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Too Bad He Isn’t Here To See This Part 4

“I dunno, ‘Lisha. It sounds like y’all are just written in the sand.”

Logan had just came back from his last class. Virgil was on the phone with one his other classmates. He smiled him and waved. He waved back. Logan pointed at the calendar and then the clock. Virgil’s eyes widened. He chuckled, of course he would lose track of time.

“Ah, look, Alisha. I gotta go. Try listening the that Old Dominion song. The new one. Yeah, that one. Huh? Yeah, he- ….” He blushed a deep scarlet and hung up. Logan could’ve sworn he heard laughter just before he clicked end call. “Sorry about that, Lo. Alisha was havin’ girl problems again.” 

“Ah. That Bailey girl again? Honestly. I thought she and Nancy were a good couple.” He had turned to change into a more comfortable shirt and he heard Virgil snort.

“That’s not her name. And yes, I know ‘Lisha calls her that. but that’s because her name is Drew and she likes mysteries. Anyways, I think you have a point there. Hmmm..” He rubbed his chin and stared out the window in thought. Logan took this opportunity to check out look at his roommate. He really did look very nice in his new sweater. He had recently dyed his hair purple. Apparently his father had said it was a “saucy shade of sangria”. The last time he had seen Mr. Sanders, er, Patton as he had been told to call him, was the family barbeque. He flushed slightly at the memory. He had caught him staring at his son and told him that he needn’t ask for approval, as he already had it. The new hair really did look nice. Especially the way it shimmered in the evening sun. His amber eyes shone with mischief and his lips had quirked up into his award deserving smirk. He cleared his throat and tore his eyes away. They really should be going if they were to get to the party in time.

“Hm? OH! The senior party!” 

He chuckled. “Yes, Virgil. The senior party. Perhaps I could lend you a nicer shirt? You should try to dress up a tad. I believe I have a shirt that would go nicely with your sweater.” Virgil raised an eyebrow and gestured for him to show him. He went to grab it. Virgil let out a breath. It so wasn’t fair that Logan was this attractive. And he had offered for Virgil to wear one of his shirts! If Ro were here, he’d never live it down. Hell, he constantly teased him in school for liking this nerd. He smiled sadly. He really missed his brother. He’d.. 

“Virgil? Are you okay?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah. I was just thinking.. Roman would be proud of me, wouldn’t he?”

Logan smiled, “Yeah. He would be. Anyways, here’s the shirt.”

Virgil’s jaw dropped. It was a shimmery purple. It would look amazing, especially in the lights of the party venue.

“Dude… Gimme a sec to change. You want me to do your make up? Ben taught me a few things. I think I know a good look for you.”

He thought for a moment before nodding. Virgil grinned. “Wicked.” He said before disappearing into the bathroom. Logan decided he could get used to that grin. Maybe he should let him do his make up more often if it meant he could see more of it.

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Week Ending May 15th, 2017

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  2. Beauty and the Beast +2
  3. Heathers +3
  4. Lord of the Rings +3
  5. Logan +12
  6. Moana −1
  7. Zootopia −5
  8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −5
  9. Get Out
  10. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  11. Deadpool −2
  12. Alien: Covenant
  13. Doctor Strange
  14. Moonlight
  15. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them −2
  16. Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry
  17. The Hobbit −3
  18. Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens −8
  19. La La Land −8
  20. Captain Underpants

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

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okay i know i made a giant post talking about the video but i just can’t let it go.

Look guys, i adore Patton. I really do, he’s one of my favorite characters, but because he’s so different from myself i find it really hard to relate to what he’s going thru currently. If anything he reminds me of my best friend and that just makes me want to protect him.

On the other hand we have Virgil, a character i actually really relate to, and Logan , who i also relate to a lot.

When i’m faced with things i can’t get out of i react by lashing out.

Logan was faced with a situation he couldn’t fully explain, in a setting where he was being ignored, in a room where he had no control of anything. He lashed out in self defence and confusion. We can actually say Logan was scared because a part of him sees the path Thomas is going regarding his career as a waste of what he could have done, he says and points this out several times during the video. But also he was scared because his plan failed, his last move of action to get Thomas to a more benefitial mind set was shot down by all the ones who shouldve been helping.

We can’t forget that Logan was being incredibly pushy regarding going to where he thought would help. He forced his opinion over Patton’s and made him do something he was clearly uncomfortable about [letting the others into his room], but he didn’t do it out of malice, he did it of ignorance and a wish to help.

Virgil on the other hand tried to play the peace maker of all the characters, trying to interrupt when Logan was pushing too much out of Patton [but Virgil himself gets interrupted by Roman] and trying to reign Roman in when his ideas start getting more and more frantic and slightly creep. He also gets startled when Thomas screams and i love that

Then Virgil is thrown into a room so different from his own, and is the last one to enter it because he kept having doubts about it, that the first thing he says when he appears in it is relevant to feeling ashamed and embarassment, calling his past work cringy and edgy

The longer he stays in the room the worse it starts affecting him. The other two [not counting Logan] are hit with full happy and nostalgic memories but Virgil is being attacked by every embarassing thing Thomas ever did, and it’s taking a toll.

The room is shiny, almost ethereal, incredibly surreal looking. For a being like Virgil, who needs a reality check, this is already upsetting. Add in to the fact that the other two are hyper, and Roman franticness is being directed at different things instead of their lost love. Virgil is standing right beside a frantic and loud person while in a surreal looking space.

That’s why when he reaches the binder of papers he has in hand he enters a non-verbal episode. It’s suddenly too much, everything is happening too much and too loud and too bright and too surreal. Besides suddenly going non-verbal he starts to panic slightly, hidding behind whatever he has at hand [which is still the binder of papers], shifting eyes constantly, not making eye contact, doubling over himself and making himself look smaller.

Also please notice the background music in that moment. Yeah, sure it’s happy, but there’s an eerie quality about it until it changes when Logan has a realization.

It takes Virgil a really long time compared to usual to say “no” and when he does his voice dones’t sound like his, and he covers his mouth immediately after. Then Logan tries to get them out of there for Virgil’s and Thomas’s sake, but no one listens to him. He gets ignored, he gets hurt, he lashes out and hurts Patton. In his rage he goes away.

Now there are a few interesting things. Patton looks guilty but sad, Thomas looks shocked and confused but its a duller look, Roman looks surprised but in general unconcerned. And Virgil?

Virgil looks terrified.

Logic and Reason has just left the room. The only thing keeping his own personality trait [Anxiety] in check has just left the surreal ethereal looking room. Virgil is left without a support. And he’s terrified


After the last realism drawing of Thomas in Anxiety’s hoodie (x), someone suggested I draw the sides. There aren’t too many high-contrast/high res pictures out there of them (screencaps from youtube are too bright and lo-res to draw in this style–maybe we’ll get a photoshoot/selfies of the sides someday?). 

However, I did figure this one of Thomas in Logan costume would be fun! 

@thatsthat24 You are truly a gift to this world. If you see this, I hope you like it!

Since the scene where Patton wanted to change places with someone I have this scenario stuck in my head.

One day they try to mess with Thomas a bit. When they get called they appear wearing the same clothes, same hair, the same neutral expression, and they’ve switched places between all of them. (Probably Patton’s idea as a bonding experience of some sort, because let’s face it he’s the only one that can bring everyone to participate.) 

Thomas is a bit confused at first but figures it out soon enough. The first to betray himself is, surprisingly or not, Roman. Because his gestures aren’t just show, it’s who he is and he can’t even breathe without making it dramatic. So, the second he only does so much as shifting his weight from one foot to another it’s obvious. Even that tiny movement just screams Princey.

Patton is next because when Roman complains about being found out first he can’t help but starts to giggle and a big smile appears on his face.

That leaves the last two. Virgil has stopped slouching for a moment and stands straight and because he and Logan are more used to wearing neutral faces there’s not much difference between them. 

