it is thundering and

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A scenario where the reader is a new member on Whitebeard's ship and it's a stormy night. The reader is scared of thunder/lightning. They run into their crush Commander Ace and he lets the reader sleep with him (non sexual way) with him so the reader won't be scared.

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The booming crack of the sky illuminated the deck of the ship. Rain pelted down, making the ground slick, and although the ship was anchored at the island the Whitebeard Pirates were visiting, the tilting made being outside dangerous enough. But Y/N couldn’t move. Their hair was stuck to their face, water blurred their vision even as they were pressed up against a wall. Crescent shaped marks bled in their palms from clenching fists.

Y/N couldn’t hear a sound apart from their thrumming heart, the blood gushing in their ears and the echoing splitting that shattered their thoughts with every flash of lightning. Y/N had always wanted to be a pirate. It was a dream come true to join the Whitebeard crew, but they could never overcome this fear. 

Lightning struck the ground on the other side of the island, a distance too close by Y/N’s standards, but farther in reality.

Please, please, it’s too loud, make it stop.

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This tree in St. Louis, MO was struck by lightning, causing it to burn on the inside.

Video: Jim Probst