it is time for bed now i think

The two walked into the kitchen where Dina was still sitting at the small dining table.

“Do you know Dina Caliente, Darren? She and her sister just moved to town.”

“Yes, we’ve met.” Dina answered. “It’s nice to see you again Darren.”

“You too” Darren replied as he sat down in an empty seat at the table.

Brandi came back with Darren’s mug and took a seat at the table with them.

“How are you holding up, Brandi?” Darren asked and sipped his hot cocoa. He was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.

“I’m okay. There are still times I cry for hours. Mostly at night, when the boys have gone to bed and there’s nothing left to do but think my thoughts. They wander to Skip and it’s difficult to sleep, without him beside me.”

Dina nodded her head.

“Michael has been gone several seasons now and I still have a hard time falling to sleep without him in the bed.”

I just…miss him so much” Brandi added as tears started to stream down her face.”

Chocolate Bars and Lucky Stars

Title: Chocolate Bars and Lucky Stars

Pairing: College AU - Sam Winchester x Reader

Words: 1663

Warnings: mostly fluff, light cursing, mentions of divorce, a tiny bit of self-loathing, angst?

A/N: This was written for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge. I restarted this story who knows how many times, but I think I kinda sorta like it now? I dunno, feedback and constructive criticism would be much appreciated! It’s also the first Sam fic I’ve ever written, so I really hope I did alright!

“Ugh,” you groan. “I hate Shakespeare.”

You slam your textbook shut and spin your chair around, turning toward Sam, who is sitting cross-legged on your bed with all of his notes and textbooks spread out haphazardly, the eraser end of his pencil in his mouth.

“C'mon, Y/N/N. It’s not that bad. Just a few more exams, and then we can go home for spring break,” Sam tells you.

You groan once more. "I just don’t understand why we’re analyzing his crappy writing. I already suffered through it in high school,” you complain, turning back to your desk to glare at your notes.

Sam quietly chuckles, a small grin appearing on his face, and shakes his head at your frustration.

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I got a free balloon at the mall yesterday alright and its now next to my bed and i keep getting scared of it because every damn time i see it in the corner of my eye i think its a person standing next to me

  • me, in the year of 2040, sitting my future child down on the bed and drawing a deep breath: okay kiddo, now that you're old enough, i think it's time for the talk. I need to tell you about the birds and the b–
  • my kid, a horrified look on their face as they wave their hands frantically: no, no im–
  • me: –bat.
  • kid: what
  • me: the birds and the bat. bruce wayne and all of his children. there are now 268 of them now after the 45th dc reboot and i think it's about time you learned about all of them.
  • kid: dad wait–
  • me: so the first ever robin showed up in detective comics issue #38 in 1940 and
To everyone who is like “They didn’t actually kiss”:

As someone who does the art thing on a regular basis I can tell ya, they did. They probably tried to be careful with it for now.

You can’t just switch to a hug when you are like 1cm away from eachothers lips.

Also, here is what their general face shape looks like:

And here is what the kiss probably looks like:

Besides, Victor has hugged Yuuri before. (Y’know, that hug from behind? And they literally napped in a bed together. Oh and what about that time Vic got drunk and stripped and clung to Yuuri? I don’t think a hug from Victor would be surprising to Yuuri at this point. )

You can disagree though if you want. Just trying to put things into perspective.

i think they kinda kissed somewhere during their duet skate (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

quick doodle b4 going to bed. can you believe this is actually my first time drawing a mouth-to-mouth kiss ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ im just sooo in love with these two i can’t stop now how am i gonna survive til season 2 /ugly sobbing
by the way, my ask box is open! let’s chat, anyone? \ (•◡•) /

Just a thought...

Bear with me for a second. I was sleeping a few minutes ago and I woke up with an epiphany.
I was thinking about Even and wondering how he’s doing (as I’ve been obssessing for the last two days), if he is alone or not, and in his room… and I remembered his bed

I don’t know why, but the first time I saw episode 2, the moment when the guys are in Even’s room, I though to myself “that’s odd… a doble decker bed… ok”. At that time I wrote it off as Even maybe wanting more space, but now after episode 8 and having rewatched seasons 1 and 2 enough times, I can say that ALL of the oher characters have a “standard” bed… ALL OF THEM, from Eva (her own bed, the other one from the cabin, and even the one at the party when she and Chris kiss), to Noora, and even William.
During this season, two love stories with a “balcony” scene have been mentioned repitedly, but “Pretty Woman” more specifically as of late. Furthermore, we KNOW the show NEVER leaves a loose end, as we’ve seen in episode 9 the conection between the clip “21:21″ and Isak’s time and date of birth thanks to the message from Isak’s mom.
Maybe I’m overanalysing, but I think that by the end of this week we’ll see Isak going to Even’s house, and climb those stairs…




the calendar // panic! at the disco

hand in hand

Now that he thinks about it, Castiel can’t remember the last time he had any physical contact at all.