Suddenly Thomas has an idea and he starts talking about a random subject but throws in some false facts and misuses more than a few words. Of course, Logan knows that he does this on purpose and that Thomas knows the right facts but nevertheless, it only takes a few minutes till one of Logan’s eyes begins to twitch and he breaks down, correcting every false fact, every misuse and on top of that, adding tons of new information to the topic.

Even without being the last one, Virgil’s eye roll over Logan’s lack of self-control would have been a clear sign to his identity.

Title: Just Purr-fect
A/N: i finally wrote something for the cat au ayyyye

Three.  Three cats. Thomas had three cats when he wanted only one.


Granted, Logan originally was meant to be an only cat. He was the lone calm cat sitting by a window at the shelter, and was the only one to headbutt Thomas’s hand when he presented it.

Roman came next, soaking wet and covered in cardboard when he scratched at the door in the middle of a thunderstorm.  The tiger stripe kitten barely weighed anything and sucked down a bottle of kitten formula and asked for more when Thomas gave it to him.

Patton came last, but he came by Thomas’s own choice.  The kitten claimed him when he went over to Talyn’s house and the rest was history.  Thomas loved all three of them, and they were completely adorable, but come on!  Three?!

Thomas couldn’t help but still have these thoughts four months after getting Patton.  He grabbed three cans of food from the designated Cat Food Cabinet and popped the tops off, emptying the contents into any of the three bowls.  Logan always used the green bowl with the fish on it while Roman preferred the red one that was shaped like a cat head and Patton used the yellow one with cats and yarn balls on it.

The sound of cans opening was enough to call the cats. Logan could be heard hopping down from his fish tank viewing spot and Roman darted in from Thomas’s bedroom. But…Patton didn’t come running? Furrowing his brow, Thomas went to the door and opened it up, thinking he’d forgotten about letting Pat go outside.

He spotted a flash of yellow across the street and sighed in relief.  “Pat! Patpatpatpatpat!  Food time!”

The cat let out a meow and came jogging across the street with…something in his mouth.  

“No!  Drop whatever that is, Pat!  No kills in the h-“  Thomas stopped short when he realized what exactly was in Patton’s mouth: a little black kitten.  Patton gingerly set the kitten down at Thomas’s feet, sitting back and staring up at his human before letting out a drawn-out meow.  

Thomas picked up the kitten, checking it over.  The kitten cried when he touched it’s backleg, recoiling and stretching out the other direction.  Thomas gave a coo and held the kitten to his chest, shooing Patton inside and slamming the door shut as he headed to his car.

Four!  Four cats! Thomas had four cats, now, and one had a cast on its hindleg!  

“OK, in the crate you go…” Thomas said as sweetly as he could, gently placing the little black kitten inside the crate he’d just bought. Inside, he’d laid down a fleece blanket, a cotton baby blanket, a small, shallow box to act as a litterbox, and a small woven basket of plush toys and jingly bells.  

The kitten cried out when Thomas set him down, making the man fear he’d hurt him.  But, once sat down, the kitten slunk over to the corner of the crate and laid down, glaring at Thomas.  

“I know, I know, that’s gotta be embarrassing…” Thomas said with a snicker.  He stood up and tried to shut the door, but was cut off by the quick flash of orange. “Pat, no!”  

Patton sniffed the kitten’s bandages and nudged the leg with his nose, making the kitten retract its foot.  With that, Patton laid down.

“Patton, I know you wanna help, but the kitten needs to rest…” Thomas tried to reason, reaching in and pulling out the cat.  “Go sit with Lo or go find Ro…”

Patton let out a pitiful mew and slunk along the side of the crate, eyeing Thomas the whole time as he sat down beside the kitten and flopped on his side.  Thomas side and shook his head, leaving Pat to his own devices.  

Later that evening, Thomas found Patton exactly where he’d left him.  The kitten, however, had moved.  And the basket.  

Toys were strewn about the crate, and the basket was on its side with the kitten curled up inside.  The basket was dragged close to the walls of the crate, just close enough that one of Patton’s paws could reach inside and hold down the handle.  

The sight was so precious, but it had to be disturbed. So, with the pop of a can, Patton jumped up and followed Thomas into the kitchen.  Once all three cats were fed, Thomas prepared a bottle of formula. Apparently, the little kitten wasn’t even five weeks old.

Bottle feeding a kitten was difficult.  Bottle feeding a kitten with a broken leg?  Nearly impossible.  

“Sit…sit still…please, stay still.  You need – you need foo – You little!”

The kitten darted around the table.  He was surprisingly fast for having to drag a cast.  Thomas snatched him by the scruff and plopped him on his belly, holding on gently to the neck.  He’d only done this a few times, so each time was difficult. Nevertheless, Thomas pushed the bottle to the kitten’s mouth and…


“You know, you have to put forth some effort, now.”



“Any day, now.”

The kitten eyed him, a look that Thomas would call a glare on his face.  Groaning, Thomas gently squeezed the bottle’s sides to make some of the liquid come out. He ran his thumb over the kitten’s throat to make him swallow, and slowly but surely, the bottle’s contents started to go down.

“You’re gonna be impossible, aren’t you?”

The kitten started to purr, slowly blinking.  He finally started to latch on to the bottle when Patton jumped up on the table.  Patton laid down and propped himself up against Thomas’s arm, rolling on his back and rubbing his head on the man’s arm.  

“In a minute, buddy,” Thomas said, dipping down quickly to kiss the cat’s head.  

Finally done with the bottle, Thomas got up to get a towel. The kitten was such a messy eater; he was covered in formula.  But, when Thomas turned back to clean the cat, Patton was doing that job for him. The kitten mewed and cried gently, raising a paw to grab ahold of Patton as the orange cat licked him clean.

“Alright, that’ll work,” Thomas said with a laughed, reaching down to pet them both.  He sat down and pet the two cats, rolling his eyes when Roman hopped up and demanded attention as well.  He looked at the kitten and watched him swat at Roman and roll around.  “…You’re gonna need a name…”

The name “Virgil” came to mind, and when Thomas spoke it, the kitten sneezed.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Virgil sneezed once more.

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Sanders Sides as a conversation I had last night

Logan, giving Virgil a bag of candy: Don’t eat all of this at once.

Virgil: I’m going to eat every single one of these within 30 seconds of coming back to the dorm, just because you said that.

Logan, taking back the candy: You just lost your chocolate privileges and in the interest of keeping you from making yourself sick, these are mine now.


Part II Part III Part IV

It shouldn’t be that surprising really. It wasn’t like the others spent that much time around him. (He couldn’t really blame them for that, it wasn’t like he was the most pleasant person in the world to spend time with).

And aside from them, who else was there? There weren’t that many people in the mindscape. So yeah, it shouldn’t be that surprising that Anxiety had never been hugged before.

And yet, even Logic, who was normally better about seeing the obvious, had seemed startled earlier, and maybe even concerned. Anxiety didn’t get it. It wasn’t like it was a big deal or anything. So he hadn’t ever been hugged before, so what? He got on perfectly fine without any unnecessary physical contact. Really.

The whole thing had come out over breakfast. Morality, in an attempt to get the others to open up and talk more, had asked Logic what he’d been studying recently. More than eager to show off his knowledge, Logic had enthusiastically described in detail the articles he had been reading about scientific studies on physical contact.

“It has now been definitively proven that we need physical contact to stay healthy,” Logic had babbled, leaning forward to engage Morality, who was listening in what seemed like genuine interest.

“So what you’re saying is that hugs are good for you?” Morality had asked excitedly.

“Yes, actually they’re extremely beneficial,” Logic had replied. “They’re the exact kind of positive contact needed to maintain emotional and physical well-being.”

That was when Anxiety had snorted, getting the attention of not only Morality and Logic, but Prince as well, looking up from his cereal.

“Is there something you find funny, Anxiety?” Logic had asked, one hand going to adjust his glasses.

Anxiety had rolled his eyes.

“I just find it all a bit ridiculous,” he had drawled. “I mean, really? We need hugs to survive? That just sounds like bullshit. And besides, even if it were true, it’s not like it applies to us. We’re not exactly normal humans.”

