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Week Ending February 27th, 2017

  1. Moana +1
  2. The Lego Batman Movie −1
  3. Moonlight +1
  4. Heathers +7
  5. La La Land 
  6. Beauty and the Beast +1
  7. Zootopia +1
  8. Hidden Figures 
  9. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them +5
  10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −1
  11. Lord of the Rings −1
  12. How to Train Your Dragon +1
  13. Fifty Shades Darker −10
  14. Doctor Strange −8
  15. Fences 
  16. I Am Not Your Negro
  17. Deadpool −1
  18. John Wick: Chapter 2 −1
  19. Suicide Squad
  20. Logan

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

So Done

Erik Lehnsherr x Reader ; Logan Howlett x Reader

Request: tsukuyomi011 I’m getting greedy here- cause you’re the only one fulfilling my requests right now, :p but anyway- I would like to request a Young!ErikxreaderxLogan one shot. Where the reader is Logan’s wife/mate in his timeline but when he goes backward in time-he finds that she was Erik’s girlfriend in the past and has to reign in his jealousy whenever he saw them together only to burst at last and try to beat Erik to a pulp?? I would love to see an Adamantium-less Wolverine going against Mageto… XD

Words: 1510

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one! :D I hope you like it!

Every fiber of his being was screaming out for you, his fists balled tightly to keep himself from pouncing on you the next time you walked by. He needed you in his arms, holding you, kissing you gently, whispering sweet nothings. He needed you away from him. Pain clenched achingly in his heart, holding it tightly in its strong grasp. Your beautiful laughter was almost mocking him, reminding him of everything he’d lost. Had you not made him promise that he’d finish this mission, he would’ve abandoned it long ago just to be wrapped in your arms once more. 

That’s all he wanted, you. And right now, his jaw clenched, eyes screaming murder as he looked at the gentle smile gracing your face, your head tucked in between Erik’s shoulder and neck, you were the only thing he couldn’t get. Something deep within him stirred, scratching at the very basis of his self, waiting, watching, fighting for him to get to you, to hold you, to claim you. A low, animalistic growl left his lips, his teeth bared. You were his. Why was he being forced to watch you with another? To be unable to hold you? To tell you how he feels? To show you his love? 

It pushed at every inch of who he was to get up and take you back, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t do that here and he couldn’t do it now. He had to sit back silently and watch as you smiled for another man, as you kissed another man, as you loved another man. His eyes shut against Erik embracing you, disgust and pain etched into his features. He let out a loud exhale, leaving the images of the two of you behind. He truly didn’t know how much longer he could keep it up.

You watched as Logan’s form retreated, your head resting comfortably on Erik’s shoulder. He was holding you close, whispering something softly into your ear, but you couldn’t hear what he was saying. You were much too focused on the mystery that surrounded Logan as he walked away, muscles tensed as if he was uncomfortable. He’d been nice to you since you’d met. In fact, he was nicer to you than you’d ever seen him be with anyone else, especially Erik. He seemed to hate Erik and honestly, he probably had a pretty good reason.

“(Y/N),” Erik whispered, teeth gently scraping along your ear as he did so. You shivered, tearing your eyes from Logan’s back as he turned the corner.

“Yeah?” You inquired, a sweet smile gracing your face.

“You looked a little zoned out.” He laughed quietly, cupping your cheek.

“Sorry, it’s just,” you sighed, biting on the inside of your cheek. “Does Logan seem off to you?” Erik’s soft laugh turned into a loud chuckle, eyes shining with mirth.

“I hate to say it, but he doesn’t seem like the friendliest of guys.” You rolled your eyes, smiling widely. Erik did have a point. Logan didn’t seem to be the definition of nice, but still… A sigh was bit down as you thought back to the frustration he was causing in your mind. You feel drawn to him, dangerously so. It was like your heart was torn in two; one wishing for nothing more than Erik and the other longing to return to something eerily familiar to home, to Logan. 

“Although, he seems a little too friendly with you.” Erik’s voice broke through your stupor, causing you to look to him dumbly. Surely he wasn’t insinuating that Logan… that wasn’t possible… right? Why would it even matter if he felt that way, you were with Erik. You held onto that like a shield, repeating it over and over in your head to dispel the strange emotions the thought was eliciting. “I suppose I’ll have to talk to him.” What?

