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Welcome to Tumblr where you can't please everyone, and you're always a villain for some indiscrection.

Well, at least one person did vote me as villain the other day on a Twitter poll I created… maybe it was foreshadowing…

All joking aside, I know not everybody here is gonna be happy with what I say. I’m cool with that. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. I’m not asking people to disregard their own feelings or opinions just because I say something opposite to the what they’re thinking. What I do ask of people, though, is that they show me the same respect I show others by choosing not to comment when someone says something I don’t like.  I don’t go in other people’s asks to argue over something they said. I don’t hijack posts (that didn’t happen tonight, but it falls into this same general category). I do not feel the need to lash out at everything who says some negative thing about the stuff I enjoy. I may make my own separate posts about it, but I don’t engage just for the sake of argument. It serves no purpose but to alienate and create drama. And I’m not here for that. I’m here to thoroughly enjoy the stuff I love and occasionally gripe about the stuff I don’t. Most of the time, I show people the same courtesy to do what they want on their blogs. That’s all I ask in return.

I hate hate HATE all those 2edgy 4me theories about kids shows. Like Angelica dreaming up the rugrats, or the ed, edd, and eddy children being ghosts, or literally anything that takes a lighthearted and fun kids show and has to turn it into some tragic take of rape or murder or misinformed mental illness.

So you know what? From now on I’m gonna do the exact opposite. Every cool grim-dark show is now because of a bunch of children. To get us started:

Game of Thrones: A middle-school DnD campaign with the most angry, vindictive DM who has promised to kill everyone’s player characters (and their family) by the end.

We’re losing such a good thing in Biden. Like he and Obama did funny and cute shit, but aside from being cool grandpa, he talked real shit.

He was there for rape and abuse victims, he spoke about rape culture loud and without apology. He was religious and had his own ideals, but those ideals meant he supported abortion and LGBT rights and women.

And what we’re getting now is the complete opposite who literally wants us all either dead, ‘fixed’, or subservient with the government having stripped away our rights. And I’m so fucking sad.


Someone also asked about Chris!

  • Chris is a Himalayan show cat. He’s very handsome, and I love his long eyelashes <3
  • I went the opposite route with Seung-gil, and gave him Husky colouring. He looks really cool! But he’s not charismatic enough to be internet famous. He’s actually kind of aloof AHHA



a waterfall of mist flowing over golden cliffs of west bay in dorset. noted the videographer, “when i walked on to the beach i couldn’t see anything because of the fog. i could barely see the top of the cliffs. i sent up my drone well above the cliffs to see what was happening and i could see the fog just flowing over the cliffs like a waterfall. 

normally, hot air will cool as it rises, but the opposite can sometimes occur in what is known as temperature inversion, where hot air high up acts as a seal to keep cold air and fog trapped below, creating the scene of a river of fog seeming to flow into the sea below. (x)


Seven planets, including three habitable ones, found around ultra-cool dwarf star

“Unlike the worlds in our Solar System, each one should be tidally locked to the parent star, meaning that the same side always sees “day” while the opposite side resides in eternal night. Yet life on Earth began in the oceans, and of these seven worlds, the fourth, fifth and sixth might all have conditions to support liquid oceans or lakes – if the atmosphere is favorable – bathed in eternal sunlight.”

What is it that makes our Solar System special? It’s Earth, of course. A rocky planet of the right mass and composition, the right distance from our Sun, the right atmosphere, the surface oceans, and all the life that’s ensued is what makes us special. Not just special, but unique, at least among the planets we’ve found so far. But there are other planetary systems out there with Earth-like worlds. Similar to Earth in mass, size, temperature and many other conditions, these might represent planets where life similar to what we find here arose. For the first time, we’ve found a planetary system with not just one Earth-like, potentially habitable world, but three!

Come meet the worlds around the ultra-cool star TRAPPIST-1, and learn what the prospects are for these worlds being truly Earth-like.

it just makes me so happy that james and tyler are so nonchalant and cool about philip and lukas’ relationship like… i cant tell u how many times i’ve seen straight actors playing gay characters who are super fucking weird and defensive in interviews and stay 10 feet away from the actors playing their romantic interests but tyler and james are the exact opposite AND they accurately interpret their characters and their actions and i just??? fucking adore them so much i’m so grateful :’)

some thoughts I have about Sing(no spoilers)

  • I love how the Pig characters are not depicted as slobs/messy/gluttonous 
  • The characters that are big and/or fat don’t have their bodies used as a joke and any time that Mike made negative comments related to Meena’s or Rosita and Gunter’s sizes it wasn’t seen as a good thing and was meant to be seen as mean and not cool to do. (and they were minimal as well, so there wasn’t this whole running thing of him being gross about that)
  • I gotta say something about Gunter here, I love him. I thought he was going to be depicted as someone the audience was supposed to dislike. The trailer somewhat made him look ignorant/selfish but it was the total opposite?? He was a genuinely nice guy who was energetic and confident and all around really great
  • on the subject of nice characters; SO MANY OF THE CHARACTERS WERE GOOD PEOPLE, they were supportive to eachother and considerate and cheered eachother on! This is all while they’re in a competition. With the exception of Mike, they never made the other contestants feel bad or put them down about themselves and I think that’s one of the movie’s biggest strengths. Had they made everyone super competitive it would have taken away from the film in a big way
  • idk I love how positive and uplifting these characters are, I love seeing nice characters written in a way that feels natural and genuine

I’m gushing here, sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about this movie

Rebel Rebel.