“Awww, c’mon, kiddo,” Morality had pouted. “Even you have to admit that hugs make you feel good, all warm and safe.”

Anxiety had huffed. “I don’t need to try out that touchy-feely stuff to know that this theory’s bullshit.”

“You can’t just dismiss the science behind this!” Logic had sputtered, having looked more and more outraged as Anxiety spoke. But before Anxiety could reply to that, he had been cut off by Prince.

“Try it out… Anxiety, have you ever been hugged before?”

The question had hung in the air, the other three turning to look at Anxiety.

Feeling uncomfortable under the scrutiny, Anxiety had just shrugged. “It’s how I knew this whole thing was bullshit, I seem to be doing just fine.”

“Oh, kiddo,” Morality had whispered, sounding heart-broken for some reason.

Not wanting to stick around and deal with the weird atmosphere that has settled over them, Anxiety had just muttered, “It’s not a big deal, Morality,” and ducked out.

He still didn’t get why the others had seemed so horrified. It wasn’t a big deal. Still he was sure they’d get over it. Hell, they’d probably already dismissed it. And by this time tomorrow, it would be forgotten entirely.

Back in the kitchen

“He’s never been hugged before. How did we not know that?” Logan asked, stunned.

“Well he does tend to kept to himself,” Prince pointed out, sounding uneasy. “I-I can’t say I ever really thought about this whole thing really, but I suppose I just assumed that Morality had hugged him at some point.”

“I should have” Morality whimpered, his head in his hands. “I noticed that he tended to shy away from me, and I decided to wait for him to come to me. But that was a mistake. I should have been the one to reach out.”

“We all should have,” Logan sighed. Then with a disturbing thought beginning to form in his mind, he continued, slowly. “Actually, just setting aside the hug matter for now, when was the last time you can remember Anxiety getting any form of physical contact? A handshake, a pat on the back, anything?”

The other two paused, obviously thinking hard.

“I, well, I remember clapping him on the shoulder a few weeks ago,” Morality replied, now sounding even more horrified than before. “He’d fetched something for me, but I can’t really remember anything else.”

“We held hands in the Valentine’s Day video,” Prince said hesitantly. “That’s about it though.”

A frown formed on Logan’s face. “Then it’s as I feared,” he said gravely. “Anxiety is likely extremely touch-starved at this point.” Seeing that Morality looked to be on the verge of tears, he hastily continued, “But that can be fixed!”

“Of course we’ll fix it,” Prince stated confidently, “Princess Pessimism and I may not always get along that well, but that doesn’t mean I wish him harm, and from what you were saying earlier, Logic, this is doing him harm.”

“You’re right,” Morality sniffed, sounding a little better. “We will make this better. I’m going to give him all the hugs.”

“That might not be the best idea just yet,” Logan cautioned sharply. “Given the severity and duration of Anxiety’s touch-starvation, even a small amount of physical contact may seem overwhelming right now. It’s better to start small and work our way up to larger gestures of physical affection such as hugs.”

Morality nodded. “Okay, I can do that.”

“What do we do if he pulls away?” Prince broke in, “Should we let him?”

“Yes, I think so,” Logan replied. “We don’t want to make him uncomfortable. If he pulls away, let him, just be prepared to keep offering the physical contact. Once he starts relaxing and accepting the smaller gestures, we will start offering larger ones, and so on.”

“It’s a plan.” Morality replied, looking more determined than Logan had seem him in a long while. Yes, they had made a terrible mistake in overlooking the youngest of the sides, but they were going to fix it.

The next morning, Anxiety slipped into the kitchen. He had ended up spending the previous day hanging out in his room and watching Netflix, which had been fun, but he was also pretty hungry at this point.

“Good morning, kiddo,” Morality called out cheerfully. “Logan’s making omelets, so can you help me set the table?”

“Sure,” Anxiety mumbled, wanting to get at the food as quickly as possible. He was starving.

Silently, he began to lay out silverware, as Morality got the plates and cups. It didn’t take them long to finish.

“Thanks, Anxiety,” Morality said, and then reached out and ruffled his hair?

A little startled, Anxiety moved back, staring at Morality in bewilderment. But the other side seemed oblivious to his confusion, only humming cheerfully as he sat down. He didn’t have too long to dwell on it though, as Logic came out of the kitchen with the food.

Once Prince had finally deigned to join them, they began eating. Anxiety ate silently, letting the others do the talking. When he was finished he went and put his plate in the sink, but before he could leave the kitchen completely, Logic grabbed his hand.

“Wait, before you go,” he said, pulling Anxiety closer, “I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me troubleshoot some plans for working on the next videos. You have a knack for spotting potential problems.”

“Uhhh,” Anxiety was having trouble responding. Did-did Logic realize he was still holding Anxiety’s hand? “Um, sure,” he finally stammered out.

Logic gave him a small smile. “Excellent,” he said briskly. “I have the plans laid out in my room.”

With that he tugged on their joined hands once more, towing Anxiety behind him. Anxiety could only follow along helplessly, still not really sure what was going on.

At the end of the day, Anxiety was ready to crawl under the covers and hope the world made more sense in the morning. Things had been slightly off all day. It wasn’t anything drastic, but Morality and Logic seemed to be paying slightly more attention to him than usual. It was just different enough to throw him off balance. He hadn’t seen Prince though, so that at least was normal.

But apparently he’d spoken too soon, because that was when Prince popped up.

“Ah, Anxiety, excellent. I was just looking for you.”

Anxiety only looked at him in askance. Why?

Prince seemed to catch his silent question because he elaborated. “I need you to help me convince Morality and Logic to host a Disney movie marathon tonight.”

“And you wanted my help” Anxiety said flatly. “Really?”

Prince rolled his eyes. “If we work together and both request it, it will surprise them enough to agree. Also I promise we’ll watch The Black Cauldron first if you help.”

“….Fine,” Anxiety replied after a moment of silence. It wasn’t a terrible deal.

“Fantastic,” Prince cheered, and then hooked his arm through Anxiety’s. “Come, I believe they’re in the common area.”

Anxiety moved on autopilot, his brain hyper-focused on the fact that Prince was right there. In his personal space. He could feel their shoulders pressed together. He couldn’t figure out Prince’s intentions though. He was chattering on and on about the movie marathon, not seeming care about their closeness in the slightest. Anxiety let it go. It didn’t mean anything. He was just getting paranoid.

Anxiety enjoyed the movie night, but he made sure to sit in an armchair away from the others, still slightly wary of their intentions. But nothing else seemed to be happening that night, so he relaxed and enjoyed the movies, even allowing himself to sing a little under his breath.

But then the next morning, the weirdness was back. While Anxiety still had time and space to himself, it felt like every other moment one of the others was there, pulling him along to go and do something. Eventually, he snapped.

“What the fuck is going on.” he snarled at Logic, who had asked to him to help with the grading of papers of all things.

“What do you mean, Anxiety?” Logic said, tilting his head. “You’ll have to be more specific.”

“You and the others have been acting all,” here Anxiety flailed, looking for the appropriate word. “Weird,” he finally said, looking suspiciously at Logic. “Seriously, what are you trying to do?”

The other side raised an eyebrow. “I would have thought it was obvious,” he replied.

“Well, it’s not,” Anxiety snapped, “so start talking.”

“Very well,” Logan said. “We, as a group, have recently become aware of a problem we had previously overlooked and are now endeavoring to fix it. Namely, your touch-starvation.”

Anxiety’s face grew hot. He’d thought they’d forgotten about that. “I don’t have a problem,” he said, “And I don’t need you trying to hug me.”

“Don’t worry,” Logic replied, infuriatingly calm. “We have no intention of trying to hug you right now. We can tell you’re not ready for that level of physical affection.”

Anxiety’s face felt like it was on fire now. Who the hell did he think he was saying stuff like this. But before he could tell Logic off, the other side stepped forward, and much to Anxiety’s astonishment, placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Anxiety,” he said gently, one of his hands coming up to cradle Anxiety’s head. “I know it seems like a lot right now, but that’s why we’re taking it slow.”