“No.” You replied, holding his head in place with hands on either side. “Just leave him be.” A small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, his head surging forward to connect with your forehead.

“Whatever you say.”

“Hey, Logan!” You call him over, smiling gently towards the man. He returns it in kind, approaching in long strides.

“(Y/N),” he breathed, a wide smile pasted on his lips.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where Erik ran off to, would you?” You asked, frowning a little when his smile dropped, being replaced with a rather nasty look.

“No idea,” he grumbled, walking in time with you.

“Hm, I give up.” You shrugged, attempting to lighten the mood once again. It didn’t seem to work well, a half-smile being sent in return for your effort. “You know, he’s not as bad as you think.” You began. Surely the only reason he hated Erik was because he thought that he was some insane guy who wished to take over the world. Maybe if you told him what Erik was really like, maybe then he’d like him.

“Or maybe he’s worse.” Logan replied dryly, glaring at every blade of grass you walked by. It was almost comical, his annoyance not that different from a child throwing a temper tantrum.

“Believe me, he’s not.” Your feet had stopped on their own accord, your body angled so you could get a better look at Logan. He was attractive, that much you’d admit. His lips were parted and inviting, his hair looking like the perfect length for you to just run your hands through as you… relationship, you reminded yourself. You’re in a relationship, a very happy one, you might add. With Erik, not Logan. A frustrated groan was torn from your throat, one of Logan’s brows raising in question.

“Something the matter?” He asked. You could’ve sworn his voice was huskier than it had been only moments ago, your fingers spasming with the sudden urge to kiss him, to hold him, to be with him. It was like your world was being torn apart from the seams, your mind actually telling you that it was okay to want Logan, that it was right. But no, it couldn’t be right. You loved Erik. Why did this have to be so confusing?

“(Y/N),” Erik yelled, thankfully ripping you out of your own mind and bringing you back to reality.

“Erik,” you sighed, breaking your gaze from Logan’s intense stare. He was sprinting towards you, only stopping once his arm was wrapped around your waist, his lips pressing firmly into his cheek. You didn’t have to see him to know he was glaring at Logan, clearly getting the point across that you were his.

“Wolfy,” he smirked, nodding in greeting.

“Erik.” He replied curtly, eyes gleaming murderously. His hands were clenching and unclenching, an obvious attempt to keep himself from pounding his fist into your lover’s face. Unfortunately, Erik truly didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

“We’ve got a little more pressing matter,” he looked to you heatedly, licking his lips slowly. “But I’ll be sure to let you know how we’re doing later.” Logan’s jaw was tightened, so much so that you were sure his teeth were going to snap under the pressure. Without hesitation, he lifted a fist and slammed it across Erik’s cheek. For one moment you stood wide-eyed, watching as your boyfriend righted his stance, wiping the blood from his split lip. “Wrong move, bub.” Erik mocked, his hand flying out. 

A long metal pipe rose from somewhere beneath the surface, aimed right at Logan’s abdomen. A strange yell left your lips, something mixed between a warning and his name.They were going to kill each other, for fuck’s sake! Logan dodged the pipe, retracting his claws, for lack of a better word. He lunged forward, aiming the sharp weapons at Erik. He barely had time to move out of the way, this time pulling six metal balls towards himself.

“Erik, Logan!” You screamed, trying to get their attention before they actually did injure one another. They didn’t listen, too busy dodging and attacking. “Guys!” You tried again, looking on helplessly as one of Logan’s claws scraped along the side of Erik’s face, leaving a trail of crimson in its wake. In turn, Erik sent a metal ball careening through Logan’s shoulder, coming out wet and bloodied on the other side. “Boys!” You yelled for a final time, both hands going out to envelope them in a golden light. Neither could move, their eyes forced towards you.

“What the hell is wrong with you guys.” You shouted, glaring at both of them. When neither one of them provided you with an answer, you dropped both of your hands. With a loud declaration of, “Idiots,” you turned your back on them. They were being childish and pathetic and you were not about to put up with them. Obvious attempts were being made to get your attention from both of them as you walked away, but you weren’t having any of it. Each step only strengthened your resolve, fingernails digging into your palms. You were so done.
Logan | Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX
In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. But Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his leg...