Peter Parker x Rebel!Reader

A/n: I have a weird trend to make fics in this style with only people called Peter.

Warnings: None!

P.s: This was kinda going to be a Multi part story before i realized it would probably be a better drabble.

(Part Two)

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You would be the death of Peter. He just knew it.

Every time he saw you walk into class, His heart stopped, And he swore that time slowed down. Yes, You were the complete opposite of him, But would that stop him from having those thoughts? God no.

You were the epitome of cool. Wearing things that the school could ban people for. Short skits or tight jeans, Jackets, Dc.Martens, V-Necks and all. No one would ever call you out on it though. You’d skip school whenever you wanted, And didn’t care if someone spread rumors about you. Maybe you had little friends, But if you wanted them it could happen at the flick of a wrist. You basically ruled the school without having to be any kind of bully. Without having to be utterly flawless. You were far from flawless, But in the best way possible.

Peter had his eyes on you the second he went to his new school. For reasons he really never knew. He didn’t have too many crushes, But his few did not follow the trend of you. They were so ordinary. He wishes he could know why he fell so damn hard for a person he barely ever said 10 words to. 

But you were beyond beautiful to him. More gorgeous than any other person he’d ever met. When you managed to show up for classes you got good grades, Seemed kind and caring, Saved teens who were getting bullied (Which included him before it happened), You were queen of doge-ball (The only type of gym thing you showed up for… That he noticed. Not in a creepy way.), You border lined being a basic teenager.

But there was so much more stuff that was interesting about you.

He honestly believed that you were the most unique person in the whole school. There wasn’t much to compare too, Though. In a school of people who followed the same code. And looked all the same. You never stayed on the track on every other boring person. And that could be told just by your looks. When your personality shined it was more apparent. 

Peter really wanted to speak to you. Even if it was just once. You were a sort of unsolved case. He could tell a lot, But not everything. And he longed to know. Yes it would be nice if he could end up being your friend. And he’d admit he’s thought about it, More than he should have. But someone like you would never consider him, A dorky know it all boy whom was (In his mind) So many points behind you. If you ever did look at him like he looked at you he’d seriously think he was dreaming. 

Peter didn’t notice he was staring into space until you walked up and talked to him.

“Hey, Kid,” You smiled at him. It seems like you were almost looking into his soul with your stunning eyes, “I like your shirt a lot.” It was genuine. He could tell. His blush rose quickly. Remembering he ironically worse a Spider-Man tee that day. He wasn’t quite sure yet if he landed himself in heaven, Cause you were actually talking to him. Complementing him even.

 You winked at him, And just like that you were gone. He looked back around to see your swaying hips go around a corner. Lord he could stare at you for hours. 

Oh you were sooo out of his league. 

I’ve been coaxing my fingers into smaller pieces to comfort the pillow by my side but lately every time I stretch towards the ceiling, I feel like I’m pointing to things I don’t believe in. Maybe being sad is a part of my identity. Maybe walking away is how we find the missing pieces. We’re always looking in opposite directions for sights we’ve already fallen in love with, like the paint on the inside of my heart holds caution to one’s beauty. You existed before I questioned who I was. We skipped introductions to cast a vote against our demise. And though I’ve been trying not to cry at the sound of every door, I promise I haven’t left - I’m just not really here… but you won’t get a chance to miss me, because you never leave my thoughts. My heartbeats are just tiny volcanoes waiting to be cooled by you. Regardless if you’re a calm summer breeze or a wet flower in the middle of spring– I’ve been burning five different lifetimes to ask you if we ever meant anything to you. I still sigh when no one is around, it’s the only time I get to hear your name. I don’t remember us anymore and that’s okay. It does hurt less, but does that make me heartless? My soul has not been right ever since we fell off the earth together and these things do happen. I just never thought that it’d end up like this. Sweet summer love still makes for a warm conversation. Spring breaking down my seasons– everything likes to breathe backwards. I’m out of fucks to give. I’m out to get myself. You’re out there without me and I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad about it. Everything we used to smile about just makes me sad nowadays. Like I can’t eat my favorite ice cream without seeing your silly face with that spoon in your mouth. Like I can’t watch my favorite show without realizing that you used to watch it with me. Like I can’t even write a poem because you got me into poetry. Like I can’t even write on Tumblr because you introduced me to this platform. Like I can’t even love the same because my heart still doesn’t know where home is. Like I can’t even break the same because after all of the shit that we’ve been through– it all ends the same way. The love of my life is still a dagger in the dark. I’ll be honest, I still love you and I’m happy that we met– but sometimes, I drive myself crazy because I can still smell your skin. Maybe that’s my insanity finally snapping with the leaves of autumn. Maybe you’re just a reflex and I have too much on my mind to focus on where to go next. We made it possible to love ourselves into hate and I hate that part of this story the most.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

Ok so this is super grade 8ish but I’m looking for girls to send letters back and forth with!
It would be nice to have a few to just send to Canada or the US but it would also be super cool to have a pen pal on the opposite side of the world.
If you’re interested reblog this and message me!