temporarily — some of the harshest critics of Batman v Superman.

—  Mark Hughes 
Finish Your Stuff: I Still Hate Everything I Do and I Wanna Die

There is a point everyone reaches where nothing they can do works, writing makes them depressed because they can’t do it, not writing makes them depressed because they need to be writing. This is a thing that happens to everyone, it sucks, and it’s not your fault. Often there are other things going on in your life that drive your writing focus away–if you’re under a lot of stress, very busy, or depressed, it could make your writing suffer. So what to do?

There’s no easy answer to this. If something is happening in your life that is sucking up your time and energy, you have to focus on that first. Self-care is essential, and you need to take care of you. But if you do want to work on your writing, here are some things that can help.

  • Take constructive, timed breaks. There are breaks that help you and breaks that don’t. Breaks that don’t help lead you to spending hours scrolling on the internet in search of things to distract you. Constructive breaks help you still channel your creativity in other ways. An art project, creating a soundtrack for your novel, reading a book or watching a show while paying attention to how the storytelling is done as much as you do the story–those are helpful breaks, and can keep you on track.
  • Time your breaks, seriously. Part of taking time off is knowing when you have to go back to work. You’ll get your writing done if you treat it as a responsibility, no matter what kind of writing it is. Time your breaks, get back to your work. It’s important.
  • Go out and talk to people. It’s still summer! You need to get out of your head sometimes, and other people can help. Go to the pool and hang with your friends. You need that reminder that other people care about you and what you do.
  • Rest. Sometimes you need a nap. Sometimes you need to check out for the day. That’s okay! Just tell yourself you’re going back at it the next day. You can do it.

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What would the STARISH and Quartet Night boys do with their s/o just before going to sleep? (read a book, cuddle, etc)

I wrote this assuming that the s/o is the reader mehehh
Minus Ai, Jennah did this all by herself

Natsuki - Cuddle with you for the sole purpose of sniffing your hair. Feeling you close and being able to breathe in your scent calms him down. Sure, you thought this was awkward the first few times he did so, especially when he initially told you he liked doing this because you “look as if you’d smell like a freshly-bathed Elizabeth.” 

Tokiya - Play something on 8tracks. Depending on how sleepy or tired you both are, you could opt for a special playlist to help induce sleep, or one with their favorite slow songs, or just some random playlist with an interesting title. As a couple that appreciates music, this just seemed like the best and most relaxing way to end your day and prepare for a new one.

Cecil - Write on your joint diary. This originally started out one day with Cecil laying in bed, holding your hand and just expressing gratitude for everything that went well on that day. You eventually found yourself doing the same and thought that it would be nice to write everything down instead. Cecil would always end his diary entry thanking you for your wonderful gift of true love.

Ren - Exchange cheesy pick-up lines. As you both lay in bed, he’d start to mention a few pick-up lines that he truly thought were cool, and you’d reply with some weird and cliche line you learned from an otome game or drama CD. Every mention might be terrible, but they’d still manage to make the both of you laugh. Though when the laughter ceases, Ren would begin to use extremely cheesy lines to declare his love for you. All said seriously, sweetly and sincerely. 

Ittoki - Practice storytelling. It had become natural for you to tag along with Otoya whenever he’d go visit home, and it had also become natural for you to take part in storytelling time. But due to your busy schedules, you only find time to read through a fairy tale together at bedtime. Fairy tales and bedtime are a match made in Heaven but if you add Ittoki to the mix, it’d be an OT3. The way he’d narrate the story and how he’d read out lines in the voices of specific characters, or attempt (and fail) to add convincing sound effects were all just so charming and relaxing, enough to have you fall asleep before it’s your turn to read. Guess you could say he’d be great at tucking your future children into bed.

Syo - Watch recorded shows. You and Syo have long passed the stage wherein you’d stick along as Syo re-watched Hyuga sensei’s previous works. You now set the recorder to record shows either of you want to watch when you’re both get home and are free (which is usually only before bedtime). The thing about shows is that they tend to set different moods sometimes and this often triggers discussions and arguments, even when you’re already comfortably sidesaddle-ing and just seconds away from reaching dreamland. Exchanging thoughts and opinions help you to learn more about each other though so you both end up ending your night satisfied.