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touch-starved cas, college au



“Cas, hey. Hey. Hey, Cas!”

Castiel looks up, finally registering that the voice he hears is directed at him. He finds Dean Winchester standing in front of him. How long has he been there?

“Ah, hello Dean. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Dean leans against Charlie Bradbury’s kitchen table and eyes Castiel critically. “You okay, man? You’ve been standing here for, like, a while.”

“Yeah. Yes. I was just thinking.”

Dean gives a smile, Castiel likes to think that it’s fond, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. “Come on, they’re about to start the movie.”


Castiel lets himself be led back into the living room, loud and chaotic. The sounds of talking and laughing and shouting are enjoyable, but Castiel can’t handle much of it at once, which is why he’d fled to the kitchen a while ago. He hopes Dean was the only one who noticed he was gone, he doesn’t want to seem rude.

In the living room Charlie, Gilda, and Kevin sit on the sofa, Gilda’s feet tucked up under Charlie’s legs. Jo is curled up on a beanbag chair. Dean sprawls out on an overstuffed armchair that could easily fit two, and Benny is sitting on the floor with his back against the couch.

With all the seats taken in his absence, Castiel opts for the floor. He settles himself down in front of Dean’s seat.

“What are we watching?” Asks Jo.

“Legally Blonde!” Charlie announces.

“Not again!” Kevin moans.

“Suck it up, Tran! My house, my movies!”

“It’s not just your house!” Kevin points out.

Charlie rolls her eyes, sighing. “What do you guys think?” She asks Gilda and Jo, who also live in the house.

“I like Legally Blonde.” Says Gilda.

“We’re watching Legally Blonde.” Says Jo.

Castiel suspects, by Kevin’s scowl, that they’re messing with him. It’s hard to tell. Castiel has never been to one of these “movie nights” before. These aren’t even his friends, not really. Acquaintances at most. They’re Dean’s friends.

“Drinking game?” Asks Dean, hopefully.

“Of course.” Charlie responds, “Should we do whiskey or vodka?”

“I’ll get the shot glasses.” Says Jo.

Castiel needs to get out more, that’s what everyone says. Well, that’s what Dean says, and Dean is his only friend so, really, Dean is everyone.

Castiel would point out that he’s almost never in his dorm, but more than likely in the library, which is where he met Dean in the first place.

Dean always argues that the library doesn’t really count as out, but Castiel disagrees. It gets him away from his current roommate, and that’s out enough for him. So what if he doesn’t leave campus? So what if he doesn’t really talk to anyone?

He’s doing fine, alright? He’s okay. He’s great.

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So I’ve been reading time travel fics recently, and I completely fell in love with the idea of young!Victor being thrown into the future and meeting older!Yuuri, but it also made me think.

But what if young!Victor (I’ll call him Vitya from now on) is thrown into a world where Yuuri and Victor have kids already?

For some reason, Vitya wakes up in a big bed in a room he’s never seen before, and he’s really confused but also half convinced he’s still dreaming.

But he can hear the quiet drone of a television from the other room, and he can smell bacon, so he follows his nose.

He knows he’s not in St. Petersburg anymore because the scenery outside looks completely different from what he’s used to, and also, he seems to be in a Japanese styled inn. Perhaps he’s here for a competition? Or maybe Yakov decided to give him a long deserved vacation? He’s always wanted to visit Japan.

As he’s walking down the hall, a door up ahead opens, and a sleepy twenty-year-old walks out, blond hair dishevelled and eyes still droopy with sleep.

The second he sees Vitya, he starts screaming bloody murder.

Vitya jumps back, startled, and the blond guy is still screaming and gesturing wildly and looking as if he’s seen a ghost.

Two seconds later, there’s a loud thump from one of the other rooms, and the sound of a baby crying from somewhere else in the inn.