Anxiety couldn’t reply, all of his thoughts were centered on the fingers now scritching at his scalp. It didn’t feel bad, it was kind of soothing actually. But at the same time, it was overwhelming. Logic seemed to understand though, as after one last scritch, he pulled his hand back.

“We’re going to fix this,” he said, holding Anxiety’s gaze. “I promise.“

Not knowing how to reply to that, Anxiety fled, but he could still feel Logic’s eyes following him as he went, and the ghost of Logic’s fingers running through his hair, burning like fire.

The right thing

(A/N): I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to get to, I really hope you like it!

Request: ok, i’ve thought about it long and hard (not really) and i think i’d like an old man logan request, if you even do that, lol. he sees me on the side of the road in the freezing canadian cold, and decides to do the right thing and drive me to wherever he resides, but he’s a bit hesitant on getting acquainted at first, being the grumpy old coot he is. then, at his place, after getting comfy, we both decide that we might get along and i fall asleep. ya know, just some fluffy shturf. ;3

Warnings: none?

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   Logan gripped the wheel of his car so tightly that his knuckle were white. He could feel the thrum of the engine running through his fingers, into the Adamantium of his bones. 

   The snow outside his window blurred everything in sight, making it nearly impossible to drive and yet he was doing it. With a sigh he reaches over and grabs a cigar, lighting it quickly before taking a long drag from it and that’s when it caught his eye, a long figure standing on the side of the road but before he could even stop to think about his car had passed by them, the snow quickly obscuring their form.

    Logan blinked, attempting to convince himself that what he saw he did not see, there was no way someone was out here in the frigid cold. Rolling his shoulders back he kept on driving but a certain nagging feeling told him to turn around, check it out just to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him. 

  “Damn it,” He mutters through his cigar as he swerves the car around, driving most likely into traffic (if there was any). His eyes thoroughly scanned the the sidewalk, searching for the figure. His gaze locks on the same long figure, standing on the side of the road shivering madly. With not so great parking skills Logan pulls up to the snowy bank, hoping out of his car as soon as he turned the engine off. 

   “Any reason you’re out here in the cold kid?” He asks through his cigar, his voice only a tiny bit muffled. The being turns to look at him, their eyes downcast as they rub at their arm, most likely trying to get some feeling back in them. 

   “I’m waiting,” 

   “What for?” 

   “Someone,” The figure mutters, sniffling a bit. Logan sighs, stuffing his hands into his pocket. 

   “You’re gonna freeze out here,” 

   “Good.” Logan looks at them through squinted eyes, little puffs of smoke billowing from his mouth. 

   “Get in the car,” He mutters, giving them no room to argue. 

   “What?” The figure looks up, looking at Logan incredulously. 

   “I said get in the car, I don’t want you freezing to death,” 

   “Why do you care?”

   “Believe it or not the idea of some kid freezing to death on the side of the road isn’t really a pleasant one, now get in the car,” 

   “How do I know you’re not gonna rape me or something?” Logan looks nearly offended at their words, how dare they accuse him of such a thing? Wrinkling his nose in disgust he turns away, reaching up to grab his cigar. 

   “I’m not gonna hurt ya but if you don’t want to tag along I’ll let you die out here,” Logan walks to his car, ignoring his gut feeling telling him to turn around and demand that however this was get in with him. He took a few steps towards the car, reaching for his keys when he stopped- the figure speaking up finally. 

   “Where are you going to take me?” Logan smiles just a bit, turning to cast the figure with a side glance. “I know a place for you,” The figure nods numbly as they skirt around Logan’s car, violently shivering as they walked towards the passenger door. 

   Logan gave them a good long look, staring at their frozen eyelashes and nearly purple lips; how long had this kid been out here? Shaking off his worry Logan unlocked the car, hoping in and starting the ignition. The figure sighed in relief as they placed their hands to the barely working AC vents which at the moment were spitting out little bits of heat. Logan eyed them once more, the permanent goosebumps on their skin, the way their nails were nearly black from the cold. 

  “Shit kid,” Logan muttered as he took of his coat, thrusting into the figure’s lap. “Put that on, you’re gonna freeze if you don’t,” The figure shakily slips the jacket on, pulling it around their body tightly. 

   “Please tell me wherever we’re going is warmer than this?” Logan starts up the car, not even looking behind him or ahead of him as he turned around once again. 

   “Yeah…yeah it is,” Logan rubs a hand down his face, stopping just above his lips. With an exasperated sigh he plucked out his cigar and smashed it into his ashtray, letting out the last few puffs of smoke from his mouth. “You got a name kid?” The figure shivers, nodding their head as they do. 

   “It’s (Y/N),” Logan nods his head, casting (Y/N) a side glance. 

   “Well (Y/N), I’m Logan,”

   “Just take the goddamn blanket (Y/N),” Logan muttered as he thrust another blanket at the still shivering kid on his couch. 

   “Logan, I already have like,” (Y/N) pauses to count the amount of layers they were wearing, excluding one of Logan’s flannels since the outfit they had been previously wearing was tainted by the cold snow. “4 blankets,” 

   “You need another one,” 


   “(Y/N).” Logan growls, shoving the blanket towards them again. (Y/N) grumbles as they take the blanket, wrapping it around their other layers securely. With a pleased sigh Logan slumps down onto the couch, a few feet away from (Y/N). 

   “So, this is where you live?” 

  “Yeah,” Logan rasps, looking at his makeshift little home. “It’s the best I’ve got right now,” (Y/N) nods, humming as they look around. 

   “It’s…quaint?” Logan chuckles, sliding a hand down his exhausted face. 

  “You don’t have to lie to me kid, I know it’s bad,” (Y/N) smiles softly, chuckling just a bit. 

   “Okay, yeah, it’s bad,” Logan smiles, blinking lazily at his home. “Why is this…why is this the best you can afford?” 

   “It’s not easy to get a nice home when you’re being hunted,” (Y/N) looks at him, alarm flashing through their features. 

   “Wh-What do you mean?” (Y/N) asks, quivering for other reasons now. 

   “You ever heard of mutants?” (Y/N) nods their head, their gaze never leaving Logan once. “Well, we’re kinda going extinct, I’m one of the last ones,” Logan mutters, looking over his scarred hands indifferently. 

   “I uh- I don’t think you’re one of the last ones,” (Y/N) whispers, their gaze falling to their lap. 

  “Kid, I’m pretty damn sure I know that I’m one of the last ones-” Logan pauses when he looks around, a good chunk of his home items floating in the air, suspended their by some force. He looks to (Y/N) with a rather surprised gaze, his eyes glued to the way they titled their head, the objects in the room mocking the same power. “You’re one of us,” Logan mutters, his tone a lot softer than it had previously been. Slowly all the objects in the room float back down, settling into their respective places neatly. 

   “I was on the side of the road because I was running,” (Y/N) whispers, pulling their blankets around themself tighter. “Guess we’re kinda in the same boat,” Logan nods, pursing his lips in thought. 

  “I’ll be damned, I guess we are,” (Y/N) smiles a bit, one corner of their mouth twitching upwards just a bit. 

   “So…what do we do from here?” 

   “You’re gonna warm up and sleep, god knows you need it-” 

   “And then?” 

   “And then we’ll lay low, figure everything out as we go,” (Y/N) nods, their own lips pursing in thought. “But for now you definitely need some sleep,” (Y/N) nods, yawning at Logan’s words. They hadn’t realized just how tired they were until Logan had mentioned it. Now that he had they could barely keep their eyes open, every so often their eyes would flutter close only to flutter back open. (Y/N) tilts themself to the side, resting their head against Logan’s shoulder. They yawn again, closing their eyes for good now as they settle in against him, his warmth only adding to their slowly reviving limbs. 

   “G’night Logan,” (Y/N) whispers, ignoring the way Logan tensed under their touch. Logan looks at them for a minute before hesitantly reaching out to brush some hair out of their face, a small albeit affectionate gesture. Logan had only known this kid for a day and his mama bear genes were already kicking in, making him vow to protect this life with everything he had, almost what he felt with Rouge and Laura. With a soft, almost alien like smile Logan settled into the couch, making sure (Y/N) stayed tucked against his side either way. 