Hijirikawa - Read off a book of quotes. There is no special reason behind this. The book was on the best-seller shelf and you both thought it wouldn’t be bad to read one or two quotes to inspire yourselves. Choosing to read a quote at bedtime helps you both feel excited to see what tomorrow has in store for you. 

Ranmaru - Check up on his beloved guitars (and possibly play a little something for you while he’s at it). All the gigs and touch ups lead him to routinely check the condition of the guitars’ strings, humming you sweet nothings as he checks for any oddness in tune.  What better way to end the night than to give both his girlfriends a little love and affection. 

Reiji - Plan out tomorrow’s breakfast. This was something that started off after a time when you two were already in bed, lights off and all, and he just suddenly turns to his side to face you and ask if pancakes sound good for tomorrow. Since then, its become a common thing to do. Sometimes you’d decide on who’d have to wake up earlier to cook, or if you both wanted to cook together. It really just comforts you both when you think of waking up the next day and getting to eat something good with your special person.

AI - “You know tomorrow’s schedule, right?” Mikaze muses, turning to face you as the two of you lie together in bed. You assure him that you do, but he reads his own list anyway. “Six AM wake up, stretch around six fifteen…” he recites. You’re almost asleep by the time he ends the day. “Eleven PM, cuddle together and drift off to sleep—” he pauses, smiling warmly at you. “Ah. You’re moving ahead of schedule,” Mikaze sighs, kissing your forehead before shutting the lights off.

Camus - Make hot cocoa for the both of you. Something rich and creamy and extremely sweet before heading to bed every once in a while is never not good for the soul, especially when it’s Camus’s special hot cocoa too. There’s just something about the combination of cocoa, vanilla, cream, strawberry & chocolate mini marshmallows that causes you both to find yourselves situated in bed and cuddling. Until Camus ruins the moment by reminding you two to go brush your teeth. But then again, bad teeth = bad breath, and bad breath isn’t the best when you have someone you’d like to shower in kisses.

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So how do you feel about Frozen being the highest grossing animated movie of all time? I mean obviously HTTYD2 will crush it but heyyyy pain... love it.

To be clear: I do not acknowledge any “war” between HTTYD2 and Frozen.  Some kids seem to be trying to hype it up. It’s bullshit, and I’m going to call it now.  Frozen is Frozen. HTTYD2 is HTTYD2. They are both cinematic adventures for me that I have/will enjoy and regard separately.

That said, Frozen making that achievement is predictable, but a little sad.  Much like the Oscars, it is undeserving of that title given it’s competition.  In fact, if I worked on Frozen, I would feel slighted by receiving that award because I would know better.  It wasn't earned, it was given.

Frozen was an alright movie. Alright.   Entertaining.  Enjoyable. It had some heartfelt moments. It had it’s one-hit wonder.  Good enough stuff.  That’s it.

I liked it a lot… until it started getting all this praise that just didn’t fit.  Until it was given all this recognition that it hadn’t earned at all.   Then it became less enjoyable.  It became bitter.

I’m not surprised it made highest grossing animated movie of all time.  It had money, and it had advertising, and it had a brand behind it. Those are the only things carrying Frozen to this point.

The fact that most people do not recognize animation as actual storytelling is the reason why Frozen made it so far.  No one who actually ranks it takes animation seriously–they do not scrutinize the pacing, the characters, the design, nor the story.  They see Disney, they see the merchandise, they hear the song seven hundred times, they assume “This is as good as animation gets!” and they think Frozen is where it’s at.  It’s sad.

And that is why I feel “This is fucking bullshit” when a movie like Frozen is the “highest grossing animated movie of all time”.  It’s a prime example of how animation is perceived in the movie industry.

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Hey Duke! I think you are literally the only person that I've seen that hasn't liked HPCC once they've seen it on stage! I can understand not liking the script, but that play has got rave reviews from nearly every theatre critic - the production is outstanding! I'm curious as to why you didn't like it? Is it merely the concept you object to or that style of theatre?