An angry blond slams open a door and comes out into the hallway.

“The fuck are you screaming for this early in the morning, Kenjirou!?” he asks in English.

The screaming one, Kenjirou, keeps screaming and points at Vitya.

The new blond turns and sees Vitya, and promptly starts screaming as well.

Vitya almost feels amused.

Then, finally, an adult comes running in. He looks to be maybe in his late twenties, with messy black hair and big brown eyes hidden behind a pair of blue-rimmed glasses. He has a baby on one hip and an exasperated expression, as if the screaming is something he’s used to.

The two screaming ones immediately shut up when they see him.

What the hell is going on with you two?” he asks. “I’d only just gotten Katyusha back to sleep and you’ve already woken her!”

The two screaming ones, now quiet, don’t say anything and instead point imperiously at Vitya.

The man turns to look at Vitya, and there’s a moment of shock as his eyes land on the sixteen-year-old, before he groans and breathes out through his nose, raising a hand to rub his temples.

“Victor warned me about this. I thought he was just joking.”

Vitya perks up at hearing his name.

“Kenjirou, take him to the living room - we’ll sort this out there. Yura, go wake up Beka and the others.”

Ten minutes later, Vitya is sitting on a cushion in the living room, in front of a low table surrounded by five other young people. One of the previously screaming ones, Kenjirou, is sitting next to him and is still gaping.

The other previously screaming one, Yura, is sitting across the table from him, now holding the baby (Katyusha) and rocking her slowly back and forth so she doesn’t start crying again.

The three guys that Vitya hadn’t yet met had also started screaming when they’d seen him.

They’re all quiet now.

The group sits in awkward silence for several minutes until the man from before (Katyusha’s father, probably?) calls for Beka to help him bring breakfast to the table. Vitya watches a black-haired guy (probably the next oldest after the guy who seems to be in charge) get up and walk into the kitchen.

Soon, everyone is seated and has food in front of them, and Katyusha is back in her father’s lap and everyone is watching him expectantly.

Vitya listens on in interest as the man (who introduces himself as Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov) explains that he, Vitya, has somehow been transported to the future.

A future where he’s married and has a daughter.

He and his supposed future husband, Yuuri, are figure skating coaches, and Yura and the others are their skaters. They have three others, but since it’s currently the off-season, they’re off visiting family.

The inn they’re currently in is owned by Yuuri and Victor, and serves as a boarding house for their skaters.

Victor accepts the explanation pretty easily.

(The other skaters…not so much. There is more screaming.)

More than the time travelling, the thing Vitya finds most unbelievable is that he ends up marrying someone as ordinary and unspectacular as Yuuri.

He doesn’t voice these thoughts, of course. 

(He’s not suicidal after all, and it’s obvious how much the skaters adore their coach.)

But over the course of the three days he’s stuck in the future, Vitya comes to realize how utterly wrong his initial impression was.

And by the time he returns home, he is horrendously jealous of his older self, and impatiently looking forward to the day he gets to meet his Yuuri.

Who is firing the gun?

Okay so the gunshot we see at the end of The Lying Detective IS NOT Euros shooting John. I’m talking about this gunshot here -

We see this gunshot twice in the whole episode. Once at the very end - in the heat of the moment the viewer is meant to assume that this is Euros shooting John.

However it isn’t. This is not the very the first time we actually see it. The other time is right at the beginning of the episode. This makes it clear that is isn’t Euros. Look at this, it is the first shot of the episode, and the last shot is clearly taken from it.

The shot begins with the gunshot, then pans down to John lying in bed. 

On my first viewing, having not been paying close attention to the details like i do on a second, i immediately assumed this was John remembering Mary being shot by Norbury. Now, I don’t think it is Norbury. The background is greyish, whereas Mary was shot in the aquarium and surrounded by the colour blue. The blue tank is even behind Norbury when she takes the shot.

Then i realized the most obvious thing - John wasn’t even there when Mary was shot, so this is definitely not from his memory, and is definitely not Norbury.

The second time we see the shot, as I’ve said, is right at the end of the episode after Euros pulls the trigger of her gun. But look here - 

Euros is wearing a ring on her middle finger and has no sleeves covering her wrists. 

In the end shot, we don’t actually see whether or not the shooter has sleeves. However we can clearly see they aren’t wearing a ring. 