   “Good night (Y/N),” 

Anything For You

((A/N: So I had to edit some of the request a bit to make it work and not be a two-parter, I hope Anon doesn’t mind too much. But mutant reader is always a fun one, so I don’t mind. It’s also my first go as writing for Logan, so be gentle!


Can I get a Logan x (mutant)Reader, where the reader thinks that Logan hates her since he’s always so rude and gruff and yells at her during missions, so she keeps her distance from him, eventually deciding to leave the X-men. And then when Logan realizes that she left, and why she left, he goes to get her and bring her back home? Lots of angst, then ending in fluff? Fighting and love confessions? Could you make it work? Or is it too much?? Sorry to be a bother!

Pairing: Logan x mutant!Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: Language, clearly. ))

“Really? You thought just shootin’ shit with electricity was the solution here?” Wolverine’s voice had risen to an unreasonable decibel level as he got closer, claws withdrawn but still clearly defensive.

Your eyes narrowed, fists clenched, “It was the only option! Iceman was out of the way and Shadowcat was already intangible, no one would get hurt!” Your own voice had risen to match his, stepping closer and closing the little gap that was left.

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Starved: An Epilogue

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Chapter Notes: This lil’ story is dedicated to my best friend, fiance, beta, and brainstorming buddy, @thuriweaver​ / @writing-thuri​ without whom none of my stories would exist. Thank you for always being willing to be my fic-doctor, sweetie!

CW: None. It’s fluff. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5


Thomas had been feeling unaccountably nervous all morning, so it was not particularly surprising when he heard the soft whoosh that accompanied the appearance of a side. 

What was surprising was when he turned from his place on the couch and saw not one or two, but all of them, crowded into Virgil’s usual spot on the landing of his stairs. 

“Go on,” Patton was saying (he was pushed in against Virgil’s side, wedged between Virgil and the wall, but he was smiling, nudging Virgil forward. Roman, Thomas noted, was behind him, his hands on Virgil’s shoulders; Logan had sensibly moved up a bit on the stairs to give himself a little more room.) 

Virgil himself was hunched in, shoulders curved around himself, arms wrapped around his waist and hair falling over his eyes as he stared at his feet. He seemed rooted to the spot, in spite of Patton’s urges and Roman’s hands on his shoulders and Logan’s pointed gaze. 

“Uh–hey, guys,” Thomas said, bewildered. “What’s up?” 

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What Did I Do To Deserve You?

As requested a while back, Daddy kink Logan, i have sinned.

Pairing: Logan Howlett x Reader

Warnings: Smut, pure smut.DADDY KINK. its just porn bro, oral sex (both recieving) fingering, DaddyKink!Logan,  heavy snoggin’. face-sitting, praise, worship, etcetc.

A/N: GIF isn’t mine


The moonlight shone through the window of your room, the white and blue rays illuminating the pale sheets of the bed. The night was young, winter, only 7 in the evening.

You sauntered over the room towards the window pane, dressed in only a t-shirt and panties, your hair still damp from your shower and a book in hand. You had gone through all of the ones on your shelf and this was the last one left unread: The Double.

The moon was full, the sky was clear and it had only a few stray clouds, a clear, rain-free night nonetheless. You always wondered what space was like, personally, the feeling of weightlessness and silence surrounding you, the earth behind you as you floated far away.

You looked back to see the sleeping and lightly snoring Logan sprawled out on your bed, still in his combat gear from the previous mission he came back from earlier in the evening.

He looked so at peace, so gentle and quiet.

As you sat next to him on the soft mattress, you set your book on the bedside table. Lifting a gentle hand to his forehead, you brushed some stray hairs from his face, gliding your fingers against his soft skin.Logan grunted as he fluttered his eyes open and smiled once he saw you.

Rolling onto his back, he winced.

“What’s wrong baby? Are you injured from the mission?”

Logan grunted whilst nodding his head. “I uh, I feel a pulling sensation in my shoulders and back, doll, could you help me get this shit off please?” He muttered, motioning to his combat vest and trousers.

“Of course, honey, do you want me to run you a hot shower afterwards?” You asked, your fingers deftly unzipping everything that was unzippable.

“Mhm, please, sugar,” Logan mumbled before placing an innocent kiss to your plump lips.

Fast forward to 20 minutes, Logan had been in the shower for about half that time. You occupied your time by reading more of the book in your palms. You were so engulfed that you didn’t notice Logan sauntering out of the bathroom.

What you DID notice was the towel hanging so low on his waist he may as well have not worn it at all. You licked your lips at the sight of the hair on his torso, trailing all the way from the v of his hips to his chest.

“You’re staring again, Y/N.” Smirking, he placed a hand on the edge of the towel, tugging it down a little, the glistening of his wet body making you bite your lip at the thought of what lay underneath.

“Can’t I admire the art?” You smiled up at him, placing your book onto your bedside table once again. You ushered him to come and sit on the bed, he winced at the feeling of his muscles stretching.

“How about a massage?”

“What did I do to deserve you, sugar?” You giggled at the little nickname, raising to your knees and kneeling behind him. You started to knead his muscles, placing light little kisses in your wake. You hit a certain spot near his shoulder blade which made him groan.

“Mm, it feels so good Y/N. Please keep going.” You felt a pang of heat between your thighs as he kept sighing and groaning, the odd curse coming out then and there.

As your fingers kneaded the muscle between his neck and shoulders, Logan whipped around and captured your lips in a searing kiss which would have made your knees buckle and collapse if you were standing.

“You’re my rock, you know that, sugar?” He smiled against your lips. Logan laced his fingers through your hair as he laid you down on the bed, his free hand coming to nudge your knees apart so he could snake his way in between them.

“So, so beautiful, and all mine, all mine.” You whimpered as he started to place agonizingly slow kisses down your neck, the mixture of tongue and teeth making you arch your back and raise your hips. You felt the growing hardness of him grinding against your heat, and the sensation made you moan.

“Oh, Jesus…”

“Jesus can’t save you now, kitten. Now would you be a good girl for me and stay still for me? Can you do that?” You nodded at him, “I need you to use your words baby.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He hummed planted wet kisses down your lithe body, skimming the curves of your waist and hips and thighs, you let out small moans and whines as Logan’s lips skipped past your sex, he was always such a fucking tease.

“You want these off, princess?” You looked down and saw his index finger curled over the band of your panties, pinging them twice against your hip bone.

“Please,” You keened.

“Please, what?”

“Please, Daddy.” your fingers raked through the soft tresses of his hair. Your hips writhe upwards as he pulled the fabric down your thighs tantalizingly slow. As they got to your calves, Logan raised to his knees and bent your legs upwards, kissing along your skin, worshiping you.

“You can get these back later…” Logan spread your legs with one hand as the other tossed your panties across the room, you giggled as you watched them land on a lamp on your desk whilst feeling your boyfriend’s lips against your collarbone. You felt the hard line of Logan’s cock underneath his towel, and you bucked your hips upwards but stopped.

“I wanna please you tonight, I wanna make tonight about you, can I?” Your voice was lower than a whisper, and you swore you could feel his cock twitch against the pressed up fabric of the towel. Logan raised his head and kissed you fervently, his tongue swiping at your bottom lip, coaxing you to open your mouth, so you did. As you felt is tongue stroke against yours, you both let out moans, the vibration sending shocks of warmth down to your core,  making you ground your hips against his.

“Anything you want, my love,” Logan mumbled against your lips, you pecked him lightly and used your strong thighs to roll him over and straddle him, his hands resting at the curve of your waist

“What am I allowed to do, Daddy?” You batted your eyelashes at him as you stroked his broad chest, your hands drifting lower and lingering over the edge of his towel.

“Like I said angel, anything you want…” He bit his lips as you shifted down his legs, tugging the bath towel off of his hips.