This new trailer that was released today for the upcoming Wolverine movie focuses a lot more on Laura Kinney / X-23, and she’s just as ferocious as one would hope a clone of Wolverine would be. It’s great seeing them in a father/daughter dynamic, and I’m so much more excited for this movie now. Maybe since this is reported to be Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie, they’ll do a movie about Laura next, if the reception to this one is good enough.
This movie seems to be a bit different than her comic story, but it’ll probably be enjoyable despite that. Logan holding the X-Men comics and saying “maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this”, was pretty funny to me, since the movies always diverge so much from the comics.


This is mostly me getting a feel for the characters. It’s sort of my first time writing for them so please be gentle with me. I know the characterization may be off but I’m working it out. I would love to hear what you think!

Read on AO3

Veronica couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t exactly strange for her these days. The peace that came with knowing that Lilly’s killer was behind bars was evenly balanced with the horrible images of what her last moments were like. Veronica knew from firsthand experience exactly what Aaron Echolls’ twisted, murderous face looked like up close. The fact that it was the last thing that Lilly ever saw haunted her, especially in her dreams.

Logan wasn’t an easy sleeper himself. It got worse after what happened on the bridge. As much as Veronica hated being anywhere near the Echolls house, flinching whenever she saw one of Aaron’s movie posters on the wall or a smiling picture of the family that was never as perfect as the press made it out to be, she did it for Logan and for herself in equal measure.

Sometimes the only time she could sleep was with him next to her. Sometimes, like this particular moment, even that didn’t work. So Veronica laid on the pillow, staring at the ceiling as she listened to Logan’s slow breathing. It was getting harder and harder for them to find moments like this together. It was getting harder to ignore everything that was going on.

They were almost at their breaking point, and both of them knew it. They just wouldn’t say it out loud.

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86. Remy and Darcy!

“Come on, he won’t even know it was you. In fact, it won’t be you, I just need a distraction.”

Remy lowered the mission file he’d been half-pretending to read.

“You said that, cher. I’m still hazy on the why.”

Darcy sat up from where she’d been lounging on the couch with her head near his knees, tucking her feet under her as she fixed him with a pleading look. It didn’t last long when he only raised his brow in response.

“Logan seems to think that grungy man stench and cigar smoke is appealing. I just need to get his coat cleaned to prove him wrong.”

He knew good and well that no one touched that coat if they wanted to live. 

“You realize he’ll murder you.”

“Maybe,” she shrugged.

“Kill me too.”

“Possibly,” she tossed back with a grin, realizing he was thawing to the idea.

She continued to stare and he let out a long sigh, already trying to think of strategies that would implicate him the least.

“I guess dying with you isn’t the worst way to go.”

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Ok imagine Logan being your boss and you're both working really late so no one is around. He comes out of his office to check up on you and see if you need any help but next thing you know, you two are fucking on your desk AGGHHH

It’s the end of the day and nearly everyone had already gone home. You were just about to shut down your computer when one last email came through from your boss.

“I need you to stop by my office immediately - L”

Timidly, you want down to the corner office and rap twice on the wooden door. A voice calls for you to come in. Once you’ve stepped inside, Logan motions for you to shut the door behind you. You take a seat in one of the chestnut leather chairs and cross your legs, watching as he walks out from behind his computer, leaning casually on the desk in front of you.

“We need to talk about the picture you sent me this afternoon,” he began, folding his arms across his broad chest. “Did you take that here in the office?”

“Yes, sir,” you said, thinking about the dirty picture you had snuck off to the bathroom to take for him. “I hope I haven’t upset you,” you teased.

He leaned forward and gripped the arms of your chair, hovering his face just inches above yours. “Well, you’ve been teasing me all fucking afternoon.” And his mouth was on yours, teeth pulling at your bottom lip. You were lost in his kiss, your fingers gripping at the ends of his dark hair. “Up,” he commanded in a low voice. He guided you to the edge of the desk, folding you over so your chest was pressed to the cool wood top. Roughly, he pushed the hem of your dress above your hips, tugging down the panties he had first seen in your picture this afternoon. You heard his belt clang as it unbuckled and the thud as his pants hit the floor.