Okay I’ve gotten like ten asks about this (and WOW were some of them rude) but I’m only going to do my thoughts once so here we go, spoilers ahead:

Most of the people I know who have seen Cursed Child in person actually all had the same complaint, and I agree: The production value is great, but the play itself is just ridiculous, and not in a good way. I’ve heard a lot of people say it felt like bad fanfiction. Personally I thought it felt more like being trapped on a super-angsty Disneyland ride for five hours, but in the end it’s the same problem: Good special effects do not make good theatre. Yes, the dementors were very cool. Yes, the time-turner effects were pretty awesome. Etc. etc. But I couldn’t take the characters at all seriously. You thought Harry in OOTP was overdramatic? It’s like that hormonal whirlwind of a teenager wrote this show. Everything is horribly, and I do mean horribly, overdone. Harry is a joyless uptight bureaucrat. (How did THAT happen?) Albus is a whiny misunderstood manchild. Holy hell, Rose was so annoying I wanted to murder her. James I can’t even talk about, he was the kind of stereotype that makes me want to vomit–he’s what Steve is at the beginning of Stranger Things, but worse. Scorpius is a fucking caricature of a human being and that especially pisses me off because I think the “this time the heroes are in Slytherin” plotline could have been really strong and instead it turned into slapstick, like they just couldn’t actually give that possibility real consideration. Here’s the problem with all that: when I don’t give a shit about any of the characters, it’s hard to care what any of them are feeling. And man, was this show full of feelings. There was a lot of moaning and sobbing and it was all totally over the top, right from the getgo, but you know what? The problem with starting at Level 10, folks, is that if you start at Level 10, there’s nowhere else to go and as a result the whole show is one note and feels flat. It also didn’t help that they rushed through the whole thing at a million miles an hour. It’s especially hard to make that level of melodrama work when it looks like it’s all on fast-forward. I didn’t hear half the lines and what I did hear sounded like a soap opera.

But here’s the bigger problem: the story. It’s just kind of dumb. All of this idiocy happened because Harry and his kid don’t get along? Albus decides to try to change time, which is super illegal, to rescue a dead guy he never met, just because he has some weird undefinable thing to prove or is acting out against his dad? That’s a bullshit motivation or Albus is the stupidest kid on the face of the earth. It doesn’t help that he’s pitted against a frankly laughable villain. Apart from the fact that she looks like Lady Gaga and it’s hard to take that seriously in the first place, Augury is just incredibly trite and lame. A villain whose only motive is to bring back another better villain is a shitty villain. Sorry. And they just kept piling stuff on and piling stuff on until it felt like they borrowed some hackneyed ‘plot twist’ from every fantasy anything ever made. Time travel! Estranged children! Flying monkeys auguries! Oh my! It felt like an SNL skit about Harry Potter. It felt like someone made Very Potter Musical but with a trillion dollars and they didn’t know it was supposed to be a comedy. It felt like they were grasping at straws. I think it’s a great example of how storytelling can go off the rails when you try to do way too much and take yourself way too seriously. Of course, it wasn’t all bad. Ron was great. Malfoy had some good moments. As already acknowledged, the special effects are very cool. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and Cursed Child has a lot of weak links.

Every now and then I remember just how good Over the Garden Wall is. It completely changed my regard for cartoons - previously, I had enjoyed Adventure Time, Futurama, The Simpsons, and some superhero shows, but didn’t take them very seriously as a storytelling medium. I loved experimental animation like The Secret of Kells because it was cool and artistic, yeah, but that was a bit different.

OtGW was just… it was perfectly done. It’s a tale perfectly told - ‘elegant’ is the word that comes to mind. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. Yeah, some of my appreciation for it is due to nostalgia - it contained imagery from my childhood I’d never seen on TV before - but it was a simple, powerful story that was just incredibly charming. It was a real work of love, and once it had sunk in a little bit, my first reaction was anger that I hadn’t helped create it.

Damn fine cup of children’s programming.

Hey, I’m Adi Snoos. I’m a young photographer from Israel and I’ve been taking photography seriously for about 2-3 years. Over the years I’ve come to realize that photography is the storytelling medium that suits me most, whether through documenting my surroundings or through conceptual work. Photography has definitely helped me make some sense out of this chaotic world, so if you have some spare time to check out my tumblr I’d be sincerely grateful. Thanks!

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coincidence that the kalanchoe (endurance and lasting affection) was placed right between dean and cas in the shot, as they sat directly below the strawberries? i feel like im reading into this too much. but ever since dean's love storyline last season ive felt differently about possibility.