His cock sprung up and you licked your lips, taking him in your soft hands. You stroked him up and down for a few seconds before lowering your mouth to his tip, softly licking the head. He groaned lowly as his fingers laced through your hair, guiding your mouth up and down his length. You hollowed your cheeks and sucked on his tip, slowly flicking your tongue against him.

You popped him out of your mouth, looking up at him through your lashes as you licked a long stripe from base to tip and you watched him groan loudly and throw his head back.

“That’s my good girl, get my cock all wet baby, show me how nasty you can be, hmm?” At his word you spat on his cock, making him wet and lubricated as you lowered your head onto him some more. You relaxed your throat and took all of him in, deep-throating him.

“Oh Y/N, baby, that feels so good, you naughty little minx.”

You looked at him through your lashes again, seeing him biting his lip as you reached your small hand up to his balls, massaging them carefully as you kissed up and down his shaft again, lightly sucking at the underside, right on top of the thick vein.

“You like that, Daddy? Am I doing good?”

“Y-Yes baby, fuck, oh God, fuck- k-keep doing that, I love it when you suck my cock like this, princess. Such a good girl for your daddy…” You moaned at his words, the wetness between your legs slowly sliding down your thighs and you reached down to tease your clit, moaning once more and earning a choked whimper through Logan’s lips as the vibrations went through his cock.

“I’m gonna cum baby, where do you want it?” You hummed and took all of him in your mouth, licking and sucking as you kept bobbing your head up and down. You suddenly felt a hot, thick liquid enter your mouth, swallowing it down- trying not to gag at the salty and sweet taste.

You released him as a little bit of cum dribbled from your lips and onto your chin, Logan leaned up and wiped it with his thumb and brought it to your mouth. You suckled on his thumb, collecting everything that he had on it. He placed a delicate but passionate kiss upon your lips again, the erotic taste of himself lingering on his tongue as he pulled away.

“Oh Y/N, what did I do in my life to deserve you in my life, hmm? C'mon, I want to do something new.” He gripped your hips in his large hands, squeezing and massaging.

“W-What is this ‘new thing’ Daddy?”

“Sit on my face, baby, I know you wanted tonight to be about me, so let me do this one thing, please?”

“O-Okay, um, could you…?” Gesturing to his hands, silently asking him to help you up onto his level.

As your pussy hovered over his face, you felt his short breaths fan over your heat, making you gasp. Logan smirked at your blushing state and lowered your hips down, connecting his mouth to your wet pussy.

“Hmmm,” He hummed, “so wet for me, sugar, is this all for me?”

“Y-Yes!” You gasped as you felt a large hand spank you lightly on your ass and his soft tongue running lightly up and down you folds.

“Yes what, Y/N?”

“Yes, Daddy I-oh, fuck. More please, please Daddy!”

Logan held you in place with his hands on your ass, dragging you down onto his face as his tongue darted out to lick you and taste you. You moaned Logan’s name at the feeling of his wet tongue drawing circles against your clit, which earned you a hard spank to your ass cheek again.

“Nuh-uh, that’s not my name at the moment baby girl, what is it? Hmm?” He kept lightly spanking you until you could form the strength to speak through the intense pleasure of his tongue.

“D-Daddy, oh, fuck!” You shouted as you felt Logan’s wonderful tongue probing against the entrance of your pussy. He licked lightly at your labia, sucked hard on your clit and it made you grind your pussy hard onto his face, you realised what you had done and jolted your hips back, but Logan’s strong hands kept them in place.

You let out something between a sharp moan and a whine as you felt one cool, calloused finger nudge your pussy lips apart, sliding slowly inside and curling against your g-spot.

“Hnng, you like that baby? Hmm?”

"F-Fuck yes, Daddy, I love it so much, please k-keep going!” You cried out as you felt Logan suck hard on your clit whilst he inserted another finger into your throbbing heat, both probing against your g-spot.

“You gonna cum, kitten? My beautiful Y/N is gonna cum, isn’t she?”

With his hoarse words and the flicking of his tongue against your bundle of nerves, you let the coil in your lower stomach unravel and you became a moaning, arching, grinding mess. You came so hard you had to bite down on your arm to stop from screaming the whole tower down, leaving teeth indents on your tanned skin.

Logan assumed your legs had gone weak, so he used his strong arms to lift you up and place you on his lap, stroking your hair and kissing your neck and face as you gained a steady breathing pattern once more, slightly gasping when your wetness rubbed against his still-hard cock.

“How do you feel, baby? Did that feel good?” He whispered, his lips ghosting against yours.

“Mmm, yes Daddy, I-I loved it. Thank you, can I kiss you?” You whispered, earning a 'mhmm’ from him. You connected your lips in a sweet and passionate kiss, moaning at the taste of yourself on his tongue. You began to subconsciously roll your hips, trying to find more friction, you were wet and still so aroused you could cry.

“You want my cock, Y/N? Does my baby girl want her Daddy’s cock inside of her wet, warm, tight little pussy? You want it rough or soft, kitten? Hard or slow? Tell me, sweetheart.” Logan growled and tugged at the collar of your t-shirt, attacking your neck with his teeth and tongue, his dominance making you turn into putty in his hands.

“I-I don’t know, whatever feels- oh, that feels so good!” You hissed as Logan bit down hard onto the patch of skin between your shoulder and neck, he tapped on the fabric of your t-shirt, asking permission to take it off, and you lifted your arms in consent. His mouth assaulted your collarbones, kissing down your chest as his hands squeezed your breasts, his tongue flicking across each nipple with wanton need.

You rolled over onto your back, Logan’s muscular frame hovering above yours and pinning your arms above your head with one hand as his other tickled down your body, earning some happy giggles from your lips.

“Lo-Daddy, t-that tickles- ah!” He chuckled with you, pressing his lips everywhere from your face to your neck to your chest. You let out a content sigh when his fingers stopped dancing against your skin and instead started stroking your wet folds, preparing you for the thick cock that was yet to fill you up.

“You want my thick, hard cock inside you, Y/N? You want me pushing you to the edge, making you cum so hard you scream my name?” You nodded as you bit your lip, his tip slotting in your entrance. “I need you to use your words, kitten, speak up.”

“Yes, Daddy, I want your cock inside me, I want to cum so hard around you, I want you to abuse my pussy, mold it into the shape of your cock, please,” You writhed against him, your hips bucking against his cock, wanting more, more, more.

As Logan slid his cock all the way in, you both let out moans and groans. The feeling of being filled with your boyfriend’s thick cock almost made you cum then and there, but the non-existent movement of his hips helped you calm yourself.

“Go slow, please Daddy…” At your words, Logan moved on queue, his hips creating a slow rocking motion, the curve of his cock rubbing against THAT spot, your bodies moved against each other like waves, one of his hands were in your hair, tugging very lightly, and the other was on your hip, keeping you in place as he fucked slowly into your wet heat.

You let out a low moan as he slid all the way out and slammed back into you, hard. Logan kept his slow pace until you wrapped your legs against his hips, your ankles digging into his ass, bringing him closer, he ground against you, the soft stubble in his pubic area rubbing against your bundle of nerves.

He started to quicken his pace, the wet slapping of skin and your heavy breaths and light moans filling the room. The wet squelching sound of his cock sinking deep inside you at a fast pace made your pussy quiver around him, earning a loud groan to rip from his chest. He licked and sucked on your neck, leaving small hickeys here, there and everywhere.

“F-fuck, princess, Daddy wants to take you from behind, can he do that?” You nodded as you looked into his eyes, his pupils stretched so wide he barely had any iris left.

He slipped his cock out of your abused pussy, lightly spanking it with his cock, “You gonna be a good little girl, Y/N, and take Daddy’s cock from the back? You gonna let Daddy fuck you doggy style, hm?” His voice was gruff and hoarse as you clambered onto your hands and knees.

“Spread your legs, sweetness, Daddy wants to see that pretty pink pussy of yours.” You opened your legs and immediately felt Logan’s deft fingers part your folds, teasing your slit and spreading your slick from your entrance to your clit, making you gasp and Logan your hips backwards against his fingers as he slowly pumped them in and out only once.