He quickly entered you, a single loud moan falling from your lips. “Quiet, babe” he warned. “There are still people around.” You bit down on your lip, stifling the cries of pleasure that were caught in your throat. He continued to pump in and out of you, each stroke more powerful than the last. It didn’t take long before his rhythm picked up and he was whispering in your ear that he was going to come. He spilled his seed in you, lazily moving his hips as he finished. You stepped out of your panties entirely and pulled down your dress to cover you once again. You reached down and picked up your panties, shoving them in his pocket as you kissed his cheek.

“I’ll see you at home,” you winked, seeing yourself out of Logan’s office.

     If there was one thing Logan had his mind set on years ago, it was him not ever stepping foot back in Boston. He just moved back into a new apartment all by himself just a few weeks ago. Walking back into the city, he felt like a complete stranger. He was in his hometown and a whole new person.

      “This city hasn’t changed a bit.” Logan muttered to himself as he walked outside of his new apartment building. Looking around, a faint smile drew on his lips. The last time he was here he just graduated from high school and was on his way to serve in the U.S. Army. He never thought he’d be back home. The atmosphere, people, and weather were very different from Iraq and he was ready to get used to it all over again.
Bespokes Are Forever

The Veronica Mars ‘Archer’ AU nobody in particular asked for! I’m gifting this to my beloved @vmsteenbeans - we are long overdue for a boozy brunch. ❤😘🥂🍴


Here’s an excerpt from the first scene to get you started:


A bald man in a Russian soldier’s uniform made a slow circle around the strung up body of Logan Echolls, a baton taser gripped in one hand. “If you won’t tell us where the microfiche is, Agent Echolls, we have ways of making you talk…”

“Microfiche? Really?” Logan sighed, rolling his neck to relieve the burning muscles in his shoulders. His eyes skipped around the dimly lit cellar walls for anything he could use to free himself. This interrogation was taking way longer than it did last time. “And ‘ways of making me talk?’ Did you come up with this shit all by yourself? Are you Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor?”

The man let out an exasperated curse and jammed the stick into Logan’s side, sending 10,000 volts of electricity into his body.

The agonizing shock reverberated through Logan’s bones, pulling a low grunt from deep within him that melted into laughter as the pain began to subside. “What? That pissed you off? If I really wanted to be mean, I could’ve called you the Jesse Eisenberg Luthor!”

The soldier, now barely in control, jammed the stick under Logan’s chin. “Stop being such a prick and take this seriously, for once!”

“How am I supposed to take this seriously when you’re so bad at your job?” Logan turned his head, now looking toward the invisible audience he knew would be watching intently through the feed on the surveillance camera. “I mean, I’m used to a certain level of quality, you know? A Mexican-Russian operative? What happened to this organization’s vetting process?”

The soldier dropped the stick - along with his act - in a huff, and followed Logan’s gaze. “I can’t work like this!” he shouted at the hidden spectators. “Seriously, fuck this guy.” He turned toward Logan, who was smirking. “And I don’t care who your little girlfriend is.”

Using the guard’s distraction, Logan kicked out his leg, nailing his interrogator’s jaw with the heel of his foot and sending man to the ground. “…and that’s what you get for dropping your guard.” Logan preened toward the camera lens.

“Simulation ended,” a female mechanical voice chirped over the loudspeaker just as the lights turned up.

Good Horror Films on Netflix

I answered an ask a few months ago with a small list of horror films on netflix I like, and I kinda wanted to come back to it and do a fuller, more complete list. Here are some spooky films for you to binge watch;;

  • American Mary (2012) (Film contains Gore and Sexual Assault, TW)
  • Dark Skies (2013)
  • Dead Silence (2007)
  • Devil (2010)
  • Event Horizon (1997)
  • From Dusk Til Dawn (1996) (this one’s a childhood fave of mine)
  • John Dies At The End (2012)
  • Last Shift (2014)
  • Monsters (2010)
  • Mr. Jones (2013)
  • Odd Thomas (2013)
  • Starry Eyes (2014)
  • The Babadook (2014)
  • Queen Of The Damned (2002)
  • The Rite (2011)
  • The Sacrament (2013) (This movie left me feeling really disturbed)
  • The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)
  • Troll Hunter (2010)


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I don't care what it is, but I need some Logan in my life pleaseeeeeeee<3

“Alright, we can play one last round.” You chased the bottom of your glass, downing the last swallow of ale you had left. Logan was up at the target, pulling the red and blue darts from the board. You watched his lean arms as they made easy work of the points wedged in the cork.