Never ever think that you are reading too far into things nonny. Not everything we speculate may be right. But it has been proven time and again that spn do indeed have a ‘visual library’ that they rely on for their silent storytelling. Flower choices are also one of those things that they take rather seriously and in this instance I have no doubt that those flowers were chosen on purpose.

The fact that this flower’s nickname is “Widows Thrill” is hardly coincidental. But the meaning of “endurance and lasting affection” is also very telling. There are two meanings here. 

The first is that the flower choice symbolises Mary as the widower, in her sorrow over John Winchester’s death, but getting the chance of a new life to spend time with her adult sons.

The meaning of endurance and lasting affection though seems much more fitting towards Cas and Dean, who have endured so much but still always find their way back to each other, and whose affection for each other is stronger than ever.

Humanseoul’s older sister’s book recommendations part 3 of 3 (◠‿◠)

Okay guys! So here’s the 3rd and final part of the book recommendation series that was given by my older sister. Remember, if you guys are interested I would definitely recommend you guys google the book and read more about it because her notes are not meant to be full summaries. We both hope that you guys will enjoy the books she mentioned and that they will keep you occupied for a while!^^

Click HERE for the books in part 1

Click HERE for the books in part 2

  1. The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald
    An American classic. Everyone should read it for Gatsby. Why? Because he wears a pink suit. 

  2. The Importance of Being Earnest: Oscar Wilde
    I love Oscar Wilde. He’s extremely witty and loves to use his satirical skills to poke fun at everyone and everything. This is actually a play, but it’s such a quick and easy read if you’re looking to pass the time (and gain some laughs). FYI: Don’t take the plot too seriously, it’ll be more fun that way, trust me. 

  3. The Joy Luck Club: Amy Tan
    I think Amy Tan is an amazing storyteller. There’s just something about her stories that draw you in. I love how she tries to bridge not only the rocky mother and daughter relationships, but the gap between first generation immigrants and their Americanized children. As a daughter of immigrant parents myself, this book really resonated with me. 

  4. The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini
    This book started to resurrect my faith in contemporary authors. I love this book. It didn’t even make me cry because I was just trying to process my thoughts/feelings. This book deals with family, friendships, regret, and atonement. Oh, the feels. 

  5. The Moon is Down: John Steinbeck
    This is a lesser known work, but I really enjoy Steinbeck’s shorter novels. Here, a small coastal town is invaded, and ever so slowly the citizens build up their resistance. This really reminds you that freedom can never be taken without opposition, nor should we let it be taken. 

  6. The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton
    Man, this one goes way back. Did you know Hinton was only 18 when this was published? Man, what am I doing with my life? Anyway, this is another quick read, but definitely worth your while. It has this old-school gang vibe, but it’s so much more than that. A highly recommended coming-of-age story. 

  7. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Haruki Murakami
    Hi, Murakami again. Not gonna lie, Murakami is another strange author. But he writes so clearly that, at least superficially, his stories are easy enough to follow. His plots, on the other hand, are another thing entirely. Murakami loves putting very ordinary characters in very unordinary situations. Here, all the strange events in Toru’s life begin with his missing cat. 

  8. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts: Maxine Hong Kingston
    Kingston is another superb storyteller. Her words and stories can be fierce, yet she knows that they must be placed strategically, almost delicately. This is a collection of her memoirs that are blended with Chinese folklore. 

  9. Tuesdays with Morrie: Mitch Albom
    I love Morrie Schwartz. Everyone should love Morrie Schwartz. I’m pretty sure I cried after every chapter. I’m not kidding. Morrie is the elderly man that everyone wishes was their grandpa. He is so full of love and acceptance and optimism. I swear, his love is infectious. Read this and meditate on the love.

I hope you guys enjoyed the book recommendation mini series! It would be nice if you guys could either like, comment, or reblog these posts if you happen to gain something from it, that way I can show my sister her time spent on this paid off hehe. It’s the least I want to do for her for taking her time on this. She really wanted to share these books with you guys and since I’m not as well-rounded of a reader as her I’m really appreciative she did. It would be nice if you guys could show it to her too. (◠‿◠)