You felt Logan’s thighs press against yours as he lined himself up to your entrance once more, his hand on the soft skin of your back, urging you to arch your back.

He started a slow pace again, his cock pumping in and out of you at a torturing speed, you felt every vein of him throb inside your wanton pussy, your muscles slightly spasming around his girth. Logan started to shift his hips a little faster, leaning over and curling his fist into your hair, yanking backwards as his hips started to slam roughly into yours.

He pulled you up by your hair, his hand wrapping around your throat and the hand in your hair snaking around your hips to toy with your throbbing, engorged clit.

You moaned at all of the sensations.

“You like it when I choke you?” His hand squeezed your throat a little tighter, making your eyes roll back as the pleasure spread through your whole body. “You like it when Daddy abuses your pussy, making you scream and moan and squirm?”

“Y-Ye-s!” You choked out, feeling your orgasm rising. Logan spanked you so hard you knew your ass would be a pretty red for the rest of the week.

“Yes, what?” You felt his plump lips move against your earlobe as he growled the words.

“Y-yes DADDY! AH!” Logan spanked your clit lightly, making another jolt of intense pleasure roll through your body, goosebumps rising at the new feeling.

He raised a hot hand to your breasts, tweaking both hard nipples one at a time before moving his fingers against your clit again, drawing hard and slow circles around the sensitive nub.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” You gasped.

“Then cum, my sweet Y/N, I’m right behind you, ahh, fuck, baby.”

A few spanks to your clit and you were a goner, your hands braced on the headboard as your pussy quivered and contracted against Logan’s thick cock. White spots started to flash before your eyes and your breathing hitched. You soon heard Logan’s loud groans as he shot thick ribbons of hot cum inside your core.

As you came down from the euphoric feeling of your mind blowing orgasm, Logan slipped his slowly softening cock out of your hole, bringing you to curl up against his chest as he laid down, his rough hands rubbing your soft skin.

“My beautiful, beautiful girl. I love you so much, Y/N.” You turned around to face him, your hands stroking against the stubble on his jaw.

“I love you too, Logan, now let’s get some rest before the sun rises.”

Kissing Preferences- X-Men

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Request: Hiii can u do a kissing preference with the x-men guys? I loved the Meet me in my room series btw❤️

Erik Lehnsherr

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Because of his past Erik always needs to know that you are fine. He is not a real fan of PDA, but he likes to show the others you’re his. Erik loves fresh kissing, which he normally only does in private. His kisses are always passionate and can get a bit rougher. Especially during sex his kisses are rough, steamy and needy, but he always tries to make you be as comfortable as possible. Erik kisses you pretty often just to make sure you know he loves you and will always be there for you. He wants to make sure every single kiss is memorable

Charles Xavier

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Charles tries to spend as much time with you as possible, but his passion for his job sometimes limits the time you two share together. Whenever Charles can he is with you. He really likes PDA, not in the way of making out in front of other, but with more subtle things, such as holding hands and little kisses on your cheek or forehead. In private he loves to kiss you as long as possible. His kiss are always passionate and you can feel his love towards you with every kiss you share. In bed Charles’ kisses are still passionate but amore demanding and lustful as usually. He loves to kiss you to show that he is thankful for having you, especially since he sits in his wheelchair. If he has no time to be with you he uses his power to let you see some things…

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Better than Bullets

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Pairing: Moxiety (platonic or romantic, though intended as platonic), brief mentions of Logince (also platonic)

CW: Startled response, horror movie mention, horror movie plot mention

Categories: Fluff, humor

Notes: A quick lil’ thing before I head off on vacation. I’ll probably have time to write while I’m there but just in case I wanted to get one more quick story up. 


The good news was he’d gotten Virgil to agree to a movie night, just the two of them, in honor of the anxious side’s upcoming favorite holiday: Halloween. 

The better news was that Virgil was feeling so relaxed with Patton these days that, halfway through the evening, he had drifted off, curled up with his head on Patton’s shoulder and his arm draped over his waist. 

The bad news was that the nonstop Halloween specials that were currently cycling through the TV in the commons had taken a turn, and instead of the relatively benign features like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, the TV was now showing Child’s Play

And the worst news of all: the remote was out of reach, and Logan and Roman were having a bonding night of their own, immersed in strategy games and well out of earshot in Logan’s realm. 

Which mean that Patton had two choices: he could shift Virgil away from him in order to get the remote, risking waking him up and ensuring that their cuddling would be over for the night–unthinkable–or he could…could…

Watch Chucky. 

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First time loving you - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW)

#10. Making love for the first time. I hope you’ll like it, really, because lately I’ve been feeling a bit insecure about my writings (for no reason really but the fact that I really lack confidence) so…Yeah, and fuck it’s quite long… Oh and, WARNING NSFW and language I guess : 

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As he felt your naked body curled against him, it hit him like a tsunami. Right in the face. A gigantic wave of feels.  Everything made sense all of a sudden, and his mind was clearer than ever. Of course, it was so simple, and yet, it took him ages to realize it…He was in love with you. 

The sheer simplicity of his realization made him chuckle, and he held his breath, afraid he’d wake you up…But no, you were deeply asleep. Your head on his chest, an arm around his waist while the other was resting lazily across his chest. One of your leg was splayed across his own legs, his hands were on the small of back, caressing up and down lovingly. Yes, you didn’t hear his chuckle, you were in a deep slumber. 

You were too tired from last night…Oh my god last night. 

Last night, Logan spent the most fantastic night he ever had in his long life. 

Last night, you and him made love for the first time. 

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I has a prompt. I saw people talking about the houses the sides would be in when the new sanders sides video hadn't come out yet, but this person said that Patton might be in Slythrin and I was like "what?? Why would he be in slythrin? He's not evil" But then I saw their explination and I was like woah that does make sense and I was wondering if you could write a tiny fic about how the sides would react to Patton being put into Slythrin? Just like a Hogwarts au style thing

i love this sooooooooo much

this is one of the worst things I’ve ever written. I’m so sorry this turned out so bad. 

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Fandom(s): Sanders Sides, YouTube, Thomas Sanders, Harry Potter

Warnings: Self-hatred, bullying, and neglect/abandonment

Ship(s): Platonic LAMP

“Sanders, Patton!”  

The youngest Sanders boy walked nervously up to the stool, trying to smile as he searched the crowd for his brothers. His oldest brother, Logan, stared at him intently from the Gryffindor table. 4th year Roman was standing up at the Ravenclaw table, his eyes shining with pride. 6th year Virgil wasn’t watching Patton but was already moved over so that there was an empty seat for his brother to sit in when he was sorted into Hufflepuff along with Virgil, just like everyone expected. Patton wasn’t so sure though, and his nervousness grew, even more, when the sorting hat was placed on his head.

“Ah yes, Patton, I’ve heard about you. You’re the supposed destined-to-be-Hufflepuff everyone’s been talking about,” the sorting hat mused, and Patton almost felt hopeful. The hat tsked, and his heart fell again.

“Are you sure you want to go there? Wouldn’t you rather go to a house where you could progress and grow, and become the wizard you were meant to be?” the hat said wisely to the anxious eleven-year-old boy. Patton blinked, thinking about it for a moment. He supposed the hat was right. Just because everyone else wanted to be a Hufflepuff didn’t mean he was actually going to be one. He let out a teeny smile and nodded.

The house hummed in approval before saying, “Then it ought to be….Slytherin!” The last table to Patton’ s left erupted into cheers and claps, and a few students even stood up to greet their newest house member. Patton hopped down from the stool, trying to smile as he searched the crowd for his brothers once again. Virgil was talking to a friend, Logan was looking down at the table in shock, and Roman was glaring at Patton with such a ferocious anger that the young wizard was sure holes had been burned through his body. Tears welled up in his eyes and he ran the rest of the way to the table, fighting back those gosh-darn-ding-dang tears in his eyes as he sat down on the bench. He was immediately clapped hard on the back, engulfed in hugs, and greeted so many times he lost count. He smiled once more, looking at the other boys and girls with dull eyes.