“What if I win?” He teased, grinning back at you over his shoulder. 

“I’ll stay in your room tonight.”

“Really now? Don’t make a promise you can’t keep babe,” he said walking back to you and handing you the set of 3 red darts. “And if you win?”

“You leave me alone forever,” you smirked as his brows knit together.

“Those are some high stakes, babe,” he said, stepping forward and taking aim. “Can’t wait to see how you look in the morning.” He released the dart, scoring 20 points.

You rolled your eyes and pushed him aside. With great concentration, you lined up you shot and let your dart fly. 20 points for you as well. Logan stepped back up and flicked his wrist, sending another blue dart to the board. 15 points. He huffed a little, concerned he may lose his little bet after all. You took your second shot and scored another 20 points. 

“Getting nervous?” You teased, leaning back on one of the dark wooden stools behind you. Logan took a quick shot of whiskey and shook out his hands. He removed his black hat, pushing his dark hair away from his forehead and replaced the brimmed cap. It was his last chance to beat you, and evidently his last chance to be with you, He let his last dart go, hitting the outer bullseye. 

“Ahh, yes. Better luck next time, pet,” he said, walking back to you. it didn’t register to him that you had already lined up your shot. “I don’t think my bed will have ever been as warm as–” But his back was still turned to the board. 

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” You raised your eyebrows and he turned on his heels to look at the target. Bullseye. You had bested him for the 4th time tonight. He let out a groan, his ego bruised not only from losing a game, but from losing a bet that resulted in him falling asleep alone. “Tough break.”

“Y/N, let’s go one more–”

“No! You lost!” You declared. He stared at you for a moment, trying to devise a way to make you stay. But he didn’t have to. In an instant, you were pressed to his chest and whispering in his ear. “But I think you should still probably show me your room.” As you pulled away, he gave you that dark smirk you had been drawn to from the minute he walked into the saloon.

“Right this way, miss.”

obviously there’s a lot of room still between the end of apocalypse and the beginning of the first x-men movie but i have so many questions. like how does nightcrawler go from being one of the original members of the 80s team along with storm to her having no idea who he is in 2003? when does storm start having an american accent? how does colossus go from being a normal looking buff dude to the gigantic russian metal monster in deadpool? how are they gonna tie wolverine back into this in the next one since logan is gonna be jackman’s last time playing him? how does stryker age 40 years in the span of 20?

like they can try to retcon this shit all they want but days of future past kinda made sure it’s gonna look stupid as shit when they do


Hey, friends - still me, Logan’s mama, here. I’ve made some big changes on the blog today that I wish I didn’t have to make. 

- Changed URL (the old one had our last name in it).
- Deleted all pictures of Logan on the blog, except for a couple that were pretty integral (like the one from the day she was born or the one where I tell her birth story). 

So many momblrs I follow, myself included, are being inundated with likes and follows from porn blogs, and while everyone has been respectful about not reblogging Logan’s photos, I’m uncomfortable with bloggers that focus on that content “liking” photos of my daughter. 

I’ll still talk about our day-to-day here, but if you want to see how cute Logan is, please follow my Instagram (meagharina). Just send me an ask here letting me know it’s you.

Sorry to go all mama bear. I’m sad I couldn’t use my blog the way I wanted to, but I gotta keep my daughter safe. <3

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Rules: Tell us your one favorite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people

Hmmm this is going to be hard!

1. Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy from DC Comics (Teen Titans, Justice League, Doom Patrol and more!)

2. Commander Lexa from The 100

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3. Liara T’soni from Mass Effect

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4. Ellie from The Last of Us

Originally posted by im-max-caulfield

5. Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn 99

Originally posted by youngsamberg

6. Sun Jing from Their Story

7.Does Pikachu count? 