And, since we can see that this is definitely same as the beginning shot, if we re-watch it as it pans down, we know that this shooter has sleeves that cover their wrist.

So the question is, who is this shooter? It’s not Norbury, and it’s definitely not Euros. If we’re going with the alibi theory, then it could be John shooting Mary. It would also explain why he remembers it. The other explanation is that it could be Sherlock, but why? If it weren’t for the shot being shown at the beginning, I would have bet that it was Sherlock shooting Euros as she shot John. But then why show this at the beginning as well?

This was probably a bit incoherent as I’m still trying to process my thoughts, so any input is welcome!

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On a small craft somewhere out in the arctic ocean, Stan breaks down in his brother’s arms. Shaking and sobbing with everything in him while Ford holds him steady against the tide. 

Here it is!! After 3 days, I am done with this comic! Phew! Long hours, frustration, and minor scares later, it is complete. Based on @thesnadger‘s ficlet. I would have added a bit more detail, but I really wanted to finish and post it. @thesnadger I hope you like it!! There are some mistakes and things look off, I know, but I don’t really care at the moment. XD Now enjoy the feels!


This is my little angel, Snickers! We call her Mingo more often though. She’s a sweet dog who’s very anxious. We got her from a shelter like our other dog, and she is pure bred! Isn’t that wild! She has a hormone collar and usually a thunder shirt on cause she’s just so nervous all the time! I love her to bits though. Whenever I’m upset, she jumps in bed with me and licks my hands. Right now I’m sick and she won’t leave my side. 10/10 good doggie. I love her so much and think she is very cute. I love seeing everyone’s dogs on here so I thought I’d share my angel ❤️

Domestic Victuuri

Makkachin: *crying in the middle of the night to go outside* 

Victor: Yuuri…can you get that please?

Yuuri: No way, I did it last time.

Victor: Please??? I’m just so comfy right now and I don’t wanna move ;A:

Yuuri: Ugh, fine. This is why Makkachin loves me more, y’know.

Victor: What?! She does NOT! *gets out of bed immediately* I’ll do it! Makkachin loves her Papa more! *storms out of the room*

Yuuri: *smirks as Victor leaves and snuggles back under the covers* Works every time.

a love that sustains you

One of the things I’ve been thinking about (thanks to the iconic pillow postthis post about Isak’s bed, and this beautifully researched post on Isak’s eating habits) is the idea that having Even in his life is really nourishing for Isak? What are major ongoing themes of their scenes together? Eating and sleeping. Where are the places we associate with them? Kitchens and Isak’s bed. The first time they really explore their connection together, they spend time together in his kitchen as Even cooks for them (”we can’t go back now” applying to much more than their cheese toast). The first time they kiss, we see them together in Isak’s bed spending all this lazy time together (as Isak yells to Eskild that he’s ‘sleeping’). And when they pull apart later, these essential parts of life unravel too: Isak with his sad cafeteria cheese toastie when he encounters Even again and can’t look back on “Kardemomme!” without it causing him pain, Isak being plagued by his inability to sleep. He hears Noora opining a lack of love in the middle of the night keeping him awake, he’s barely functioning at school. And it’s what culminates in finally pushes him to open up, when he goes to the school doctor for insomnia and instead hears he needs to communicate.

When he finally is ready to talk to Jonas, it’s over the nice and filling meal of kebabs. When they come together as a couple, it’s marked by Even staying the night and cooking them breakfast in the morning. When Even is trying to make the most of them but it all spins out into too much, it’s all opulent food and white sheets. When Isak comes to tell him he’s not alone, he bundles Even back to his bed and in the morning, he’s the one asking if he’s hungry when Even has consistently been shown feeding Isak. And their story closes for the time being with them in both of these places once again: in the last scene that’s between just the two of them, they’re together and happy in Isak’s bed and in the last scene of them together in the season, it’s in Isak’s kitchen.

I love that Isak finding Even, with all the change that brings to his own sense of self, is equated to a need like that. After food and sleep, we need communication and self-acceptance and love. This season was about Isak accepting a fundamental part of himself. And it was about this love being shown as something healthy, something natural, something that fed both Isak and Even. When so many depictions of same gender relationships in the media are oversexualized or kept unusually distant, I can’t think of anything more welcome than the everyday domesticity we see them build on. Cooking and eating and sleeping and loving. Love being something that nourishes and sustains.