it is the universe

“The crown, it weighs heavy
‘Till it’s banging on my eyelids

Oh who decides from where up high?
I couldn’t say. I need more time”
      -Florence + the machine, Too Much Is Never Enough

Told myself I wouldn’t draw Pink Diamond until her design was revealed if ever but I guess the hiatus got to me (shrugs)

It took me way too long to make but I’m hoping to make a speedpaint of it! 


Now that I’m looking at the lyrics again, I’m wondering if it could actually be Pearl, not Lapis? Hear me out.

I guess I’ll have to face
That in this awful place
I shouldn’t show a trace of doubt

But pulled against the grain
I feel a little pain
That I would rather do without

I rather be free, free, free

I rather be free, free, free

Free, free, free… from here

What if it’s Pearl singing about being stuck as a servant on Homeworld? We are overdue for the big Pearl backstory episode…