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8. Rey from Star Wars (although Leia is a very close second)

Originally posted by khaleesiwinter

9. Emily Kaldwin (High Chaos is savage, Low Chaos is cute!) from Dishonored 2

Originally posted by misscomstock

10. Mulder and Scully from the X-Files (you can’t have one without the other!)

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Man this was a lot of fun but kinda hard to think about? Anyway, thanks for tagging me 2/3rds of WeGramChos! 

I’ll tag some of my treasured mutuals but there’s no obligation to do this guys - only if you want to! (It is kinda fun thinking about your faves though)
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Kurt Wagner’s Christmas HC!

• He definitely loves to cook dinner for his guests. He knows he nails it, so he’ll make his friends and family more than enchanted
• He goes all over the mansion singing Christmas carols, in both English and german. His favourite ones are “I’ll be home for Christmas” and “Let it snow”. This last one being the one that makes the rest of the X-Men sing along, at least just a bit (even Logan gets to hum it)
• Kurt buys a x-mas present for each and every single living soul in the mansion, and he doesn’t make it public, but his sweetheart takes much more than just one present from her fuzzy blue boyfriend <3
• Kurt loves telling jokes around during dinner, and sometimes he makes more than one spit out the eggnog, and in the worst cases, it comes out of their noses
• After a while of not seeing Kurt, you can totally find him “accidentally” under the mistletoe right when you walk under it. Again, “accidentally” ;3
• On December 5th, he dresses up as Krampus, and goes around pranking and disturbing his friends, especially the ones he know are kinda naughty, but on the 6th, he dresses up as Santa and gives away candies for everyone, especially the younger kids, cuz, ya know, both Santa and Kurt love little kids :3
• Once Kurt found a reindeer and teleported it to the mansion to show it to the kids… It went as bad as it seemed it would be, but now the memories make everyone laugh
• Kurt is the first to begin with the decoration around the mansion as soon as the clock hits 12:00 at the X-mansion on December 1st. He loves Christmas to death
• As to the kids, they love to spend their mornings making cookies with uncle Kurt, and he loves to teach them how to at least once a week all December
• Since Kurt came to the mansion, there are Adventskranz all over the place so people can enjoy it (you know, those calendars with 24 or 25 little boxes which represent the days till Christmas, and he fills them with either blossoms or german candies)
• Kurt is one of the top eaters during the holidays. He once told Kitty he gained 4 kg (about 10 pounds) during this time of the year a few years ago
• Once Kurt went a little too far with the eggnog, and he barely woke up the next morning. He said it was “the worst hangover of his life!” and that he would never ever drink it after that so… He stays as far as he can from the eggnog
• On the night of the 24th, Kurt loves to make up games for everyone in the mansion: scrabble and Pictionary are the favourite ones, perhaps no one ever plays uno or monopoly (because of its reputation. You don’t wanna get any X-Men mad in one of those games…)
• Kurt also likes to dance during the holidays, and trust me, he dances his tail off! You’re lucky if he asks you to dance with him and you can keep his pace (cuz he’s got the moves like Jagger!)
• And last but not least, since Kurt is so religious, he keeps everyday in his mind what the Christmas is for. And he loves to remember His birth. Perhaps, he respects everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs, because he knows that they deserve as much respect as everyone else, and they all get love <3

Merry Christmas, tumblr people! And a lovely and amazing new year!

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Fable Characters as Lyrics From "Hamilton"
  • logan: "history obliterates, in every picture it paints it paints me and all my mistakes"
  • walter: "relax, have a drink with me. one last time"
  • the hero: "there will be a revolution in this century! (ENTER ME)"
  • ben finn: "give me a position show me where the ammunition is!"
  • page: "you and i, do or die, wait till i sally in on a stallion with the first black battalion"
  • kalin: "immigrants! we get the job done"
  • reaver: "if you talk youre gonna get shot"
  • garth: "geniuses, lower your voices. you keep out of trouble and you double your choices"
  • hammer: "you knock me down i get the FUCK back up again"
  • sparrow: "if they tell my story i am either gonna die on the battlefield in glory or rise up"
  • theresa: "no one knows who you are or what you do"

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Nickname: Jess.. I guess I don’t really have another one.

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5′ 3 1/2″

Last Thing You Googled: how to use gimp

Favorite Music Artist: K’s Choice

Song Stuck in Your Head?: that freaking k9 advantix song from the old commercial.