The rest of the week was hell. Every time Patton tried to talk to his brothers, they would turn away from him, acting as if he didn’t exist. Virgil was the only one to cast him the occasional pitying glance or squeeze his hand as they passed by one another in the halls, but Logan and Roman made no move to accept Patton’s horrifying stance as a Slytherin. Their father, Thomas, had always taught the four brothers that Slytherins weren’t always evil (he’d been close friends with Scorpius when they went to school), but it seemed that Patton and Virgil had been the only ones to listen to that lesson.

“Hey, snake-face! Where are you going in such a hurry?” Patton walked faster, clutching his books tightly to his chest as he was followed closely by a group of older students, his brother Roman included in the mass.

“Just get to the dungeons. Just get to the dungeons and it’ll be fine,” Patton whispered to himself, trembling a bit as the taunting voices of the older boys began to creep closer.

“He asked where you were going!” Roman shouted, and the comment was quickly followed by a chorus of hideous laughter. Patton’s heart leaped into his throat and he was about to break into a run when he was grabbed by the back of his robe and shoved against the wall, his head slamming against it with a sickening crack. He groaned, black dots dancing in front of his eyes. Through the haze, he could see that the boy holding him wasn’t his brother, but a 7th-year boy from Gryffindor.

“P-Please let me go, I need to get to potions,” Patton said hurriedly, keeping his eyes cast down and praying that the older boy would show him some mercy. Instead, all he got was a laugh and his feet being knocked out from under him. Patton saw Roman’s surprised face before a foot came flying towards him, and his head snapped back with the force of the kick, a loud crack sounding as his head smacked against the wall and his nose broke, blood flowing freely. Patton groaned in pain and curled up into a ball, tears welling up in his eyes as kicks and punches continued to come his way.

“Stop! Stop it, leave him alone!” someone shouted. The pain kept coming and Patton let out a quiet moan, tears dripping down his face and nose onto the floor. Roman was there and he wasn’t doing anything. Logan didn’t care. Virgil was too scared to help. Patton was alone. He was destined to be evil, to be a monster, to hurt people, and he was getting what he deserved. He cracked an eye open and saw Roman looking down at him, surprised, amused, even happy, as one of his friends kicked him again. Patton screamed and cried and tried to curl up tighter, hiding his face in his hands.

“Crucio!” another person said with glee, and Patton shrieked, eyes blowing wide with pain as his body jerked and twitched. Every atom felt as if it were on fire, burning his flesh away and rocketing through his veins like poison. He couldn’t even scream anymore, his mouth gaping open silently, beads of sweat on his forehead.

“I SAID STOP IT!” the person howled again, and Patton gasped in surprise as the pain was suddenly gone, and someone grabbed him by the collar and yanked him upwards. He screamed and flailed blindly at the person holding him, only to be dragged away and then clung to like a lifeline. Still sobbing and shaking in terror, Patton looked up to see Virgil looking down at him with a stricken face, trails of moisture that matched Patton’s already on his face. He glanced at the boys who had been kicking him, his breath hitching in surprise as he saw Logan repeatedly punching a guy he had pinned up against a wall, his eyes filled with blind rage.

“STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!” Logan roared, throwing one last hit before letting the poor student go, watching him run off in terror. Breathing heavily, Logan turned back to face Patton, who was clinging to Virgil and crying openly, his knuckles white from clenching his robes. Roman hung back as Logan knelt down on one knee and opened his arms up to their youngest brother, who sobbed and flung himself into Logan’s arms. Swallowing hard, he bowed his head in shame.

“T-Thank you! Thank you s-so much!” Patton wailed, his voice muffled since his face was buried in Logan’s shoulder. The Gryffindor held onto his brother tightly, his heart filled with regret as he saw the blood and tears smeared on the front of Patton’s robes. This was their fault.

“Don’t thank us, Pat. If we had just…accepted you in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. We could’ve protected you,” Logan mumbled into Patton’s hair, rocking slightly back and forth. Patton sniffled and nuzzled into the crook of Logan’s neck.

“N-No…i’s okay. I understand. Y-You don’t…you don’t have to pretend. Roman isn’t,” Patton said quietly, his voice sounding so broken. The three other brothers were silent, and Virgil glanced at Roman coldly, eyes looking his 14-year-old brother up and down judgingly.

“You told me you’d help him.”

“I-I know, but-”

“You promised me. You swore on your honor you’d try to accept him.”

“I know I did. I’m sorry! I didn’t know they were going to hurt him!” Roman said with his eyes clenched shut. “That’s no excuse, I know, there isn’t any, but I promise that I didn’t want to hurt Pat.” Patton’s shoulders trembled and he shook his head.

“I deserved it. It’s fine,” Patton muttered.

“No,” Virgil said, his voice sharp. “No, you didn’t. God damn it, Pat, why do you have to think like that?” Patton blinked and looked at his older brother, watching as he scrubbed frustrated tears out of his eyes. “Everyone….everyone thought I was going to be a Slytherin. I should’ve been there for you more. I should’ve d-done something,” Virgil choked out.

“We all should have done something. Pat, if this is anyone’s fault, it is ours. Can you forgive us? Them, at least?” Roman asked quietly, unable to meet the other boy’s eyes. Patton kept his head against Logan’s chest, dazed and confused at this sudden exchange of guilt and blame.

“I…I forgive you. I forgive all of you. It’s okay,” Patton said. Roman burst into tears and Virgil scooped Patton up into his arms, swooping him away from Logan and hugging him tightly as he spun around. Patton laughed for the first time in ages as he hung onto Virgil tightly, forehead pressed to his, eyes closed in content.

“W-We…We should take you to the infirmary, Patton. Can I take you?” Roman asked as Virgil set Patton down and ruffled his hair. Patton glanced at the other nervously, biting his lip and twisting the sleeve of his robes in his hands.

“Okay, Ro…” Patton said, holding out his hand for the other to take.

With Grace In Your Heart And Flowers In Your Hair: Part 1

AN: so??? the title doesn’t rly fit rn??? but??? idc??? i love it??? this is rly angsty and also kinda is a lil inspired by touchstarved Virgil fics in general??? this may or may not have pastel Logan in it later idk but i’m gonna start writing the next part today bc i want to get to the Fluff !!!

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Genre: Angst, Fluff later

Pairing: None rn, later Polyamsanders

It was rather funny, he supposed, that it was he who craved affection so much. Most people would assume that it would Patton or Virgil who was like this, who longed for hugs and caresses.

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Surprise Gift // Logan Paul

Summary: The main reason of how you meet your fiancé Logan Paul was directly caused by the Why Don’t We boys and so for your first dance as a married couple he surprises you. The boys perform the song that brought you together and he explains how it happened.

Characters: Reader x Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Pam Paul, Greg Paul, Ayla Woodruff, Mark Dohner, and the Why Don’t We boys.

Words: 1920

Disclaimer: I do not own and images, gifs, songs, videos or the characters protrayed in this. Nor have I ever with previous fics.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff and Jake Paul (yes that’s a warning cuz he can be a hella rude ass)

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This could quite frankly be the worse writing I’ve done so far. I love the idea but I’m sad it’s shitty.


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If you had thought you would be marrying a well known YouTuber you would have laughed, you would have been laughing hysterically if you had been told it would be Logan Paul. He was one of the least serious guys you had ever known but at the same time he was the most serious guy. It was a strange piece of information that even after years of dating you couldn’t get used to it.

“Babe? Do you know where my charger is?” Logan yelled from the kitchen.

“You haven’t unpacked from the trip to Ohio so I would say it’s in the bag somewhere.” You called back from the open planner in front of you.

For the last five months you had been pouring yourself into planning the wedding with the help of Pam of course. This weekend however she was spending time with her other son Jake given that he hadn’t been able to make it to Ohio is the last two months.

“Oh thanks!” He called back as he came into the room, “Oh wedding planning.”

“We are not using your purple car as the centre piece. You pushed your luck when you used it as the centre piece at the engagement party.” You said pointing your pencil at your fiancé’s face.

“That was cool! It symbolized the Logang!” He groaned.

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