Last Movie You Watched: Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Logan

What Are You Wearing Right Now?: grey hoodie, pokemon t-shirt, black sweats. 

What Do You Post?: memes, politics, whiny rants, disability stuff, yuri!!! on ice, and my art

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: because I am amazingly queer and awesomely autistic

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: Yep. one for collecting art reference posts for myself, and one as a personal journal that’s private.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You?: Nothing is predictable. Distance and closure are lies, things will still hurt. There is no such thing as fate; we make our own paths. 

Religious or Spiritual?: I don’t have any religion I subscribe to, but rather prefer subjective idealism.

Favorite Color: violet

Avg Hours of Sleep: 4 or 5? depends on my pain level really. If I’m doing well it’s more like 7. 

Lucky Number: 8

Favorite Character: The Phantom

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: We have a big thick purple comforter that I can’t sleep without because weight. It needs replacing though.

Dream Job: anonymous voice actor, book illustrator, or back-up singer. Somewhere my talents are worth something without having to be in the limelight. lol

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That looks pretty good.

Even aside from the fact that this just looks like a really great movie - quite possibly the first of this franchise at the very last minute (I liked First Class and Deadpool, but ‘great’ isn’t how I’d describe either of them) - there’s a weight to this that there wouldn’t be with any other superhero aside from maybe Superman by heft of sheer historical significance. For one, we’ve already had an apocalyptic X-Men flick on the insane “shapeshifting robot monsters are killing everything and things are so bad we have to go back in time to stop it” scale, so to after that push this kind of simply worn-out, dead wasteland as the actual One True Future of that universe is all the more powerful by contrast.

But more than that, these movies have been around a pretty damn long time. Alongside Blade and Spider-Man, X-Men was one of the movies to truly kickstart superheroes as a viable Hollywood subgenre outside of Superman and Batman. But Blade didn’t have the staying power in the public consciousness, while Spider-Man has mutated into essentially a new franchise twice over. X-Men, through high or (mostly, I’d even say almost entirely in hindsight) low, has held out through almost a third of the history of the franchise it’s adapting. And at the center the whole time has been this dude:

The tough guy, the indestructible one-man murder machine, the original Tormented Hollywood Superhero (yeah, Batman was around, but I wouldn’t exactly call Keaton or Kilmer’s takes, much less Clooney’s, ‘tormented’). And now, a broken old warrior who’ll probably die by the end of the movie in a world that’s passed him by. There’s legitimate iconic value to that, and more than that, it’s passed the X-Men by too. Whether Fox reasonably concludes there’s no life to the franchise anymore outside of Deadpool (which requires a reasonably healthy set of main movies to parody, I think, which I don’t believe we’ll be getting anymore of out of Fox) and makes a deal with Marvel, or decides to reboot or, god help us all, they actually pull the trigger on that Cable-centric movie they’re talking about…X-Men as we’ve known it for 17 years is ending, and it ends with this. And after Magneto and the Phoenix and the Hellfire Club with nukes and the Silver Samurai and Sentinels and Apocalypse, it ends with an old man protecting a little girl in the desert and the last hope of a dying race with her, in what a couple people have pretty reasonably said looks like the first Oscar-bait superhero movie. There’s a history and a contrast behind this that gives it real weight, and in a single trailer it’s gone from “I’ll see it” to maybe my most anticipated superhero flick of 2017.

‘Downton Abbey’ sisters share goofy reunion at Disneyland

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It’s a small world after all!

On Friday, Downton Abbey costars Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) and Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith Crawley) enjoyed quite the magical reunion at one of the happiest places on earth — Disneyland!

The British stars, joined by Michael Fox, Jessica de Gouw and Kelly Paterniti, embraced hugs from the lovable Goofy outside of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the Anaheim, California theme park.

Though the BBC show came to an end in 2015, the cast has remained tight with one another.

Recently, the Downton cast, including Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern, Lesley Nicol, Allen Leech, Phyllis Logan and more, posed together on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last month.

“We bump into one another,” Logan, 61, said on PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly’s official live pre-show. “We did have a meetup recently. Some of us were all there — 30 of us. We had dinner.”

Logan later hinted that a typical Downton reunion might be a little over the top!

“Woah, we can’t say,” joked Logan. “Off the Richter scale!”